Vivian & Noe 4

Chapter One

A high ranking politician was vacationing in Paris through the summer. The legal drinking age in France is sixteen but his daughter is only fifteen. She kept getting caught drinking and disturbing the peace so Noe eneded up taking her in many times. She always was out right away thanks to her father. It was infuriating to Noe and a waste of his time. He would just ignore the brat but he couldn’t ignore a call into the station.

They would always send Noe because the other men were terrfied to mess with her. Noe was the only one with enough balls to lock her up. The last time she offered to have sex with Noe to let her go back to partying “I’m married and even if I wasn’t no” Nanaly laughed “Just drop me off at home or I’ll ruin your marriage.” He ignored her and took her in anyway. Hoping her father would realize the girl needed to be punished.

In a few hours when her dad came to get her she said “I warned you.” as she passed Noe. He didn’t think the little brat really could do anything and shrugged it off. The next day at work his chief called him into the his office. “Noe before I say a word I know it isn’t true. You love Vivian too much.” Noe got a bit tense “what is it?”

“Nanaly told her father you raped her last night before you brought her in” Noes jaw dropped “I never touched that little bitch!”

“I know, I don’t believe it but her father is pressing the issue hard and has threatened going to the press and telling the world we’re letting an officer get away with raping his fifteen year old child. He pulled some strings and managed to get you on house arrest until the trial is over. He wanted you in prison but I pushed the issue that ¬†your wife is six months pregnant and needs you. I will have to take your badge and gun Noe”

Noe was still standing there speechless and full of anger. His chief could see it “Look, I’ve gotten a friend of mine who is a real shark of a lawyer. He’s gotten me off for stuff I really have done. If he can do that for me he can sure get you off for somthing you didn’t do. He’s coming to your home tomorrow to discuss things with you.”

Noe growled, startling his boss. He unclipped his badge and gun and slammed them on the desk. He walked out, ignoring his boss’s apologies. He stormed out of the station house and to his car. He gripped the steering wheel so hard as he drove that he feared her might rip it off. He took a deep breath as he came to a stop in front of his house. He got out and tried his best to seem happy as he walked through the door. Benjy, eleven years old, tall and lanky ran to his father and gave him a hug. “Hey pup, how are you?” He asked as he tussled his son’s hair.

“I’m good, how about you dad?” He smiled up at his father.

“How about you go upstairs so I can talk to mom.”

“Okay, love you dad.”

“I love you too buddy.” He took another deep breath and followed Vivian’s scent to the kitchen. She turned, the smile on her lips fading to a frown.

“What happened love?” She asked as she put down the knife she was using to chop potatoes and wiped her hands on her apron.

“You remember how I told you that some politician’s daughter was giving me trouble?” He hopped up on the counter and she moved to stand between his legs.

“Yes of course.”

“She went and told my boss that I raped her so now I’m on house arrest and have to go court. My boss says he knows she’s lying, but there’s nothing he can do.” Vivian felt very angry all of a sudden. She wanted to find the child and give her a beating she would never forget. No one ruined her husband’s reputation. She clenched her fists at her sides and started out of the kitchen. Noe grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“I know that look. Just stay here.”

“That drunk little bitch is trying to ruin your life. I can’t just set by and do nothing.”

“What would you do if I let you go?” He pulled her into a hug.

“I would scare her. I’d creep into her room at night and turn into a tiger right in front of her. I’d stalk her until she became so terrified she thought it was her conscience trying to get her to confess her misdeeds.” She felt like crying in frustration.

“You don’t need that stress right now. You’re five months pregnant and need to take it easy.”

“When have you known me to take it easy. I climbed the Eiffel Tower while I was pregnant with Benjy.”

“And he inherited your sense of adventure and taking chances. Please just calm down. Why don’t you go watch something and I’ll finish chopping potatoes.”

She sighed frustartedly “alright” He kissed her “Thank you” She walked out and went into their living room. Noe felt a small amount of relief. Part of his anger was worry over telling Vivian. She knew he loved her but he couldn’t help but worry she might believe Nanaly. He couldn’t live without Vivian, couldn’t since he met her. He probably would’ve turned into a wolf and killed Nanaly if Vivian hadn’t believed he didn’t do it. As he chopped he tried to look on the bright side that atleast he would get lots of time at home with the family that brought him so much happiness.

Even with the politician pushing, a court date would take awhile to get. Noe hoped his son wouldn’t hear much of all this. Sadly Noe knew Benjy would hear it eventually from the kids at school. This was bound to be gossiped about all over Paris. He finished cooking the food and put it on three plates. He carried two of them to the table then yelled for Benjy as he went to get the last one. Benjy bolted down the stairs. Benjy always ate like he had never eaten before.

When Vivian came to the dining room she hugged Noe again. He hugged her back until Benjy said “gross guys, please dont make me throw up my meal.” Vivian laughed filling Noe with happiness as he let his wife go. “You did great at finishing this baby.” Vivian said smiling at her husband even though she was beyond furious with the young women who dared accuse her husband of something like that. Noe reminded her too often of how much he cared for her ever to believe something like that.

“Go take your shower Benjy then get dressed for bed.” Vivian ordered softly.

“Come on mom, can I just stay up for one movie with dad?” Benjy gave her puppy dog eyes and she sighed and said yes. He jumped up and ran upstairs to the bathroom.

“You should fine a short movie while he’s showering.”

“Yes ma’am.” Noe said as he got up from the table.

Vivian rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. She was still very angry. The little girl wouldn’t get away with what she had done. She found her cell and went quietly upstairs to her room. There was one man who could help them since Noe would be making sure she couldn’t go out. She dialed a number she hadn’t called in a long time. She hit send and waited. “How nice of you to call me Vivian.” Jordan Havok said.

“I’m sure you know I’ve been busy.” She said quietly.

“Oh yes, a husband, a son, and another little bundle of joy on the way. Congratulations Viv. It still sucks you aren’t doing jobs for me anymore. You never made a mistake. These other fools are only ever going to be second best. Anyway, how can I help you?”

“My husband is being accused of something he didn’t do. You probably already know that though. The young girl who is accusing him is a drunk liar. I need you to get me proof against her. Pictures of her underage drinking and if she is promiscuous pictures of that too. See if she has ever accused any other cops and get them here to testify on Noe’s behalf. I don’t know when they plan on setting a date for the trial so I need you to start gathering proof now.”

“You have to do something for me as payment. There is a ring of slave traders hidden in the Amazon. They’ve been kidnapping and selling women. I need you to kill their leader so we can move in and take out the rest. Maybe pose as a buyer or another captive.”

“Fine, it’s a deal.”

“Then I’ll get right on it.” They hung up.

“Why are you getting Havok involved?” She spun around at Noe’s voice.

“I’m sorry, but you know he gets the job done and fast. Just trust me.”

“I always trust you babe. I just wish you had told me.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “You don’t have to hide things from me. Now, lets go watch a movie before Benjy comes up here.”

He lifted Vivian and carried her down the stairs. Benjy was out the shower and down the stairs in no time ready to watch a movie with his dad. Vivian was laying with her head in Noes lap. Benjy got on the couch on his fathers other side and Noe put his arm around Benjys shoulders after he pushed play on the remote. Noe loved his time with Vivian and Benjy. He couldn’t wait to meet their little girl. Noe was glad they had a girl second so she’d have Benjy always looking out for her.

