Violet & Easton 2

Easton had asked Myles to let Violet have some time off so he could take her to Scotland. He explained that he was going to ask her to marry him and wanted to do it somewhere special. Myles had readily agreed to let her have as much time off as she wanted since she worked so hard. He also offered to watch their dogs. Easton thanked him many times before hanging up. He had been with violet for a couple of months and she had made his life a lot happier. She helped him through the nightmares and anxiety that came with his worst fear. She was his light, his breath of fresh air and he wanted her to be his more than anything. He already had the ring hidden away and couldn’t wait to give it to her. He had already bought the tickets, all they needed to do was pack. He got food ready for both dogs and sat it next to the door with their leashes and toys. Myles would be over in the morning to get Shippo and Vinci.

Violet came walking in around six, covered in sweat and dirt. He immediately pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She smiled and pulled back. “Someone is definitely happy to see me, either that or you did something wrong.” She said, her voice filling him with warmth.

“I need to tell you something and I hope it makes you happy. I talked to Myles and asked him to give you some time off to accompany me to Scotland. He said yes.” He looked into her eyes nervously, waiting for her reply.

“I have been needing a break. It’s been so hot lately. Scotland sounds wonderful.” She ran her fingers over his cheek and he smiled, his anxiety instantly replaced by joy. He kissed her again, tangling his fingers in her hair to hold her in place. She moaned into his mouth, filling him with desire. He trailed kisses over her chin and down her neck to her shoulder where he gave her a soft bite. She giggled. “Easton, I’m covered in sawdust and sweat, let me shower first.”

“Nope.” She knew there was no arguing with him and allowed herself to be swept away by his love and passion. They pulled at each others clothes and soon their home was filled with moans of pleasure. He took her gently, slowly, savoring her every sound and the feel of her pressed against him. When they finally found their release, he kissed her and whispered how much he loved her before lifting her and carrying her into the bathroom.

He set her on the bathroom counter while he got the water ready then helped her down and into the shower where he pulled her against him. “let me hold you a few moments” Violet smiled and kissed his chest. ¬†When he had it in him to let go they washed eachother. Easton took special time and care washing Violet since she got itchy if the sawdust stayed on her. When they were clean and dry he said “I don’t want us to have to cook tonight. I’ve gotten everything clean so we can leave a spotless house in the morning. Do you want to go somwhere or order in?”

“order in, I’m pretty beat”

“what type of food do you feel like?”

“Um, how about jimmy johns. I really want a sub”

“alright” they went into the living room where his laptop was and he made an online order. When it was paid for he set the laptop on the coffee table and held Violet again. She giggled “why so affectionate? You sure you didn’t do anything wrong?”

“can’t a man in love show that woman he loves how much he needs her. Your contact is so soothing.” They stayed like that until their food arrived. The flight was fairly early so they went straight to their room after dinner. Violet had no problems going to slepe after the long day she just had. She could have sworn the sun had a personal vendetta against her. It had beat down so hard that day.

The next morning Violet woke up feeling like death. She was so exhausted and her muscles were sore. Easton kissed her, making her smile. “Get dressed and I’ll put on some coffee.” He said then kissed her again.

“You are an angel.” He smiled and got out of bed, pulling on a pair of jeans and heading into the kitchen. Violet got up and pulled open the chest of drawers, grabbing a pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt. She pulled them on then went into the bathroom and did her hair. Afterwards she pulled on her socks and tennis shoes then went into the kitchen. Easton took his turn getting ready then joined her for coffee. There was a knock on the front door and the dogs took off excitedly, barking and jumping.

“Down.” Easton commanded and both dogs sat as he opened the door. Myles smiled at him and Easton moved to let him in.

“Good morning, is everything ready so I can take these two?”

Violet stuck her head out the kitchen and smiled at her boss. “Good morning King Myles.”

“Good morning Princess Violet.”

“Oh yes, princess of construction how cute.”

