Vedrick & Rebecca 3

Chapter One

Rebecca stepped into the living room where her teenage boys were playing video games “Okay boys, last chance, anything you two want from the store?”

“Fruit roll ups!” Andel yelled, not looking away from his battle tank. “anything for you Royce?” she asked her seventeen year old. “I can’t think of anything I want mom but thanks”

“Okay, you two have fun. Be ready to unload and put away groceries when I get back”

“yes mam” they said in unison as she walked into the kitchen to grab her list and purse. She slid the blue bag onto her shoulder then tapped her pocket to make sure her cellphone was in there. Confirming she had that if her boys needed her she walked out the door and locked it behind her. She took a long intake of the air as she walked to the car. The air was always so fresh and clean around there home since they were surrounded by trees. She didn’t know how anybody in the city could stand the stale air they had to breath constantly.

She slipped into her car and turned up her favorite station before setting out. She sang along to nearly every song that played as she drove into town. She honestly didn’t want to get out of the car she was enjoying her drive so much. Rebecca finished one last song then checked her phone incase the boys had called or messaged her. She didn’t see any type of notifications so she returned her phone to her denim jeans and walked inside Piggly Wiggly.

“Hey Becca” one of the workers said as she walked in “hey”

“where are those boys of yours?”

“Gaming” she laughed “teenagers”

“Oh there father can be just as bad” both women laughed and Rebecca walked on to complete her shopping list and return home to cook for her husband. He’d be off in two hours which gave her plenty of time to do this and start dinner. She was nearly halfway through her list when a man approached her, she could instantly tell he was another wolf “hey there” the way he said it told Rebecca right off he wanted in her pants “I’m married” He grabbed her and took in her sent and she shoved him away ‘dont touch me! I just said I had a mate!”

HIs smile was sly “I bet you I’m better than him at everything, especially in bed”

“I don’t really give a damn. Go away” he reached for her again and she moved back “sexy, fast reflexes.”

“stop it” He leaned against the shelf “You are a gorgeous woman with child bearing hips any female would be envious of. I’m the alpha of my pack and I’ve been looking for a she wolf to run at my side. You fit what I’ve been looking for to a t”

“I guess your list has nothing to do with personality or if they are single or not” he laughed “Oh you have it. I need a woman who has spunk and you my succulent she wolf have it. It doesn’t matter if you are single or not because we’re wolves honey and I can rip that mate of yours to shreds and prove to you I’m the better mate. I want you and as an alpha I will have you”

“My husband is an alpha too and twice the man you’ll ever be.”

“I’ve never met an alpha I couldn’t take down and I’m taking you”

“You wont have me no matter what happens. The world knows about all creatures like us. It would be against the law to take me against my will even if you beat my husband. You stay the hell away from me and my family”

“family? You have pups”

“stay away” Rebecca said and stormed off. She heard him laughing as she walked away and it made her hair stand on end.

She hated that he had touched her and wished she could shake off his scent. She hurriedly bought the rest of what she needed, keeping her senses open for that male. When she was sure she had everything, she quickly paid and started out the door. “Let me carry those.” She groaned at the annoying male’s voice and moved her bags out of his reach.

“Go away before I hurt you.” She snapped.

“Come on don’t be like that.”

She ignored him and popped her trunk, putting the bags in then slamming it shut. She felt him brush up against her and she twisted around and shoved him away with a growl. “Back off, I’m not interested.”

“God you are so sexy like this. You will change your mind”

“No I wont, I love Vedrick, I’ve been with him over twenty years”

“and once you come to your senses and mate with me that twenty years will seem pathetic compared to eternity”

“Not even in your dreams.” she got into her car and though it was dangerous she peeled out of the parkinglot in hopes she could be on her way home before he got to his car and followed her to learn where she lived. She disobeyed what laws she could in her efforts to get home quickly, thankful a cop hadn’t stopped her. She made it home without a car following her but she still didn’t feel at ease. She had even glacned back for a wolf running behind but she hadn’t seen that either. When she came in to ask her boys to unload the car they could instantly tell somthing happened at the store.

“mom, what’s wrong?”

‘Please just go collect our groceries” they went out and brought it all in. As they put away Andel asked “mom, what’s wrong?”

“just some prick at the store. He doesn’t quite understand what I’m not interested meant” her oldest growled “what did he do?”

“just came on strong, thats all”

“maybe I should go shopping with you next time and bust his nose if he’s there”

“Royce, you’ll damage your hand and wont be able to play violin”

“you going to tell dad? I mean, its another wolf and you know how they can be”

“you know I don’t keep anything from your father. I want to shower before he comes home though so do you boys mind finishing this without me?”

“yeah, go ahead mom” Andel answered. She hurried into the bathroom and began adjusting her water. She was going to tell her husband but she didn’t want him to have to smell the man on her.

