Vivian & Noe 3

Chapter One

A frantic call came into the police department. “Help! There’s this wolf running around town with a crazy red haired women chasing it! It has to be against the law to have that kind of pet! It must be hers because she keeps calling it Benjy! You’ve got to hurry before she gets killed or somebody else!”  She then told him where in town they were.Good thing for them it was Noe who answered the phone. He laughed to himself before telling the chief he had important business to take care of and he’d be gone for awhile. He went to the part of town she specified.

Vivian was running after her son as fast as she could when this big burly man grabbed Benjy by the scruff and lifted him. He was kicking and growling. Vivian panting said “Um thank you!” She grabbed him “You best take care of him little lady.” He walked away and she started carrying him back to the house. She wondered why that man wasn’t terrified there was a small wolf running around. Somthing about that man bothered her. It was unfortunate Noe saw her carrying him and pulled over “Mam you know it’s illegal to keep a wild animal as a pet right?” She laughed and put her son in the back seat.

It was unfortunate Noe didn’t see the man or he would’ve known a man he had helped put away was out and very near his family. Brimen had studied up on the DEA agent that was the whole reason he got caught and locked up. He found he was married and had a son. He moved to the town they were in as soon as he was released plotting how he’d make Noe pay for putting him behind bars.

“Benjy change back now.” Noe commanded and glanced back at the little pup. He shifted back and his seven year old son looked at him guiltily. “What have we told you about wondering off?”

“Sorry, I just wanted to run.” Benjy said and Vivian helped him pull on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

“You can’t go roaming around Paris on your own, people around here will shoot you.” Vivian said softly.

“I know mom, I’m sorry.” He looked up at her with a little smile that melted her heart. He was the spitting image of his father except for the violet eyes.

Noe pulled up in front of their house and let them out. “We’ll talk when I get off work. Listen to your mother and stay inside. He pulled away, leaving Vivian standing there with her upset looking son.

“Come on, lets make us some lunch. Maybe later we can bake some cookies.” She took her son’s hand and they went inside.

“Dad’s pretty mad huh?” Benjy said as his mother made sandwiches.

“Yes baby and so am I. You know better than to run off like that.”

“I just wanted to run.”

“Then you wait until your father and I go out and we all run together.”

She handed Benjy his sandwich and took a bite of her own. Her son was so wild just like her. Now she saw how terrified Noe was every day of her pregnancy. She would have to tell him that later, apologize for being so out of control. He was so patient with her wild nature, her free and untamed spirit. She wondered how he was still sane. “When you’re done eating I want you to go upstairs. Your father will be off work in an hour.” She said.

“Yes ma’am.”

When he finished he went upstairs sulking. He was not looking forward to his dad getting home. Vivian layed down on the bed. Her son was fast and she was worn out. She was grateful to whoever it was that helped them. She figured he must’ve not been afraid because he was such a big man. He looked nearly 7 feet tall and had huge muscles. She also thought of the dragon tattoo he had on his face. It looked really amazing.

She took a nap so Noe would be home. She woke up to the sound of him upstairs fussing at Benjy for what he did and explaining to him how dangerous that was and asking him how was he going to explain if he got caught by animal control that he was his kid. She sat up on the bed waiting for him. When she heard him coming down the stairs she stood up.

Noe walked through the door and Vivian jumped into his arms, her legs going around his waist as she kissed him. “Well hello to you too gorgeous.” He laughed. “Miss me?”

“I always miss you.” She laced her finger s behind his neck. His dark hair had grown longer and touched his shoulders. She loved his curls. “How did Benjy take everything?”

“He apologized again and promised not to go anywhere without us again. He’s upstairs laying on his bed.”

“He’ll learn.” She kissed him again. “I need to tell you something.”

“Can it wait?” He pressed her into the mattress, his hands tugging at her top until she lifted her arms and he could pull it off. He cupped her breasts. She hardly ever wore a bra or panties. She said it was easier to shift on the run if she wore less clothes. His hands ran down to her shorts and he pulled them off.

