Vivian & Noe 2

Chapter One

Vivian sat at the very tip of the Eiffel Tower. She knew Noe would kill her if he found her there, if he didn’t have a heart attack first. Not that she could really blame him, she was eight a half months pregnant. She loved the feeling of the cool air on her face, blowing through her hair. She had climbed up so easily without notice. She remembered coming here every summer and climbing to the top with her brother. They would compete to see who could go higher and of course she won every time.

“Having fun are we?” She looked down, smiling. It was Noe, sexy and angry.

“Of course I am, I always have fun.” She yelled down.

“Please get down here. You’re making my heart beat so fast it might explode out of my chest.

Noe gripped the railing around the edge of the look out point in fear as Vivian swung and dropped down next to him. He didn’t think he’d ever get over her wild nature while she was pregnant. It was terrifying. She looked so happy to be up here it almost chased away his worry. He loved Paris, loved the culture, and loved living here. She could be close to her family. She had given up mercenary work which had made him overjoyed. The idea of her chasing after some maniac had overwhelmed him with anxiety. The wolf demanded he protect his mate. He gathered her into his arms. “Please don’t do that again.” He said softly.

“I won’t, I’m sorry I scared you. I just love it up there.” She pulled back and kissed him.

His phone rang as he was about to say something else. He pulled it out and answered it. “Hello.” He said.

“Noe, this is Renard.” The voice said. It was his boss. He had started working with the French police after he and Vivian had established themselves. He was held in high regard and apprehended more suspects than their highest ranking officer.

“What is is boss?”

“We found another body, a prostitue. She has been killed and mutilated Jack the Ripper style.”

“Give me the address and I’ll be on my way.”

They gave him the address and he hung up the phone. He pulled her into another kiss “I have to go and look into somthing. Please stay safe while I’m gone and don’t do anything crazy”

“I don’t do crazy things, just fun things! I’ll be good though so you aren’t distracted at work I guess”

He walked with her inside and she settled herself on the couch to relax and watch some tv. He quickly got ready to go then walked out the door locking it behind him. Even though she said she’d behave herself he was still worried about leaving her alone. She was always doing somthing she shouldn’t.

The body was horribly mutilated. A slash across the victim’s throat must have been what had killed her. Her face was cut up and there was a large cut from sternum to groin that hung open to show her organs. There would also be genital mutilation. In true Jack the Ripper form the internal organs had been removed. Noe would have to wait for dental records to identify her if there were any for this poor lost soul. He moved around the body, catching the scent of sweat and cigar smoke. He guessed the killer had met his victim in a bar and was probably male.

“Five bucks says there’s no DNA.” Noe said as Renard walked up to stand next to him.

“I’ll have to agree there. So what do you think this is all about?” He replied.

“Well I don’t think the Ripper is alive and in France. Probably some greedy sicko or a group of sickos selling organs. This is just for shock factor, all this mutilation.”

“I hope we catch him or her soon. How’s Vivian?”

“Getty antsy.” He flashed his boss a quick smile.

“They call it nesting. She’s probably getting close.”

Noe was so excited for his little boy to get here. He hoped he’d be a wolf like him. They wouldn’t know until he was older. ¬†They finished getting everything from the crime scene they could and hoped in their cars to head back to the station to wait on the results they needed and discuss further action to take in the case.

Vivian was at home restless as always. She had lived such a wild life for so long it was hard to adjust to being pregnant and sombodies house wife. She smiled thinking to herself “Atleast it’s to Noe.” She was imagining him naked again. She had been extra horny the whole pregnancy. She could barely keep herself off of him and hated how careful he was during sex since she started showing. She wanted the rough stuff they had before.

Vivian paced back and forth. There was nothing to do, no cleaning or cooking. Everything was perfect in the house from her last cleaning spell. She needed to do something and Noe was at work. He knew he wanted her to stay home, but she wanted the air. She ran upstairs, throwing open the balcony doors. She stepped up on the railing and jumped onto the roof of the building across the street. Even pregnant she had amazing balance and landed lightly on her feet. Her son kicked excitedly, loving their runs. She took off across the roof, jumping to another building. She raced down the fire escape to the alley below. She stayed off the street because the alleys were more private.