Once she was clean and could no longer smell that man on her, she got started on dinner, wanting Vedrick to have something to eat when he got home. Both Andel and Royce sat in the living room, their video game shut off, their eyes ever watchful. She could only imagine what it would be like if Toby was there. She thanked the heavens he was out of town, knowing he might not haven listened to her telling him not to beat the crap out of the annoyingly pushy male. It didn’t seem like very long until Vedrick came home and the minute he walked through the door his smile faded and he sniffed the air.

“I smell someone unfamiliar.” He said and let out a growl. “Another male.”

Rebecca was sure she had scrubbed the scent from her skin and then she groaned as she remembered her clothes. She had forgot to throw them in the washing machine. “Mom said she’d tell you.” Royce replied and Vedrick made his way into the kitchen.

“Did someone touch you?” He asked as he turned her from the stove to look her over. “Were you hurt?”

She couldn’t help but smile at his worry. “I’m fine honey, just some pushy alpha male at the store. He thought he was going to take me away.”

Vedrick let out another growl. “Where is this male?”

“Baby, please calm down, everything’s fine.”

“Males don’t always give up that easily, he could follow you.”

She stirred the food on the stove then sat her spoon down and wrapped her arms around his neck. “If he follows me, then you can take care of him, but I don’t want you going out and picking a fight.”

He sighed. “Fine.” He hugged her tightly ad pressed his forehead against hers. “I just don’t want some other male trying to hurt you.”

“After I’m done here, I’m going to wash my clothes so you don’t have to smell him anymore. I completely forgot.”

“it’s alright, I’m glad to be made aware so quickly. I will keep you safe if he tries to get forecful. I refuse to lose my family again to another male. I wont”

“we know you’ll keep us safe. Heck the boys are ready to rip him to shreds. I can only imagine if Toby were here” Vedrick let his mate go and turned to his sons “have either of you texted or called your brother?”

“No sir”

“don’t, no need to upset him. Let him enjoy his time away with Willa”

“yes sir”

“that means no ranting on Facebook or twitter or anything like that either”

“yes sir” they answered again. “good boys” Rebecca and Vedrick finished cooking dinner then sat down with their boys “are we going to tell Amaris, Charlotte or Grayson?” It was Vedrick who answered “your sister will be furious if we leave her out of the loop for no reason with her so close by and I’ll tell Grayson because I work for him and will want to check on your mother with a call every now and then until we’re sure he’s gone”

“I’ll text Amaris” Royce offered and Vedrick nodded “after dinner though.”

“yes sir” After dinner the boys ran off while Rebecca cleared the table. Vedrick knew Erin would be calling as soon as she saw the text so simply waited. When the phone went off she asked “want me to come stay with mom during the day so she isn’t alone while you and the boys are gone?”

“I’d feel better knowing it was the two of you against him if he comes over”

“Okay, I’ll be there bright and early tomorrow then. You still leave at the same time?”


“Okay, so I’ll come over right as youll be walking out the door”

“Thank you and if that bastard comes by and tries anything, call me.”

“I will dad.”

“Thank you sweetie, I’ll talk to you later.”

They hung up and Vedrick let out an irritated sigh. “Don’t worry so much love.” Rebecca said as he sat his phone on the counter and pulled her into him.

“How can I not? That wolf challenged me. Some alphas have nothing better to do than act like horny teenagers.”

“We happen to have two teenagers.”

“They know how to respect others, they’re an exception.”

She smiled and kissed his lips. “I love you, try not to stress so much.”

He gave a little grunt of irritation. “Maybe if I left my scent all over you every morning and every night, he’d learn who you really belong to and go away.”

She rubbed his arms “maybe after I throw those dirty clothes in the washer you could start.” He growled again but it was out of anticipation. Rebecca swiftly went over to their laundry room and put in a load of clothes. As she closed the lid Vedrick lifted her off her feet and carried his mate to their bedroom, tossing her on the bed then ripping her clothes from her body. Rebecca laughed “Vedrick” Lost in his need to mark her as his he didn’t answer. He held gripped her body to hold her down as his teeth sank deep into her skin. Rebecca let out a deep moan. It hurt but it hurt in the most amazing way. His teeth marked her on her shoulders, right side and on her left leg before his tongue and mouth started playing with her feet “Oh Vedrick” she moaned breathily.

Shivers rushed through her body as his lips pressed up her legs until he spread her legs and began devouring her. He was normally ravenous when it came to this but what he was doing now she couldn’t think of a word for. He had her fighting screams of pleasure until her body was limp, his to use any way he wanted. He lifted her up so she sat on her knees in his lap, his shaft easily slipping as deep as it could travel when he pushed her down on it.

He made love to her vigorously as he held her body close. He came but didn’t stop. He did however lay her down, now raining kisses as he thrust more gently than before. After his second ejaculation he laid beside her and crushed her body into his “mine” he whispered “yours” she answered weakly. He smelled her “mmm that scent” his voice sounded like he wanted more but he simply held her close.

Chapter Two

“I should stay home.” He said after awhile and she laughed softly as she pressed a kiss against his chest.

“You have to help Grayson.”

He huffed. “Stupid brat trying to get a you. It makes my hairs stand on end.”