“Oh I think so, maybe just a few minutes.” He pulled his own clothes off and tossed them on the floor with hers. He flipped her onto her stomach, his hands moving over bottom so she gave a little moan of pleasure. He pulled her hips up so her bottom was in the air and thrust into her. She had to bite her pillow to keep from crying out. She didn’t want Benjy running to their room to check on his mother. His hips took on a quick, rough pace that had her moaning loudly. His hands slid to her breasts and his teeth clamped down on her shoulder. He was a dominant male, an alpha. They finished together, his canines threatening to draw blood. He pressed his forehead into her back for a moment before laying on the bed and pulling her into his arms.

“What did you need to tell me?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh yeah. I wanted to apologize for driving you bonkers while I was pregnant. Benjy is so much like me and I see why you were so terrified all the time.” She answered, smiling up at him.

“Apology accepted.” He smiled and kissed her nose.

“How was your day before he took off?”

“Oh I’ve been chasing him most the morning. Once he ran in the middle of town I knew somebody would call. I had just gotten him in my arms when I saw you coming.” She had completely forgotten the man because her thoughts were now full with Noe. “You should’ve called me to help you.”

“I didn’t want to bother you at work” He turned her face so she’d be looking at him “My family can’t possibly bother me. Especially not you Vivian.” She smiled kissing him again. “How was work?”

“Boring until that frightened lady called me.” Vivian laughed and sat up. Noe sat up and grabbed her hand stroking it. “When would you like to have another one?”

“Another go at sex? Maybe later.” He chuckled “No another kid”

“After today? Are you crazy?”

“I think it would be nice to have a girl too.”

“I might just have another boy again. Then what will you do?”

“I guess we’ll just have to try a third time” He winked then added “Please?”

“I guess, don’t give me those puppy eyes!” He hugged her. He was excited, he really wanted a girl too. Having Benjy made him so happy. He wanted as many kids as Vivian would agree to.

“We could have a whole pack of pups and kittens.” She said as she headed into the bathroom for a shower.

“As many as you’d like.” He wrapped his arms around her, his hand moving over her flat stomach. He had felt such pride an accomplishment when she was pregnant with Benjy. She had been so happy, glowing when that first test had come back positive. He kissed her cheek and let her go so she could start the shower.

“I forgot to tell you that my dad wants to homeschool Benjy. I thought I’d talk to you first.”

“You were homeschooled right?”

“Yeah dad hired me the best teachers. He thinks it’ll help give Benjy some focus and balance.” They stepped under the warm spray of the shower.

“Did it work on you?” He asked as he grabbed the soap and rubbed her down.

“I was a lot worse before hand believe me.” She grinned.

“Then I say yes.”

“Oh that’s great! I can’t wait to tell him” Her smile got bigger. It filled his stomach with butterflies. “You kill me with that smile of yours.”

“Good, I’ve heard some girl you work with likes you and tries to flirt with you” He laughed lightly “Tries, I only want you. She honestly gets on my nerves.”

“When do you want to start trying for our second baby?”

“After Benjy is asleep sounds good.” She was excited. Ment more of a reason to have sex with Noe. Not that she needed one but she could more easily pressure him into multiple rounds with her. They finished getting clean and dryed off. They watched a movie together and soon it was dinner time. Benjy still looked upset. Everytime his dad looked at him he looked even worse. Noe didn’t comfort him though. He wanted to make sure he knew not to do that again.

When they were done eating Benjy went back to his room. Vivian said “with the way he was looking I bet he’ll be in there the rest of the night” she winked. Noe walked over and picked her up. He laid her down on their bed and they had sex 4 times in a row. They only quit because Vivian couldn’t take it any more. “You really want another kid huh” she said in almost a whisper because she could barely talk “Yes I do. I’m glad you’re so into the idea.”

“I woudn’t be surprised after all that if I’m already pregnant.”

“I hope so” It was sweet to Vivian that he loved having a family and kids so much. Life was so wonderful with him she didn’t miss being a sniper one bit. As she fell asleep she said “I love you Noe.”He kissed her shoulder “I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

When they woke Benjy was watching a documentary on wolves. He had such a look of longing on his face that it very nearly broke Vivian’s heart. “Hey baby boy how about after breakfast we take you out to the woods and go for a run? It’s daddy’s day off. Then we have some things to talk about.” She said and tussled his hair.

Benjy looked around her at Noe who smiled. “Is dad still mad at me?” He whispered.

“No dad’s not mad anymore.” Noe said and sat down next to his son. He pulled the boy into his arms and kissed him on top of the head. “You did worry me and mom yesterday though. You have to stay put when we tell you.”

