Vivian & Noe 5

Chapter One

The alarm clock buzzing annoyed Noe. He wasn’t ready to get up and leave his wife for work. Having her in his arms felt so amazing while work was drull and did nothing but waste time he could be spending with his family. He snoozed it again until it began bothering him a few minuets later. He growled and threw it against the wall so it broke. Vivian laughed “Noe, not again”

“It’s trying to make me leave you” Vivian laughed a little harder “It’s just work. You have three days off coming soon don’t you?”


“Just get up and get dressed. I’m going for a run after our son leaves for his date with Avaline. When I get back I’ll go buy us another alarm clock. Please quit breaking them. You have to go to work, it isn’t their fault.” Noe kissed her. I need to take my anger out on someone for having to leave you and it can’t be my boss or the criminals so the clock is just a poor sacrifice to protect everyone else” Vivian laughed again bringing a smile to Noes face. He reluctantly got out of bed and began to get dressed. Vivian put clothes on “I’m going to make sure Benjy is up since it’s a lunch date. He takes forever to get ready for that girl.”

‘yeah, it’s sweet to see him so smitten. Avaline makes my strong wolf cub into a puppy. Vivian walked out with a smile to wake their son. She was excited for his time off. They had been trying so long for a second child since her miscarriage and last week she had finally gotten a positive pregnancy test. She couldn’t wait to see how much her husband glowed when she told him about the baby.

Vivian walked quietly into Benjy’s room and almost started laughing when she saw him sprawled out on his bed with one leg hanging off and his mouth hanging open. “Benjy, get up.” She said as she shook him, her voice filling with laughter. He groaned and she jabbed him on the ribs. He yelped and fell off the bed. She laughed so hard she couldn’t breathe. He glared up at her from his upside down position and she barely managed to stay on her feet.

“You scared the crap out of me mom.” He said as he flipped over and got to his feet.

“Sorry honey, but you need to eat breakfast and start getting ready for your date.”

“It’s not till this afternoon.”

“Yes, but you take more time in the bathroom than most women. So stop complaining and go take a shower. I have to get breakfast ready for you and your father.”

“Yes mother.”

She headed into the kitchen and cooked them omelets with chunks of ham in them. Noe came down and she made his plate then got him a glass of milk. He kissed her and ate while she made Benjy’s and her plates. Benjy came down as Noe popped the last bit of food in his mouth and gulped down his milk. “I’ll see you two after work.” He tusseled his son’s hair then gave Vivan a long kiss before hurrying out the door. He was already late, but knew his boss wouldn’t mind. Noe was the best on the force. His nose could sniff out any criminal. He couldn’t wait until he could spend more time with his family. He needed a break from all the domestic disturbances, murders, and drunks.

“Hey mom, have you seen my grey aeropostale shirt?” Benjy yelled from upstairs as Vivan washed the dishes.

“Second drawer.” She yelled up.

“Thanks mom.” A few minutes later he yelled for her again. “How about my converse?”

“Under your bed sweety.”

“How did you know that?”

“Mom power, don’t question it.”

It was already eleven by the time her son was ready ‘you see why I got you up. Why is it that normally you can get ready in about ren minuets but if it’s seeing Avaline you take hours.”

“I care how I look when she sees me. You and dad love me, I’m trying to get her to love me”

“well stop asking her out on dates and ask her to actually be your girlfriend. This is like the tenth date. Tell her that you want to be exclusive.”

“I was planning on it today, sheesh”


“Yep, I ahve it all planned. I’ll tell you how it went when I get home tonight.”

“You mean if you get home tonight?” Benjy blushed and Vivian laughed “son you’re a teenager and I’m not dumb as to what teenage boys want”

“I want her for more than that mom”

“So you admit it”

“Mom you missed the point!”

“ok, don’t get all flustered on me. Go pick up your date and have a good time. I love you very much” Benjy kissed his mothers cheek “Love you two. Be careful when you run today. I keep getting this odd feeling when I’m out running”

“I think I can handle myself son. You aren’t allowed to be a worry wart like your father”

“I am when you’re carrying my sibling” Benjy covered his mouth and Vivian asked “how do you know?”

“I saw the test pressing against the trash bag when you threw it out and asked me to take the trash.” Vivian smiled “I’m telling your father on his first day off. Don’t ruin the surprise please.”