He was very much the wolf right now and she was surprised he wasn’t sprouting ears and sharp canines. It was kind of adorable. “You’re so cute when you get all riled up.”

“Cute? I’ll show you cute, woman.”

Her heart stuttered when he pinned her down and she felt an excited thrill move through her when his lips pressed against hers. Though he was in an aggressive and dominating mood, he was still as sweet as ever and she could feel his love and adoration for her in every kiss and touch. They fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, her exhausted and him clinging protectively to her as if she might be ripped from his arms. The next morning his alarm startled them both awake and he very nearly ripped it out of the wall and destroyed it. Instead he shut it off and groaned as he buried his nose in her hair, not wanting to leave.

“Come on baby, you have to go to work.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Come on, I’ll make breakfast while you get ready.”

“Shower with me and we’ll cook together, Grayson will understand if I’m late when he hears the reason why.”

She sighed. “Alright.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m sorry about this stress”

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry about. You were only trying to shop. You’d have to never leave home to not be seen by alpha males like him and even if I wanted that there is no way in hell anybody could make you stay home all the time” Rebecca smiled and kissed his chest “well what kind of life would it be. I’ve honestly thought about working more in the shop if I don’t get pregnant soon. Our boys don’t need me home all the time any longer”

“If it’ll make you happy. Just wait until I’m sure this male is gone please”

“Of course Vedrick, I’ll happily stay in this house when you aren’t home until we’re sure everything with him is over” It felt as though they had to fight to get out from under the thick comforter and soft sheets that held them down in their comforts but they did and made their way to the shower. Vedrick adjusted the water then stepped in with his wife. He squirted her Moonlight Path body wash into his hands then rubbed them together before caresingly washing her. “Vedrick, be careful or you might excite me” he smiled a bit smugly then bit her shoulder again to leave another mark.

When his teeth let go of her silken skin he whispered into her ear “that might just be what I want” Vedrick rinsed her and without missing a beat grabbed her hips and slammed her onto his erect manhood. She bent over, placing her hands on the cold shower wall. Vedrick was veracious in his thrusts, needing to see her again. Not only for the sake of staking his claim but to give her the baby they both had been wanting.

“when he was finished he slid his hands to her stomach and pulled her back up, pressing her back into his and wrapping his arms around her “I love you so much Rebecca”

“I love you too” They enjoyed the bliss of eachother for only a short time before Vedrick washed himself. They dressed and went to their kitchen to prepare breakfast. They had taken so long this morning the boys were in the kitchen before they were done cooking “dad, shouldnt you leaving in a few minuets?”

“I’m going to be late today. I know Grayson won’t mind” The words were barely out of his mouth when Amaris came to the door. Royce got up and answered “hey sis”

“Hey knuckle head” she came in and Royce said “dads planning on leaving late”

“what? Didn’t think I’d make it on time?”

“I knew you would. Just wanted to have a longer morning with your mother”

“Mmm hmm, a longer morning, riiight.”

Vedrick just grunted and Rebecca blushed a little as they cooked for everyone and sat down to eat with their children. Vedrick ate as slow as he dared and afterwards he helped Rebecca with the dishes. “Stop stalling baby and go to work.”

He let out a frustrated whine and she giggled. “No thinking I’m cute, I just want you safe.”

“I’ll be fine, the kids are here.”

He groaned and she kissed him. “Oh fine, but don’t hesitate to call.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

He crushed her to him, his lips moving against hers in a passionate kiss that left her feeling dizzy when he pulled back. “See you after work.”

“Uh huh, have a good day.” She replied dreamily.

Amaris giggled as her father walked out. When the bus came for Royce and Andel they each kissed one of their mothers cheeks then hurried out. “what would you like to do mom?” Amaris asked her mother “will you help me gain control of our bookshelves? They are so dusty and I want to put authors together so it’s easier to find things when I want to re read somthing”

“whew mom, party animal like normal. How does dad keep up with you?” Amaris asked playfully then began walking to the bookshelves in the living room. Rebecca followed and said after a short laugh “you brat, how’s the store?”

“Great, everything’s been running smoothly”

“who is covering for you?”

“Taylor, his roommate just left over night a couple months ago and stuck him with an apartment he cant afford so he needs the overtime. I’m giving him all my hours until dad can feel safe with you home alone”

“His three year anniversary working for us is coming up next week right?”


“Instead of just giving him a dollar raise we could bump his pay up five more an hour or so depending on what you think he deserves. Is he a good employee?”

“Oh yeah, has never even been late despite the fact hes in college. I’ll look over the books and see how much we can give him. I was actually going to ask you if we could give him a bigger raise in pay than we normally would since he’s so awesome and struggling so hard. Somtimes he doesnt even bring a lunch in to work.”

“you think hes skipping meals?”

“I do, it was horrible of that guy to ditch him like that with bills he cant afford on his own”

“I always trust your judgement with the store so give him whatever you decide to when its time for his yearly raise. What’s he trying to become?”