“I know, it’s just so hard to sit still. I want run like they do.” He pointed at the TV.

“We will, I’ll try to get us out every day I’m off.” Benjy hugged his dad excitedly and Vivian went into the kitchen to start breakfast. She was going to make sausage and egg omelets with chives and garlic. Benjy couldn’t get enough of them.

When they were done he devoured them. He hugged his mother when there were no more left “Oh thanks for making that mom!” Vivian and Noe were still eating but hurried when he was done. He was bouncing around the living room with excitement. Noe chuckled when he finished eating “Ok lets go.” Benjy jumped up “Yay!” They walked until they reached some woods. Vivian had brought a backpack with clothes in it so they’d have somthing to wear later. She hung it on a tree branch near the start of the woods.

Benjy was so happy. He had a lot of speed for a little guy. It filled Noe with pride. Partially why he was so hard on Benjy at times was because he saw all the potential in him. His boy was going to turn into a great man. He was sure of it. Brimen noticed they all left so he picked the lock to their home so he could get a good idea of the lay out. He decided last night his plan was to kidnap their boy. Maybe sell him off to some traffickers. He could picture the horror on Noes face.

When he had the place memorized he left. Demented plans playing through his head. Noe would be sorry he ever got him arrested.He thought it a shame Vivian would have to be hurt too but she chose to marry him so she must deal with the consequences of his past. His sick mind went to how he imagined her naked.

“Hold on Benjy.” Noe said. “Always scent first.”

He showed the boy how to smell the air and then they all shifted. Benjy gave a howl of delight and took off, his mother and father on either side of him. He loved the smell of nature and the cool earth beneath his paws. Vivian loved how happy her son was he was, how his eyes glowed with joy. She playfully bumped him and he licked at her face. They stopped at a small pond to lap up some water before heading back. Vivian grabbed the backpack and they dressed quickly. Benjy yawned and rubbed his eyes so Noe lifted him into his arms. He was asleep by the time they got home.

“Never seen that before.” Noe said as he lay him in bed and covered him up.

“I guess that’s all he needed.” Vivian kissed her son on the forehead.

They left his room quietly and went into the living room. “I’ll get you something to drink, you go ahead and relax. He’s been running you ragged all week.” Noe said and kissed her.

“You are the best.”

“I know.” She threw a cushion at him and disappeared into the kitchen.

Chapter Two

Noe noticed an odd smell in the house. A scent that didn’t belong. He figured it must be because they were out today. His wife or son must’ve brought in a different smell. He brought his wife a drink. When she was done he held her. “What’re you two going to do tomorrow?”

“Go to town for some groceries. Hopefully since he got ot run today Benjy will be good. When I’m pregnant again I don’t know how I’ll deal with that boy.” Noe smiled. “Why are you smiling?”

“Just excited about another baby with my beautiful wife.”

“If you’re asking for sex I’m tired Noe”

“I wasn’t asking for sex. Can’t I compliment you?”

“Compliments are normally followed by you trying to have sex with me and you know it.”

“I’m sorry, I guess they shouldn’t be.”

She laughed. “You don’t have to apologize. You alphas are full of sexual energy. I don’t think you ever get tired.”

“I can’t help it. I love the way you smell and feel and taste. It’s absolutely addicting.” He brushed his nose against her cheek.

She actually blushed. That hadn’t happened in awhile. She managed to swallow some more water. He made her absolutely weak in the knees. She loved this man, his passion and his need for only her. She had never felt anything like that before him. She had been a solitary creature, hunting and killing. She rubbed her cheek against his shoulder and inhaled his woodsy scent. Something else touched her nose, making her feel like sneezing. She just let it go. It was probably something they had tracked in.

Benjy slept through lunch and Noe went up and woke him for dinner. They were having steak with baked potatoes and corn. He scarfed it down and his parents just stared at him for a moment. “What?” He asked.

“Do you actually taste your food?” Noe asked with a grin.

“Yeah it was delicious. Thank you very much.”

“I love you so much baby.” Vivian said.

“I love you too mom. Can I watch cartoons?”

“Sure honey.”