The two of them were still trying to decide on a name. His mind soon went to what the deal was Vivian had the Havok. He hoped she wasn’t putting herself in danger to make sure he didn’t end up in jail and labeled a pedophile and sex offender. Noe was going to ask her what she promised after Benjy was in bed. Noe moved his hand to Vivians stomach hoping to feel their baby move. At five months she started moving like she was having a party in there daily. It was no better now. Sure enough his little girl kicked him causing Noe to smile.

Noe was growing impatient and hoped this trial wouldn’t cause Vivian too much stress. He had been doing his best to make her life as easy as possible these past six months. When the movie was over Benjy started pouting again wanting to be up. “You need your sleep son.”

“Yes sir” he said sadly going to his room. “are you ready for bed my love?”

“Yeah” she said in a sleepy tone. He got up then had Vivian in his arms again. He laid her in their bed as gently as possible then got in next to her. “I’m sorry this is happening Viv”

“Don’t be sorry, it’s her fault.”

“A lawyer will be coming tomorrow. The chief says he’s really good.”

“He better be if he wants to live.” Noe smiled and kissed Vivian. “I didn’t do it so I know everything will be fine”

She snuggled in close, resting her head on his chest. “If anything happened to you she wouldn’t be able to hide from me. She’d have a horrible accident.” She said, sounding mad.

“You wouldn’t kill a child.” He whispered.

“Of course not, but I’d make her wish she had not lied.”

“What did you promise your old boss you would do for his help?”

“Kill a man selling young women into slavery.”¬†He growled and she gave a small laugh. She lifted her head and smiled. “Calm down my wolf, I’ll be alright. I’ll do it after this all blows over and then we’ll just relax. Maybe we can go on vacation.”

“Havok should know better than to ask a pregnant woman to kill people.” He draped his arm over his face.

She kissed him softly and he lifted his arm to hold her tightly to him. Her faith in her abilities always frightened him. He could lose her so easily to mercenary work, but she thought nothing of it. She was an amazing sniper and close combat fighter. She had only been caught of guard a couple of times. Once from a gun and drug runner and again by a serial killer. The second time her hormones had got the best of her. He just didn’t want her to get hurt again. “Everything will be alright. Havok will make sure the lawyer has everything he needs and I will do this job with out putting myself at risk.”

“I love you. Thank you for believing me about the girl.” He pulled her head back down to his chest.

“I know you would never lie to me Noe or do anything so despicable. You may be a wolf, but you are no monster. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Well, one of the best. Bengy is another best and so is our little girl.” She yawned and closed her eyes. “I’ll always love you my beautiful wolf.” He smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

He felt truly lucky to have run into her on that mission; felt blessed she actually wanted to marry him. Even if he got cleared of the charges the news would be all over this and it would hurt his reputation regardless. It was only the love and warmth of his wife keeping him calm. It meant a lot to Noe that he didn’t have to defend himself atall. When he told her what was going on she instantly was on his side no questions asked.

Noe hugged Vivian gently not wanting to wake her. He needed this time to relax. Noe had been so wound up. If Vivian wasn’t pregnant he would’ve asked for a back massage before bed. Her breathing was almost a lullaby to him. He just layed there until he was finally at full ease. “I love you more than you’ll ever know Vivian.” He whispered before shutting his eyes. Vivian woke up to take Benjy to school. Benjy wouldn’t get up no matter what she did so she rolled him out of bed and on the floor “Mom!” Benjys yelling woke Noe. “well you’re going to be late. This is why we dont let you stay up late”

Benjy quickly got ready, Noe wished he could take Benjy to school for Vivian but knew he couldn’t leave the house. As the two of them came down the stairs he hugged his son then Vivian. “Hurry back please my love”

“I will”

“Dad will be here today?”

“Yes his boss gave him some time off”

“That’s so cool!” They walked out the door and Noe stood there feeling terribly alone. He hated being trapped, not being able to go with his wife and son. Benjys school was fifteen minuets away so it would be atleast thirty before Vivian was back. Noe took a shower then got dressed in clean clothes. Before he could dry his hair he heard a knock on the door. He opened it seeing a tall short haired man. He didn’t look very impressive but he introduced himself as his lawyer “Please feel free to call me Kevin”

“alright, please come in”

“Where’s your wife?”

“Taking our son to school.”

“Good I’m glad she’s not here so we can talk honestly”

“What do you mean?”

“Well husbands tend not to be so honest about what they’ve been doing when their wives are listening. Don’t get pissed but did you do it? I dont care I swear. I’ve defended some pretty low people. I have to know the truth before I pursue this case. I wont breath a word to your wife. Besides she’s pregnant I understand if you needed to get a little somewhere else.” Kevin saw a very dark expression pass over Noes face. “I did not rape that girl. I would never sleep with anybody but my wife. I would be an idiot to throw away what I have with Vivian over something like sex. I’d appreciate if you didn’t talk so lightly about the subject in the future.”

“Calm down big boy it was just a question.”

“That could easily get your throat ripped out. I am very dedicated to my family. Next time you ask such a thing I will break your nose.”

“He said you were a hot head. Come now, lets sit and discuss our defense strategy.” Kevin plopped down on the couch and Noe sat on the love seat. He feared being too close to the man would make him combust with rage. Dirty lawyer, dirty cops, and a dirty politician with his dirty daughter. He hated this.

“It’s simple she has a grudge against me because I arrested her more times than I can count for underage drinking, being too loud, and assault. She’s a no good lying little whore who has it out for me because I don’t care about how rich and high up her dad is.” He said through gritted teeth.

“The little rich bitches are always causing trouble. Do you have any proof that she’s lying and out to get you?” Kevin said with a smile.

As if on cue there was a knock on the front door. Noe stood and crossed the room, jerking it open. He glared at the man grinning back at him. Jordan Havok, six foot three with bright blue eyes and long black hair to his shoulders. He wore a baseball cap turned backwards and a tank top and jeans. His glasses rested on his nose, making him look like a college student or a librarian. He had two boxes in his arms.

“Mind letting me in pack leader.” He said. Noe frowned and stepped aside. It bothered him that Havok knew what he and Vivian were.

“You look like a lawyer, you’re Noes right?”

“Yes I am, what do you have there?”

“Most of what you need. It’s very important to me you win this so I’ve rushed to dig up all I can on this harlot and believe you me she’s not been careful with her cavorting.” Havok opened one of the boxes pulling out some pictures. “For starters she has two Facebook pages. One her dad is on and one for all her friends. I’ve printed all the ones of her parting. This little whore even has pictures of herself having sex with men. Kevin looked like he was enjoying those a little too much. “I will be getting you more than I already have. I have people listening to her cellphone calls. If she blurts the truth over the phone I will be sure to get it on tape and send it to you.”

“What’s the other box?”

“That’s for Viv”

“You know his wife well?”

“Oh yes” Noe had to contain his growl. It was hard under normal circumstances to tolerate Havok but in this instance with what was going on it was even harder even though Havok was helping him. “Lighten up Noe, this will discredit her and make the jury not view her as an innocent little girl. The war is half over and I promise you I wont let you go to jail. I need your Vivians help and she wont help me if I fail to keep you free.”

“She’d probably hunt you down and slit your throat if you failed. Same goes for you Kevin.” Noe said and sat down to look through the box. Five seconds in he already felt sick to his stomach. He couldn’t believe how a little girl could wind up so horrible. He was going to do his best to keep his daughter away from this life. He believed it would be a lot easier with his child because they would be pack members. The pack stuck together. He could only imagine the heart break her father would experience when these were shown to the jury.

“Ain’t that the truth. Viv was never one for accepting failure. She’d probably dangle us over a pit of starving crocs before killing us.” Jordan said as he leaned back on the couch and laughed.

“You are an annoying human, you know that?” Noe said.