“a 5th grade teacher”

Rebecca smiled. “If he’s that dedicated to work, then I’m sure he’ll make a great teacher.” They weren’t long into their reorganization and dusting when a knock sounded at the front door. Rebecca said she would see who it was and crossed the room quickly, not wanting to leave who ever it was waiting. She pulled it open and was surprised to see a woman standing there with a vase full of flowers. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, a man came in today and asked that these be delivered to you.” She handed Rebecca the vase. “There’s a note, someone must really love you.”

“Uh thanks.” She shut the door and sat the vase on the counter.

“Whoa, did dad send those?”

“I don’t think so.” Rebecca grabbed the small envelope and pulled it open, sighing when she saw the message. “To my future mate.”

“I’m really glad dad wasn’t here when that showed up.”

“I can’t believe he has our address.”

“Lord only knows how he got it. Jesus.”

“You should let the police know he’s bothering you so if dad snaps they’ll atleast know he had reason to. Get a restraining order if you can. One of the cops is a wolf so he’ll understand and will probably get the order because this is a male alpha we’re dealing with” Rebecca looked up the number for the police department and asked for the officer her daughter told her about “Officer Valahu here”

“I just received flowers and I know you probably think I’m nuts for calling the cops over flowers but I’m a wolf, a married one at that. An alpha approached me in the store yesterday and was very aggressive and basically threatened my family to make me leave them and be his. I told him to leave me alone but today he sends flowers with a note saying “to my future mate” as a wolf I’m sure you understand that I do need a restraining order. There’s no telling what he might do.”

“what’s his name mam?” she looked at the card “It doesn’t say”

“What time of day was it when he bothered you at the store?”

“I’m not sure, probably between four and five. Is that important?”

“I’m going to get their footage so there’s proof he hassled you at the store. Which one was it?”

“The only Piggly Wiggly in town”

“Damn, only two of their camera inside actually record anything. Hopefully you so happened to be in view of one. I’ll get you the order regardless but it would be good to get this stuff recorded. I’ll come by and get those flowers so we have them too”

“Thank you”

“stay safe and in your home. Your husband has a right to do what he needs to to protect his family if this man ignores the restraining order. The law understands that things between alpha males can get out of hand easily, especially if one is interested in the others mate. Even humans have the basic right to protect themselves. I’ll be there as soon as I can” Rebecca gave him her address and set the phone down on the receiver. “how did you know one was a wolf?” Amaris looked embarrassed. ‘uh…he comes in somtimes…I think he’s kind of hot. We talk every now and then”

Rebecca smiled widely “uh huh”

“mom, please dont embarrass me”

“I’ll do nothing of the sort. Where are my photo albums”

“Mom hes working”

“well I need to talk to him more”

“Oh mom, please” When Zemel knocked on the door it was Amaris who answered and his surprise was clear on his face “Amaris? Is this your home?”

“No, it’s my mothers”

“so it’s your mom who called me?”

“yeah, please come in” His heart was spastic, almost painfully so. His shock and the feeling of dreaminess to be around her quickly turned to unadulterated anger that someone was messing with her family. “welcome” Rebecca said and he took off his hat “hey mam” he walked in and Rebecca invited him to sit down. He smiled but they both could see the anger behind it. “I can’t right now but tonight I can”


“Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I’m taking special interest in this. I’ll be watching your place to make sure he doesn’t cause a disturbance. See, I looked at his records before I came and you aren’t the first woman he’s bothered. Not only that but him and the law just don’t seem to get along so I’ll be watching your place tonight if your husband wouldn’t mind”

“I’m sure he wont. Thats so kind of you”

“Just my job. I’ll see you two later” he picked up the vase and looked at Amaris “he comes here before I’m off work you have my cellphone number”

“I thought you’d still be working tonight”

“I’ll be using my own time to watch you. I’ll be off work”

Chapter Three

“Okay then, see you later.” He left and Rebecca laughed. “Oh mom, stop.”

“He’s certainly nice and absolutely adorable.”

“Ugh, I hate you.”

Rebecca hugged her daughter. “No you don’t, you love me absolutely to death.”

“True, you’re a pretty great mom.”

“He certainly seems like mate material.”

“We’re just friends.”

“For now.”

Vedrick worried about Rebecca as he helped out with the cattle. He wanted to call her and check on her, but he knew if he did, he would be calling multiple times and she may become annoyed. “Vedrick, she’s tough, she’ll be fine.” Grayson said and Vedrick sighed.

“I know, but this is an alpha we’re talking about, he could hurt her and Amaris really bad. I don’t doubt her strength, but she doesn’t have as much experience as you and I.”

“I know but your home isn’t far and in a crisis at least one of them will be able to get to a phone. Honestly, if you’re this stressed why don;t you leave after lunch? Charlotte will help me finish”

“I couldn’t make your mate work”

“she doesn’t mind. She tells me all the time she wishes I’d let her help more. She’ll be happy” Vedrick sighed “who knows how long he will be bothering us though”

“so, Charlotte will be glad to take over for you every day after lunch. Just help me in the mornings. I’m not asking, I’m being your boss right now. Go home after we have lunch”

“this will be the only time in my life I take orders from you”

“I’m sure” Grayson said with a smile. They worked until lunchtime then Vedrick hugged Charlotte bye “is he right about you wanting to help out there?”

