Vedrick & Rebecca

Chapter One

Rebecca and Vedrick have been together three years and have just found out she is two months pregnant. Vedrick had been wanting to marry her and adopt Toby for about a year and a half. Now that she was pregnant with his child he wanted to marry her even more but when they found out and he asked her for the second time she refused again saying “I’ve already been married Vedrick. He left the second having a child got rough. I can’t go through a divorce again. I love you and I know you love me but I wont get married again.” Vedrick was happy that he could atleast convince her to move in with him now but he still longed to call her his wife.

He still kept the ring even though she had turned him down twice. He would never give up on the hope she would change her mind. Rebecca was spending the night tonight and tomorrow morning they were going to move her stuff into his small house he was renting. It was a beautiful three bedroom with a nice, fenced in yard. Toby was excited about moving in with Vedrick. He liked him a lot and wished his mother would marry him. Vedrick had quickly become a father to him and they did things together all the time.

Toby was especially excited that Vedrick was taking him to another baseball game this coming weekend. Toby loved baseball and there was nobody he enjoyed going with more than Vedrick. Grayson was coming along too while Charlotte and Rebecca took Willa to the playground and the mall. Willa was now three with silver eyes like her mothers. She also had the same brown hair. She had her fathers nose and ear though. She was a mixture of them both and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Are you boys excited about the weekend?” Rebecca asked as she washed dishes.

“Yes, Toby especially.” Vedrick answered as he rinsed and dried. They were once again going on with their week as if she had not shot him down once again. He loved her more than anything, but every time she said no it hurt. He found himself wondering what was wrong with him. He knew her first husband had been a piece of work who had not wanted Toby, but he wasn’t like that. He didn’t like being compared to that man. They finished with the dishes and decided to go to bed since Rebecca was tired. He made sure everything was off and locked as she went up to their room then quickly followed her up.

Rebecca undressed and climbed into bed, Vedrick checked on Toby then headed into their room and did the same. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her against him. He kissed the back of her neck and whispered he loved her. “I love you too.” She said back. She meant it, even though she knew he was probably unsure of that. Each time she told him she couldn’t marry him, she could see how sad he was. He would smile and say okay, but she knew it wasn’t. He tightened his hold on her and she finally allowed herself to relax. She closed her eyes and drifted off.

Vedrick was awake again. His mind busy with all the reasons she might compare him to her ex husband, why she didn’t want him as a husband and to adopt Toby. He would do anything for the two of them and their new baby. He felt such deep undying love. Vedrick feared scaring her away if he asked again but he just couldn’t give up. He hoped maybe after the baby was born and she saw what a good dad he could be to a baby. Toby was a child so he guessed she couldn’t tell how attentive he could be but he would show her. He would do everything for the baby aside from feeding since he wouldn’t be able to do that. He finally drifted to sleep, clinging to the hope that once she saw him with the baby she would be his wife and let him adopt the boy he had come to think of as his own child.

When the weekend came Charlotte, Grayson and little Willa were at their house before they could even finish breakfast. They let Willa snack on some sausage since she was always hungry. They quickly cleared the plates and hugged since they would be going their seperate ways. Charlotte could see that Vedrick was still deeply wounded by Rebeccas second rejection. He was tryign to look happy and alright but he wasn’t fooling her and she doubted he was fooling Rebecca. Charlotte had butted out last time but this time she really wanted to talk to Rebecca and see if she could change her mind.

Charlotte didn’t know how she could convince Rebecca but she thought that maybe if she would talk about what the problem was they could sort it out together and maybe Vedrick wouldn’t have to look so broken hearted all the time. They loved eachother, she was willing to live with him and they were about to have a baby. It was confusing to Charlotte why Rebecca wouldn’t.

When they got to the park Charlotte let Willa out and lead her over to the swings. She lifted her onto one of the swings and started pushing her. Rebecca sat in a swing next to her and rocked gently back and forth. “Vedrick didn’t seem like his usual self this morning.” Charlotte said.

“It’s my fault, I told him I didn’t want to marry him again.” She sighed.

“Why won’t you? He’s a really good guy.”

“I know, he’s the best. He does so much and Toby loves him more than anything. It’s just that I’m scared. My ex husband never wanted children and instantly regretted Toby. In my heart I know he’s a good man, but my head just keeps screaming at me that it would be a huge mistake.”


“I know it’s a stupid, irrational fear. I do love him a lot, I just don’t know what to say. I freeze up and my heart starts beating extra fast and then I just say no. Then he looks so heartbroken and I don’t know what to do.”

“You know he’ll keep asking because he loves you.”