“Vivian has told me many times how obnoxious I am. I can’t help it.”

“Don’t make me kill you. I don’t think Vivian would be very happy.”

“How does he know your wife exactly?” Kevin asked.

“She used to work for him before we got married.”

“Were you lovers?” Noe growled and Jordan laughed.

“Dear lord no.” Jordan said. “Have you met her yet? This is the only guy she gave the time of day. She threatened to castrate me after I hit on her the first time.”

They heard the door open and close and Vivian stepped into the living room. She was caught between a smile and a frown. “Well hello Jordan and who I’m guess is a lawyer.” She said.

“Kevin.” He said.

“What’s all that?”

“I’ve already got lots of incriminating stuff on Nanaly.”

“Oh good I knew you could.” Vivian said happily. Noe noticed Kevin staring at Vivian which annoyed him. He had never been so irritated in all his life between Nanaly, Kevin and Jordan. Noe moved over so she could sit between him and the arm of the couch. He didn’t want her by Jordan or near Kevin. As she walked over to sit by her husband she said in a cool tone”It’s very rude to stare Kevin even if you are helping us.”

“I’m sorry, you’re a very beautiful woman.” Kevin cleared his throat “Those are fighting words to Vivian. She’ll kill you if you don’t stop. Take it from somone who knows her wrath. She wont tolerate it.”

“Understood Kevin said going back to looking through what Jacob brought separating some of them” Jordan stood up “I’ll get back to hunting. With my help you will only lose this case if you’re an idiot. Noe didn’t do this and you will prove it. Goodbye Viv, I really miss you at work and can’t wait to see your skill in action again.” Noe wanted Kevin gone too. “So Vivian do you have absolute faith in your husband?”

“Of course I do”

“Well I ask because if you have even the slightest doubt in him the jury will see it and doubt him too. Nothing influences a jury more than how much the wife is supporting him in a case like this. I’ll want you at the court house to show you don’t think he did this. It will do more harm than good though if you arent one hundred percent sure of his innocence.”

“I trust him without a doubt. He loves me and wouldn’t touch another woman. Especially not a child.”

“Good, so you’ll be coming to court too when I can set up a date with prosecution?”

“Yes i will.”

“Good, well I’m going to go and start getting together things. It will take me awhile to come to terms with the prosecution and I’ll need to get a jury together.” Kevin stood up and left. Noe pulled Vivian into his arms “I’m so glad they are gone. I was hvaing trouble controlling myself. That box is for you by the way.”

“I’ll look at it later.”

“Why? So I don’t see how much danger you’ll be in?”

“No, I just want to relax with you. You’re so tense.”

Chapter Two

“How was the drive to school?” He asked as he flipped through the TV channels.

“He begged me to let him go back to dad’s. Apparently he loved homeschool. I told him that private school is just as good and he’s old enough and better able to control the change so it’s safe to be around humans.” She said with a smile.

“That boy is so much like you it’s not even funny.”

“So, do I even want to see what’s in the box of evidence?”

“No, I need to take a shower after looking. Maybe some bleach in my eyes.”

“Well then lets take a shower.” She stood and pulled him to his feet. He tossed the controller on the couch and followed her upstairs. She smiled as she pulled him into the bathroom and started kissing him. He tugged at her clothes, pulling them off so he could slide his hands over bare skin. She smiled against his mouth and slid the buttons of his shirt open. He was absolutely voracious for her, but she wanted to take her time. She wanted to make sure he knew how much she really loved and trusted him. When they were both naked he lifted her into his arms and she wrapped her legs around him. He pressed her against the wall and thrust into her so she threw he head back with a gasp. “Slow baby, please.” She whispered.

“Anything for you.” He set a gentle pace, his lips moving down her neck and over her chest to her breasts. She felt tears spring to her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck. They slid down her face to drip off her chin. Her love for him was so overwhelming at times. His lips found hers again and she moaned into his mouth. She dug her nails into his shoulders, her orgasm taking her breath away. He finished and rested his forehead against her shoulder. She felt wet warmth hit her skin and her heart broke for him. He was crying. “What’s wrong love?”

“I love you so much. I couldn’t bear to lose you. I hate that you have to go through this with me, that I have brought this burden down on you. You shouldn’t have to worry or be forced to repay Havok.” He answered, holding her as tight as he dared.

“I’m supposed to help you carry this load. I’m your wife and I love you with all my heart. Repaying Jordan is nothing if it means keeping my family together.” He lowered her to her feet and she smiled up at him. “Lets take a shower now and then nap.”

He looked into her eyes with tears still rolling down his cheeks. Vivian could barely stand it without crying herself. Noe never cried, She could count on one hand the times he had shed even a single tear. When she got the shower running and they stepped in Noe wrapped his arms around Vivian again. “Noe don’t be so sad. I love you and trust you fully. I don’t think for a second you raped that girl.”

“I’m so glad, You and our children are my world. I can’t lose you, especially not over something I didn’t even do. I’m just worried about you getting swayed through all this. Men like him drag this stuff out as long as possible if they can’t win.” Vivian made Noe look her in the eyes. “Nothing short of video evidence of you raping that girl will change my mind. Please be happy for me.” He kissed Vivian with love and desperation. ¬†She just stood there letting him kiss her as long as he needed to. Vivian could feel the sorrow and love pouring through him.

He pulled back as the water was starting to get cold. “We have to hurry now or we wont have hot water.” Noe smiled causing Vivian to. They washed quickly then dried hoping into bed. Noe gave Vivian kisses all over her face and stomach. He then just breathed her in and relaxed while lacing a hand in hers. “I’m so lucky to have you. You drive every bit of me crazy with love and passion. I think about you all day while I’m at work. I hope you know that my love.”

“I do you’ve told me before.”

“Good. Do I tell you enough how much you mean to me?”

“You show me constantly. It doesn’t need words. You do tell me plenty though.” Noe got on his side and turned Vivians head to look her in the eyes “I’ll always love you and only you. Even if you go before me I’ll never take another mate. My heart and soul are yours for eternity Vivi”

Noe woke up around lunch time with Vivian still wrapped around him. He smiled down at her, admiring her while she slept. He was truly the lucky one. He loved his hot headed, smart mouth wife. He would do anything for her. He managed to get out from under her and off the bed without waking her. He pulled on a pair of sweats and went downstairs to make them something to eat. He decided on chicken salad. He pulled a couple of chicken breasts out of the freezer and put them in the microwave. He sat down in front of the TV, watching the movie Lockout. Guy Pearce’s sarcastic attitude reminded him of Vivian and how easily she could infuriate someone while making them want to laugh at the same time. It was like watching the male version of her. He noticed she had not opened the box Jordan had brought her and decided to go through it.

Vivian woke to her cell phone buzzing. She reached over, huffing when she saw Jordan’s name flash across the screen. She answered, “What now?” She snapped.

“Calm down tiger, I was just calling to see if you opened the box.” He said.

“No, I haven’t had the time. Have you found anything else on the problem?”

“Of course I have. She accused three other cops of rape. One went to prison and two quit the force. They couldn’t handle the accusatory whispers and stares. Apparently Nanaly is a disgusting little creature of habit. Anyway, the two not in prison offered to testify on Noe’s behalf. I’m flying them out in an hour, even paying for a couple of hotel rooms.”

“Thanks Jordan, I’ll take a look in the box soon.”

“Okey dokey. Talk to you tomorrow.” They hung up and Vivian stretched then got out of bed. She headed downstairs, freezing at the bottom of the stairs when she saw Noe going through the box. He didn’t look happy.