“I wont mom, I’m really excited” Vivian was impressed Benjy had known so long without saying a word. She thought it was sweet he was already protective of his new brother or sister. She sighed and got a bag so that she’d have somwhere to put her clothes. Vivian grabbed a few bottles of water and threw them in before walking out the door and locking up their home. Benjy was all nerves when he knocked on Avalines door. He was speechless yet again at how beautiful she looked “Um Benjy?” He shook his head “sorry”

“It’s fine, you just got all spacy on me again. Are we going to go?”

“Yeah” He walked with her to her side of the car and opened the door. When she was in he shut the door and ran around. “this date is going to be extra special so it’s all a surprise. Do you trust me not to know where we are going?”

“Of course” Benjy smiled making butterflys rub against Avalines stomach before he started the car and drove.

Noe glared angrily at the clock, willing it to go faster or combust. He was impatient for work to be over. He forced his attention back to his computer and the report he had been haphazardly working on. He sighed and started typing again. Everyone in the office could tell he was in a sour mood and avoided him like the plague. There was a light knocking on his office door and he looked up just as his boss walked in.


“You have time for an interrogation? We can’t get this asshole to talk.”

“Sure, it’s better than just sitting here.” He followed Renard out of his office and into interrogation room number one. The smell of wolf hit his nose as he entered the small room. His eyes met those of the man handcuffed to the chair and he almost growled. “Who is this?”

“His name is Jean Sol, we arrested him for disturbing the peace. He was screaming and ranting about something and he won’t tell us why. At first we thought he was high, but he’s completely clean. We were a little worried when we didn’t see other members of the gang he’s in hanging around. We just want to know what he was up to.”

“Leave it to me.” Noe sat down across from the other wolf and stared him straight in the eyes. He could tell Jean was nervous, could feel and smell that Noe was an alpha. Renard left the room to go wait on the other side of the one way pane of glass. “So Jean, why don’t you explain to me why you were raising such a ruckus and maybe we can get you out of here by dinner time.” Noe said and Jean swallowed. “Don’t want to talk?” Noe stood and moved to stand behind Jean. He gripped the man’ shoulders and leaned down so his lips were close to his ear. “I know you know what I am,” he whispered, “so if I were you I would spill my guts before I get pissed and beat you to a bloody pulp and leave you broken with your tail tucked between your legs.”

“You married that cat and Luka is pissed. He said it wasn’t right for a wolf to breed with a cat, that it brought shame down on our kind, that it made us look weak. He said it was like a knife in the back of every wolf breeding with a feline.” Jean finally said.

“What did you say?”

“He said once the bitch is gone, the half breed is next then he’s going to break you and make you act like a proper wolf.” Noe’s heart nearly stopped. The whole world seemed to grow silent save for the loud screaming in his head. He grabbed Jean by his shirt, growling at the man who whimpered in fear. Renard burst through the door and pulled Noe off of Jean, afraid of what he might do.

“Get out of here and find your wife and son. We’ll put out an apb on Luka St. James and have a car outside your home in ten minutes.” Renard said as Noe ran from the interrogation room.

Vivian loved the breeze brushing through her fur as she ran. Running like this out here felt amazing. She especially loved when she did it with her family. Alone was still good though. She hoped Benjys date was going well. She was sure after all these dates Avaline was definitely interested in being his girlfriend. Suddenly the air grew heavy with wolf and growling. It was a pack and they had circled her just as she noticed their smell. The one who was obviously their alpha morphed into his human form. Vivian followed suit. “what the hell do you want!?”

“To teach Noe a lesson. He has shamed his kind being married to you. He even went as far to breed with you. A cat when he could have a female wolf. We already have a female for him once he comes to his senses. Once we have got you subdued we are going after your little half breed. I hear he can be a tiger or a wolf. It’s sickening.”

“You wont come anywhere near my babies!” Vivian hissed. The man made a very disgusted face “you’re pregnant again?”

“Yes I am and proud of it. Why do you care what Noe and I do. Mate with a wolf all you want.”