The knock on Noe’s office door startled him. He looked up from his computer. He had been doing his homework on Jack the Ripper. It was a young officer name Astrid. She had a piece of paper in her hand. He motioned for her to enter and she pranced inside like a high school girl. It was headache inducing. “Can I help you?” He asked.

“Got the identity of the latest victim. She wasn’t a prostitute.” She said and handed him the paper. Her fingers brushed his and he jerked quickly back, paper in hand.

“An art student from America named Brigitte Fritz. She must have been out clubbing.” He looked up at Astrid. “Thank you, you can go.”¬†She left his office with a pout. He waited to sigh and roll his eyes after she closed the door. He looked over the paper again, his heart going out to the girl’s family.

In one Alleyway she ended up in there was a man. He said “What’re you doing in here, belly swollen with a baby?”

“Just getting fresh air” She continued on not letting him speak to her any more. If Noe somehow saw her talking to strange men in alleyways she’d be as good as dead. She wandered some more. Doing things she knew she shouldn’t. The baby kicking and hitting her belly. She loved that feeling so much. She was ready for him to arrive. In fact she mainly did all this to rush him along. She was trying to induce labor.

Eventually she got tired and started on her way home. Hoping a good portion of time had passed so Noe would get home and make life interesting. Some kids yelled at her “Parkour!” she had no idea what they were talking about. She just did what she did for fun not to impress anybody or do this “parkour” they speak of.

Noe hung up the phone after talking to Brigette Fritz’s parents. They were devastated. He had promised to have her remains shipped home, but warned them it wasn’t pretty. They had to be prepared. He dropped his face in his hands. This case was insanely tiring. He wanted to catch this bastard so bad. He needed to talk to Vivian. Her voice always brought with it a breath of fresh air. He grabbed his cell and dialed there home. He waited and no one answered. He hung up and tried again, still nothing. He started to get worried. There were only two reasons she wasn’t answering and both of them drove him out of his office.

A strange smell caught her attention. It was irony and sickly sweet. She waved at the kids and followed the scent. It was very familiar. Her nose pulled her down a narrow alley, around the side of a building and down another alley. She was getting further from home, but she had to find out what was causing that smell. When she looked up, she found herself standing in front of an abandoned apartment complex. She pushed the door open. The scent was stronger here. She followed it up a flight of stairs, to a closed door. She reached for the door knob, the hair on the back of her neck standing up. She pushed the door open, her eyes widening at the corpse tied to the old bed. She actually turned and threw up. She ran, wanting to be back home, needing to tell Noe.

She ran as quickly as she could. Not stopping even for a second until she reached her door. When she got it open she was out of breath and could barely stand. She felt like she was going to fall over and she did but Noe caught her. She was surprised and looked at him. His face was extreamly angry. He sat her on the bed and really tore into her about running around like that.

She kept trying to get a word in but his temper had gotten away from him. She stopped his ranting the only way she knew how. She kissed him and then quickly said “I saw a dead body tied to a bed you stupid wolf!” He was still very angry at her. He asked where in a snippy voice. “I’ll take you”

“No the fucking hell you wont! Where Viv?!”

“Stop yelling at me!” she crossed her arms not wanting to speak to him atall anymore

“Tell me, now.” Noe had been so worried, so scared. He was angry and didn’t care if he was acting ridiculous.

“You can either follow me or stand there throwing a fit.” She darted past him and out the door.

He growled and followed her. It didn’t make it any better when he realized she had been in an abandoned building with rickety floors. She was inside before he could warn her back. He followed her up the stairs, the smell of blood overwhelming his wolf nose. He grabbed her arm before she walked into the apartment.

“Stay here please.” He reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone, handing it to her. “Call Renard and tell him to send back up.”

“Okay.” She would give him that. She had scared him enough today.