“Hey baby.” She said and his eyes jumped to her face.

“You said it was an easy job, not that you’d have to get up close and personal with Orlando Ross. Do you have any idea what this man is capable of?” He was trying not to yell.

“Baby please calm down. I haven’t even read the files yet. I have to do this for you if I don’t want you going to prison.” He sighed and threw the file back in the box. “It will be okay.” He buried his face in his hands and she crossed the room to him. She sat down on the couch and wrapped her arms around him. The microwave binged and he got up. She followed him into the kitchen, worried he was angrier than he was letting on.

He pulled the chicken breasts out and concentrated on cooking. This wasn’t the time to yell at Vivian. He was lucky she hadn’t left him when she heard what he was accused of. “I have good news Noe. Nanaly has accused three other cops of rape. Two are going to testify for you. Jordan is paying for their hotels.” It was a relief to hear but he still couldn’t speak. He was scared of her doing the job she’d have to do to pay Jordan back. On top of that he couldn’t help but feel ashamed his mate was going to have to put her life at risk for him. Noe was the Alpha male, that kind of thing was his job.

He couldn’t say that though, especially with Vivian pregnant she might punch him in the mouth. “Noe please speak to me.” Her voice sounding sad like she was going to cry. All he could say was “We can give Jordan back all his evidence Viv. You can’t risk your life. I need you and our baby girl.” He started to cry like before. Vivian hugged Noe from behind. “Baby I’ll be ok. I used to do this sort of thing all the time.”

“Can you atleast let me come? Just let me be near enough to save you if somthing happens. We can send Benjy back to your parents for awhile.” Noe looked so pitiful she couldn’t say no “Of course we can. Are you going to be ok as long as you can go?” Noe nodded turning off the stove so he could turn to hug Vivian. “I mean it when I tell you you’re my world.” he said with his voice breaking. Right now he was more like a puppy than her strong wolf. “Let me finish cooking Noe.” He shook his head “I want to cook for you. You’re such an amazing wife. Please let me cook for you.”

“Ok Noe, want me in here or the living room?”

“Living room.” Vivian kissed Noes cheek. “I love you baby”

“I love you too.” He said as she walked away. He cried a little more then finished cooking. He brought the two plates out and quickly ate. He watched Vivian trying to will her to eat faster so he could have her in his arms. When she set her plate down Noe was holding her the next second.

“I might have to sew our pants together at this rate.” She laughed and he frowned.

“I’m sorry I’m being so clingy.” He said.

“It was a joke. I love your clingy side. I love all your sides.”

“I wasn’t aware I had more than one.”

“You have your loving happy side, you have a cool almost dark side, you have a boyish side that I see when you play with Bengy, and you have your clingy protective side. I love them all.” She grabbed his face in her hands and rubbed her nose against his before kissing him.

“I think you forgot one.” He smiled.

“Oh really? Which one?”

“My wild horny side.” She laughed so hard tears were in her eyes. She wrapped him in a tight hug. He made her so happy, made her heart sing with joy. She checked the clock and realized she had to get Benjy.

“I have to pick up our son.” She said as she kissed him again. “I’ll be back in a little bit.”

“Okay love, be careful.”

Vivian grabbed her keys and opened the door. She quickly slammed it again when she saw the news van outside. She locked the door and went back to the dining room. “There’s a damn news van outside.” She said.

“What?” He peeked out the front window and growled. “How dare they.”

“I’ll just take the balcony and head over the buildings until I’m out of sight. I’ll bring Benjy back that way so leave the balcony doors open please.” Vivian ran upstairs and stepped out onto the balcony. There was a man sitting in the alley. She guessed he was part of the new team. She stepped up on the railing and jumped across to the next building. She ran as fast as she could and jumped again. She took a drain pipe down and made sure no one could see her before stepping out onto the sidewalk and running.

She was glad her family all had animal in them so this was possible. With so much attention on them she couldn’t change into the tiger but she still had amazing speed from it in her human form. She was one with the creature that lived in her heart. Noe was impatient waiting for his wife and almost in a rage News Channles were in his yard harrasing his family. How was he going to explain to Benjy when he got home why they were out there. He worried his son wouldn’t believe him like Vivian did. He worried those eyes that looked at him with such adoration would now be filled with shame.

Vivian was very tired by the time she reached Benjys school. He ran out as soon as he saw his mother and she hailed a cab. “why did you run mom? Car trouble?” Vivian sighed “Your father has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit and there’s a bunch of news vans outside. I couldn’t get to the car.”

“What do they think he did?” The cab driver spoke before Vivian could “he raped an American girl” Benjy got a look of anger “My mother says he didn’t so he didn’t! My dad would never do that. He’s a good man!”

“Believe what you want kid”

“Let me out of this damn cab! We’ll walk the rest of the way.” Vivian said very angrily to the cab driver. He let them out and she grabbed Benjys hand “lets just run the rest of the way home ok?”

“Ok mom” Noe was pacing the floor waiting. He hoped nobody had stopped them to ask questions. He hated how the little bitch was hurting him and his family. Soon he heard Vivian and Benjy coming through the window. He helped them in and hugged Benjy. “I know you didn’t do it dad.”

“Sombody told him?” Noe said pained “Yes the cab driver.” Noe growled again. “Dad don’t worry, you’d never do that. You’re a good man and love my mom.”

“Thank you for beliving in me son” Noe said kissing Benjys head.

“I just won’t go outside for awhile dad. Maybe I can stay at grandma and grandpa’s for awhile so you don’t worry about me being followed.”

“Such a wise boy.” Vivian said and hugged her son. “I’ll call them and have my dad come around to the balcony window.” She grabbed her cell and dialed their number. Her mother answered. “Hey mom, can you and dad take Benjy for a few days?”

“Is it this nonsense with that little political brat?” Her mother asked.

“Yes, there’s a news van outside and I don’t want Benjy being caught up in the media. Tell dad to pull him out of school. He can homeschool him again until this all blows over.”

“I’ll send him right over honey. Get Benjy packed.”

“Thanks mom.” They hung up and she went to tell both Noe and Benjy what was going on.

“Oh wow mom, homeschool. I love being at grandma and grandpa’s house.” Benjy said as he ran to his room to start packing.

“It’s because they spoil him.” Noe said with a small smile.

“At least he’s learning something though.” They waited patiently in their room for her father to show up. He startled them when he jumped onto the balcony. He hugged his daughter and his son in law.

“You know I could always pull some strings and get this problem taken care of.” He said.

“I already did that daddy.”

“That’s my girl.” Benjy came running into the room with his duffle bag. He ran into his grandfather’s arms and gave him a tight hug. “I’m so glad to see you pup. We should get going, tell your parents bye.” Benjy hugged them and then quickly left with his grandfather.

“I’m glad we have your parents so close by and that they also believe me.” Noe said.

“They know I would never marry a monster. They trust my judgement.” Vivian kissed his cheek. “Now to take care of that news van.” She rubbed her hands together, her eyes glowing with mischief.

Noe smiled, he thought she was cute when she was up to no good in a harmless way. That look in her eye was as playful and full of mischief as a kitten. Vivian kissed Noe saying “I’ll be back my love. I’ll give them something else to talk about”

“Just don’t hurt yourself or let them hurt you.”

“You know I wont my handsome wolf” She winked. Vivian ran out again to go to¬†Th√©√Ętre du Ch√Ętelet. She thought she’d give them more of a show than someone singing. Vivian purchased some clothes to place in a cluster of bushes nearby so she would have something after she ruined what she was wearing. She was actually excited about causing a stir. These nosy, busy bodies were so obsessed with her husband she wouldn’t feel bad for shaking them a bit to get their mind off him.