He jumped up and turned on the tv. Vivian started cleaning up the table and kitchen while Noe followed his son into the living room to sit with him for a little bit. Benjy smiled when his dad sat beside him then crawled into his dads lap. When everything was clean Vivian came out and smiled at the sight of them. She kissed Benjy on the head and sat down too. They wacthed cartoons with their son until his bed time came around.

Benjy pouted and whimpered as he went up the stairs. Vivian and Noe went into their bedroom “So, I may not have been trying to get any earlier but the more we have sex the sooner you’ll get pregnant.” He half smiled. Vivian started taking off her clothes. As soon as she was naked he slammed her against their bed and kissed her. He bit her lip and thrust himself into her. He lifted her into his lap and started going into her even faster. She started licking his neck and rubbing his back intensifying his pleasure.

When he was done he hugged her “I’m so lucky”

“How so?”

“I’m lucky you agreed to marry me Vivian. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I didn’t think one man could feel this much happiness. Thank you for being all mine and giving me Benjy” She kissed him “Well I got a pretty good deal marrying you too.” They fell asleep as Noe held her close.

Brimen waited in his car in an alley until he was sure they were sleeping. He picked the lock for the front door, stopping to glance around and make sure there was no one watching. He slipped silently into the darkness of their home and moved upstairs. He opened the boys room and almost cursed when he saw light coming from under the blanket. The little brat was still awake. He snuck up behind the little boy and snatched him up, clamping an hand over his mouth as he squirmed. He rushed back down stairs and just as he got to the front door he bit Brimen’s hand and screamed for his parents.

Noe and Vivian woke with a start. Their son was screaming over and over again. They were oth out of bed and running downstairs. The front door was open. They flew outside and saw a black car screeching out of the alley, their son banging on the back window and screaming. Vivian shifted, chasing after the vehicle while Noe ran inside and called the police. He was shaking he was so scared. Vivian came back, shifting to her human form as she ran into his arms, crying. “We have to get him back, please we have to get him back.” She said, her voice filled with panic.

“We will, go upstairs and get dressed. The police are coming.” He had to make her look at him. “Go upstairs baby.” She nodded and ran upstairs, coming back with a pair of sweats for him.

Vivian couldn’t stop crying or shaking with fear for her son. Noe talked to the police officers. One of them asked “Mam is there anybody new that you’ve seen? Maybe sombody that’s been talking to you and your son or sombody you’ve met in passing?” Her thoughts jumped to the big burly man but she had to find a way to word it because she couldn’t say he helped wrangle my son while he was in wolf form. Instead of explaining that she just said “I only spoke to him for a minute but the only person new I can think of is this about 7 foot tall man, he was huge and muscular and had this dragon tattoo that was lined with red but the inner features were lined with blue. It wasn’t long so I dont remember much of anything else about him.”

Noe knew who it was just from that. When the cops left he turned to her “Why didn’t you tell me about him!?”

“I didn’t think much of him he just helped me get Benjy under control. He told me I should take care of him and that was that. You know him?”

“Yes I got him arrested in my DEA days. He’s very dangerous. Why of all people does he have to have my son!”

Bengy glared at the man as he tied him to a chair. He had cried the whole way there and now he was just angry. He wanted to go home, he wanted his parents, and he hated this man. “I want to go home, now.” He demanded.

“Shut your trap you little brat.” The man was inches from his face and Benjy tried to bite him. The man slapped him and he let out a loud yelp. “Do that again and ai will beat you so bad your mom and dad won’t recognize you.” Benjy waited until the man walked away to start crying. He knew his parents would come for him, they’d never let anyone keep him away.

“Why weren’t you told someone dangerous was out? Are all of your buddies back in America idiots?” She screamed and paced back and forth. So many emotions flowed through her that she wanted to punch something.

“This is all my fault, Viv, I’m so sorry.” Noe had made many enemies. He should have known that sooner or later his past would catch up to him. He sat on the couch and cried.

Vivian felt guilty for snapping at him. She sat down next to him and pulled him into her arms. “Please don’t blame yourself.” She stroked his hair. “We’ll find him. We have to be who we were before this. The cold blooded killer and the calculating DEA agent.” She still had her rifle. It was hidden upstairs under their bed.

She went to get it and came back throwing it over her shoulder. “Now think Noe, every criminal has a certain way of doing things. Even if they try to be different and random it all comes back tot he same thing. What was he like?” Noe had to think hard. He had help to capture so many people. Vivian rubbed his back. Her husband looked so tortured.