The smell of decomposition was in the air, the body looked like it had been here for awhile. Noe pulled his gun free of his shoulder holster. The bed had been pulled into the living room. There were old scrape marks on the hard wood floor. He felt bile rise in his throat. He didn’t usually feel like throwing up at a crime scene, but this one was particularly bad. He went room to room, searching every corner. He didn’t find anyone. He went back out and Vivian wasn’t there. Her scent went back downstairs. He found her outside, crying. He pulled her into his arms, making shushing sounds and rubbing her back. The sound of sirens broke the silence. The police were close.

Chapter Two

He comforted her until they were close and got up to talk to them about the crime scene inside. Viv wiped away her tears and tried to look like she wasn’t crying. She absolutely hated people seeing her cry. She was tough and fierce. Not some cry baby. The cops went inside and she waited for Noe. She didn’t want to deal with another fit from him so she waited instead of just leaving.

She bent down a little and said to the baby “I hope you don’t have your fathers temper.” A little while later Noe came out with the other officers and was surprised she hadn’t stormed off to where they lived. He said “We’re going home now” she replied annoyed saying “fine” They went home in silence.

Vivian stood in the shower, her face turned up to the water. Her emotions shifted between sadness and anger. Her hormones were causing mood swings which were only amplified by her tiger. She cried some more, her face buried in her hands. She hated not being free and wild, but she loved Noe and her son. She took a deep breath, wanting to stay calm for her child.

Noe felt horrible for yelling at Vivian. He had been so on edge that he just exploded. He could hear her crying and his heart gave a lurch. He needed to apologize. He went silently into the bathroom and pulled his clothes off. He opened the shower door and stepped in behind her, pulling her back against him. He kissed her shoulder then up to her cheek. “I’m sorry, Viv. I love you so much. I tried calling you and when you didn’t answer I got worried. I should have handled it better.”

“It’s okay, I understand. It’s been hard not being able to just go where I want. I should have told you I was going out. I just needed to run and if I had not gone when I did, that body would still be there.” She said and leaned her head back to rest on his shoulder. “I love you and our son. My hormones just get the best of me sometimes.”

They stood there in the shower together. She loved the feel of Noes arms around her and his breath on her neck. The baby kicked and it made Noe smile. The smile she adored so much. She kissed her husband then got out. She dried off and then settled into bed. The only way to sleep comfortably atall pregnant was naked. Even that way it was hard to sleep.

Noe quickly followed. She got excited again watching him walk to the bed naked. He was such a sexy man. She would have seduced him if she hadn’t felt so terrible from the evening. She still felt a little ill from seeing the body and being torn into by Noe. She especially felt bad for putting him through so much worry.

Noe snuggled in close and kissed the back of her neck. He would try to control his temper from now on. He didn’t want to put undue stress on her and the baby. He had never seen her cry like that. Mercenary work had made her tough as nails and she was incredibly fearless, but their little bundle of joy had put her on an emotional roller coaster. He rubbed her belly, feeling their son rolling and kicking. She was already asleep so he just enjoyed his time with the baby.

Vivian woke as Noe was getting ready for work. She went downstairs, loving being able to walk around naked. She started a pot of coffee then dug around in the fridge, pulling out bacon and eggs and cheese for omelettes. She saw Noe walk past the kitchen and glance at her. He must have realized she was nude because he came back. He leaned against the doorframe, watching her cook. She felt herself blush and scooped his omelette onto a plate.

“Hungry?” She winked at him and held out his plate.

“Not for food.” He took the plate and sat it on the stove next to the skillet. He lifted her onto the counter, his mouth capturing hers. “Definitely not for food.”

He layed her down licking her neck and biting at it. It sent surges of excitement through her. He started kissing her roughly and with passion sliding his hands up her sides then grabbing her boobs. He was a little rough which she enjoyed but then he went to gentle like he always did lately. When they were done she complained “Stop being so gentle with me damnit! I miss you roughing me up a bit”

“I can’t do that while you’re pregnant Viv. The baby will be here soon and we can have sex like we used to again.”


He grabbed his breakfast and ate it fast needing to hurry and get going to his job. She ate hers upset that he got all softy on her again. She was so hoping he’d follow through with doing her rough.