“What he does reflects on his whole pack”

“Me, Benjy and this new baby are his pack not you idiots so back the fuck off” Suddenyl everything went dark. She had gotten so pissed and concentrated on the alpha she didn’t notice one of the other wovles had morphed into human form and picked up a tree branch to hit her as hard as he could on the back of the head “well done Bastien”

“I couldn’t stand her mouth. Her voice is incredibly annoying”

“Pick her up so we can tie her up back at the cave”

“Yes sir” he said as he lifted Vivian off the ground. “Calixte and Cerise, go find Benjy and bring him back to the cave so we can tie him up aswell”

“yes sir” they said as they ran off to retrieve the boy.

Benjy walked hand in hand with Avaline to the edge of the lake. It was beautiful this time of day with the way the sun reflected off of it. She smiled up at him and his heart stuttered. He really loved her. “This is so beautiful Benjy.” She said and he melted at the way his name rolled off her tongue. Her accent made it sound so amazing and unique.

“I’m glad you like it.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, his cheeks turning red.

“You always take me to the most wonderful places. It makes me very happy.” She lifted his arm around her shoulders and looped hers around his waist. “You are the sweetest person in the world.” She said and kissed his cheek. He swallowed and couldn’t help but grab her chin and kiss her back. He pulled back, worried he had done the wrong thing, but needing to tell her now how he felt.

“I love you Avaline, please be mine.” He whispered and she smiled warmly up at him. She cupped his cheek and he leaned into her touch.

“I thought I already was yours.” Her words surprised and warmed him. He crushed her into a hug and kissed her cheek. Before he could say anything else, the smell of wolf filled his nose. He shoved her behind him and faced the two people standing before him. He growled deep in his throat and they attacked him. He shifted into a wolf, slamming into the female and tumbling across the ground. Avaline screamed and he blocked it out. The male jumped on his back, clamping down on his shoulder. He shifted into a tiger, his fur a deep black with barely discernible stripes. He knocked the male off, turning on him and slashing with his claws. The female was to wounded to move so he ignored her. He swiped his claws across the chest of the male who yelped it pain. Benjy roared, the sound causing the male to freeze in fear. The two wolves had not expected the half breed to have the same alpha mentality as his parents. They were terrified of this young boy. Benjy leapt through the air and landed on the male wolf. He tore at him with teeth and claws, opening up large gashes along the man’s body. When he finally let him go, the wolf was barely able to limp over to his fallen companion. Benjy shifted back as the male carried his companion away. Avaline blushed at his naked for and covered her eyes.

“Avaline, I’m sorry you had to see that. Please forgive me for not telling you.”

“What did I just see exactly?”

“The power of my people, the gift given to me by my parents. I understand if you fear me and I understand if you wish to leave. Just know I love you more than anything. I must get home and get dressed and my father needs to know of what happened here today.”

“Can I come with you?”

“you really want to?”

“You’re still my Benjy. You can really explain this later. I’m sure you didn’t tell me because you felt I might think you’re crazy yes?”

“I wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend before i told you. I didn’t have much time”

“I understand, lets go so you wont be flashing the world any longer.” He blushed deeply and they ran to his car and got in. Avaline just looked out the window. He looked good naked but he seemed so embarrassed. He drove as fast as he could to his home. He saw a cop car parked outside and his heart slammed into his rib cage painfully. He feared for his mother. They jumped out and ran into his home. Noe looked at his son wide eyed “do you know where your mother is?!”

“No but some wolves attacked me which is why I’m naked infront of Avaline.” Noes attention turned to the girl that was looking everywhere but at his son. ” Put clothes on for now then we can shift back when we follow the scent out of town. One of the cops will take your girlfriend home. You need to help me get your mother back. They have obviously taken her already and they were trying to take you.” Benjy ran for his room and Noe said “I’m so sorry Avaline, a cop is going to stay at your house to make sure nobody bothers you. We will all explain this to you later. Avaline wished she could help but knew she was no good in a situation like this.

“You’ll keep Benjy safe?”

“Of course, I will rescue his mother too.” One of the other officers approached Avaline and asked where she lived. She sighed and gave him the address then they walked out. Benjy came back then took off with his dad to find his mother. He hoped the cop kept a close eye on Avaline incase the wolves returned to take her too. He didn’t know why they were doing this so didn’t know if they had any reason to harm his girlfriend.

“Why did they take mom?” Benjy asked, his heart still beating fearfully in his chest.