“I’m going to help Myles with the dogs then I’ll be back up.” She smiled and went back to finish her coffee. Easton picked up the bag of dog food and their toys while Myles clipped the leashes to the dogs’ collars. They headed out to his car and Myles let the dogs in the back seat while Easton put the food and toys in the front.

“You look a little nervous.” Myles said with a grin.

“I am, just a little. What if she says no?”

“When Violet makes a commitment she sticks to it. She’ll say yes, just take a breath and don’t worry and make it romantic. She might be a bit of a tomboy, but she appreciates romance just like every other woman.”

“Yes sir, King Myles.” Myles rolled his eyes and laughed as he got in his car. Easton headed back inside to get Violet, excited about their trip.

He came back in with a warm smile at the site Violet. She was just sitting there taking small sips of her nearly black coffee. “you ready to pack?” She smiled and got up. They walked into their bedroom and opened their suitcases. When they had all they needed Easton took them to the car while Violet made sure everything was off in thier home. If their was enough coffee left for two go cups she would have made them each one for the road. Since there wasn’t she just locked up and got in the car. Easton greeted her with another overly large smile. It wasn’t that Easton was smiling that made it odd, it was how. She felt somthing was up but if there was it was probably a surprise so she decided on not asking. She wouldn’t want to ruin it.

At the airport they were relieved not to run into any problems. Everything went smooth and they even boarded their flight on time which shocked Easton. “I think this is the first time I’ve gotten on a plane when it said we were going to board.” Violet giggled and gave him a brief kiss “well I’m glad. This is going to be so nice. Thank you for this” He took her hand “thank you for being there for me when I needed you” She smiled, her face lighting up “always” her eye lids grew heavy as they flew. She was still exhausted from yesterday. She pillowed her head on Eastons shoulder and faded to sleep. When she was out he kissed her head and then placed his gently on hers.

He wasn’t intending to sleep. Easton just wanted to be as close as possible. He hoped she truly meant that always. He also hoped she liked her ring. He had been so nervous buying it. It took him hours to pick the one he thought she would make her happy. He could see her in a dress as he realxed there with his eyes shut. The thought almost bringing him to tears with happiness. He would give her as big or small of a wedding as she wanted. He didn’t care as long as she said yes to marrying him.

Violet woke when the plane started to descend in Aberdeen six hours later. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, not believing she had slept the whole flight. “Sorry I left you alone the whole time. You didn’t have any issues did you?” She said as she stretched.

“Being on planes is okay, there is enough space to breathe.”

“Good, never be afraid to wake me though. I know you’ve been hesitant when you have nightmares because of the way you look some mornings.”

He frowned as the plane hit the tarmac, bouncing a couple of times before the wheels rolled smoothly. He never liked waking Violet, she looked so beautiful and peaceful in her sleep. He didn’t want to burden her with his problems. He felt she had dealt with enough since being with him. The plane finally came to a stop and they waited patiently for their turn to disembark. They went to baggage claim and he grabbed their suitcase before heading out the front door and hailing a cab. The two hour drive from Aberdeen to Drumnadrochit was beautiful. He loved the look of awe on Violet’s face as she admired the scenery. He had already booked a room for them at the Loch Ness Lodge. You could see the famous lake from the windows and it was in walking distance.

“Can we see some castles while we’re here?” Violet asked as she turned to him with an excited smile.

“Sure, we can rent a car and explore them. I was told you can just walk right in and explore to your hearts content. There is no admission fee or anything.”

“That would be true.” The driver said with a smile.

“Really?” Violet’s eyes lit up with child like glee. “That’s so cool.”

Easton was glad he had this idea. Violet was already happy and they weren’t even in their room. He took her hand, wanting some of that warm, loving energy to flow inot him. Somtimes when he touched her he could swear he could feel her happiness start to move into him. When they pulled up to the Loch Ness Lodge they paid the cab driver and checked in. Since they already had a room it didn’t take very long atall. Violet instantly fell in love with their room. It was beautiful yet simple at the same time. When Easton set their bags down she hugged him “thank you! This room is beautiful and I’m so excited about the castles”

Easton kissed her then continued the hug “I’m glad you’re happy. Are you hungry?”