Noe went to work mad. He knew he shouldn’t be, but Vivian was just so damn frustrating. Everyone could tell he was in a dark mood when he entered the building. Heads turned as he crossed the room to his office. Astrid came running up to him and he just gave her a look that stopped her dead in her tracks, hand going to her throat. He went in his office and slammed the door. He flopped down in his chair and just stared at his computer screen. Renard suddenly entered the room and closed the blinds at his office window.

“What’s going on with you?” He asked and sat down across from him.

“Semi bad morning.” He answered, glancing at his boss then back at his computer.

“I’m not just your boss, I’m your friend. You almost made Astrid piss her pants.”

“Good, maybe she’ll stop flirting with me.”

“Noe, come on man. Is it Vivian?”

He didn’t say a thing he just kept staring at his computer screen. That must have been enough of an answer because his boss continued talking. “Let me guess, sex is freaking you out.” His eyes jumped to his boss’s face. Was he some kind of mind reader? “My wife’s had three kids and let me tell you, there isn’t anything you can do short of throwing her down a flight of stairs that’s going to hurt that baby. Now get to work and stop sulking and scaring people.” His boss left him there in a state of shock.

Noe worked thinking about what he had said. It’s not like he didn’t want to have sex the way they used to. In fact he preferred it. He was going to really shock Viv when he got home. As soon as he walked in the door he was going to take her. The day passed slowly for him because he was watching the clock.

At home Vivian decided she’d be good and stay in all day. She knew she had hurt his feelings by complaining after sex. She had lost control of herself compleatly since the hormones kicked in. She loved Noe and hoped he wouldn’t lose patience with her. Before she knew it she was crying again.

She passed the time in boredom. She went upstairs and sat on the balcony. The fresh air made her feel so much better. “Pssst.” For a moment she thought she was imaging the sound. “Hey, you up there?” She stood and looked over the railing. Standing in the alley below her was the man she’d ran into the day before. He had made some crack about her being alone and pregnant.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“I saw you coming back from that crime scene yesterday and wanted to make sure you were okay. You looked really upset.” He said with a smile.

“I’m fine, thank you for your concern. Why are you whispering?”

“That man you were with scared the crap out of me. I didn’t think he’d like me talking to you.”

“Why don’t you come around the front. I’ll make you some tea or something.”

“Alright, be right around.”

Noe drove quickly. He wanted to get home and apologize to Vivian. He came to a stop in front of their house, excited to see her. When he pushed through the door the smell of cigar smoke and laughing caught his attention. He moved into the living room, his eyes settling on Vivian and the young man she was talking too. “Noe.” She jumped up and ran into his arms.

“Who is this?” He asked, not liking this man.

“This is Aldrich. He’s just a good neighbor.”

“Sorry, I’ll be going now. I was just checking on her sir. I saw her yesterday and she looked upset. I just wanted to make sure she was okay. Nice to meet you sir.” The young man passed them quickly and exited.

“Sorry, I know you don’t like strangers in the house, but he was so nice.” She twisted her fingers nervously.

“I don’t want to argue, love. We can talk about this later.”

She began to say somthing else but he grabbed her. Kissing her as rough as their first kiss when she had teased him. He lifted her up, carrying her to the bed and he slammed her down. He bit her shoulder hard. It caused her to moan in excitment. Her hand racking down his back scratching him. That just got him going more.

He picked her up slamming her against the wall and he thrust into her hard, biting and licking her boobs as he slammed in and jerked himself out. When he set her down they were both out of breath. “Why the sudden change Noe?”

He smiled “I just got some good advice. Happy now?”


They showered quickly, Vivian’s heart and body singing with joy. She wanted to thank whoever had talked him out of his funk. She dried and practically danced downstairs to the kitchen. She was starving. She made a delicious shrimp alfredo with broccoli and chicken. The smell made her stomach grumble and her son kick her in her ribs. “Calm down buddy, dinner’s coming.” She made two plates and went into the living room where Noe was looking over some papers. “Dinner?”

“Yes, I’m crazy hungry.” He replied, taking his plate and taking a big bite of the pasta. “This is delicious.” He kissed her on the cheek. He took a break from the papers in front of him. He had all night to read them. “I’m sorry I’ve been so worried all the time. This is my first baby too and your carefreeness scares me.”