She finally arrived and shifted. Vivian darted into the doors making the man faint as she passed. Vivian heard screams before she even entered the room Roberto Alagna was performing. She liked his voice and wished it wasn’t his performance she was ruining but she wasn’t going to stop now. She knew those vans would make her husband feel worse and wanted them gone as soon as possible. Vivian bursted in and everybody instantly jumped up screaming. Roberto ran faster than she had ever seen a man move before. People were taking pictures and calling for police. Vivian went to run out and soon found herself being shot at by a police officer.

She barely got out without getting hit. She hoped nobody got that on video because it was a man Noe worked with. Noe wouldn’t take kindly to Christoph shooting at his wife even though he didn’t know it was Vivian. She found the bushes and got dressed as cop cars and news crews pulled up. Vivian ran as fast as she could wanting to get back to Noe. She wouldn’t mention the shooting and prayed he wouldn’t find out.

She went in the front door this time since there was no van outside. She peeked in the living room. Noe was watching TV, glaring at the screen, jaw clenched. She thought about how fast the news stations were. “You might as well come in here. I’m going to be pissed anyway.” He said, his eyes jumping to her face. She actually shivered.

“I didn’t think the cops would get there so fast or the news would report it so fast.” She moved across the living room slowly, her muscles coiled for evasion in case he pounced. “I’m alright, not a single scratch. The mercenary in me took over.”

“We have enough to worry about without you getting put in the hospital or killed especially being pregnant. Don’t just brush it off like it’s nothing.” He snapped, coming to his feet.

“Why don’t you just calm down. I wasn’t hurt.” He crossed the room and grabbed her arm, pulling her over to the TV.

“Some teenager caught it on camera.” He pointed at the screen and she saw herself running then a cop pulling his gun and firing off a few rounds. “Look how close that bullet came to ending your life. Two more inches and it would have been a head shot.” His fingers were digging painfully into her arm.

“You’re hurting me.” She said and his eyes softened. He looked really sad and pulled her into a hug.

“I’m so sorry Vivian. I was just scared. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just take a breath.” She held onto him and kissed his cheek. “You’re just scared and stressed. Don’t be angry.”

“I’m more scared than mad. At least you’ve given them something to talk about for awhile. Looks like you scared the crap out of them.”

“They scattered faster than a group of slavers running from a grenade.” He gave a small laugh and she smiled.

“Why dont we have some dinner? I’ll make three cheese pasta.”

“Could I help, I want to keep my mind as busy as possible until everything is over with.”

“I’d love that.” Vivian kissed Noes cheek again. Before she could move away he grabbed her face so he could press his lips against hers. “I prefer being able to taste you” Noe said softly when he let go of her face. Vivian smiled and they both went into the kitchen. She managed to get him laughing and playing with her after awhile in there. When it was done they ate and Noe asked if they could just go ahead and get to bed. “With how tired our daughter makes me I have no complaints about sleeping.”

“I hope you’re not too tired” Noe said looking at his wife with longing eyes. “I’m never too tired for that” Vivian purred. He walked over to Vivian and listed her out of the chair. Vivian guessed he still felt bad about hurting her arm because he was holding her so gently that if he held her any more loosely he’d drop her. Noe laid Vivian down and began ripping her clothes off as fast as he could. The fear of losing her had increased his sexual appetite for Vivian to the point it was nearly uncontrollable.

He quickly started biting and licking all over Vivian as his hands quickly explored her body. They stopped at her hips when he pushed her legs apart. He began to vehemently lick her. Noe enjoyed the taste of Vivian so much sometimes she’d end up screaming for him to stop after she couldn’t handle the orgasms anymore because he just couldn’t pull away. When her back lifted with her first one Noe kept going. He promised her in his head that he’d stop after her second. When it came he reluctantly pulled back then pinned Vivians arms over her head thrusting into her.

Her every moan tugging at his heart. His thrusts were hard and fast until she was orgasming again which caused him too. The look on her face was extremely sexy to him when she got her release. He immediately laid down beside Vivian and held her close. Vivian wanted to tell Noe she loved him but couldn’t find words. His passionate lust for her had left her without air. Noe kissed her forehead “I love you Vivian”. After the words left his mouth he quickly fell asleep.

Chapter Three

Vivian woke to banging at the front door. She checked the clock and huffed when she saw it was three in the morning. She got out of bed and was pulling on a pair of shorts and a tank top as Noe jerked awake. “You don’t have to get up.” She said with a smile.

“Yes I do, there’s no telling who it is.” He got up and tugged on a pair of sweats. They went quickly downstairs, pausing at the door to smell the person on the other side. Neither of them recognized the scent. Vivian opened the door and glared at the man on the porch. He took a step back between the two men flanking him. “Hold on, I know you. You’re Nanaly’s father.” Noe said, his voice taking on a deep growl. “What the Hell do you and your goons want?”

“Nanaly’s missing.” He answered.

“Why don’t you go check a club or see if she’s whoring again.” Noe snapped and he took another step back.

“Please, she’s been gone since she accused you. She won’t answer her cell. Please, it’s your duty to help her.”

“My duty?” Noe moved threateningly toward the man and the two bodyguards cut him off. “You would do well to move out of my way before I make a meal of the two of you.” He let his eyes catch the moonlight and they glowed for a moment. The two men moved and Noe was in the politician’s face. “You had me stripped of my badge and gun, you have men and women seeing my face all over the world with the words accused rapist underneath it. Your daughter is nothing to me. For all I care she can wind up overdosed in a ditch. You let her try and destroy me. Get someone else to do your dirty work.”

Vivian grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Just leave us.” She said cooly.

“Please, I’ll drop the charges.”

Both Vivian and Noe froze. They exchanged a long look and came to a silent agreement.¬†“I think you should see what your little girl has been up to before we decide if we will help you or not. Then you will understand why all this is bull shit.” Vivian was calm, but wanted to beat all three of the men before her. “Come inside.”

They came inside and sat down. Vivian handed the box¬†to Nanalys father. He started looking through the pictures and his face was a mixture of horror and sadness. Vivian felt bad for the man. She looked over at Noe and he still looked agitated. Nanalys father spoke “I just can’t believe this. She’s my little princess. I remember” he said starting to choke up “I remember when she wore cute little dresses and wanted to marry a prince.” Nanalys dad looked absolutely heartbroken seeing his daughter in that way. “I’m sorry she falsely accused you sir and the charges will be dropped even if you can’t find her but please, I know you have children of your own. I just need you to help me. She’s my baby girl no matter what she’s done.”

Noe looked at Vivian who nodded. “Fine I’ll help you.” Noe said in a very annoyed voice. “where was the last place you saw her?” Vivian asked. “She was in her room and when supper came around nobody could find her. I guess she must have snuck out to go somewhere. “First we should check all the bars. She seems to love them.We can ask if the bar tenders have seen her” Noe said materafactly. “Ok” Nanalys dad said with a voice full of worry and sadness.

“I’ll call Jordan.” Vivian said.

“Not if he asks for over time.”

“He won’t because he knows I’m not in the mood.” She went upstairs and they all sat there in silence.

“Who’s Jordan?”

“He’s the man who collected that box of junk we just showed you. He’s also the head of a mercenary group working for whoever pays for a noble cause and Vivian’s old boss.”

All the men’s eyes widened and one of the bodyguards unbuttoned his jacket. “Your wife was a mercenary?” The bodyguard asked.