“Not really, flights kill my appetite”

“Mine too, I was going to eat anyway if you were hungry” Violet smiled and gave him a loving look “You make me happy just being you. Stop worrying all the time and not waking me or doing things like eating for my sake”

“You’ve just done so much for me”

“you do more for me than you realize my love. Come cuddle with me and maybe we’ll find our appetites. We just need to relax on the ground without the movement of a car or plane”

“sounds perfect to me” They cuddled for a little over an hour then Violet asked “are you hungry?”

“Yes, for real, I promise” She smiled ‘where should we eat?”

” Their website suggested The Heathmount Resturant Inverness”

“then lets go” They got up and put on their shoes before asking the front how to get there. They were given directions then the ladyat the desk called ¬†ataxi driver for them. Violet thanked the lady and they waited outside for their cab. It wasn’t long before they were picked up and ushered to their eatery. This place again was nice but not over the top. They were seated and soon given menus.

Easton decided on the forfar bridies, a pastry stuffed with seasoned lamb and Violet chose the cock-a-leekie stew which had barley, carrots, chicken and leek in it. They ordered hot tea for their drink and then handed their menus back. “So what’s this trip about?” Violet asked, resting her chin in her hand.

“You have been working much harder than me and I wanted to thank you for being there for me.” It wasn’t the whole truth, but he didn’t want to ask her yet. He wanted to do something sweet for her.

“Well, this was a perfect thank you and I’m very happy.”

Their food showed up and they started eating. Violet really enjoyed her stew, but wanted a bite of Easton’s food since it smelled so good. He noticed her looking and smiled as he held it up to her lips so she could take a bite. She made a sound of pleasure that sent heat straight to his groin. He cleared his throat and took a drink of tea, trying to distract himself. “Pervert.” She whispered.

“Don’t make those sounds.”

“Can’t help it, the food is delicious.” She winked and he gave a happy sigh as he reached across the table and grabbed her hand. He really loved her more than anying. She always made him smile and laugh even when he had nightmares or thought himself weak for his fears. She was the best kind of therapy.

Eastons sexual tension did nothing but get worse over the course of dinner. She just kept moving and making sounds in the most alluring ways. We was suspicious she was teasing him purposefully. Her sly grin as they paid and left told him that his suspicions were justified. As they walked into their hotel Easton said “you are so mean. It was hard to eat”

“well now I’ll have somthing hard to eat in our room” She tugged him down to whisper in his ear, thrilling him even more. His buldge now showed in his pants making Violet giggled with a hand over her mouth. Easton blushed and grabbed her hand. He guided her quickly to their room and went in. She almost instantly started to take his pants off. She undid the belt and unzipped his pants before grabbing them on each side, pulling him over to the bed. She pulled them down and then pulled him out of his boxers. If Eastons actually skin could become hard it wouldn’t feel like a shaft atall. It would be more like a solid rock.

Violet went down on him. She sucked and licked until she had milked out all he could release. Violet swallowed then smiled up at him “I love you. Thank you for this trip and for caring so much. Maybe that will keep you resting throughout the night.”

“what about you?”

“I’m just tired, can we sleep now? I had only planned to do that for you” He smiled “are you really sure. I could just return the favor? We don’t have to have full out sex”

“I’m sure, I just want you to cuddle with me” They finished stripping and he happily took Violet in his arms. He kissed her neck to make sure she couldn’t be thrilled. When she had no response but a content sigh he allowed himself to slowly fade to sleep. His arms completely locking around her waist. Even when he was gone to the world his grip didn’t loosen.

Violet woke early since she was used to getting up at the crack of dawn. She smiled when she felt Easton’s arms holding her tightly. She rubbed his chest and he opened his eyes, looking drowsily down at her. “I need to use the bathroom.” She said softly.