“You could be just as carefree ya know. It’s not like I don’t get scared sometimes, but I prefer to live in the moment. Both wolves and tigers are supposed to be like that.” She smiled.

“I know. So who was that guy again?”

“A neighbor. Just a nice guy.”

“He smelled like smoke.” He thought about the cigar smoke still clinging to the dead art student then shook his head. He couldn’t go around accusing every man who enjoyed a cigar of being a serial killer. He finished his dinner, a part of his mind still unsure. He tried to ignore it and have dinner with his wife before bedtime.

Chapter Three

“What’re you thinking about Noe?”

“Nothing babe don’t worry about it.”

She decided not to push it. She was too happy he finally just took her again like he used to. She was humming between bites.

“I didn’t realize you missed that so much” He winked at her with a huge smile across his face. It made her blush. “I was making it pretty clear so I don’t understand how you wouldn’t know” Noe laughed “I love you so much.” she jokingly said “I guess I can tolerate you” She smiled.

He didn’t realize it but he started staring at her. His mind drifting to how good that just was. Then his thoughts drifted to how excited he was about the baby and how much he hoped the little guy was coming soon. She could tell he was lost in thought so she just enjoyed those amazing eyes.

They were like two gold pools, glowing brightly with all the love he had in him. He moved her with that look. She very nearly choked on her last bite of dinner. She reached for his plate and he handed it to her, his fingers brushing the back of her hand so goosebumps crawled up her arm. How did he do that? She went into the kitchen and got a glass of water, needing to cool off.

Noe stacked all the papers neatly on the coffee table and followed his wife. She looked flushed and he tried not to laugh. “You look hot.” He said.

“Oh I know, good genetics.” She winked at him and sat her glass in the sink.

He swung her into his arms and carried her upstairs. She was glad he had superhuman strength because she knew she weighed a ton right now. He lowered her feet to the ground and kissed her. “Dance with me.” He said.

“There’s no music.” She wrapped her arms around his neck anyway.

“If I give my¬†heart¬†to you,” he sang “will¬†you handle it with care?¬†Will you always treat me tenderly and in every way be fair?” They danced slowly, her smiling up at him. Her heart gave a little flutter. He had never sang to her before. He finished the song with a dip and a kiss before picking her up and laying her in bed. He held her close, her head on his chest. He hummed another song, soft sound until she fell asleep.

She fell asleep immensely happy, thankful to be his wife. He was filled with joy too looking at his beautiful wife and imagining their future son. He never knew until Vivian he could ever be this happy. He stroked his wifes face. Still just staring at her. Even though she was asleep he kissed her forehead then whispered “Please always be mine”

He slowly drifted to sleep himself. Viv woke up in the morning feeling absolutely fantastic. She couldn’t have possibly woken up in a better mood. Noe seemed to be really tired because he normally woke up right when she did. She spent her morning humming the song her husband had sang to her the night before. A huge smile across her pretty face.

Noe finally got up and he could hear his wife humming the song. It overflowed him with joy once again. She had her back turned getting a drink so he snuck up behind her and hugged her tightly “Good morning gorgeous. So I’m guessing you enjoyed last night?” He could see all over her face how happy she was and that just simply made him happier.

“Of course I did,” she said and turned in his arms, “I got my old Noe back.”

“Well old Noe’s sorry he’s been gone for so long, new Noe was just stressed.” He smiled and kissed her softly.

“New Noe’s not all that bad.” She giggled and finished her water.

“Well whichever one I am today I still have to get ready for work. My boss is going to be giving me a couple of weeks off when the baby gets here.”

“Renard is such a sweetheart. Alright, shower and get dressed and I’ll make breakfast.”

He kissed her nose then went upstairs. She made some banana pancakes. She sat on the couch with her plate and ate while he finished getting ready. She noticed the stack of papers on the table and got curious. He hadn’t told her much about the serial killer. She flipped through them, quickly bypassing the photos of dead, evicerated girls. It amazed her that anyone had been able to evade Noe for so long. He had the sharpest nose and extremely keen eyesight. The killer had to be a very cunning adversary.