“I know.”

“it shouldn’t be scary with him. Just look at Vedrick with Toby. He’s been such a good father.”

“How we are is the same as being married. I live with him, I’m having his baby, I love him deeply. This way if or when he changes his mind it wont be hard. Going through the divorce only poured salt in my wounds. If we aren’t married Vedrick can just run off and I can move on faster. I dont want my heart to go through another divorce.”

“But that’s just it Rebecca, Vedrick would never leave you. He loves you so much. You are his world Rebecca.”

“My ex told me I was his world”

“He was a lair yes but Vedrick isn’t. He adores you Rebecca, he adores Toby and he will adore the child growing inside of you. I’m not trying to be pushy but Vedrick would never hurt you. He loves you until the end of time, hell he’s capable of it since he’s immortal”

“But that’s it too”


“well……why would he marry someone who cant live forever like he will?”

“we can fix that, for you and Toby”

“what if Toby doesnt want to be different from other children?”

“We can only change you”

“I dont know if I could watch my son die…..” Charlotte sighed, worried she was overwhelming Rebecca. “just think about what I’m saying ok? I hope I havent made you mad at me”

“No, I appreciate what you’re trying to do. I know you’re just looking out for me.”

“good because I am. Vedricks as sweet as they come and he’s so in love with you. He’ll be a wonderful father and husband if you’d let him” Immortal, just that was a terrifying concept. She wondered if it would hurt and what she would do if he made her like him and then decided to run off. She felt a little guilty she had that worry in her atall. She frowned, wondering if she should just think with her heart instead of letting her head jump in the way. Her heart would love to marry Vedrick and have many more children with him. She just had to get her brain to stop scaring her.

Tobys excitement and happiness managed to pull Vedrick out of his deep sadness over Rebeccas rejection. He loved seeing Toby so happy and Grayson was always fun to go out with. They bought hot dogs and settled into their seats for the game. Seemingly out of nowhere Toby says “I’m sorry my mom said no again” Vedrick turned to him shocked “you shouldn’t be sorry, it’s not what she wants. I’m just happy she was willing to move you three in with me.”

“It’s stupid, I want you to be my dad.” He tusseled Toby’s hair, his heart warming at the boy’s words.

“I’m glad, now I just need to convince your mom.”

“I can help.”

“You don’t have to do that little man. Lets just enjoy the game for now.”

When Willa became to tired to play anymore Charlotte took her and buckled her into her car seat while Rebecca got in the car. She just stared out the window, thinking of Vedrick and how sad she had made him. He had been so good to her and Toby, taking care of them when they were sick, even going so far as to stay up almost the whole time Toby had pneumonia. He never complained and worked extremely hard to provide for them even though she got plenty from the store. Then she had repaid him by refusing his proposal and breaking his heart not once, but twice.

“You okay?” Charlotte asked as she got in.

“Yeah, just thinking and depressing myself.”

“Honey why don’t you talk to Vedrick about your fears? He’s probably wondering why you keep saying no. Just be honest with him.”

“I don’t want to add insult to injury by openly comparing him to that man.” She buried her face in her hands, feeling frustrated and like crying. “I’ve been very unfair to him. I know I said I just want him to be able to leave if he wants to, but the truth is I never want him to leave. I want him to always look at me the way he does now.”

Charlotte hugged her and she let herself cry. It was a cathartic release and she realized she had been needing to cry for awhile. She had been putting on a happy face since the day Toby’s father left. When she was finally able to stop the flow of tears she wiped her face and thanked Charlotte for being there. “Let’s go to the mall and get some ice cream then we can shop.” Charlotte said with a smile.

“alright” Rebecca said softly. Her mind staying busy with Vedrick and worry. She knew Toby was getting frustrated too. He loved Vedrick and wanted him for his father. She knew there wasn’t any real reason to not marry him. She decided to try not to be in such a depressed mood for Charlotte. She didn’t need to push everyone away. Rebecca cleared her throat and tried for happy “we should look at clothes for Willa. I love shopping for her”

“sounds fun, theres a Carters Baby in the mall” They made small talk, Charlotte very much aware Rebecca was just trying to put on a happy face for her. Charlotte truly hoped Rebecca would get over her fears, talk to Vedrick and marry him. They would be so happy if she would even just talk to him. When they arrived at the mall Rebecca ended up having to use the ladies room so Charlotte texted Grayson “Vedrick and Rebecca need to talk about Rebeccas problem with marrying him. I really think if she just told him and they talked about their reasons why it could be sorted out. You need to talk to Vedrick about being more assertive and making Rebecca talk to him. He shouldn’t just walk away and say ok. He needs to get her to tell him how she feels or they will never get married”

The response he sent was ‘I’ll talk to him about getting her to tell him why, he does deserve to know atleast why hes being rejected and if you think him knowing why would help then they need to talk about it even more” Charlotte quickly shut her phone when Rebecca came out “lets get that ice cream” Charlotte said with a smile. They always got icecream from the same place so they went straight there and made their order.