Benjy was turning his head all around trying to figure out where he was and a good escape plan. He wanted badly to change into the wolf but he wasn’t very good at it. He had done it a couple times recently but he was doing his best to will it to happen. He had a better chance of escaping that way. He was trying so hard he got a strained look on his face. The man came back in “What’re you doing? You wont be able to break the rope.” Benjy just glared at him again. “Stop fucking looking at me like that! You already make me sick enough with how much you look like your father!” He spit on Benjy.

Benjy growled before he could stop himself. He punched the little boy knocking the chair over. He set him back up. Blood pouring from his nose “You need to learn your place. This is your last warning to stop disrespecting me.” He was in a lot of pain but now he was so angry he barely noticed it. He was hoping he could use that anger to help him change.

“He kidnapped women and children and sold them into slavery. He liked to test drive the women, at least that’s the way he put it. For a big guy he’s incredibly sneaky, but that’s also his biggest disadvantage. If someone sees him he sticks out. The first thing he’ll do is try and find a buyer for Benjy. I’ll put a call in to my old buddies and see if they’ve heard anything. Oh and he loves whiskey and expensive cigars. The more expensive the better.” Noe said as he grabbed his phone and punched in a number.

Vivian waited patiently as he asked his friends about the man, Bremin he called him. He talked to them angrily and she could hear them apologizing over and over. To her sorry wasn’t good enough. They had put their entire family at risk because they couldn’t make one phone call. He hung up and stuffed his phone in his pocket, looking upset. “Well?” She asked.

“They said they’ll call me back in a couple of hours. Until then we should see if we can track Bremin. We both got a good whiff and there is no breeze to blow it away so maybe we can get a partial trail.” He said and ran his fingers through his hair. Vivian handed him one of the ponytail holders she kept around the butt of her gun and he pulled his hair back.

“Lets go then. I want to get as close to him as possible before everyone else wakes up and completely obliterates his scent.”

They sniffed the air and took off changing into the wolf and tiger. He must’ve left his window down as he drove because the smell wasn’t tainted by the car. Noe and Vivian ran following it as fast as they could. Once they got to a busy road the scent was gone. Noe sniffed around as hard as he could and then hung his head in defeat. Atleast they knew a general direction. The sun would be up soon anyway and they couldn’t be running around like that.

They went back to their home and waited for the call. Benjy thought he must be in an abandon barn. He could smell all the animals that had once been there. He also smelt blood from other people. He was hoping his blood wouldn’t be the next thing to be spilled. Finally he could feel himself changing in his wolf form he managed to break out of the ropes and ran. Next thing he knew he could hear shooting from above. He looked and there was Bremin. When Benjy turned his head he shot the boy right in the back. He immediatly transformed back into a boy and layed there screaming.

Bremin came down and grabbe dhim by the arm dragging him inside to a table. “You wont be worth as much with a bullet in you brat!” He took the bullet out painfully and then sewed him up painfully. “That will leave a nasty scar. I hope you’re satisfied! You want to be a dog I’ll treat you like one!” He put a chain around the boys neck. He layed there sobbing for his mother. Bremin walked away taking out his cellphone.

Vivian lay on the couch, curled in the fetal position and crying. She was stuck somewhere between sorrow and intense rage. Noe rubbed her back and told her how much he loved her. She gripped his other hand in hers, needing something to hold on to. Noe’s phone rang and she sat up as he answered it. She wanted to scream at the person on the other end of the line to hurry up and tell them what he knew. She wanted her son back. Noe hung up and she looked at him hopefully.

“They said he put a call out to sell a very exotic young boy. He told the person Bengy was a cop’s son. They set up a time to meet each other in two days.” Noe said.

“We can’t wait two days, I want him back now. I need our baby boy here now.” She tried to get up and leave, but Noe pulled her back. She fought him, pushing against his chest, but he held fast. She started crying and just collapsed into him.

“It’s the only way we can get him back safe and get rid of Bremin for good. You have to trust me on this one.” He rocked her back and forth, feeling his heart being torn from his chest with every sob. “I want him back too Vivian.”