“Not pretty is it?” His voice made her jump. She had been so engrossed in reading she had neither heard nor smelled him.

“Down right tragic and disgusting. I hope you catch him soon.” She said and restacked his papers.

“I’m sure we will.”

A few hours after he was out the door the strange man she had met in the alley knocked. She answered “Oh hi!”

“Hello, I see you’re in a good mood this morning.”

“Oh yes, I had a very good night with my husband”

They drank some tea and hungout for a while and then he said “Where’d you get that scar on your shoulder?”

“That’s a loooong story”

“I’d love to hear it. Women look so beautiful when they’re all marked up.”

Him saying that made her uneasy. Especially because he said it in such a creepy way. She now wanted the visit to end.

“Um…I have some stuff to take care of today you better go.”

“Did I upset you?”

“Just go please”

He still sat there and she got angry and lifted him up by his shirt. A very shocked expression on his face. She then threw him out the door. “I said go!” She slammed the door and he leaned up against it saying “temper temper my dear.” She really didn’t understand why he scared her so much suddenly. The way he said that. It was almost like he got pleasure from watching pain. He looked at the scar like it was amazing.

She decided she may just be paranoid from reading Noes papers and she’d appoligize to her friend later. He probably didn’t mean that in a sick way. Her mind was just playing tricks on her. She sat on the couch watching TV. Struggling with if she should still talk to the man.

Noe sat staring at the papers, growing more and more frustrated. How could someone evade him for so long. He also had a very uneasy feeling. It swirled in the back of his mind, warning him. He shook his head. Vivian was safe at home and had promised to be good. He flipped through the papers, his eyes resting on cigar smoke. He remembered the smell clinging to Brigette Fritz. Cigar smoke. The words echoed in his head over and over.

Vivian still felt uneasy. She wanted to call Noe, he always made her feel better. She went into the kitchen, lifting the phone from its cradle and dialing Noe’s number. The hairs on the back of her neck raised up and the smell of cigar smoke filled the room. She started to turn and something hard slammed into the back of her head. She dropped the phone, her vision swimming. Her knees gave out and she fell.

Chapter Four

A nosey neighbor had seen Viv throw the man out because she was outside being a gossip as always. She also saw him pick her lock and reenter her home. She didn’t know Viv & Noe so she assumed it was a couples fight. Nothing serious. Viv woke up with a pounding headache when she noticed she was chained to her bed.

The man from the alleyway standing against the wall smoking he said “I thought you were a nice girl. Not like all the bitches I run into. You showed me this morning you’re just like the rest. It’s a shame.” She struggled. Even though she was strong she didn’t have the strength to break the chains. He laughed at her struggle. “I felt how strong you are so i decided chains were better than rope for you”

“Let me go you son of a bitch.” She screamed. She felt a strong cramping sensation in her abdomen, it was painful and lasted about a minute. She yanked on the chains, her heart hammering fearfully in her chest. She couldn’t be having this baby now.

“I’m going to kill you like the others and leave you here for your husband. I wonder what he’ll do when he finds you.” The killer opened the balcony door and flicked his cigar over the railing.

“He’ll hunt you down and rip your throat out.”

Noe stared at his phone. It had rang only once. It had been Vivian. He tried calling her back, but there was no answer. The feeling of unease increased. There was something wrong. He looked over his papers again. Cigar smoke jumped out at him like a slap to the face. He closed his eyes. The man had said he was a neighbor, but Noe didn’t remember seeing him when they moved in. The nosy woman on one side and the fisherman on the other had greeted them and even helped them move in. There had been no one else. The building behind them wasn’t a house, but a bakery. He stood up so fast his chair toppled over. The man could be there now, hurting her. He rushed out of his office, screaming for Renard and Astrid to get to his house.

The man leaned over her. “Why don’t you beg me like the others?”

“I don’t beg you bastard!”

He spit on her and then slashed her cheek with a knife. It hurt like hell but she showed no sign.

“You fucking bitch! Don’t you dare talk to me that way!”

She felt another contraction and he saw her belly move. “what’s going on”

“The fucking baby is coming you moron! You stressed me into labor!”