“Okay go ahead.” He didn’t let her go and she started laughing.

“In the toilet.”

“Oh well you should have been more specific.” He let her go and she hurried to the bathroom. When she had relieved herself and washed her hands she hurried back to bed, grinning when she saw him watching her. She climbed back in bed and he pulled her into his arms. “What would you like to do today my love?” He asked.

“I want to see the Loch Ness.”

“Sounds fun, I’ve always been curious about it.”

“I assumed you have been here before.”

“I have, but on business and I stayed in Aberdeen. I didn’t get to do much exploring.”

She leaned up and kissed him then pulled back to smile. “Then we’ll make this trip especially about exploring. I want to see as much as I can while we’re here.” She jumped out of bed and pulled some clothes out of their suitcase, he just watched her. “Come on, get up and stop ogling.”

“If I must.”

She giggled and he ordered breakfast sent up to their room. When it was being prepared he got up and got dressed with Violet. He kept stealing glances and she shook her head. “You’ve been staring a lot more lately”

“It’s harder not to as I fall deeper in love with you. If you don’t want me to stare you need to quit being so amazing” Violet smiled and kissed his cheek “I love you”

“Love you too” Breakfast came and they ate. The food was scrumptious, making Violet glad this is what they would be eating every morning. It was so good to her she was a little dissapointed when all her food was gone. Easton had a sausage patty left and put it on her plate “I’m fine”

“Eat it” She wasn’t going to protect it further and scarfed it down making Easton smile “I’m glad you like the breakfast”

“Me too, I cant wait for tomorrow” Easton laughed and then they headed out to go to Loch Ness. Violet was walking quickly, anxious to get an upclose look and maybe even a glimpse of any interesting creatures.She wasn’t holding her breath for it. She knew just seeing and exploring the lake would be enjoyable. Easton wasn’t thinking about anything other than his proposal. He really hoped she woudl say yes. He had so many porblems from his childhood, so much she would be agreeing to put up with forever. He just hoped he was worth it to her.

If she refused he hoped that maybe she would atleast keep dating him. It woudl be a hard blow to his heart but one he could cope with if she wouldn’t leave him for asking. He especialyl didn’t want the question to scare her out of the relationship. He loved her so much and would feel dead inside if she left.

“I can’t believe how foggy and cold it is.” Violet said as they walked along the edge of the lake.

“Scottish summer.” He pulled his sweater off and handed it to her. She smiled and put it on then laced her fingers through his. She really loved this place and how old it looked. The fog drifting over the lake obscured a good portion of it so even if there had been a monster they probably wouldn’t have seen it.

“Sorry you won’t get to see the monster today.” He said softly and she smiled up at him.

“Monster or no monster, I’m just happy to be here with you. This place is so wonderful.”

“I really love you, you know that right?”

“I know, I love you too. Are you okay?”

His heart thundered in his chest. “I’m fine baby.” He pulled her to a stop and kissed her. She smiled against his lips and wrapped her arms around his neck. He pulled back and smiled down at her. “Why don’t we go get your sweater then check out some castles.”

“Okay.” They headed back to the lodge, waving at some people as they went through the door. They went to their room and she gave him his sweater back and grabbed hers. They went back downstairs and asked one of the workers about castles. The woman grabbed a tourist map and a marker and circled the ones she thought they would love the most.

“You probably won’t get to them all today, but be careful all the same. Some of them are badly crumbling and you could fall down into a dark dungeon.” She said as she handed them the map.

“Well if we’re not back by morning then send for the police.” Violet said with a big smile.

The woman smiled back “have fun” They got a cab to take them to the first castle. “Lets go to Cawdor Castle first.” Violet said excitedly and Easton smiled “anything you want. You’re leading the way”

“This is your trip too”

“Yes but you need the break more and I’m having fun as long as I’m with you” Violet shook her head “You’re cute” is all she said. Since it took forty seven minuets Violet was beside herself with the excitement to look around. This one looked very put together. She didn’t think it much looked like a castle but it was huge and a very beautiful looking building. “Lets go inside” Her voice eager. Easton took her hand and they walked over the small draw bridge which was fun in itself for Violet. Easton couldn’t recall her ever being so excited. He was happy he picked a good place to take her.

