Violet & Easton 3

Chapter One

Darkness, terrifying, suffocating darkness. It enveloped him, swallowed him, crushed him. There was no light, none seeped in from under the door. It was cold, he didn’t even have a blanket and the smell of peanut butter and jelly filled the small space. He cried and begged, banging against the door as he apologized over and over again for whatever he had done. He heard footsteps, they stopped in front of the door. The sound of the knob turning was terrifying and his heart leaped up into his throat when it swung open and he saw that hand coming towards him to pull him out. He jerked awake, his scream sticking in his throat and coming out as a whimper that woke Violet anyway. She switched on her lamp and turned over.

“Easton, baby are you okay?” She asked as they both sat up and he dropped his face into his hands.

“I’m fine, just another nightmare.”

She pulled him into her arms and ran her fingers through his hair. He was drenched in sweat and shaking. “You’ve been having a lot lately. Is it the baby?”

He nodded even though he didn’t want to. “Yeah I think so, for the most part. I’m so scared that I’m…”

“Shh, there is no way you’re ever going to be like that, never.”

“It’s not just that, it’s also the seminar on child abuse. Coming out and telling everyone is going to be hard.”

“I know, but it will help others, it really will. There are a lot of men and women who grew up in abusive homes who have told no one what happened and children who will benefit from seeing an adult who has gone through what they have gone through.”

“I know, I know, I’m just so scared. Ever since you told me you were pregnant I’ve had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. What if I hurt them, what if I break their trust? It would kill me to make my child hate me like I hate my father.”

“You won’t, I guarantee it. You are already an amazing husband, you’ve never laid a hand on me. You’ll be the best father.” She pulled him down and he wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on her chest. “The seminar is in four days and after that we can take some time to just relax. Maybe we can go somewhere like Hawaii or Spain.” She kissed his forehead. “I love you Easton, I really do. Try and get some sleep, we both have to work tomorrow.”

“Remember no going up high.”

“Don’t worry, Myles and the others won’t even let me get close to the elevator.”

“I’d never put our baby in danger anyway my love” It took awhile but Violet eventually relaxed Easton to sleep then allowed herself to rest again. She wished he knew what a good hearted man he was and that he would never abuse their child like he had been abused. In the morning they made waffles, fed the dogs then headed out. Easton still upset from last night. Violet could tell and hoped he felt better by the time they were home together again. If not she would just make love to him until he was at peace. Sex always made him feel better so it was her go to thing for his comfort, heck that was almost their whole relationship at first.

Violet sent her husband a few encouraging, lovey texts throughout the day to help improve his mood. He smiled with every one. Feeling beyond lucky to have such an amazing wife. Even pregnant she was always thinking about him and trying to make sure he was fine which only made him feel worse about his nightmares. This time should be about her and he was still fighting his demons with her help but she never once complained.
“And how is Mrs. Whitaker doing this morning?” Myles asked.

“Semi fine, I’m bored because you and the guys refuse to let me do anything that involves work. I tried to pick up a box of work gloves and Jordan took it from me.”

“Well you’re pregnant and no one wants you to hurt yourself.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m not that pregnant, I’m not beach ball sized yet, I can carry gloves.”

“Everyone here loves you so just accept the fact that every man in your life is going to be protective over you and that baby. So what else is bothering you?”

“Easton’s been have nightmares more frequently. He’s terrified of fatherhood and terrified of telling the entire city that he was a victim of child abuse. It breaks my heart to see him like that. His dad did a number on him. I’ve been craving peanut butter and jelly and he walked in on me eating a sandwich and just went white as a sheet.”

Myles sat down next to her and hugged her. “Sorry Vie.”

“It’s alright, I got rid of the stuff, but it made me feel bad that I scared him.”

“It wasn’t you, it was just bad memories. I’m going to that seminar you know, I’ll be there supporting you guys one hundred percent.”

“Thank you, sorry I’ve been so you know hard to deal with.”

“That’s called being hormonal and I’ve dealt with it twice so never apologize and if Easton needs to talk to someone about what it’s like to be a dad the have him call me.”

“I will.”