“Hell yeah, go on home to Rebecca. Besides…we know why this is a harder situation than it might be for someone else” Vedrick felt Graysons shame and patted him on the shoulder “man, that was forever in the past and you had no choice. Don’t ever feel guilty. I’ve got my Rebecca and my pups with her” Vedrick hadn’t even thought about Grayson feeling bad about the ordeal. That point in time was somthing he didn’t visit any longer. He had his new family and looking back did nothing to help anybody. Vedrick hurried home, hoping his friend wasn’t at his home feeling horrible for the past because that’s what it was the past. Rebecca, Toby, Amaris, Royce, & Andel were all that mattered and he was going to keep them safe.

When he came in the door both women were surprised “why are you home so early?” Rebecca asked as he hugged her “Grayson told me to leave work at lunch until this is resolved. Charlotte is going to help him out”

“Thats really nice of them. We should take them out to eat somewhere soon”

“How’ve things been here?”

“wel…he…he sent me flowers”

“What?” Just that one word spoke volumes. It was filled with all his irritation and anger which caused his energy to shift to a degree that both Rebecca and Amaris felt a chill move through.

“Vederick, we took care of it.” Rebecca said as she reached out grabbed onto his shirt. “Calm down.”

“That little bastard, I’ll wring his neck.” He said with a growl.

“Daddy, we called the cops and an officer named Zemel is going to watch the place. He’s a wolf too, so he understands.”

“See baby, it’s okay.”

Vederick looked from his wife to his daughter and back again. He could tell he was scaring them. He grabbed Rebecca’s hand and brought it to his lips. “Sorry, I’m just being territorial, I don’t want him near you or our children.”

“It’s okay, we understand.”

“He’s driving me a little crazy.”

“Why don’t you take a shower then relax.”

“Come with me?”

“of course” Vedrick looked to his daughter “yell if you even see him outside.”

“I will, I’ll sit by the window as I watch this show so I’ll notice if he does” When they were gone Amaris texted Zemel “how did you figure out his name to look into him?” he was always quick to respond to her if he could so a message came back within a few moments “There’s only one flower shop that delivers here. Living in a small town makes my job a whole lots easier. I just asked them and they told me who sent flowers to that address. I’m already working on a restraining order so that I can arrest his sorry ass if he even comes near you.”

she smiled and sent back “don’t you mean my mother?” as she waited for his response she went to her pictures and looked at the only picture she had of the two of them. She had asked him to post for one with her last week and she looked at it more often than she would admit. Her phone pinged “well her too. He wont mess with your family. ” she smiled again, her heart feeling warm “well I’ll let you work and see you tonight.” she slid her phone in her pocket and returned to enjoying her show, looking forward to spending time with him.

It was almost time for the boys to get home from school when the house phone began to ring. “I’ll get it” Amaris offered so her parents wouldn’t have to get up. “Hello?” she answered as she held the burgundy phone to her face. “who’s this?” she didn’t recognize the male voice but could guess who it was. Regardless she still asked “who are you?”

“Rebbecas mate”

“No you aren’t because she’s my fathers mate” Amaris was nearly startled to the other side of the room her father came into the kitchen so fast “Listen here you fucker. Leave my wife alone. How the hell do you have our number?”

“you’re listed and she’s mine wolf. You should just give up now before someone gets hurt.”

“You’ll be the only one getting hurt if you try anything atall”

“Hmmm, maybe your daughter would make a good consolation prize. She sounds delicious like her mother”

“You touch my family and I’ll kill you.”

“Oh please, you’re nothing but a weak, pathetic loser. I’m going to take her and your precious little pup.”

“You want to fight this out then I’m more than willing. I’ll put you in you place boy.” He hit end and slammed the phone back in its cradle as Royce and Andel walked through the door and Rebecca came downstairs.

“Was it that wolf?” Andel asked and Vedrick nodded.

“Perhaps we should take care of him.” Royce added.

“The only thing you two are going to do is watch over your sister. He threatened to take her too.”

Both of their faces darkened. “That will not happen.” Royce said. “We’ll kill him first.”

“Amaris call Zemel right now and tell him what’s going on.” Rebecca ordered softly as she crossed over to Vedrick. “I know you’ll protect us baby.” She ran her hand along his back in hopes of calming him. “Don’t let him make you lose focus.”

“I want to track him and rip his throat out right now.” he growled, loseing what control he had been keeping. Amaris walked out of the room and called Zemel “is he there?” was Zemels first words “No but he just called the house and talked to my father. Well, he talked to me first a few moments and then he talked to my dad”

“what did he say to you?”