Toby said he needed a bathroom break so Vedrick and Grayson decided to take him. They let him go in on his own, but told him to yell if he needed anything. “I need to talk to you about Rebecca.” Grayson said.

“Is this about her saying no to me again?” Grayson nodded. “I just don’t know why she won’t say yes, I love her so much as well as Toby and the new baby.”

“Then get her to tell you, stop backing down because you’re afraid of her getting mad. Rebecca has always appreciated people who are honest and straightforward. Don’t pretend you’re happy, tell her how you really feel. You’re no beta male so open your mouth and use your voice.”

Vedrick sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “I know you’re right as usual. I’ll talk to her tonight after Toby goes to bed. I don’t want him hearing if it turns into an argument.”

Grayson slapped him on the back. “There we go you big softie.”

“Who are you calling a softie, you’re just as bad.”

“True that, all Charlotte and Willa have to do is look at me and I’m a big pile of mush.” They both laughed as Toby came out.

“What’s so funny?” Toby asked.

“Everything. Did you wash your hands?” Vederick said.

“Yes sir.”

“Good boy.” He lifted Toby onto his shoulders and hey headed back to their seats.

The girls spent the rest of their day walking around the mall and talking of lighter things even though Rebeccas mind stayed on how she should talk to Vedrick. She knew it should be as simple as telling Charlotte but with her she wasn’t afraid of hurting her feelings. She sighed, knowing she was hurting his feelings anyway by rejecting two proposals. Each time he looked so hopeful, his eyes always pleading. It was hard to say no. She wondered if that was an indicator she should say yes. He was hard to say no to because he was so wonderful. As Charlotte was driving back to Rebeccas house she said “Just breath Rebecca. Vedrick loves you, he’s willing to work on anything and will do anything to put your mind at ease. You two are a great couple and would be happy as husband and wife. I dont think for a second he would ever leave you, Toby and the new baby growing inside of you. He loves you too deeply for that.”

“Thanks Charlotte, you’re a really good friend”

“I try, you are too. I can see why you’re afraid but with Vedrick you shouldn’t be. You know he has a heart of gold and only eyes for you and the family you’ll create together.” Rebecca smiled, Charlottes words actually giving her comfort. They got out and saw the men had already gotten home. They all greeted with hugs and kisses then Rebecca asked “you guys going to stay for dinner?” She was stalling and Charlotte knew it so she answered “I’ve already thawed stuff for dinner that will go bad if we don’t go home. Thanks for the offer though.” Rebecca wanted to beg for more time before being alone with Vedrick but of course couldnt’ say it in front of everybody.

As the door shut her heart slammed “what would you guys liek for dinner?”

“could we have pizza tonight mom?”

“Are you good with pizza Vedrick?”

“sounds perfect to me, It’s been a busy day and we’re all tired. I’d rather you be off your feet anyway.” Rebecca smiled “I’m barely pregnant”

“but pregnant all the same. Lets go sit on the couch and I’ll order us pizza. When the pizzas on its way I’ll rub your feet”

He grabbed the phone and flopped down on the couch, dialing Domino’s and ordering a large Canadian bacon and a bottle of Pepsi. He thanked the person on the other end then hung up and handed the phone to Rebecca so she could put it back in the cradle. He pulled her feet into his lap and massaged them, making her moan. “Better?” Vedrick asked.

“So much better.” They sat there in strained silence for a few moments. “So how was the game?”

“Good, Toby had a lot of fun, but then again he always does. How about you, how was the park and mall?”

“Peaceful.” He gave a warm smile and pulled her onto his lap and gave her a kiss. She blushed and he kissed her again, holding her face in his hands.

“Gross.” Toby said, a big grin on his face.

“Sorry Toby.” Vederick said and put Rebecca back on the couch.

“Whatever, mom’s already having a baby so it’s okay.” Rebecca blushed and Vedrick laughed. A few minutes later the pizza showed up and Vedrick got up, telling Toby to follow him. He handed the box off to Toby and took the bottle of soda before paying the pizza man. He thanked the man then shut and locked the front door.

“Come on babe.” Vederick called and Rebecca headed into the kitchen to pour them each a glass of soda.