Easton stood staring out the window of his office. He was still on edge, still terrified that he might hurt his baby. He had done something he had never thought he’d do at Violet’s request and that was send a letter to his father inviting him to the seminar. He didn’t know if he would show and a big part of him hoped he didn’t, but Violet had said that the only way to achieve true peace was to confront the monster who had done this to him and forgive him as best as he could. He didn’t even know what his father was like anymore.
At the end of the work day Easton nearly bolted to his car, not even worried about the small space. He just wanted to go home and see his wife. He always made it home before her so he was always the one to take the dogs out to use the bathroom. Once that was taken care of he fed them and started dinner. When she came in she hugged him as always “don’t go take a shower. Just be with me” he asked. “Ok, it’s not like I get very dirty anymore anyways. What can i help with?”

“You can help by sitting down” She sighed, knowing fighting did little good. She sat and watched her husband finish making them dinner. “You still seem tense baby” she pointed out and he sighed “I’m trying not to be”

“we’ll have some earth shattering sex after dinner” he smiled “sounds good to me” They ate then went into their bedroom. Easton and Violet tugged at eachothers clothes, leaving the scattered in a trail towards the bed. They kissed at eachother, moving their hands all around to feel one anothers hot skin. Easton was now only thinking of his wife and how happy she made him. Violet could see it on his face and felt truly happy she could make him feel better.

The two moved into a sixty-nine, hungrily sucking and licking at one another until they both were in orgasm. Once off of her Easton began biting at her sides, driving her wild now that she was even more sensitive from orgasm. “Easton” she moaned. Just before he slammed into her. He went all the way in due to her extreme wetness. He took her at a fast pace, adoring her every movement, moan and writhe beneath him.
She loved him with everything that she was, chasing away the nightmares and darkness that haunted him almost every moment of his life. He pressed his lips against hers and moaned loudly as he flowed into her. “I love you Violet.” He whispered, his forehead pressed against hers as they caught their breath. He felt a lump forming in his throat and she reached up to wipe away his tears.

“Why are you crying baby?” She asked as he moved to her side and she turned to face him. She laced her fingers through his and kissed his forehead. “Tell me Easton.”

“I feel like such a burden Violet. I wake up crying and screaming and put all that on you and I’m sorry.”

“Hey, I knew what I was getting myself into from the moment you told me what happened to you and I have never once regretted being with you. I don’t see you as a burden and I never will. I’m happy to be able to comfort you so never think you’re troubling me.” She kissed him softly and he tangled his fingers in her hair to hold her there.

“You know I may never fully recover from what happened to me right?” He asked after he parted their lips.

“I know.”

“We’ll have to explain to our child why I wake up screaming sometimes.”

“Our children will understand because they’ll love you.”

“I don’t deserve you Violet.”

She pressed a finger against his lips. “Don’t make me beat you up for telling lies.”
He smiled and kissed her again “You are the best wife in existence”

“and you are a more amazing husband than you give yourself credit for” They just enjoyed eachothers presence and love until they were sound asleep. Easton was glad when he woke without screaming or because of bad dreams. Violet looked incredibly peaceful and he would have let her stay that way if it weren’t for her needing to head to get ready for work. He kissed her cheek “wake up beautiful” Even with her hair messed up and a sleepy face she was gorgeous “Lay back down, I want to cuddle”

Easton was happy to oblige and laid right back down. By the time they got up they were going to be late but neither cared. They got ready as quickly as possible then headed out for their days. Both of their minds on their love for one another. Easton couldn’t fight that worry still in the back of his mind but he felt a lot better today.
Violet sat in the same place she always did, delegating. She stood up and stretched then paced around for awhile. The sound of screaming voices made her jump and she saw some of her men running. She took off after them and said, “What’s going on?”

“The elevator is stuck between floors and Barry’s inside having a heart attack. We can’t get him out.”

“What about the top hatch?”

“We can’t get through the gap the floor and the elevator has made.”

“I’m going up.”

“Violet you’re…”

“Screw it, there’s a man dying in the fucking elevator.” She climbed up as quickly as she could, the men behind her wanting to make sure she didn’t fall. When she got to the elevator she could see some of the others trying to get the elevator to move further down. “Move guys.” She pulled off her jacket and got down on her belly. “Barry, it’s Violet, I’m coming down.” She yelled then turned and stuck her feet through the gap. She slid inside, the guys watching her telling her to be careful. She pulled open the top hatch and dropped slowly down inside. She could see that when Barry fell over he had hit the emergency stop button. She hit the down button and got down next to Barry, checking his pulse and terrified when she didn’t find one.

The minute the elevator hit bottom her men pulled Barry out and she hurried out and started CPR, not wanting to lose one of her men. “The ambulance is on its way.” Myles yelled.