“And shoots a rifle with deadly accuracy. You don’t have to worry about her hurting you unless you try something first. She’s a lot faster than you anyway.” Vivian came back down a few minutes later with a half smile. “Well?”

“He’s searching street cameras around their house. I had to argue with him, but he finally agreed when I told him I had his scent and could find him in a heart beat.”

“His scent?” The other bodyguard asked.

“Old mercenary saying. Anyway, he wants us to do what we can on our own. I have to grab a couple of things and then you can take us to your place.” She smiled.

“I need to change into something street appropriate.” Noe said and followed her upstairs. She pulled off her clothes and found something more athletic. Black spandex pants with a sports bra, sweater, and her paratrooper boots. She pulled her hair up in a ponytail then reached under the bed for the black case that held her rifle. She quickly assembled it then looped it across her back. The last thing she grabbed was her eye patch. She tied it around her gun strap. Noe was more a jeans and t-shirt sort of guy. They went back downstairs and all eyes turned to Vivian.

“Stop staring boys, we have work to do. Take us to your house now.”

“Yes mam” Richards bodyguards said. They exited and locked the apartment then jumped into Richards car with his bodyguards. Noe made sure none of the other men could sit by his wife. “What got such a beautiful woman into mercenary work?” Richards bodyguard Seely asked. “what does me being beautiful have to do with it?” Vivian said slightly glaring. “I didn’t mean to offend you. I just don’t normally see such pretty girls with a job like that.”

“Well you could just ask why I took the job and not add on that I’m beautiful. It just makes you an asshole in my opinion.” Seely looked shocked by her statement. Vivian continued “Just because I’m beautiful doesn’t mean I have to just be a wife or a stripper.” Seely looked like he was trying to find something to say but was at a loss. Vivian looked positively annoyed by the man. Noe smiled, he didn’t like the bodyguard so was glad Vivian had made him so uncomfortable. They went the rest of the way without another word exchanged between anyone.

“Where’s your daughters room Richard?” Noe asked. “I’ll show you” Richard said going up the stairs. Noe let Vivian walk in front of him so the bodyguards couldn’t get a glance at her ass. He was very observant and noticed them staring at her every chance they got. They were trying to do it descretly but nothing got by Noe, especially when it came to Vivian.

Vivian noticed the laptop setting open on the bed. She ran her finger over the mouse and it lit up. She was still looked into her email. She grabbed her cell and called Jordan. “Hey, I’m sending you an email so you can have Remey hack in and go through everything.” She said.

“You don’t trust me to do it?” He said with false hurt.

“You’re good, but Remey leaves absolutely no stone unturned. Just give it to Remey please.”

“Alright, alright geeze don’t bite my head off. So passive aggressive it stings.” She hung up and slipped her cell into her pocket.

“We should start tracking while they’re still going through things.” They told Richard and his ever present bodyguards goodbye and left the house. Richard stood there speechless, having never been dismissed by someone. Vivian climbed up the side of a building once they were out of sight, taking the high ground while Noe searched low. She wanted to shift, but didn’t know if Richard had one or both of his men following them. She was sure at least one would be around later.

Noe inhaled as much air as he could, drawing in every smell and then isolating the one he wanted. The left over smell of Nanaly’s disgusting perfume wafted up his nose. He had to force himself not to sneeze. He signaled for Vivian to come down and she slid down a drain pipe, making his heart skip a beat. He hated when she did stuff like that while pregnant. He was positive he was going to have a coronary. She landed gracefully on her feet and gave him a smile. “She went this way. I can smell her perfume.” He said.

“We should get as far as we can before it fades or becomes obscured. The sun is starting to come up and soon the street and sidewalk will be full of people going to work.” She replied.

They both took off quickly. Noe would be glad once they had the spoiled brat back with her father and he wouldn’t have to breath in that perfume any longer. Noe wanted a nice long shower and to just inhale his wife for a few hours after this was over. Her scent could make any horrible smell fade quickly. Being a police officer he hated how good his nose was. Most the low lives he arrested smelled as if they hadn’t bathed for days.

He especially hated prostitutes. He could smell all the nasty men they had let all over them. Every night he looked forward to hugging Vivian and replacing all the horrid smells of the day with her intoxicatingly sweet and seductive scent. “I’m sorry Noe” Vivian said halting his thought process. “For what?”

“That you have to track a smell you absolutely can’t stand. I can see the pained expression on your face following it.”

“It’s ok, atleast I’ll have yours to replace it with later.” He smiled at his wife and went back to tracking. She just smiled not saying anything else so he could concentrate on where it was going. Vivian was actually having fun. Noe always fussed over her so much when she was pregnant. Vivian hadn’t ran with him since she told him she was expecting. She tried to keep a serious face and not smile a lot though. Nanaly could’ve possibly gotten herself in danger. She may be headed down a horrible path but she was still only a child.

Vivian really blamed her father. If he didn’t bail her out all the time she probably wouldn’t be so bad. Vivian hoped that this would make Nanalys dad wake up and start disciplining the girl. The sun climbed a little higher. Noe guessed it must be around five in the morning now. He picked up the pace knowing Vivian could easily keep up even pregnant. A baby hardly slowed her down a bit. It was both admirable and scary.

A car drove by, blowing exhaust into the air and obliterating the scent. She roared at the vehicle, causing the driver to swerve a little. “Damn it.” She said and crossed her arms.

“We know she went this way so just take a breath.” He looked up and down the street and his eyes settled on a bar. “Come on.” He grabbed her hand and they quickly crossed the street. They walked into the bar and the bartender backed up at the sight of Vivian’s gun. “Don’t worry, we’re looking for someone. Did a young girl about fifteen come through here last night?” Noe asked.

“Uh, no I don’t think so.” He averted his gaze.

Vivian grew impatient and reached across the bar, grabbing his shirt and pulling him in close. “Listen to me creep. I don’t care of you sold a fifteen year old whore beer illegally, but we need to know if she was here and where she went.”

“Okay, okay just calm down. Yeah she was in here for three hours. She hit on some guy, he bought her a few drinks. She stumbled out of here with him and they got in a black Mercedes. I have a receipt with his name on it.” She let him go and he went to the register and lifted up the tray to grab the pile of receipts. He went through them and handed her a piece of paper. “Please don’t call the police on me.”

“No more selling beer to underage girls.” Noe said and the bartender swallowed nervously as they exited the building.

“Lets see who our mystery man is. Omar Trianan, nice name.” She pulled out her cell and called Jordan. “Research Omar Trianan. Did you get anything from the laptop and security cameras?”

“She messaged some named Heather before she left. Heather sent a message back later asking where she was. She never met up with her friend I guess. The cameras just caught her leaving her home.” Jordan replied.

“Check the cameras around the Black Eye Bar and call me as soon as you find anything about Mr. Trianan.”

“Will do” Jordan said as Vivian hungup. “We should update Nanalys dad” Vivian said to Noe. “Yeah, there isn’t much else we can do anyway. Lets walk back so we aren’t shaking up our poor little girl any more.” Vivian smiled “ok” Noe grabbed his wifes hand and they started heading back to Richards house. “I wonder where Nanalys mom is. We haven’t seen nor heard about her once. You’d think she’d appear now that her daughter is in so much trouble.”

“I don’t know, we can ask Richard when we get back.”

“I’m so glad he’s dropping the charges against you.”

“were you worried I’d end up in jail?”

“Of course, people go to jail for things they didn’t do all the time. Some die in there before anybody finds out they were falsly accused.”

“They wouldn’t have been able to keep me away from my family. I would’ve broken out and we would live life on the run.” Noe winked trying to be playful. Vivian smiled and their little girl started bouncing around in her stomach. “We should really name her Noe.”