They ate while Toby dominated the conversation. He went on and on about his day with Vedrick and Grayson. Vedrick noticed Toby was emphasizing how great of a time he always had with him. It made his heart warm again as he figured he was trying to help win his mother over into marriage. After dinner Toby hugged each of them tightly. Rebecca held her son in their hug longer than he wanted but she still wanted to stall. She didn’t feel ready to talk to Vedrick yet but she knew she would never feel ready to hurt him worse by telling him her fears. Rebecca thought her nerves were up before but when she heard Tobys bedroom door close her nerves skyrocketed. Vedrick noticed and rubbed her arms “are you ok honey?”

Rebecca sighed “No, I’m a wreck”

“why?’ Rebeccas words weren’t forming on their own but she forced herself to continue “I’m just stressed because I need to talk to you but I don’t…I dont know. It’s really stressful.” Vedrick turned Rebecca and hugged her “talk to me, about anything, it shouldn’t be stressful. Stress isn’t good for our baby anyway. Just talk to me about whatevers on your mind. I’d love to know what’s going on in your head. Please let me in. We’ll talk about what you want to talk about and then we’ll cover what I want to talk about”

“you want to talk too?”

“Yes but I’d like to know what’s stressing you first” Rebecca looked him in the eyes “you deserve to know why I keep saying no but it’s just difficult to discuss. I dont want to hurt you further…you’ve been so wonderful and I honestly feel like a bitch”

“Don’t you ever say somthing like that Beca. I love you and will not have you calling yourself a bitch. You are far from that. That’s actually what I wanted to talk about. Please, I agree I deserve to know why you say no to me” Rebecca looked away and he made her look back at him “talk to me, we can’t work on this if you can’t talk to me. I really need you to.”

She buried her face in his shirt and he stroked her hair. “I’m scared Vedrick, so scared that you’ll leave me like my ex husband did. He told me he loved me every day, told me I was his everything and then I found out I was pregnant with Toby. My birth control had failed, but he blamed me. He started changing, say I was an idiot and that I had ruined his life. He never wanted children. He doesn’t even call Toby. I keep telling myself if I don’t marry you then I won’t have to worry about another messy divorce and having my heart dragged through the mud.”

Vedricks swallowed the lump in his throat. Being compared to her ex husband stung a little. “Rebecca I love you.”

“I know and I know that if you ever left me it would kill me. I don’t want you to one day regret me and Toby and this baby.”

“That will never happen. You three are my world and I will do whatever it takes to keep you.”

“I’m sorry I hurt you and don’t lie and say I didn’t because I could see your heart crumbling when I said no. I love you so much Vedrick.” She cried into his shirt and he rubbed her back, trying to calm her down and soothe her.

“That’s not all though is it?” He asked.

“No, you’re immortal and I’m not. I don’t know why you want to marry someone who is going to grow old and die.”

“There is a way to change you.”

“What about Toby, what if he doesn’t want to be like you? I can’t watch my son die.”

Vedrick chuckled and pulled back to give her a kiss. “Rebecca, he’s a boy, he’ll love being a werewolf.”

She wiped her face “you really think so” Vedrick couldn’t help but smile. It sounded as if she may be considering being his wife and living forever as his mate. Vedrick took a deep breath, wanting to ask again. The ring was always in his pocket. He kept it with him every day. He decided to be brave and ask her again. He pulled it out and nearly fell down on one knee “please, please marry me Rebecca. I’m here forever. I’ll always love you, Toby and all our future children. I could never leave you and if you ever left me I’d spend every day trying to win you back. I love you so much and you know you can trust me to never leave you, I wouldn’t even be willing to let you go”

Rebeccas lip quivered as she saw the hope and deep love in his eyes. She nodded her head a little violently and sobbed as she said yes. Vedricks jaw dropped open a little with happy surprise. With tears in his own eyes he slipped the ring on then pulled her tightly against him. He shook with his sobs as he cried into her neck. Toby who hadn’t fallen asleep yet came out, concerned for them “is everything ok?” Vedrick pulled back and smiled “she finally said yes. I get to be your dad now” Toby ran down the stairs and hugged his mother “thank you! I’m so happy! Thank you so much mom!” She kissed her sons head “I was foolish for ever saying no to him. Hug your new dad and get back into bed”

“yes mam” He said then hugged Vedrick and gave hima ¬†kiss on the cheek “will you take me back up?”