Chapter Two

She kept trying until the ambulance arrived and took him away. With everyone upset and terrified for a man they all considered family since they were all so close Violet called it a day and told her men just to go home or to the hospital. She got in her car and called Easton who answered after a few rings “yeah? You ok?” That yeah told her he had been reading somthing when he answered “Sorry, you’re busy but one of my men had a heart attack and is on his way to the hospital. I’m calling it a day and going over there for him. I just wanted to let you know. Please get off as early as possible”

“as soon as I finish this. I’ll call you to see where you are when I’m done”

“Ok, love you”

“Love you too” Violet drove over and waited where they told her to to see Barry. Most of her other men came too and she was glad since Easton didn’t come right away. He was pretty much his own boss and could come right away but this wasn’t someone he knew personally so knew he only cared atall because she was upset about it.
Easton showed up at the hospital after half an hour and Violet ran into his arms, her tears breaking free. “It’s okay baby.” Easton said as he rubbed her back and kissed her cheek. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap. The doctor came in an hour later and Violet and the others came quickly to their feet.

“Is he okay?” She asked.

“He’s fine, thanks to your quick thinking. He’s sleeping right now, but you are all welcome to go and see him.

“Oh thank god, I thought for sure…I just…” Easton pulled her into his arms.

“Thank you.” He answered for her.

“He’s in room eighteen, down the hall, turn left and go through the double doors. His room is to the right.”

“Thank you again.” The doctor left and everyone waited for Violet, letting her cry until she could calm herself. She held tightly to Easton’s hand as they headed to Barry’s room and didn’t let go as she stood there looking down at one of the sweetest men she knew.

“You better not scare me like that again Barry or I’ll kill you myself.” She said and pressed a kiss onto his forehead.

“He’s lucky you were able to get to him.” Myles said. “If it wasn’t for you acting so fast he wouldn’t be here.”

“Come on Violet let me take you home okay, Myles will call if anything changes.” Easton said softly.

“He’s right Vie, go on home and get cleaned up.”

“Okay, you boys keep an eye on him for me.”

“We will.” She allowed Easton to take her away and he lifted her off her feet as soon as they were out of the room.

“What did he mean by you were able to get to him? How come no one else could?”

“He was stuck in the elevator and no one could get in because Barry had fallen onto the emergency stop button. The elevator was stuck between floors and I was they only one small enough to fit through the gap and get to the emergency hatch. I know you don’t like me up there since getting pregnant, but I was the only one small enough to get to him.”
“Violet” he started to reprimand so she struggled out of his arms ‘do not be an ass right now. I know my friends don’t mean anything to you but they mean a lot to me. Thank you for coming for my sake but don’t you dare tell me I shouldn’t have saved his life. I’m fine and now he is thanks to me” He sighed and decided to keep his mouth shut so he wouldn’t continue to tell her how dangerous that was. She told him she would be careful and then she does somthing like that.

In the car his coldness didn’t dwindle which only made Violet angrier. It wasn’t new to her how cold and uncaring he could be to people that werent her or the few other people he was close to but it didn’t make her get any less upset about it when he was cold and unfeeling. When they pulled up to their house they still weren’t speaking. Violet had nothing more to say and Easton knew he’d start a fight if he opened his own mouth.

He knew he probably wasn’t welcome in the shower with her so he started somthing for them to eat when she got out. Violet cleaned her skin and tried to calm down for the baby growing inside of her. Those men were her family so it was harder to deal with Eastons chilliness when it came to them.
When she finally got out he was setting the table so she just sat down and waited. Easton ladled soup into their bowls then sat down across from her and started eating. Neither of them said anything and it was wearing on him. “Violet, I’m sorry.” He finally said.

“I know, but I’m still upset. Those men are my family Easton, they’re like brothers ad fathers and uncles to me. Did you really expect me to let Barry die when I was the only one who could get to him? I know you don’t care for any of them, but would you really want that?”

He looked at his bowl. “Of course not.”

“Then why do you have to act like you hate them so much, they’ve never done anything wrong.”

“I know okay.”

“Don’t snap at me.” He shut his mouth and finished eating.

“I’m going to bed.” He said.

“Good, I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“Violet please don’t.” She rinsed out her bowl and he sighed, heading into their room and pulling off his clothes. He felt horrible for the way he had reacted. Even though he had been worried, he should have been more sympathetic. He switched off the lights and laid down, feeling completely alone.