“That’s cute, I like it.”

“How’d you come to that one?”

“I just feel that should be her name. It has come to mind many times when I’m kissing your belly or rubbing it.”

“You should have mentioned it sooner.”

“I wanted to make sure you didn’t have a name you really wanted.”

“I think Kyra is a beautiful name.” They arrived back at Richards house with Seely greeting them. Richard quickly came out when it was announced they had arrived. “What did you find?” Richard asked eagerly. “She went to Black Eye Bar last night and left with a man named Omar Trianan. We’re waiting on Vivians connection to look him up and call us back.”

“Where’s Nanalys mom?” Vivia asked quickly not able to wait any longer. “She’s remarried with other children. Hasn’t cared about Nanaly since she left.”

“Do you think she acts like this to try and get her attention?”

“Maybe, she cried every day for almost a year after her mother left. Nothing I could buy her would fix it.”

“Money can’t replace a mother.” Noe said looking slightly like he thought the many was crazy for thinking it could. “I know but there wasn’t any getting Brittany back. I cheated on her and she barely speaks to me.” Richard looked sad “You regret it don’t you Richard?” Vivian asked. “Every day”

“She blames you for her mother leaving. She uses it against you doesn’t she? So you let her do whatever she wants, blame whoever she wants, and ruin whoever she wants. Three cops before this, one in prison and you never thought she was lying?” Noe said coldly. “This is your fault. Next time she gives you any lip slap her and I’ll make sure everyone looks the other way.”

“If you find her alive I’ll be sending her to a very good therapist and taking everything from her. She’ll have to earn it all back. Maybe once she has nothing and is living under a very strict roof she’ll see how lucky she is. I’ll also be making her serve the six months for filing a false police report. No bargaining no matter how much she blames me or hates me.” Richard said.

“She can work off her sentence, I mean real work. I can get her work shoveling sand for the new park being built or planting trees and shrubs. The more work she does, the shorter the sentence. It’ll be back breaking and hand blistering.”

Vivian’s phone rang and she answered. “Talk to me Jordan.” She said, coming to her feet and pacing.

“That man, Omar Trianan, was arrested two years ago for domestic violence. He beat his girlfriend pretty bad after she sold his stash of heroine. After he was done with her the police are pretty sure he went after the guy she sold the drugs to and blew out his brains. They didn’t have any proof so he just served time for the domestic violence thing. I checked the security cameras as well as Nanaly’s Facebook page. I’m sending you a picture of the guy. I ran his face through a recognition program and found him in a DEA file. He helped kidnap and sell young women ages fourteen to twenty. Your little psycho would make the perfect target. He’ll probably dope her up to keep her docile and if he’s bored rape her or let his friends rape her. I’m also sending you his address. If he dropped her off he would have gone home after being paid. Hopefully he’s there.” Jordan said then took a deep breath.

“Alright, thanks.” She said and hung up. “We have a face and an address. We should go before the target moves.”

Noe nodded and followed his wife out the door. “You don’t have to speak so coldly to him Noe.” Vivian said when they were out of Richards house. “I could’ve lost everything because he can’t dicipline his daughter.”

“You wouldn’t have been in jail forever. I know you like police work but we could’ve still salvaged our life.”

“I’m not talking about being a police officer. Being a DEA agent was what meant everything to me Vivian. It was everything until I found you. When I say I could’ve lost everything I mean you and our children.” Vivian filled with butterflies and smiled. She grabbed Noes hand stopping him so she could hug him tightly. “I love you so much”

“I love and need you very much Vivian” She kissed Noe then said “we should run, Nanalys probably in a lot of danger with that man.” Noe nodded and they took off. Vivian led since she had the address. Omar lived in a very nice house. When they were in front Vivian asked “Can you smell her Noe?” He reluctantly sniffed the air “No, he must have sold her before bringing her home.” ¬†Vivians heart beat a little faster. To spite what Nanaly had done Vivian wanted to get her home safely. No matter what her little girl did she hoped somebody would do the same for Kyra if she were in a similar situation.

“Would you wait here please my love?”

“Why Noe?”

“I’m tired and I’m getting answers no matter how I need to get them. He is going to tell me who has Nanaly. I’d just rather you be safely over here. Do it for Kyra and simply for my nerves.”

“I’ll find a good sniper point just incase.”

“That’s my girl” Vivian climbed into a tree by Omars house while Noe knocked on the door. Omar answered sleepily. “Why are you bugging me at this hour?”

“Where is the girl you picked up at the bar a few nights ago?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Noe pulled out a picture of Nanaly “This girl, tell me where she is” Noe said still calm. Omar just glared “She’s fifteen, would you like to go to jail for buying a minor alcohol?”

“You’re not a cop any more so shut up.” Noe punched him several times “That’s right I’m not a fucking cop right now so I can do whatever the hell I want.” Noes hand wrapped around Omars throat. “Ok ok, I sold her to Frankie Baluguera. Let me up and I’ll give you his address.” Omar had terror in his already swelling eyes. Noe released Omar, the man quickly came back with where Frankie lived.

Chapter Four

“Next time I’m coming back as a cop and I’m throwing you in prison for the rest of your life. There is nowhere you can run that I won’t find you. I used to be DEA, my wife used to be a mercenary. Don’t run because if I have to chase you I will slit you from groin to sternum and leave you dangling upside down in the middle of the woods so you can watch the wild animals eat your entrails.” Omar swallowed and started shaking. He knew Noe meant every word and it images of himself tied up and alone while wolves fed on him flashed in his mind. He backed into his house, quickly locking the doors and windows.

Vivian climbed out of the tree, a little shocked by his dark side. She knew all shifters had one, it was the animal in them. Even she had showed her more violent side when she had too. Noe was always so sweet, hardly ever got angry, but now he was a raging beast bent on destroying these sick twisted monsters and saving a girl who he hated. She knew that this was more than just getting the charges dropped. It was about their children, especially their little girl to be. Maybe when he looked into Nanaly’s eyes he saw everything he would protect their daughter from becoming. Shifters were known for their kindness and need to protect anyone. It was rare to find one that killed just because it felt good. She grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug. He was shaking. “Take a deep breath.” She said softly and he did. “Better?”

“Yes, much better. Lets go, he lives out of town.” He said and kissed her cheek. They hailed a taxi and Vivian paid extra to get him to ignore the gun. He gave the driver the address and they took a minute to relax. Kyra kicked and she grabbed Noe’s hand and held it against her stomach. He smiled and it made her feel happy. She wished she could go back in time and fix all this. “You know I wouldn’t gut that guy right?”

“Of course. It was an amazing threat though. I could smell the fear.” She said and squeezed his hand.

Noe hated to be such a monster in front of his wife and was glad it hadn’t upset her. “You’re amazing, you know that right?”

“Yep, you’re one lucky pup to have me” Vivian winked and smiled playfully. A huge smile appeared on Noes face. He wrapped his arms around Vivian and layed his head on her shoulder until they pulled up to the place Omar had sent them too. When the cab was gone Noe took in all the air he could looking for Nanalys perfume. He found it “He didn’t send us on a wild goose chase. I smell her”

“Good, lets go” They walked up stealthily to the house. The man apparently had a lot of land. Vivian was glad it was secluded just incase they had to shift. There would be no danger of people seeing besides the crooks and Nanaly. What she said would no longer be credible soon so it wouldn’t matter. “It smells like she is in the basement of this house.”