“Of course” Vedrick said as he sniffled from his happy and disbelieving tears. He walked up the stairs and Rebecca followed. When Toby was settled down Vedrick picked her up adn kissed her. As he pulled back he said “we’ll talk to Toby about making this family forever tomorrow. Right now i just want to go to our room, I want to be with my beautiful and truly amazing mate”

He kissed her as he carried her into their room, kicking their door shut behind them. He lay her down and kissed his way down her neck as he tore her shirt off with an impatient grunt. “Calm down Vedrick.” Rebecca said with a breathy laugh.

“I can’t.” He was far to excited, his animal instincts taking over so he ripped every piece of her clothing off. He licked and bit his way over her chest, he left his teeth marks below her neck so no one would see them. He pushed her legs open and covered her with his mouth, his tongue thrashing wildly over and then in her. She tangled her fingers in his hair and tried to keep quiet so she wouldn’t wake Toby.

“Vedrick.” She gasped and kissed his way back up her, kissing her and pulling her legs around his waist and thrusting into her. She ran her nails down his back and he let out a growl. She moaned into his mouth and he pushed himself deeper, making her back arch off the bed as she orgasmed. He flipped her onto her stomach, lifting her hips and driving into her. She bit her pillow and he clamped his teeth down on her shoulder as he ejaculated and she orgasmed again. They collapsed, panting loudly as they caught their breath. He moved off of her and pulled her into his arms.

“I love you Rebecca and don’t you ever forget it.”

“I love you too.” She felt like such a fool for ever doubting him. She kissed his chest, the hair there tickling her nose. “Goodnight my sweet wolf.”

“Goodnight my love.” They drifted off in each other’s arms, Vedrick with a smile on his face.

Toby beat excitedly on their bedroom door in the morning. They both woke smiling. Rebecca grabbed her robe and Vedrick made sure he¬†as covered before she opened their door “we’ll be right down sweetheart”

“alright, love you”

“Love you too” Vedrick and Rebecca said at the same time. When Toby was downstairs and the door was shut Rebecca let her robe drop. Vedricks smile growing wider as he saw her bite marks. “get dressed” Rebecca said happily. He got from under the covers and soon had her in his arms. He gave her a loving kiss “thank you Rebecca for finally saying yes. I love you and will forever need you in my life. I’m so glad you want to live forever with me. Can we talk to Toby over breakfast?”

“The sooner the better” Vedricks smile becoming slightly goofy due to how happy he was. His whole body was practically glowing. They both pulled on clothes, Vedrick giving Rebecca a small nibble on the shoulder before they walked down. Toby looked upset and Rebecca soon noticed why. He had tried to get his cereal ready himself and had apparently dropped the milk jug, spilling in all over the floor. “sorry mama”

“It’s ok, go grab a towel” Toby ran off and got a dirty towel out of the hamper then wiped up his mess. “you got milk on your clothes too buddy. Go up and change.” Toby ran back to his room “want omelettes then?” Rebecca asked. “Yes” Rebecca got to work and Toby came back down. Vedrick decided to let Toby eat before talking to him. It was extremely hard to wait due to how excited he was. He had already considered them his family but it was going to become official.

He wrapped his arms around Rebecca’s waist from behind and kissed her cheek. She smiled and hummed happily. “Pour us some juice please.” She said and he kissed her again before doing as he was asked. He took them to the table then went back to help her with plates. Toby was grinning from ear to ear as they ate. He was excited for his mother and Vedrick to get married. When they were finished eating Vedrick and Rebecca washed dishes together while Toby watched cartoons.

They went into the living room and Toby smiled at them. “Hey buddy can we talk to you?” Vedrick asked and his smile vanished.

“Did I do something wrong?” He replied.

“No baby, we just need to ask you something really important.” Rebecca said with a smile.

They sat down on either side of him and Rebecca muted the TV. “You know how me, Grayson, Charlotte, and Willa are different?” Vederick asked.


“Well your mother and I were wondering if you wanted to be different like us, if you would like to be a wolf like me.”

Toby’s eyes lit up. “Yes, that would be so cool then I could go running with you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, you can teach me so much stuff.”

Rebecca had never seen her son so thrilled. He hugged Vedrick “when can we change?” Vedrick laughed “I’ll get our buddy Grayson to help us. Let me give him a call. Vedrick called their friends and gave them the great news and the fact he wanted to change Rebecca and Toby. Charlote and Grayson were excited for them and told them as soon as they finished bathing Willa from the huge mess she made of breakfast they would come right over. Vedrick laughed hearing apparently both their children were a mess this morning. He hung up and went to wait with his excited son and beautiful wife. She seemed nervous but he could understand how somthing like this could make her uneasy.