The dogs curled up in front of the couch while Violet laid down and watched TV. Her heart ached for Barry and hurt even more from Easton’s negative reaction. She felt like crying and wished she wasn’t hormonal on top of everything else. She was exhausted from the day and fell quickly asleep. It was the sound of screaming that woke her. It was absolutely bone chilling the sound that was coming from their room and she jumped off the couch, nearly tripping over the dogs as she ran to get to Easton. He had never made a sound like this, not since they had been together. She flipped on the light and crawled onto the bed, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him as hard as she could. He jerked awake and grabbed her, his eyes wild with fear. He was trembling and drenched in sweat. She pulled him into her arms and he locked his around her waist.


“Yes.” He started crying and her heart broke for him. “Shh, it’s okay, I’m right here baby.”
He was terrified from his dream and terrified she’d go into the living room again if he let go so he clung to her as if his life depended on it. “don’t go” he said almost hoarsly about an hour later “Oh Easton, I’m not going. I’m staying right here”

‘I’m sorry, so sorry. Dont ever leave me in here again. I cant sleep alone. I’m sorry’

‘its ok Easton. If you let me lay down I’ll lay with you. Do you want me to get somthing for the headache you must have” he held tighter ‘No, don’t go again. Please” She kissed his head “alright, let me lay down” he seemed reluctant to loosen his hold enough for her to get comfortable but he did then immediately had her locked in his arms. he was still trembling, seeming absolutely terrified and she couldn’t decide if he was more afraid of the dream or her leaving the bed again.

She felt guilty for making him sleep alone when she was his comfort. That was normally not a route she would take but his coldness about her friend had been just too much to take from him. She had been patient all this time when he would be cold but this situation had made her explode. She decided no matter how angry she got at him she wouldn’t sleep in the living room again. He needed her beside him and angry or not she needed to be there for him.
He was still wide awake a couple of hours later and she was doing her best to stay awake with him. “Go to sleep Violet.” He said and she smiled sweetly at him.

“It’s okay love.”

“No it’s not, you need your rest so please go to sleep.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” He kissed her and moved her so her head rested on his chest. “I love you.”

“I love you too Easton.” She fell quickly asleep and he felt himself tearing up again. He loved her more than anything and he had hurt her with his harshness. He had been this way for as long as he could remember, it kept him safe from being hurt. He had been that way with her when they first met, but she had torn through his walls and made him fall in love with her. He wanted to be better for her.

When morning finally came around Easton eased himself out of bed and called Myles to let him know that Violet wouldn’t be coming in. He then called his secretary to tell her to cancel all his appointments or reroute them to someone else. He hung up and went into the kitchen, wanting to make her breakfast after all the trouble he had caused and for her being there for him yet again. He made omelettes for them then put them on plates a poured them some juice. He went into their room and sat his plate down then gently shook her. Violet’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled when she saw him.

“I made you breakfast.”

“thank you for coming in here even though I didn’t deserve you last night”

“Your behavior didn’t merit you having to sleep alone when you get so scared”

‘it did, I shouldn’t be so cold.” Violet wasn’t sure what to say so she just took a bite oif the food he had placed in front of her. “these are great”

“I called Myles and told him you weren’t coming in today”

“I need a day off anyway. When will you be home?” He frowned since she felt she needed to ask. She was assuming he wasn’t intending on staying with her when that was what she should have assumed. “I’m staying here with you Violet”

‘Oh good, that’ll be nice. We need it. We can have lots of make up sex”

“No, I just want to make up for yesterday” She looked over at him “I love you baby. I knew when I called you you wouldn’t care about my friend. I just got upset you couldn’t see my need to save him and you actually scolded me for it.”
“I just worry about you being up there and being pregnant. I know you’re not that far along, but I’m scared something will happen and I’ll lose one or both of you.”

She leaned over and kissed him. “I know and I also know this whole thing stems from your father. You weren’t exceptionally nice to me when we first me either.”

“I’m sorry, I do love you.”

“I love you too.” He felt a little better and they finished their breakfast in happy silence. He took their plates and Violet followed with the glasses and helped him with dishes. When the last dish was put away she pulled him into a kiss. She could tell he was still tense and sad and she wanted to wipe that look off his face. “Come on, make love to me.” She said softly.

“Are you sure?” He asked even as he slipped his hands under her shirt to feel the softness of her skin

“Absolutely, I need you Easton.”