Bengy lay curled up on the barn floor, shivering. All he had were his tattered clothes to keep him warm. The man came back with a paper plate with a sandwich on it. He dropped it on the floor in front of him and walked away. Benjy grabbed the sandwich and opened it, making sure the man hadn’t slipped anything in it. When he didn’t find anything he took a bite. He ate the whole thing then lay back down. His back was sore and stinging. He wished he was big like his father so he could stop the man from hurting him anymore. He finally drifted off to sleep in exhaustion, dreaming of running through the woods with his parents.

Chapter Three

He felt so happy in his dream. At home Noe didn’t go back to sleep. Vivian cried until she passed out. He looked down at her finally crying himself. He had held it back to be strong for her. She had fallen asleep in his arms. He was supposed to protect his family but his past was now hurting his son. He felt like he should’ve sensed somone in their home or got up faster. Many things ran through his head he could’ve done to prevent this.

His Vivian and his little boy deserved happiness. Instead he just had to listen to his wife cry for hours straight. He could only imagine the terror his son was going through. He prayed he wasn’t being hurt too badly. One thing he did know is that Bremin would pay for this. He’d make sure of it. His thoughts went from sorrow to anger thinking about Bremin. That disgusting man had his son. Vivian woke up around 3 in the afternoon. She looked up at Noe who was still holding her but he was looking at the ceiling. His face was filled with anger. She touched his face and he jumped.

He had been really lost in thought. “Glad to see you awake. I hated being up by myself to be lost in horrible thoughts.” She kissed him. “You shoud have woken me up. I didn’t want to sleep.”

“You needed it Vivian”

“What are we going to do all day? I just feel like laying here and crying some more.” She wasn’t sure if there were any tears left in her body.

“My boys said they would call me back with the exact location. They’re having to track his phone and are having some trouble. They think he may be using some kind of jamming device, but they’ll find him.” He said and brushed his fingers through her bright red hair.

“I’m so scared and restless. Can we go out and just look around? Maybe we could ask the neighbors if they anything.”

“The cops would have done that already and they’ll get back to us is they find anything. I’m betting they won’t. You have no idea how upset the guys at the DEA office are. I think they’re scared I might fly over there and kill every last one of them.” That brought a small smile to Vivian’s face. “There’s my girl.” They sat holding each other. The sun finally started to come up, bathing everything in a pale blue.

Benjy woke in pain. The muscles in his back had cramped up and it was hard to move his right arm without crying. He had to pee so he walked behind the post he was chained to and relieved himself. He hated being here. He scented the air and listend like his dad had taught him. He didn’t think the man was in the same building. Sunlight filter in through cracks, letting him know he had been right about it being a barn. He ran his fingers over the manacle around his neck. His head was too big to get out of it, but he thought that maybe if he shifted he might be able to slip the stupid thing off. He tried and the muscles in his back stopped him. He hurt so bad. He sat down and cried. He couldn’t risk tearing his stitches.

He layed down and started thinking about good times with his parents for comfort. All the runs they went on, the games him and his mom would play, all the smiles that shot across his dads face with pride. He held on to those thoughts so he could quit crying. He didn’t want his dad to find him whimpering. He wanted his dad to find him being brave and acting like a man so he could see that approving smile again.

Vivian felt a little sick to her stomach. She guessed it was from all the crying and lack of eating anything. “Are you hungry Noe? We should probably eat somthing.”

“I’ll order a pizza. I don’t want you to have to cook right now.” He lovingly caressed her face. She hated how sad his eyes were but was sure hers looked the same way. He got up and ordered the pizza. They had a hard time waiting with how upset they were. Vivian started crying again then said “Benjy loves pizza”

“Oh Vivian” he hugged her “When he’s back with us we’ll take him to a pizza buffett and let him have as much as he wants because I promise you we’re getting him back. Remember when you were tied up in that horrible mans office? Didn’t I save you?” She nodded “I’ll save our son too. Have faith in my please”

“I do, I do. If you weren’t here I would die. I just want him back so bad that I’m ready to go over every inch of this city. I hate not knowing if he’s okay, if he’s even alive.”

“Hush now love, he’s alive. We’d know if he wasn’t. He’s a tough little guy.”