Vedrick rubbed her arm “relax, it wont be bad baby”

“I look as nervous as I feel?” Vedrick nodded and Toby said “dont worry mom! It’s going to be so cool!” Rebecca smiled “it will”

“will the bay be born as a wolf like Vedrick?” Vedrick smiled and answered “yep, he or she will be just like me. Even just half they will live forever”

“awesome” When they heard knocking at the door they knew instantly who it was. They all hugged and excitedly chatted. Rebecca showed off her ring as Toby waited impatiently. He wanted to be a wolf right now and wished the adults would quit talking so they could get on with it. Vedrick chuckled when he could see all over Tobys face and how he was standing that he didn’t want to wait. he tussled the boys hair “calm down”

“can we do it yet?”

“We have to get more wolves first.” Grayson replied.

“How long will that take?” Toby asked.

“I don’t really have any wolf friends and we need an elder to provide us with blood.”

“I’ll make some calls.” Vedrick said. “You three make yourselves at home.”

Vedrick grabbed the phone and went up to their room while Rebecca got snacks for the kids before sitting on the couch. “What all does this change entail?” She asked.

“Well, we need a group of wolves because it takes a lot of energy. We need at least one elder to provide blood to draw these symbols on your skin, and a full moon which starts tomorrow.” Grayson explained.

“Does it hurt?”

“I have heard it can be uncomfortable.” Rebecca felt her heart beat quicken. “Please calm down, I promise it won’t hurt Toby or the baby.” Grayson rubbed his neck. “You kind of have to be naked.”


“Because if you smear the symbols we have to start all over again. It’s not a sexual thing, no one is going to stare at you. A lot of pack members see each other naked so it’s not some weird, gross thing.”

Chapter Two

Vedrick called as many of his old pack members as he could. He even called a couple of elders who were happy to hear from him. He had separated himself from everyone he knew when his family had been murdered. He asked if they could fly out today and be at his home by tomorrow and they said yes. He thanked the last person he called and hung up, wanting to get back to Rebecca, Toby, their baby, and their friends. He was sure Charlotte and Rebecca were going to have a good time planning the wedding.

Sure enough he could hear them talking about it as he came down. He smiled while his heart felt a happy surge pump through it. He went in and sat by Rebecca, placing a soft kiss on her cheek. Toby excitedly asked “so?”

“so, everyone is coming and will be here tomorrow to help us change the both of you.” Vedricks tone grew nervous as he continued “I know you’re a modest woman so….did Grayson by chance mention you two will have to be naked?”

“he did, if pack nudity is common I dont see a problem with doing it.” Vedrick could tell it honestly made her a little uncomortable but he was glad it didn’t scare her away from it. Topby didn’t have a modest bone in his little body so he knew he wouldn’t be nervous. All Toby seemed to feel was excitement over everything. Vedrick really hoped Toby knew that to him, he was the same as the child in Rebeccas belly. Toby would always be his son no matter what. Even during the teenage years where Toby would probably say he hated him from time to time and act out Toby would be his son.

“continue making plans” Vedrick said happily and laid back. He knew today would be slow since he would be anxiously awaiting tomorrow night. “While the women talk why don’t we play outside with Toby and Willa?”

“yeah! Please dad!” With Toby actually calling him dad there was no way Vedrick coudl refuse. “you happy making plans just with Charlotte?”

“Yeah, I’ll probably run stuff by you tonight though”

“sounds perfect” Vedrick said then kissed her. The men went outside with the two children, leaving Charlotte and Rebecca to their planning. Grayson and Vedrick had the kids laughing so much they could hear it clearly inside as they chatted. They decided Willa should be the flower girl while Toby was the ring bearer. They also planned to have the two dance while making sure someone took pictures and video.

“Can we do the airplane dad?” Toby asked.

“Of course we can.” He lifted Toby and put the boy on his shoulders. Toby held his arms out and Vedrick grabbed his legs before running around the yard making plane noises. Toby laughed and Willa giggled.

“I want up.” Willa said to Grayson and he picked her up and rested her on his shoulders. He ran around the yard with her giggling. Rebecca and Charlotte heard the joyful noises and went out and sat on the porch, smiling warmly at their families.

“I’m so glad you made me see the light.” Rebecca said.

“Me too. Both you and Vedrick deserve happiness.”

Vedrick and Gryson stopped playing when Willa got fussy. “We’ve got the trifecta going here Charlotte. She tired, hungry, and wet.” Grayson said as he cradled his little girl.

“Why don’t we change her and get home then.” Charlotte stood and took Willa then went inside to change her.