He pulled her clothes off, lovingly admiring how beautiful she was then lifting her off the ground and carrying her over to the couch. He sat down, positioning her so she was straddling him. He cupped her breasts, sucked and bit at her nipples so she moaned. He nibbled his way up her neck, kissing her hungrily as he slid his fingers into her tight heat. She writhed, moving her hips to the rhythm of his hand. She gripped his shoulders, tossing her head back and calling out his name as she fell over the edge. “You’re so sexy.”

She was too out of breath to respond so she just reached down and pulled him free of his boxers, her fingers stroking over his already hard shaft. He lifted her and brought her down as he thrust up, making her whimper. He watched her face as she rode him, becoming more aroused by the pleasure he saw there. His own hoarse moans joined hers as her insides quivered around him and he pressed his forehead against her chest as she milked him completely. She tipped his head back and gave him a long, slow kiss that made his heart flutter in his chest. “I love you Easton, forever and always.”

“I love you too.”

Chapter Three

Violet seemed really happy and he didn’t want to risk ruining anything with his stupid mouth so he turned on the television then cuddled with her on the couch. All he wanted was her close and the tv would keep him from doing anything stupid. He loved Violet so completely and his worst fear was chasing her off. Exhausted from last night they both drifted to sleep again until their dogs woke them. They were whining to be let out “I’ll get them baby” Easton said as he kissed her cheek.

Easton let the dogs out then returned to Violet, placing another kiss on her head. She sighed contentedly “hold me again”

“If i get that comfortable before I let the dogs back in this house I may just leave them out there’ she smiled ‘alright” She sat up “we’d probably go right back to sleep anyway and we need our rest for tomorrow”

‘What am i going to do if that monster shows up?’

“You’ll be confronting him. You’ll gain back so much power.”

“I might freeze”

“I’ll be up there with you”

“I know, I’m just so afraid”

“You’re an adult and he cant hurt you anylonger”
“I’m so afraid of what he might say and I feel like such a chicken.”

She laced her fingers through his and brushed her lips against his knuckles. “You’re no chicken my love, you’re very brave for willingly setting up the seminar and even inviting your father.”

“Miranda sounded so surprised and a little disappointed in me for hiding something like my abuse from her. I feel terrible for not being truthful.”

“I’m sure she’s just upset that she wasn’t able to help you. Everything will work out baby, trust me.”

He crushed her to him. “I do.”

She kissed him then snuggled as close as she could get. “Rest Easton, I’ll be right here when you wake up.” He allowed himself to relax into her warmth, praying he wouldn’t have any nightmares. He closed his eyes and drifted away and Violet kissed his chest. “Sweet dreams my love.” She whispered then allowed herself to follow him.

They jerked awake the next morning to Easton’s alarm going off and crawled out of bed. They both got ready and had a quick breakfast of cereal. Easton let the dogs out into the back yard and Violet took them food and water. They made sure everything was locked up then got in the car and headed for the community center. Easton was surprised by how many cars there were and became increasingly nervous as he parked.

“I don’t know if I can do this.”

“You can, I believe in you.”

“You’re so amazing Violet, my rock.” Violet smiled as they got out and walked hand in hand into the community center. Both Myles and Miranda were waiting for them on stage. They both greeted them with hugs and words of encouragement before going down into the audience. Easton took a deep breath as he took his place in front of he microphone with Violet right beside him. The room grew silent and he looked over the crowd, taking in all he faces of men, women, and even children who had been victims just like him. “Good morning everyone, thank you for coming here today. As you know my name is Easton Whitaker and this is my wife Violet. Some of you may know me from the news, that I am a graphic designer. What you don’t know is that, like you, I was a victim of child abuse. My father was a drunk who would beat me and stick me in a closet for punishment. The only thing I was allowed to eat were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

The community center door opened and he paused, his heart leaping into his throat when he saw a familiar face walk into the room. Violet squeezed his hand and he cleared his throat. His father sat down and gave him a little wave. “Uh, because of that abuse I am terrified of small places and I cannot stand the sight or smell of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I built this wall around myself, around my heart, and I can be very cold at times because I don’t trust anyone or at least I didn’t until Violet came barreling into my life and scaled that wall faster than a champion climber. The point is, you are not alone, I mean look at all of the people here today, you are not alone and thought you may have been a victim in the past, you are not a victim anymore. No matter how many nightmares you may have, know that there is always someone out there who you can talk to.” He cleared the knot from his throat. “Today I will answer any questions you have and spend as much time with you as I can to let you know that there is someone who cares.” Everyone started clapping and he swore he saw his father joining in.
He talked to people one by one as the approached him, keeping his wifes hand for comfort. He didn’t see his father but knew he hadn’t left. He could just feel that horrible mans presence in the room. He didn’t understand why he had clapped for his speech but he guessed he was going to have to find out. Even if he wanted to escape Violet wouldn’t let him. It was near the end of their seminar when his father walked over with a nervous smile. “I just have been waiting to say sorry until after you had talked to some other people”