He looked at her with hate in his face “Good, if I torture you nice and slowly I can kill the damned child inside you too. Maybe I could leave you clinging to life to watch me kill it.”

She felt a tear roll down her face and he laughed sadistically. “So you are capable of fear? Your baby seems to be your soft point. You have such a strong spirit. Oh how I’m going to love watching the life slowly leave your body.’¬†He got over her holding the knife in the air. Noe had finally arrived and was running as fast as he could up the stairs. Hoping his wife was unharmed.

She felt the change roll over her, the tiger enraged and taking over in her time of fear. She managed to pull one paw free and swiped it across the killers shocked face and knocking him off the bed. She roared, struggling to free herself. The killer was on his feet, blood pouring down his face. He was angry, so angry he had forgotten what he had just seen. He raised his knife, the blade stained by the blood of countless victims. Vivian saw it descend and she squeezed her eyes closed. A loud pop filled the room. She recognized that sound, she had heard it man times during her mercenary days. She opened her eyes. The killer stared down at his chest in disbelief. He turned, moving out of her field of vision. It was Noe. She shifted back to her human form, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Noe easily broke the other chains and Viv jumped into his arms. Her blood now all in his hair and running down his shoulders all over his shirt. “We’ve got to get to a hospital now! I’m having the baby.” Noe already overwhlemed with what just happend was almost floored when he heard that too. She threw a dress on and they ran out and into the car.

Noe drove her to the hospital quickly. When they arrived he picked his wife up and ran her inside. They took her up to the delivery room immediatly asking Noe questions that annoyed him. They wanted to know what happend to her face. He didn’t want to talk to a nurse right now he wanted to follow his wife.

“Read the paper tomorrow damn it. I need to be with my wife.” He snapped, scaring the woman half to death. She let him go into the delivery room, deciding she could ask him later.

Vivian gripped his hand as another contraction tore through her, cursing so loud it shocked the nurses. She had never know pain like this and she’d been shot. “Our poor baby is going to be born a stressed out mess.” She whimpered.

“No honey, he’ll be born a survivor with my good looks and your temper.” He brushed hair out of her face, his heart in overdrive. He wished he could take the pain away, she deserved that much. He felt frustrated, lost.

She squeezed his fingers so hard she was sure she would break them, but he never winced or asked her to stop. Her doctor entered the room, a smile on his face. She wished she could wiped it off his face, permanently. “The nurse told me it’s time to push.” He said, a little too happily for her liking. How could he be so bouncy. What was he Santa?

“You’re doing great” The doctor said still happy as could be

“Oh god why are you so damned happy!” A stream of cuss words leaving her mouth.

The doctor was used to this so it didn’t phase him. “You’ll be in as good of a mood as me when you see this little boy. I can see his head. One more really good push oughta do” She pushed hard squeezing Noes hand. A moment later she could hear her little boy crying. They put him on her belly and began to clean him off. He wasn’t fully cleaned yet but she placed a hand on his small head.

The nurse then handed her the baby. Suddenly she was crying tears of joy looking down at him. He was so beautiful to her. Noe looked so proud and happy. He wanted to hold him too but decided since she went through all the pain of bringing him into the world she should get to hold him as long as she wanted.

Noe sat on the edge of the bed while Vivian slept, his son in his arms. It had been quite a day for her. They had named their little boy Benjy after her grandfather. Noe loved his son’s pudgy little cheeks. He was perfect, beautiful. He felt Vivian shift and he turned to face her as her eyes fluttered open.

“Someone looks happy.” She whispered.

“I’m very happy, elated.” He handed her Benjy and climbed onto the hospital bed to lay next to her. “He smells like wolf and tiger. I think he’ll be very gifted.”

“Of course he will. He’s special. Mom, dad, and my brother are going to be so excited. My parents especially, they’ve wanted a grand baby for a long time.”

She snuggled in close, and they both just looked down at little Benjy. She had never witnessed such perfection. It was an odd sort of thing. Noe and Vivian’s chance meeting and now the start of their family. She had never been more thankful. Noe wrapped them both in his warmth. They were truly the luckiest people in the world.

~ The End ~

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