“Nothing much, just being an ass. What matters is that he was taunting my father, even talking about maybe having me instead as a consolation prize” A very audible growl sounded on the other end of the line causing Amaris to blush “Zemel?”

“I’m talking to my chief and coming over right now” he hung up without telling her bye and she just stood there a few moments. She eventually slid her phone in her pocket and told her parents he was going to come over and sit with them. “You seem to know this man on a personal level Amaris” Vedrick said and Amaris’s blush returned “yeah, he comes to the store alot and talks to me. We’ve gone for coffee once. He’s really nice”

“he came by earlier to collect the flowers as evidence. I liked him” Amaris was nervous for her father to be hearing about a guy she was interested in while he was this stressed but he seemed okay. Vedrick sighed “I need to be alone with your mother children.” he said as he lifted Rebecca and walked away with her. Amaris looked at her brothers “you think that went well?’

“with how upset dad is I think that went amazing” answered Royce.

Vedrick flopped down on their bed, sitting Rebecca on his lap and holding her tightly against him. “Vedrick, talk to me baby.”

“It’s going to come to blows between me and that wolf.”

“Are you going to kill him?”

Vedrick wanted to say yes, but he didn’t know if he really could with Rebecca and his children around. “I’ll try not to.” He squeezed her a little tighter. “I don’t want to ruin your perception of me.”

She ran her fingers through his hair and gave him a gentle kiss. “I already know how fierce you can be, you’re a wolf, a wild animal, it’s only natural for you to use everything at your disposal to protect your family. Nothing you could ever do would ever change my opinion of you or the kids opinion of you.”

He sighed and buried his nose in her hair. “I love you Rebecca.”

“I love you too baby.”

He kissed her neck the let his tongue run up to her earlobe where he gently bit her, making her quiver. “You’re so delicious.” He whispered.

“Marking your territory are we?”

“I’ve marked it plenty.” He pulled her shirt aside and let his lips brush over the fading teeth marks. “Maybe I should do it again.” He nipped at the mark and she moaned. “Is that a yes?”

“Yes.” She whispered and he had her pressed into the mattress in an instant, his hands pushing at her clothes and his teeth biting into her, stopping just before he drew blood. He needed her, the heat of her body pressed against his. He pressed his lips against hers as they hit their climax, muffling her loud cry. Her body felt like jello and she panted as she tried to catch her breath. “You’re going to make it so I can;t walk.”

“Good, you can stay in the safety of this room while I get rid of that wolf.”

“Fat chance.”

“Stubborn woman.”

“Mom, dad Zemel’s here.” Amaris’s voice sounded from the bottom of the stairs.

“Just a minute.” Vederick said back. “So what do you think of that one anyway?”

“He’s a nice young man and seems to be quite taken with our little girl.”

“I guess I’ll give him the talk later then, after all this business with that wolf is taken care of.”

“Be nice now honey.”

“It’ll just be the normal, if you hurt my daughter I’ll kill you and they’ll never find the body, sort of talk.”

Chapter Four

Rebecca laughed “you are such a good dad”

“she’s my only little girl and he’s another wolf.”

“a sweet one”

“yeah, we’ll just make sure he stays sweet” Rebecca laughed again and Vedrick smiled before kissing her forehead “you mean the world to me”

“Me too, now lets get dressed and get down there” When they came into the living room Zemel quickly stood and shook Vedricks hand “hello sir, I’m Officer Zemel Valahu. I’m a friend of your daughters”

“Thank you for coming”

“It’s my job”

“Not to use your own time. Most police wouldn’t take this seriously just yet”

“we may just be friends but she’s important to me. Therefore her family is important to me”

“mhm” Vedrick said, keeping his face serious as he studied him. “why don’t you sit back down Zemel” Amaris suggested and he did. “so, I hear you talk to my sister a lot. You two ever do more than just talk?” Royce asked and Amaris wanted to bury her face in her hands. “We’ve had coffee near her work but that’s the only thing other than talking”

“You haven’t been to her apartment?”

“Nope, she hasn’t invited me and it would be rude to invite myself by asking if I can come over. I haven’t gotten a sign from her she wants to do more with me than talk when I go to her store” Amaris’s red face couldn’t be stopped any longer. The coloration quickly filled those once white cheeks. “you want to come over somtime?” he smiled at Amaris “very much, anywhere you would like to go with me would be amazing. You kind of made my day that time you asked if I wanted to have coffee with you”

Rebecca couldn’t help but smile and even though Vedrick kept such a serious face, she could tell he was happy for their little girl. They were so caught up in their happiness that the loud howl that pierced the silence startled them. Vedrick, Zemel, Royce and Andel all growled and the former was at the door in an instant and pulling it open. “So that’s the brat.” Vedrick said and Rebecca looked over his arm at the man standing far enough away that he wouldn’t be effected by the restraining order.

“Well isn’t he just smart.” Zemel said with a bite of anger in his voice.

“If he were smart he would not have come here.” Vederick started forward and Rebecca grabbed his arm. He turned to her, his eyes softening. “You said you trusted me remember.”