“We’ll be back tomorrow night. Remember that nothing bad is going to happen to anyone. Being moon born is quite an honor. There are some pure bloods that think differently, but for the most part it is seen as a great gift. There will be a lot of howling and you will see the spirit that chooses you. I have never witnessed this myself, but it’s supposed to be quite a sight so don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid of an overgrown puppy.” Toby said, making them laugh.

“You’re very brave son.” Vedrick said as he tusseled Toby’s hair.

Both Vedrick and Toby were about ready to crawl out of their skin as they awaited the next day. Around lunch time the wolves started arriving and greeting Rebecca and Toby with warmth and tight hugs. They got lots of congratulations and reassurances about tonight, the marriage and the baby. Around dinner Charlotte and Grayson returned with Willa. They mingled with Vedricks old pack since Rebecca and Toby were being marked for the ceremony. It had taken forever for Rebecca to find a hair band to put her hair in a ponytail so it wouldn’t touch the markings. Rebecca never wore her hair up so she was amazed she even had one. Rebecca was nervous to walk out when it was time but just remembered these people saw eachother naked all the time and that this was normal to them.

Everybody went outside and gathered around Rebecca and Toby. Vedricks joined his family so it woudl be less scary for them since plenty of wolves had shown up. The other wolves joined hands and let out a long howl to the moon. Vedrick explained they were asking the spirits to come.¬†They let out another howl then turned their eyes to the center. The entire circle started chanting and the symbols covering their body grew warm. The circle suddenly fell silent and loud howls filled the night. Two wolves were approaching and Vedrick said softly “stay calm, they have come to you and will make you moon born” The wolves got close, staring into Toby and Rebeccas eyes “touch them” Vedrick prompted and they did. Soon their noses touched their foreheads and they both closed their eyes. They weren’t told to but it was how their bodies reacted.

Intense heat moved through both their bodies. It became hard to breath but both of them took comfort in knowing Vedrick and his pack knew what they were doing and would let nothing happen to them. When they could breath again they opened their eyes and their wolves were gone. They could only see the pack smiling at their new members. They began to howl and yip excitedly. It told Rebecca that everything must have gone perfectly. Toby jumped up and howled excitedly too. Vedrick chuckled and hugged Rebecca “you’re like me now. Thank you for this Rebecca. I will love you three until the end of time”

“get them clean, we will all get hotel rooms for the night. You and your family should be alone tonight and rejoice in their new birth. I’m glad you called for our help. We were all so happy you found a new family. Please don’t disappear on us again. The whole pack couldn’t come but they all wish they could meet your new family. Bring them home to us somtime.”

“I will” Vedrick hugged the elder appreciativly. None of them had to help, especially not after he abandoned them. They had given him the gift of keeping the ones he loved forever. They all left as Vedrick took his family inside. Toby went into his shower while Vedrick took Rebecca to hers. They all cleaned then got out. Vedrick laid Rebecca in bed “you rest, I’ll settle Toby for the night” Rebecca smiled at him “ok” She felt a little tired after everything so was more than happy for Vedrick to do it.

“Come on little man, time for bed.” Vedrick said as he entered Toby’s room where he was playing with his Legos.

“Can’t I just stay up a little longer?” Toby asked with a pout.

“Any other night I would say sure, but you and your mother need to recover. So come on, in bed.”

“Okay.” Toby put down his toys and crawled in bed and Vedrick pulled the covers up to his chin. He kissed Toby’s forehead and tusseled his hair before saying good night and leaving the room, switching off the light and closing the door behind him. He went back to his and Rebecca’s room and smiled when he saw she was sound asleep. He crawled in slowly behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist. He pulled her slowly into him and kissed the back of her neck.

“Good night my love.” He whispered in her ear before laying his head down and allowing himself to fall asleep. The next morning they were woke by a very energetic Toby. He leapt onto their bed, giving a little growl and making them laugh. “Go wait in the hall while me and mom get dressed.” Toby hopped off the bed and did as he was told. They dressed quickly and came out to a smiling and very hungry little boy.

“Will I be as strong as you someday?” Toby asked as they headed downstairs.

“Yeah, maybe even stronger.” Toby smiled and raced into the living room to watch cartoons while Vedrick and Febecca made breakfast. When they were out of Toby’s sight Rebecca wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He crushed her to him and pressed her against the pantry door before pinning her hands next to her head and breaking the kiss. “Calm down Rebecca, we still have to feed our pups.” He said with mock seriousness.

“Sorry, I just had to kiss you. You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to us and I love you so much.”

“I love you too so why don’t you go watch cartoons with Toby while I cook.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely and besides, if you don’t get out of here you’re going to lose more clothes.” She blushed and he let her go, giving her a playful swat on her bottom as she ran out.