“Because of me. I brought this down on both of you. I don’t regret loving your mother and I don’ regret fathering you, but I hate that she has to go through being kidnapped because of me. She’s always getting hurt because of me and so are you. You both bear scars because of me.” Noe was so angry he was shaking.

“Mom would never blame you and neither do I. You didn’t choose for this to happen, it just did. Mom is a survivor, her mercenary training will kick in and she will be alright.” They concentrated hard on following what was left of Vivian’s scent. The smell of exhaust and people threatened to obliterate it completely. Noe had to count on Benjy to keep him from getting ran over he was concentrating so hard. Her scent became stronger as they approached the part of the woods she had been running in. The sun had already dipped past the horizon and the moon was taking its place in the sky. The smell of blood hit their noses and they both began to worry. There wasn’t much and they hoped the wound she had sustained had not been serious.

“There were so many of them, all wolves.” Noe said as he pulled his clothes off. “There is something wrong with your mother’s scent, something different. This new smell is strong in her blood.” He knew this smell, had had it in his nose twice before. His head snapped toward his son so hard that Benjy was surprised he didn’t dislocate something. “Is your mother pregnant?”

Benjy swallowed and nodded. “Yes.”

“Why didn’t she say anything?”

“Because of what happened to the last baby. She wanted to wait until you were off work because she didn’t want you worrying around everyone. You would have chased everyone off and scared the crap out of everyone. I thought you should know.”

Noe’s face contorted with rage and he shifted, letting out a long warning howl. He raced off into the woods with Benjy following quickly behind. He kind of felt sorry for the people who had taken his mother. Noe was going to show them no mercy. He was a wild, out of control monster now and no one was going to stop him

Avaline got home and rushed in. Her parents were upset that a cop was escorting her home “what’s happened?” They asked going between looking at their daughter and the officer. “A kidnapping, your daughters boyfriends mom has been kidnapped and I’m just escorting your daughter home. There are some unsavory characters loose so I’m going to stay parked infront of your home to make sure no harm befalls her until they are collected and brought in. “were you hurt baby?” Her mother Carine asked frantically “no mam, I want to go take a calming bath though.”

“Run up baby” Her mother said then her father Christophe shook the officers hand “Thank you for escorting her home and offering to stay”

“She’s the love interest of Noes little boy. Noe is a great asset to the force and his family is considered one of us. Noe wouldn’t forgive any of us if Benjy lost the girl he loves”

“Could I bring you out a nice cup of coffee sir?”

“I’d greatly appreciate it”

“It’ll be right out” The officer smiled then went to wait in his car. Avaline ran her water then squeezed her favorite bubble bath in then relaxed. She tried to let the calming scent free her of worry but she couldn’t help it. Those wolves were honestly trying to kill him. She worried she may never see her boyfriend again. She was surprised the police force knew about Benjy and his family and kept it within the force. By the way the officer talked to her parents he obviously had no intention of telling them any details. That wasn’t somthing to spread around though. She giggled thinking about all the fangirls for Twilight. They’d be dieing if they found out their boyfriend could turn into a wolf.

Avaline was blushing when she pictured Benjy naked. His body was so lean and sexy. She hoped Benjy wouldn’t lose his mother tonight. Avaline liked Vivian very much and would miss her. Avaline also didn’t want to have to see her boyfriend go through the grief of loseing a parent so young. She didn’t even want to imagine loseing hers. She held on to the comfort that his father must be a wolf too and on top of that he’s a very good cop

Vivian woke with pain radiating from the back of her head. She sat up and pressed her hand to her scalp. It came away covered in blood. She blinked to clear her vision and saw she was sitting in a large cage in a dimly lit cave. She crawled over to the door and shook it. She didn’t know why she thought it would be unlocked. “Let me the fuck out of here.” She screamed and sat back to kick the cage door. “Let me out you assholes.” She emphasized each word with a kick until one of the wolves who had kidnapped her appeared out of the shadows.

“Shut up you stupid bitch.” He growled and she roared back.

“Go fuck yourself you pathetic piece of shit. I will kill you when I get out of here.”

“You won’t be leaving this place you stupid cat.”