“I do, but I still worry.”

“I’ll be just fine baby, just stay in the house.”

“Come on old man.” Bruce yelled and Vederick let out a growl. “Or maybe you’re too much of a pussy to come out here and fight.”

“Don’t you dare call my mate names. “Rebecca snapped as she turned away from Vederick. “I’ll kick the shot out of you myself.”

Vedrick chuckled and kissed her cheek. “And I’m supposed to be the one staying calm.” Her defense of him lightened his mood even though the bane of his existence was standing just outside waiting for him.

Bruce howled again then said “come on! Fight me or at least give me that daughter of yours. Just her voice made me hard!” Zemel snarled, having difficulty controlling his temper just as Vedrick was. Amaris grabbed his hand, shocking him into a calm “I don’t care what he says to or about me Zemel. Don’t let him ruffle you. You know these guys live to get a rise out of people. Don’t feed him” He squeezed her hand “okay” His taunts continued as he stood there refusing to leave for nearly three hours. At that point what he was doing was harassment and Zemel told him as much “What you’re doing right now is harassment. If you don’t leave in five seconds I’m calling the chief and you’ll spend a night in jail”

“This is really who you choose as a mate Rebecca? A man who wont even come out here and fight me away. He obviously doesn’t care if I take you or your daughter. Give me a glimpse of her and I’ll leave. God a younger version of you will have my dick up for hours”

“five” Zemel started, his words in snarls again. “four” Bruce ran away and Zemel slammed their front door shut. “Zemel” Amaris said and he apologized “It’s okay”

“do you think he’ll come back again today?” Rebecca asked Zemel “No, I highly doubt it”

“then do you and my daughter want to go somwhere were you can unwind. Having so many riled male wolves in one room is not doing anything for the stress level. Vedrick can be home right now and I trust you to protect my daughter” Zemel looked at Vedrick, confidently but with obvious respect for him. “yes, you can take her and go”

If Zemel had been in wolf form, his tail would have been excitedly wagging in the air. Amaris blushed as she hugged her parents and siblings then left. She climbed into her own car and Zemel followed her out of the driveway. “Why don’t you boys get on your homework, I think your mother and I are going to step outside and get some fresh air.” Vedrick said.

“Are you sure it’s safe?” Royce asked.

“We’ll be fine, your father can handle that creep if he comes back.” Rebecca reassured them.

“Take your phone okay, just in case.” Andel replied.

“I will baby, I love you two and I am very proud of you not losing your cool and going after Bruce.”

“It took a lot more self control than you would think.”

She smiled and kissed them both on their heads the let Vedrick pull her outside. He stopped for a moment to sniff the air and let his eyes search the area. Once he was sure they were alone, he pulled Rebecca off the porch. “Our boys are so much like you it’s crazy. You even rubbed off on Toby.”

“We’re just protective over what means the most to us. We’d all kill and die for the ones we love.”

“I’m a lucky woman.”

“I’m the lucky one for getting such a wonderful woman to fall in love with me.”

“even though you had to ask me multiple times to marry you?”

“it was just part of winning you over. With my first impression on you it’s amazing we’re together at all” Rebecca kissed him “you showed yourself to be one of the most amazing men in the world Vedrick. I’d be crazy not to be with you” They managed to have a peaceful day, followed by a few others which unlike it was intended to do, didn’t get Vedrick or Zemel off their guard. Bruce decided today he was taking whatever she wolf he could get his hands on first. Now it wasn’t so much them as his refusal to lose to other male wolves. He would have the mother or daughter and he would have her tonight.

It was nearly eleven at night when he arrived at Vedrick and Rebeccas on foot. He had walked all the way there not knowing if they’d be home or if the daughter would even be staying over tonight but he could always walk here again if they were staying somwhere else. At Amaris’s place Zemel was staying over again. He claimed for her protection and it was but he would take any reason to get to be with her when he wasn’t working. He laid on the couch wide awake, thinking about the talk he had with Amaris today. She had asked him why he hadn’t been more assertive with her. Even as a good hearted male alpha, it was in an alphas blood to be assertive and bold but he had been letting her have full control of the pace.

He hated admitting to her he was once a horses ass who had little control. He wasn’t Bruce by any means but he was an ass and he pushed away a woman he deeply cared about. When he had met Amaris he had fallen in love instantly. After the first time he spoke to her fear crept in he would push her away too so he had decided the only way to be safe with Amaris was to not push anything. He had never loved anybody as much as he loved her so it would be a greater loss than any before if he pushed her away by being too demanding and thoughtless.

He hadn’t admitted he loved her but in that conversation he had finally made it known he wanted her as his mate. She promised to give him an answer after everything with her parents had settled down but it was why he couldn’t sleep. There wasn’t any telling how long he’d have to wait for her to tell him if they could be more than friends.