They walked around all of the rooms. There probably wasn’t an inch of any room they went in the Violets eyes didn’t get a glimpse of. She took special admiration of the paintings that they had hanging on the walls. The inside was turning out to be much more gorgeous than she had originally anticipated.

The kitchen didn’t look gorgeous like the rest of the castle but it was interesting to behold. Once Violet was willing to leave the inside they decided to take a quick look at the gardens to the side of the castle. Violet didn’t want to spend much time there but she still wanted to see the garden.

“Next on our list is Urquhart Castle. It’s on the other side of the Loch.” They called for another cab and quickly got in. Violet was nearly bouncing with excitement. They crossed the Loch Ness and she stared wide eyed at the long stretch of water. They were dropped off at the castle which looked a lot older than the last and was in ruin. She ran towards it as Easton paid the driver then followed her.

“This is so cool.” Violet said as she headed into one of the crumbling rooms.

“Hey be careful. This place looks really old.” Easton replied as he followed her.

“Come on, these things were built to stand the test of time.” It wasn’t so much his worry for her as it was his fear of the dark cramped spaces that might be below them. He knew she could do anything and would very easily find her way out, but if he fell with her then she would have to deal with him possibly shutting down. He knew the woman at the lodge was just trying to be nice, but now he wished she had never said anything about the state of some of these castles.

“Please Violet, just be careful for my sake.”

“Okay, I will, but if anything happens you better come in after me.” His heart thundered in his chest. His cowardly thoughts depressed him. What if he couldn’t go in after her? What if he waited above like a coward while she walked blindly through the darkness trying to find her way out? “Whatever you are thinking about stop it.” She said and pulled him into a hug.

“Sorry, I just feel like such a coward. Of course I would follow you into the darkness. Even if it scared me.”

“I know you would. Just be happy. I’ll be very careful. This one seems to be easily acsessable in all areas anyway so if I fell I would be fine. I hope I wont atall though so you wont have a heart attack on me” Easton kissed her “can we hold hands in this one since it’s more run down?”

“i’d love to” They laced fingers and walked around admiring everything. Violet could imagine how great this place once was. She wanted to look up online how this place looked originally. Eastons legs were getting sore since he wasn’t as used to walking as Violet. She worked hard physically all day while his work was pretty much done sitting down. Times like these is when it really showed. He was a little too embaressed by it to tell her he needed a break but Violet noticed on her own. “we skipped lunch, why don’t we eat somwhere and give our legs a break”

“Sounds good to me” They went back to their hotel to eat at its resturaunt. The fod here was equally delicious but Violet kept her alluring sounds to herself so she wouldn’t arouse her boyfriend. She ate slowly, wanting him to rest as much as possible since she could tell his legs were cramping. She then had an idea “there’s a spa here isn’t there? Why don’t we pamper ourselves?”

“I already feel weak enough as it is. I hate that I can’t keep up with you.”

“Honey you are far from weak.” She winked and he smiled. “Come on, this trip is about unwinding so lets go unwind. It’ll be fun.”

“Okay love, if that’s what you want.”

“You know, if you want to be able to keep up with me then maybe we should start running together. We could take the dogs out with us. I don’t know how well Vinci will keep up, but it would still be fun.”

“Okay, lets do it.”

They finished lunch and Violet asked if she could thank the cook. The waitress smiled and told her she could so they followed her into the back where Violet hugged the older man and kissed his cheek, making him blush. “Thank you for a wonderful experience.” She said with her sweetest smile.

“You are very welcome young lady. I hope you’ll be coming back.” The cook replied.

“Definitely sir, maybe for dinner?” She looked expectantly at Easton.