Soon the delivery guy arrived and knocked on the door. He saw how distraught Noe looked and almost couldn’t tell him how much he owed. He said before leaving, “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.” Noe closed the door and went back to Vivian. He sat the box down and they ate on the couch. His phone rang and he picked it up, answering it with a mouth full of pizza. “We found his location Noe, he’s on an old abandoned farm about three miles outside Paris. The man he called to pick your boy up will be arriving tomorrow night by helicopter. I know it’s a lot to ask, but you have to wait. We’re sending some of our guys over to ride out with you so we can nail both of these bastards. They’ve torn so many families apart and we have to stop them.” The man on the other end said.

“I understand, we’ll be waiting.” He said and hung up then turned to Vivian. “They found him, but we have to wait until tomorrow night.”

“Why?” She looked so hopeful.

“Because they want to catch both Bremin and the man he’s selling Benjy too. I know it’s hard, but we have to wait love.”

She nodded in understanding. “I wish they knew how he was”

“Me too” he pulled her into his arms again. Noe felt a little relief now that they atleast had a location. They sat down and finished eating. The day went by slower than any day in there lives. It felt like a week had passed by the time it was night. “Noe you should rest tonight so that we will be at our best tomorrow night.” He hoped he’d be able to. The worry made it impossible to even feel tired. Especially because he felt like a failure. His son shoud’ve never been taken from the house. A mans supposed to protect his family.

Vivian could see his face and tell what was on his mind. “Stop that right now Noe. Stop feeling like a failure!” He just hugged her not saying anything then carried her to the room. He layed down still holding her tightly against him. If he was going to sleep atall he had to feel her pressed against him so he knew she wasn’t gone aswell. He was holding her uncomfortably tight but she knew it was because he needed to at the moment. He comforted her earlier and now it was her turn to comfort him.

The night was cold and Benjy sat up with his back against a post shivering. He had his knees pulled up to his chest. He wished he could shift shape, at least his fur would help warm him. He rested his hea don his knees and fell asleep. He was being chased by his mother. She lifted him into the air and swung him in a circle. She handed him to his father who tossed him up high and caught him. He was laughing, so happy. He smiled in his sleep, knowing they were coming for him.

Noe jerked awake. The dream of playing with his son had been so real. He looked down at Vivian who was sound asleep with fresh tears on her face. He lay back down and kissed the back of her neck. He realized she must have cried herself to sleep. He felt a wrenching in his chest. He hated this whole situation. A week that had started off so perfect had been hit by the worst of storms. The kidnapping of a child was something no parent should go through. He remembered all the faces of children he rescued from slavers. He had felt so sad then, but actually being the parent waiting for any word that their child was okay was the most terrifying thing he had ever experienced. Early morning light filtered through the window and he just stayed there. Vivian turned in her sleep, burying her face in his chest. She mumbled something and smiled. Noon rolled around and the sound of knocking woke Vivian. They both went downstairs and answered the door. Four men with suitcases were standing there.

“Mind if we come in and get ready?” One of the men said and they stepped aside to let them in.

Benjy woke up to the man kicking him in the side. He tossed a hairbrush to him “Brush your hair or I’ll do it for you. Put these pants on adn I’ll put a shirt on you a little later.” He droped some pants beside him. “You’ll need to be looking good this evening. If you don’t brush your hair properly you’ll be sorry. You wont like me doing it for you. You haven’t ripped your stitches any have you?”


“Good” the man walked away and Benjy put on the pants and brushd his hair the way his mother always did. He hoped the man would be please and not brush it himself later. When Bremin came back he had food. “You did a good job. Isn’t it much better to be compliant?” He ate not saying a word and the man walked away. He missed his mothers cooking. It tasted much better than what Bremin was feeding him. If he made it back to his parents he was going to make sure not to be so much trouble for them anymore and he was going to thank his mother for all the good meals she made for him.

The DEA agents pulled on bullet proof vests and put in ear pieces. Vivian watched as they put together guns. She recognized all of them and had even shot them. They handed a vest and gun to Noe who thanked them. Vivian retrieved her rifle and all the men, except Noe, arched an eyebrow. “You’re coming with us?” One of them asked.

“You have a problem with that? I take it Noe didn’t tell you I was a mercenary. I could blow your head off from over 400 meters away. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m weak.” She gave him the coldest look she could and he actually stepped back.

“Sorry ma’am, I’ll just shut up now.”

“There’s a good boy.” Noe was looking at her with pride and the other men were trying not to smile. They all headed out, climbing into the DEA van. They pulled into a group of thick trees when they drew close to their destination.