He settled himself then began to make blueberry pancakes. He occasionally licked his lips as he cooked to keep tasting hers. He was so happy and couldn’t wait to start the wedding plans with Rebecca. He would try to be helpful but he had never really pictured a wedding. All he cared about was her being his for eternity. He hadn’t had any idea in his first marriage or this one. He just wanted Rebecca happy, he would keep this family safe no matter what. He would never allow anyone to hurt them. He decided to get a security system for the house so if anybody did come in he or the police would know quickly.

It had been such a¬†great loss when he lost his first wife and children. He had fallen just as in love with Rebecca and Toby, he knew he might slip into madness if history repeated itself. He would buy the best system he could afford and see how secure Rebeccas shop was. He wondered if maybe she would just stay home with their children. They would get their mother full time and that would be less risk she was in. She had other workers at the store and she could hire a few more so she didn’t have to go in anymore.

Between the two of them they had plenty of money for that and to still live comfortably. When the pancakes were done he called them into eat. Toby shoveled the food in and Rebecca felt like it even though she didn’t actually do it. She had woken so hungry, she guessed it was because of what they went through last night. After breakfast Vedrick asked “would you consider staying home with our children? Like just keep working until you can hire enough workers so that you wont have to go in? I just want you to be safe and you’ll be at less risk if you stay home with our kids and they will get the blessing of having their mother full time”

“Vedrick, I’m not made of glass.”

“I know, it’s just…”

“Are you really that afraid for me?”

He frowned and flopped down on the couch. “Yes, I’m terrified. When I lost my first wife and my children I thought I knew what insanity was, but now that I have you and Toby and this baby I know what happened then wasn’t even close. If I lost any of you, I would snap.” He pulled her down so she was on his lap. “I don’t hold anything against Grayson, not like I did then. He was a victim too, but someone may come along who is nothing but pure evil and I want you and our children to be as safe as possible.”

“Okay, I’ll stay home. It may take me awhile to find another worker. I don’t want Dana having to work the store alone.”

“I understand, thank you.” She smiled warmly and he tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her into a gentle kiss.

“Ewwww.” Toby said as he came down from his room. His parents jerked apart and he started laughing. “I was just kidding, I’m not a baby anymore so kissing doesn’t really creep me out. I just wanted to see if I could get some juice.”

“Yes sweetie. Do you need help pouring it?” Rebecca said.

“Nah, I’ll be extra careful.”

When Toby was up the stairs again with his juice Vedrick laid back holding Rebecca. She just relaxed in his arms and sighed happily. “how many kids do you want?” Vedrick asked and Rebecca smiled ‘well now that I’m imortal I think we should try and keep three in the house” Vedrick chuckled “really?”

“as of now I think that’s a good idea. I love having Toby and now that I have you I’d love lots more children. I was never happier than I became when he was born. Even though I had to deal with crap from his dad I was so happy. You do realize he’ll have to sign papers to let you adopt him right? We’re going to have to track him down after the wedding so he can give you the right to be Tobys dad” Vedrick lightly growled “he shouldn’t get to decide. He’s never beena ¬†damn father”

“don’t cuss, Tobys in the house” Vedrick kissed her “sorry but it doesnt make sense.”

“I know, but he has rights since he was at the hospital and signed the birth certificate when Toby was born”

“I’ll find him and he’ll sing, don’t worry. Lets just think about our wedding for now. What colors do you want?”

“I think Autumn colors are gorgeous but I dont know if they would look good as a wedding theme”

“Of course they will” They just spent the afternoon talking about their wedding and honeymoon plans. Toby agve them space, wanting them to plan so they could hurry and be a true family. The love and warmth was there, they just needed someone to make them official. He heard Vedrick mention his dad and prayed he wouldnt cause trouble. He didn’t remember his father and he didn’t want to. ¬†Vedrick was all the father he would ever need. Real men didn’t just abandon their families like that sad excuse did.

At dinner Toby asked “you wont let my…well moms ex husband keep you from adopting me right?” Vedrick almost chocked on his food “of course not Toby, you were listening to us?”

“I can always hear you guys in the living room”

“well don’t worry about it. You are my son and he will sign a paper that says so. Even if for some reason it doesnt happen you will always be my son. You understand?”

“Yeah” Toby said with a happy smile. ¬†They spent the a few hours outside after dinner due to Tobys puppy face. Toby had school in the morning so they coudln’t let him play outside too late. He didnt fight it though when bedtime came. Vedrick and Rebecca tucked him in then went to their room and snuggled close. They both relaxed with happy smiles on their face, looking forward to all their future held.

~ The End

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