“If you want his food for dinner then we’ll have his food for dinner.”

That made the cook and waitress chuckle. “You got yourself a good man and you young man have got yourself a woman who knows good food when she tastes it. Don’t you two ever forget that and stay together.”

“Yes sir, I don’t ever plan on letting her go.” Easton replied.

“Same here, we’ll see you at dinner then.” Violet added.

They went over to the Spa and decided they would get a massage. Violet hoped it would help ease all the built up tension she had from working so hard all the time. When the masseuses¬†were ready for them they were asked to strip down and were then covered with towels on the massage table. To Eastons delight they had a woman rubbing Violet while a man rubbed him so their wouldn’t be any awkwardness. He really didn’t want a man rubbing her, especially when she didn’t have clothes on. He was barely comfortable with another man being in the same room with her but he didn’t fret about it and just enjoyed his tense mucles being worked out.

Violet was surprised by how good it felt. She was used to massages hurting in order to make her feel good but the way this woman worked her muscles just felt amazing. She felt she could lay here the whole trip. She could feel all her hard labor finally releasing from her muscles. Some muscles she didn’t realize how much they hurt until the woman started to rub them.

When the massage was over they both felt a million times better. It was almost like their old muscles were taken out and replaced with new ones that had never seen a day of hard labor in their lives. “gosh, I just freaking want to cuddle after that. I feel so good”

“I agree, I can barely move I’m so relaxed” They lazily went to there room and plopped on the bed. Scooting up a bit and then wrapping themselves in covers and eachothers arms. Violet kissed Eastons chest “I love you so much. Never leave me”


Easton switched on the TV and flipped through the channels, stopping when Violet saw The Avengers. He wasn’t big on super hero movies, but if it made her happy then it made him happy. He was sure it was another thing his father had caused him to hate. When he was locked away he would beg for a hero to save him and punish his father, but he never met anyone like Batman or Superman who paid enough attention to see what was going on.

“We don’t have to watch this if you don’t want to.” Violet said softly. She knew what he was thinking even if he didn’t say it.

“I want to watch it.”

“You don’t have to pretend. I know you don’t believe in heroes.”

“That’s not true.” He scooted down so he was face to face with her. “You’re my hero. My sweet, gorgeous, funny hero and I love you more than life itself.”

“Someday my love, you’ll be someone’s hero, I guarantee it.”

“Oh really like who?” She smiled warmly at him.

“I hope that someday we will have children and then you can be their hero. You’ll be a much better father than yours was.”

The thought of children was scary but he knew he could do it with Violet. He also knew there wasn’t any way he would let himself be his father. He couldn’t torture his children the way his father tortured him. He held Violet tighter and they just enjoyed the movie. Afterwards Violet asked “why don’t we enjoy the hot tub now?”

“sounds great to me”

“any excuse to see me in a bikini right?” Violet said with a¬†wink making Easton say “you caught me” They both laughed and grabbed their swimsuits out of their suitcases. Easton couldn’t help but watch Violet as she stripped her clothing off. She bent and moved slowly just to tease him. He was absolutely entranced which made her smile. He always made her feel so beautiful with just his eyes.

Once they were both changed they walked hand in hand to the spa and settled into the hot tub. They sat beside eachother, Eastons arm around Violets shoulders as she laid her head on him. She sighed “we need one of these”

“Ok, I’ll have one built in” Violet laughed and kissed his shoulder “so sweet”

“I’ll do anything it takes to make you happy”

“You make me happy just by being here.”

“Even when I’m paralyzed by fear and you have to take care of me?”

“Yes, even then.” He ran his fingers over her cheek and into her soft hair, tangling his fingers in it and kissing her. He poured every ounce of love he had into it, hoping she could feel it. When he finally parted their lips they were both breathless. His heart stuttered a little at the love and desire shining in her eyes. He pressed his forehead against hers and smiled as he felt himself falling in love with her all over again. He decided to talk to the cook at the restaurant and tell him he wanted to have a romantic dinner with Violet so he could propose to her. He wanted to know if the man could make them something delicious to go. The fog had cleared so he could take her to the Loch Ness to enjoy the stars.