Bruce moved silently across their yard to the living room window. It was cracked open a little, probably to help cool off the house since it was a warmer night. He pushed it open and pulled himself inside, landing silently on his feet. He locked onto Rebecca’s scent and started up the stairs, feeling excited at the prospect of taking her. He was three quarters of the way up when a growl broke the silence and two yellow orbs shown in front of him. The large wolf jumped on him, sharp teeth snapping at his face as they tumbled down the stairs. The sounds of banging and loud angry growls woke Rebecca and the boys. She was out of bed in an instant and running down the hall, nearly bumping into Royce as she flipped the light switch. There was blood all over the stairs. The sound of splintering wood drew them downstairs where the front door stood ajar, the door frame busted.

Vedrick and the other wolf rolled across the ground, snarling and biting at each other. Blood stained their fur, seeping from deep puncture wounds in their bodies. They broke apart, both of them snarling, teeth showing, their hair standing on end as they circled each other. Vedrick had known he would be back, Bruce was too proud to give up, something Vedrick knew very well. He heard the sounds of his family running out the door, but didn’t look away from Bruce. He had to focus on his fight, had to trust they would stay back.

“Mom, he’s wounded.” Royce said.

“We can help.” Andel added and both boys started forward, but she grabbed them and pulled them back.

“No, this is something he has to do on his own. We just need to support him.” Rebecca was worried about her mate, hated seeing him covered in blood, but she had faith in his abilities to beat Bruce. “Royce, I want you to call your sister, I’m sure Zemel is there.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Zemel heard Amaris’s phone ringing and shot up, grabbing his gun and badge to put them on. He had been sleeping fully clothed and ready for when they were needed. Amaris who had been on edge woke easily and answered “whats going on?’

“He’s here and fighting dad. We need Zemel to arrest the asshole before they do any more damage to eachother. He broke into our home” she hungup and pulled on her pants, planning on going over in her sleep shirt. She flung open the door, glad to see Zemel awake “he’s there” knowing fighting her about coming was futile he just ran out the door with her. They both got into his car and he turned his lights on. “You’re going to stay in this car understand?” the first of few commands he would probably ever give her. “okay”

He was relieved she wasn’t going to argue over it. He would be able to think more clearly once he got there. The sirens were heard long before the car would arrive and Bruce tried to bolt. It gave Vedrick the upperhand and he pinned him down. Vedrick could easily break his neck in this moment as his fangs clamped onto it but he wouldn’t commit murder this night. There was a possibility he would be charged and taken away from his family and Vedrick knew his heart couldn’t handle that. Zemel was coming and this asshole would be the one to get jail time.

Zemel was surprised to find Bruce simply pinned by the neck when he got out of the car and drew his gun “when Vedrick lets you go you’re to get into the back of my car. You try to run or try to get into the front seat with Amaris I will kill you and I wont lose a second of sleep over it nor will I be punished so use what brain you have. Zemel paused a few moments, gun aimed at Bruce “let him go Vedrick” Vedrick let loose his jaw and Bruce tried to bolt. Zemel groaned and fired six shots, four hitting Bruce and making him fall. Vedrick ran after him, grabbing him by the scruff when he realized the wolf was still living and drug him to the cop car before shifting into human form.

“Rebecca, get the first aid kit.” Vedrick ordered and she ran inside, going into the bathroom and pulling their first aid kit out from under the sink and hurrying back outside. She held out the first aid kit and Vedrick pulled it open. “Shift back moron.” He ordered the whining wolf on the ground. Bruce glared at him, but shifted back. “Dumb bastard, all you had to do was listen.” He dressed Bruce’s wounds to stop the flow of blood then lifted him into the backseat of the police cruiser and slammed the door.

“It’s big of you to help him sir.” Zemel said as he holstered his weapon.

“I want him to live with his mistake.”

“I’ll get him to the hospital and then straight to jail. You really kicked his ass.”

“Of course I did, no one threatens this family.” Zemel climbed behind the wheel of his car and Amaris insisted on going with him. Rebecca let out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding and hugged Vedrick.

“I’m getting blood on you baby.” Vedrick said even though he was hugging her back.

“I don’t care, I love you.” She kissed his chest. “Let me take care of your wounds.”

“They’re just punctures baby, they’ll heal up pretty fast.”

“I hate seeing all this blood.”

He stroked her cheek and gave her a gentle kiss. “Let’s shower then.”

“We’ll clean up the mess mom, you and dad just relax.” Royce said.

“thank you boys” Rebecca covered her mouth and frowned deeper once they were naked. “It’s okay Rebecca, you know how fast I heal. Even that asshole will be just fine”

“It doesn’t change how hard that is to see” he stroked her cheek again then adjusted their water to the right temperature. Vedrick held Rebecca close, randomly pressing kisses onto her head, cheeks and shoulders to comfort her. The next day Amaris came back with Zemel and they all exchanged tight hugs. Vedrick could tell right away despite them not saying anything that Amaris was Zemels mate now. Though he was protective of her it was another blessing to him. His family was safe and Amaris had found herself a good man as a mate. Bursting with pride and bliss he enjoyed the first fully relaxing day his family had had since the appearance of Bruce.

~ The End

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