“Vivian you’re a sniper so I want you to stay back and keep and eye on everything. If anyone tries to get away try winging them. If you can’t wing them then kill them. The rest of us will get as close as we can without being seen. No one does anything until the helicopter is down and the buyer is out. Do not hit the boy. If anything happens to that child I will have all of your asses.” The senior officer said and everyone nodded.

Vivian was anxious but kept her cool. It was vital in saving her son. Noe was also working to keep himself level minded. Bremin came to Benjy “I need to clean up your face. All that dried blood is disgusting. If you run I’ll shoot you again. He took the collar off of him and grabbed the back of his neck walking him to a bucket of water. The man roughly cleaned the boys face. “Damn I busted your lip when I hit you’ That shouldn’t bring down your price much though.

Benjy was worried about where he was going next. Hopefully the next person wouldn’t be as mean as Bremin was. He looked at his watch. He’ll be here any moment. Not long passed before they heard the helicopter.Bremin clamped harder onto the back of Benjys neck. “Be good you understand me?” He whimpered out a yes. Bremin put a shirt on him and started walking him out to meet his buyer.

Vivian wanted to run down the hill and kill Bremin when she saw Benjy through her scope. He looked so scared and she could see that his lip had been busted. She was shaking she was so angry and had to breathe because her rage was threatening to make her shift. She didn’t want to have to explain that to the other agents. The helicopter touched down and she waited. A man stepped out and Bremin approached the man, shaking his hand.

Noe and the others waited for the buyer to exit the helicopter before jumping out, screaming DEA. The buyer ran back to the helicopter and Bremin pulled out a gun, pressing it to Benjy’s head. His son started crying. “Just let him go.” Noe screamed. Bremin grinned evilly and Noe could see his finger tightening on the trigger. He was about to lose his son. The sound of a bullet whizzing buy filled the air and a hole blossomed in Bremin’s forehead. Noe ran to his son as the helicopter lifted off the ground, scooping him up and running with him.

Vivian was not about to let the buyer get away. She put another one in the chamber and leveled her gun at the front of the helicopter. She breathed, waiting until her crosshairs were right where the pilot would be. She fired and the helicopter spun out of control before crashing back to earth. The other agents surrounded it and pulled the buyer out of the rubble. He was still alive. Vivian looped her gun over her back and ran down the hill to meet her husband and son. She was crying before she even had Benjy in her arms.

“He’s been shot, we have to get him to the hospital.” Noe said.

They got him to a hospital quickly and ran him inside. At first they tried to take him back by himself but he started crying again for his mother. Even in the hands of hospital staff he was terrfied to be away from her. They allowed her to go back but Noe had to wait in the waiting room. He was frustrated they both couldn’t go back but atleast he was with his mother. A nurse looked at his back “What happend?”

“I tried to run away and he shot me. He dragged me back inside and layed me on a table and used somthing to pull the bullet out then he sewed me up. It hurt so bad.”

“I bet baby, you’re a tough boy to get stitches without anything to numb the pain. Now a nurse is going to come in and she’s going to give you some medicine in your arm so you wont feel anything. We have to open it back up and make sure it’s clean. It wont be painful I promise.” He nodded and Vivian held his hand. he hadn’t let it go the whole time. The nurse came in and they took care of his wound and stitched it back up. The doctor was horrified looking at the horrible way the man stitched it up. He could only imagine how much it had hurt the little boy.

Benjy had been so worked up the pain medicine put him to sleep. When the doctors left she sat on the bed rubbing his head. Noe was there in seconds once they told him where they were. He was almost in tears looking at his little boy. “How was everything”

“It went well. He’s brave”

“Of course he is. He’s our son” The next day they got discharged and the staff reminded them to change the bandage over the wound daily. It was right before lunch when thye left and Noe said “We’ll eat anywhere you want just tell us”

“I want to eat some of mommies food please. Can we go home and have mom cook for us?”

“Of course we can if that’s what you want.” He nodded. As Vivian cooked dinner Benjy sat in Noes lap on the couch watching cartoons. They let Benjy stay up until he passed out. Noe carried Benjy to their bed. They didn’t want him out fo their sight. They laid down on each side of their son and slept happily.

~The End~

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