“Hello, earth to Easton. Do you copy?” Violet asked as she waved a hand in front of his face.

“Loud and clear love, just thinking.”

“About what?”

“World domination.” She laughed and he kissed her cheek. “Come on beautiful, I have plans and I want to get dry before putting them into motion.”

“That sounds exciting.” She said as they got out. “Am I included?”

“Not in the planning process, but in what comes after. So you have to stay in the room until I’m done planning.”

“only because this trip and you have been super amazing will I stay in there for now.” Easton smiled and gave her a brief kiss “good” They walked to the room and dressed then he hugged her before leaving. Easton excitedly and nervous went to the kitchen and discussed things with the cook. “Smart man to marry her. I’ll make you two somthing really good. Do you have a basket to carry it in?”

“no” Another chef dissapeared and came back with one “there, we will need that back though”

“alright” Easton wait while they prepared their dinner. When it was done they put the food in containers and in the basket along with napkin, forks, bottles of water and silverwear. “the blanket was alreayd in there so don’t worry” The head chef said with a smile. “thank you so much” Easton said then grabbed the basket. He went back to their room. Violet got up excitedly when Easton came in “aw! where are we going?”

“On a starlit picnic”

“you truly are amazing” Violet said as she put on her shoes. They walked out and over to Loch Ness where they set the picnic out before sitting down. “the stars are gorgeous out here. You can see them so clearly” Easton just smiled, thinking about the ring in his pocket and his burning question.

They ate with her looking at the sky and him looking at her. He suddenly grew very nervous, afraid of ruining their relationship. He knew if he didn’t though that the ring would go to waste and she would never know how deeply he loved her. “Violet, I need to ¬†ask you something serious.” He finally said, his voice shaking.

She looked at him, finishing chewing then swallowed. She wondered why he was so afraid to just say what was on his mind. “Is there something wrong?”

“No, well I hope not.” He ran his fingers through his hair and reached into his pocket, pulling out the little box. He moved closer to her and held it up so she could see it. Her eyes widened and he opened it, making her tear up. “I know I have issues and I know it’s going to be hard sometimes, but I really love you and I know I’ll be a good husband. Please say yes ¬†and make me the happiest man in the world.”

She covered her mouth and a couple of tears slid down her face. Easton wiped at her tears and she finally dropped her hand and kissed him. “I would be very proud and happy to be your wife.” She said softly and he smiled happily as he took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto her finger.

“Thank you so much Violet, especially for loving me and sticking with me.”

You’ve been amazing Easton. I’m so happy you want to marry me”

“That’s what this whole trip has been about. I was waiting for a perfect moment to ask.” Violet kissed him again. It sent a surge of happiness through them both. As they finished eating they talked excitedly about their wedding. It seemed Violet had alreayd planned most of it out. Easton was just soaking it up. He wanted their wedding to be everything she wanted it to be. He was glad she had so many ideas because he didn’t have any. All Easton knew was that he wanted to be with Violet for the rest of their lives.

They sat there talking long after their food was gone. Violet only seeming to get more excited as she talked. Easton yawned and instantly regretted not stopping it. Violet ceased talking and smiled “lets go to bed handsome.”

“you sure?”

“Yep. there’s lots of time for talking tomorrow” They cleaned up their things and dropped off the basket in the kitchen so the people there would find it in the morning. They went up to their room and Violent started hungrily kissing Easton. Their kissing frenzy got them into such a haze they ddin’t even know how their clothes managed to get on the floor. All tiredness fled out of Easton as they made long, passionate, heated love. They went on until both of them were exhausted and couldn’t do anything else but lay there. “goodnight Mrs¬†Whitaker” Easton said softly making a smile form on Violets face. “Goodnight” she said back and they both drifted to sleep in their bliss.

~ The End ~

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