“Damn, we’ll have to go inside to get to their basement.” Noe turned to ask her to let him go alone and she quickly stopped him “we’re a team, we’re going as a team. Nothing will happen to our daughter.” He hugged her “You better be very careful. You’re smart and fast but I love the two of you so much.”

“I know baby”

Vivian moved around to the back of the house while Noe approached the front door and knocked. She waited on the porch, peeking into the kitchen to see a man walking toward the front of the house. She positioned herself in front of the back door and waited. She heard the man ask Noe what he wanted and her husband said he was here for Nanaly. She heard scuffling and kicked in the back door. Noe and the man were on the floor, Noe’s lip was busted and he growled as he rolled with the guy. He finally came out on top and pinned him on his stomach. “Get Nanaly.” Noe said and spit blood out of his mouth. She followed the sickly sweet smell of perfume into what looked like a den. She flipped the coffee table over and pulled back a rug, finding a trap door. She pulled it open and went down slowly, using her superior night vision to see. She made it to the bottom and was shocked that there were at least ten young women huddled together at the back of the room. She switched on the lights and they all shielded their eyes. Nanaly lay curled up, her back to the group. She moved slowly over, not wanting to startle the others.

“Nanaly wake up.” She said as she shook the girl. She heard the girl groan and then she opened her eyes.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“The wife of the man you tried to ruin.”

“I want to go home, I want my dad.”

“We’re going to get all of you out of here. Are there any other women besides you ten?”

She saw the girl thinking, the wheels turning. “In the barn there were a few more. The men call them mares and have them locked in the horse stalls. They’re the ones that get showcased.” Nanaly said. “They told me every girl gets a turn in there.”

“How many men?” Vivian wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

“Three. They’re guards. I heard that they break the women in the barn to make them submissive. The ones who don’t submit they kill and burn.” She started crying and Vivian tried not to sympathize.

“We’ll take care of them. You all need to stay down here until my husband and I come back.” All the women nodded and she went back upstairs. Noe had Frankie bound and gagged on the living room floor.

“There are more girls in the barn and three men that guard them.”

“I’ll take care of it. You just keep an eye on this.” Noe said pointing to Frankie. “Alright my love be careful.” Vivian said as Noe left. She heard the struggle outside and worried. She knew Noe could take care of himself and even killed many more than three men when he had to save her when they first met. Vivian couldn’t help but worry though. It had been a very long couple of days. Noe came back with a few more bruises. “They are all tied up. Call the police please Vivian. I’ll go back out there and make sure they don’t go anywhere.” Vivian picked up the phone and called.

It felt like forever but then multiple cars showed up. It seemed lik every cop car the station had along with some that seemed like social workers for the girls. Vivian and Noe got questioned and then were allowed to leave. They wouldn’t let the two of them take Nanaly themselves because the charges hadn’t been dropped yet. When they were out of the house Vivian called Richard to tell him he could get Nanaly from the police station. She could hear the relief in his voice.

Vivian called a cab company and they sent one out to them. While they waited Vivian let Noe lay his head in her lap as she stroked his blood soaked hair. One of the paramedics wanted to take him to the hospital but he absolutely refused to go. Vivian would’ve pushed him but she knew he didn’t have serious injuries. The cab finally came and they got in. Noe fell asleep on her shoulder on the way.

“Noe love, wake up we’re home.” She shook him gently and he raised his head.

“I’m so glad. I need to take a shower. I feel like that place is clinging to me.” He said as they got out of the cab and went inside. They went upstairs together and quickly undressed. Vivian would disassemble her gun later. She decided she wanted a bath instead and made the water hot enough that steam curled up and fogged the room. He climbed in first then she stepped in and sat between his legs. She relaxed into him and he wrapped his arms around her. He rested his head on her shoulder and breathed in her scent. He needed to get the smell of Nanaly and that house out of his nose. “I wonder when we’ll get the call saying I’m a free man.” He said softly.

“Hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I want this over and done with.” She whispered and reached up to massage his neck.

“Hopefully Richard has his daughter make a public apology with cameras and everything. I know I should just let it go, but I want her to forever be seen as a liar so no one can be caught in her trap again.”

“She deserves forgiveness Noe, all children do. Hopefully her father will go through with punishing her. He can’t expect her to get better if he keeps holding on to the past. The damage he did has been done. He broke two hearts when he had an affair and now he has to try and mend one without money. Just forgive her and move on.”

“There won’t be any completely moving on. Everyone in this country already knows what I’ve been accused of. Maybe I’ll be able to go to the store without people looking at me like I’m someone like Frankie or Omar, maybe I won’t. Only time will tell.”

“We could always move.”

He shook his head. “No because that means I’ve lost and I can’t do that. It’s the alpha in me.” She smiled and tipped her head back to be kissed. “You would know all about that though. Two babies is proof enough.”

“Pervert.” She flicked water in his face and he laughed. “Come on you sex crazed thing, lets go to bed. I’m so tired I could pass out right here.”

Vivian got up and Noe took a sharp breath in. Vivian only seemed to get sexier to him with time. ‘After today I dont see how you’re like this.” Noe laughed again “No matter what’s going on you’re always sexy my goddess”

“Flattery wont get you inside me tonight. I don’t feel like it in the slightest. I’m sorry Noe.”

“Don’t be sorry, we’ll just go to sleep. Let me rinse my hair really well before I come in ok?”

“Alright baby I’ll meet you in bed.” Vivian snuggled into the covers wishing she was in the mood. Her back hurt terribly and she was very nauseous. Noe had been through so much she felt a huge wave of guilt run through her even though Noe didn’t seem bothered atall. Noe quickly rinsed his hair wanting to be back with his wife. He was really disappointed he couldn’t make love to her but he could only imagine how she was feeling after everything. When he turned the water off he thought he heard Vivian crying but shook it off. He couldn’t think of a reason she would be.

He exited the bathroom and heard that she definitly was so he rushed to their room and got on the bed “what’s wrong Vivian?”

“I’m sorry I dont feel like sex.”

“There’s nothing to cry about. I don’t care, I promise.” Noe got under the blankets flipping Vivian towards him then pulling her close. “I don’t only enjoy you when we’re making love. Right now just your scent is comforting. I need Nanalys smell out of my nose. Please don’t cry.” Vivian hugged Noe. She cried lightly until she fell asleep. Noe hated Jordan at this moment. Vivian had been through enough without having to do him a favor for his help.

Noe would do as much of the work on the mission as possible. Vivian always kept her word so he knew there was no way to get her to just back out. Noe just layed there holding his wife and rubbing her until he just had to call jordan. “Hi Noe, don’t thank me.”

“I’m not calling to thank you. You need to tell Vivian you weren’t serious. She’s six months pregnant. She is tired just from all the work she had to do today. You really never cared about her atall if you make her work like this.”

“Calm down Noe, I honestly wasn’t serious. I would never have her work pregnant. However I would like her to give me a little help after the baby comes. I’ll get someone else to take the case I told her I wanted her to do.” Noe was shocked and speechless. He expected to fight with the man. He heard Jordan laughing “what!” Noe snapped waking Vivian. “I really did care about her a lot. I’m glad she’s with you. You obviously love her dearly. I had my apprehensions about Vivi being with a wolf because i thought you would brake her down and control her but you seem to control yourself quite a bit.” Noe hungup annoyed with Jordan.

Vivian rubbed her eyes “what was that Noe?”

“You aren’t doing the job now. He wants your help after the baby comes.”

“Did you bully him or is that true?”

“It’s true I swear, call him back if you must.”

“I trust you.” Vivian said laying her head on Noes chest. Noe kissed her hair, taking in Vivians scent. “I love you”

“Love you too”

~The End~

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