“Wait and see you mutt.” They stared each other down and it was him that finally broke eye contact, showing her he was a lower ranking wolf. She started shaking the bars again, throwing every obscenity in her vocabulary in every language she knew at him. He finally threw a large rock against the bars in frustration and she grinned at him. She heard yelling coming from farther away and she thought she caught the word “wounded”. The wolf that had come to silence her took off, leaving her alone again. She leaned against the bars and placed her hand on her stomach. She took a deep breath a tried to calm herself. She didn’t want to stress herself into another miscarriage. Both she and Noe had been so devastated the last time that they almost had not tried for another. She hoped this one was a girl like the last one. Noe had wanted a daughter and Benjy looked forward to having a little sister. She hummed softly, asking her unborn child to stay strong. She couldn’t bear to see the look of sorrow on Noe’s face again.

Noe’s heart raced as he thought of what they might be doing to his wife, his beautiful vibrant Vivian who would fight with every ounce of strength she possessed. He wondered if the alpha, this Luka St. James, would try to break her before killing her. In the old days mates were taken forcefully without a care for their feelings. These days that practice had been outlawed,but there were still those werewolves that believed it was the right way and they did not stop at just one woman. They victimized as many as they pleased in their packs, making them scared shells of their former selves. He knew it would take quite a bit to break Vivian. The trauma would have to be horrific and he didn’t want her to have to go through that. He loved that she was his equal in all things.

Not too long later the alpha that had spoken to her before came in seething “you’re stupid brat almost killed Calixte and Cerise!  Calixte may not live!” He was growling as he stood in front of her cage. ‘he’s a strong boy. I knew you couldn’t capture him. Not lowlives like you. Cowards is all you are. You out numbered me because you couldn’t capture me yourself. You’re a lazy leader.”

“watch your mouth bitch” Vivian wanted to retort but she was afraid of being beaten. If he began to kick her stomach she could possibly lose their new baby. It took a lot of willpower for the very outspoken Vivian but she held her tongue for the sake of the baby. When Luka smiled smugly it was almost her undoing but the love she had for this new baby helped her close her mouth “good girl. I want to wait and make Noe watch us beat and kill you. He needs to learn what will happen if he takes a woman who is not a wolf. I’m sending more to find that son of yours and his little girlfriend. I didn’t know he had taken a mate but he was with a woman when they found him and he was very protective. What do you think it will do to Noe for his son to watch his mate die too? I’ve already sent some wolves to find them”

Vivians heart almost stopped with fear for Avaline. She prayed her son had not left Avalines side. She was just a human, the wolves coudl easily rip her apart if they got a hold of her. “you’re such a monster…just leave her alone. You truly are a coward if you attack a defenseless human. All she is is a human”

“They could smell it. Humans are nothing, it will be no loss to take the girls life. It will only give us pleasure when we cause Noe and that disgusting child you made pain.” Once again Vivian was loseing her temper but she reminded herself of the baby. She had to trust her husband, she knew her son would go to him first so he was on the way to save her. Noe loved her too much not to come and kill all these horrible wolves. Luka was smiling smugly again “where’s the brave sniper now bitch. I thought you’d be much harder to keep quiet but here you are being a precious little kitten for me. I bet I could make you purr if I brought you back to my cave. What would noe think about be defiling you before i kill you?”

Chapter Two

“It would only give him more of a reason to take your head. Don’t you think for a second that he will bring the police to aid him. He will abide by pack law and he will kill you.” She said, her hands balled into fists.

“I am an alpha for a reason pussy cat, no one can defeat me. Especially not a weakling like your precious little wolf.” He walked away and she started shaking the cage door again. His laughter echoed back at her, making her furious.

Avaline sat in her room holding tightly to the bear Benjy had bought for her. It was made of red and black flannel and had button eyes. He had bought it the week she had come down with a stomach virus. She was sad because she had had to call of one of their dates so he bought her a bear to cheer her up. She adored the thing and slept with it every night. There was a knock on her bedroom door and her mom stuck her head in. “Your father and I are going shopping, is there anything we can get you?” She asked.

“No, I’m fine. Just be careful.”