“You’re sorry? After all those years of abuse and all those years after you could have said sorry you’re saying it now after i drag you out of the woodwork?” He was surprised he had the courage to talk like this to him but had found it in him “I know, I just thought it best to leave you alone after how I treated you…I know what a monster I was”
“Monster doesn’t even begin to describe what you were. I was your son, you should have been my hero, but you were nothing but a nightmare. The psychological scars I bear are terrible. I will never be normal.” He felt himself choke up and ball his free hand into a fist. “I can’t go in closets or elevators or even get into my car without having a sense of dread wash over me. I see you in my dreams, I smell the sandwiches you fed me and I wake up screaming. You are far worse than any monster in any movie ever made. Nothing excuses what you did.”

“I know.”

“Why did you hurt me, what did I do to incur your wrath?”

“Nothing…nothing at all. Let me tell you something Easton. My father was an abusive drunk and my grandfather was evil personified. You learned to stay out of his way, or you lost teeth. He broke my arm twice, my jaw, cracked my ribs, and beat me so bad I couldn’t walk. He brutalized me only to send me home so my father could have a turn. I know it’s no excuse and that the cycle could have ended with me, but it didn’t. I’m sorry Easton, sorry for the pain and fear, sorry for everything.”

Easton swallowed the lump in his throat and relaxed his clenched fist. “I can forgive you, but I will never be able to forget what you did. Please just stay away until I can work through all of this.”

“I understand, but just know I am proud of you for everything you have accomplished and I wish I had been a better father.”
Easton just walked away with Violet, angry after seeing him and frustrated beyond all reason. This was their seminar though so they stayed for the remainder of the event. Afterward Easton still didn’t feel like talking to his dad and Violet didn’t push it. She was glad the man was atleast sorry for what he had done though that didn’t amount to very much it was somthing. They had his address and he had theirs so they could get in touch again when Easton was ready.

“How’re you feeling baby?” Violet asked. He sighed ‘i dont know still. All i know is I’m breaking the cycle with our kid. Its no excuse. Just because you were abused doesn’t give you the right. Plenty of people that were abused end up good parents because they couldn’t do to their child what was done to them”

“I know baby”
They told everyone goodbye then Easton pulled her out of the community center and through the parking lot as quickly as possible so as not to run into his father again. “Could you drive us home?” He asked and held out the keys.

“Of course baby.”

He climbed in the passenger seat and she got behind the wheel and pulled out of the parking lot. He stared out the passenger window, holding her hand in his as she drove. Even the smallest amount of physical contact brought him peace and clarity, allowing him to process even the most chaotic of emotions. When they made it home Easton flopped down on the couch while Violet let two very excited dogs in then went and sat next to him. “You okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, I just don’t know what to think. I know I did some good today, but talking to that man reopened a lot of old wounds. I don’t feel like I can trust him and he still scares me. I was just so angry when I saw him, I wanted to punch him.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Well you were kind of holding my right hand and I’m right handed, not good to start with your weaker side.” She smiled. “And I didn’t want to be violent in front of you. I never want you to have memories of me hurting people.”

“I wouldn’t have blamed you for breaking his nose, I might have given him a couple of good hits myself.”

He crushed her to him, his forehead resting on her shoulder. “I love you so much Violet, without you I wouldn’t know what it was like to really love someone and open myself up completely. You are my greatest miracle and I will be forever grateful that you saved me.”

She smiled and hugged him back. “I’ll always be there to pull you back from that dark, ugly void, I promise.”

They stayed in each others embrace until her stomach growled and she laughed. He pulled back, resting his hand on her abdomen and bending down to kiss the spot just above her belly button. It made her heart flutter that he was showing how much he loved their baby. “Lets get you and mommy something to eat.” He smiled up at her and she felt herself choke up and kiss him.

“We’re going to be okay.” She said softly.

“I know,” he replied with an equally loving smile, “as long as we have each other we’ll be more than okay.”


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