“We will sweety.” Her mom left and she heard the front door open then close. She laid down and cuddled with her bear. She closed her eyes and the sound of the back door opening caught her attention. She sat bolt up right and listened. She couldn’t think of a single person who would be coming through the back door. She slipped quietly out of bed and pulled her softball bat out from under her bed. She could hear heavy footsteps coming up the steps and hid in her closet. The door had slats so she could easily peek through and see who it was. The door slammed open and  two men stepped into her room. The inhaled the air. They were wolves. She swallowed nervously and raised her bat. One moved over to her bed and the other looked right at the closet. He moved closer, making her heart hammer in her chest. She took a deep breath as he grabbed the handle and ripped the door open she attacked him, smacking him in the side of the head with all her strength. He hit the floor and she ran. The second wolf slammed into her at the top of the stairs and they tumbled down together. Her vision swam, but she forced herself to her feet. She screamed and he jumped on her back. The front door came open and the officer screamed at the man on top of her to get off.

“Pathetic human.” The man growled and came at the officer who fired off a shot into his chest. He ran over and grabbed Avaline, pulling her to her feet.

“Lets get out of here.” They turned to leave and there were more wolves. They backed up slowly, Avaline staying behind the officer. “Do you have a place we can hide?” He whispered.

“The basement.” She grabbed his hand and guided him into the kitchen since he was afraid to take his eyes off of the advancing wolves. She pulled the basement door open and they hurried inside, slamming and locking it. “Hold the door knob, I’m going to find some heavy stuff to put in front of the door.” He handed her his gun. “Just point it at them and shoot.”

Avaline had never been so afraid in her life but she kept a clear head. She knew if she allowed herself to panic she would not be able to think clearly. She wasn’t as strong or fast so she had to hope she could be smarter than these animals. When the wolves couldn’t pull the door open they just punched it. The officer hadn’t had enough time to put anything in front of the door. He hadn’t thought of them simply using their inhuman strength to punch through the door. He pulled out the second gun he kept and helped Avaline shoot them. He was impressed at how well she was shooting. She ran out of bullets and one jumped on her. The officer shot but that was also his last bullet and there was one more very angry werewolf.

He got a handful of Avalines hair and started to run away with her but the officer took out his baton and began beating the wolf. He dropped Avaline and grabbed the baton while using the other hand to grab the officers throat. Avaline grabbed the first thing she saw on the basement floor which was an ice skate. She slashed at the wolf making him howl in pain and drop the officer. Between the two of them all the wolves that came laid dead on the ground. The officers throat was already bruising badly “are you ok?” His words came out hoarse “Where’d you learn to shoot like that? You were getting them right through the skull or heart every time. You didn’t waste a bullet”

“My daddy taught me how to shoot. We practice once a week.” The officers eyes got wide “is there another gun in this house?” No sooner did the question get out did he hear a shot and saw Avalines expression change to one he couldn’t even describe. Within seconds the wolf had her over his shoulder. She still had ther iceskate so she began to stab his back while the officer tried to hit him. The wolf howled in anger and pain then shot the officer through the head.

“No.” She screamed, tears streaming down her face. She kicked and screamed and stabbed at the monster holding her until she was so weak that she dropped the ice skate. She cried and cried, hoping the officer didn’t have a family. Her vision began to darken and she slipped into unconsciousness.

Vivian sat with her knees pulled up to her chest, watching the darkness for anyone to come for her. Her ability to see on the dark was her greatest asset, but she could only see so far. She willed herself to stay awake, not wanting to be blind sided. She would tear any man who touched her to shreds. Half an hour passed and she heard footsteps. The smell of blood assaulted her nose and a very wounded wolf came in carrying a limo body. Her heart nearly stopped when she smelled Avaline’s scent over the blood. The wolf opened the cage and tossed the limp young woman inside.

“Oh my god, Avaline.” Vivian was by her side in an instant. Blood soaked through the front of her shirt at chest level. “Avaline wake up.” She ordered and shook her. She slowly opened her eyes and moaned in pain. Tears slipped from the girls eyes and into her hair.

“I feel so cold.” She whimpered. “They killed the officer. It’s all my fault.” She wailed.

“Hush now sweety, it’s not your fault.” Vivian pulled off her shirt and pressed it to Avaline’s chest as hard as she could. She screamed in pain at the pressure on her wound. “I know it hurts sweety, but if I don’t do this then you could bleed to death.” Vivian pulled off her pants and tore a long strip off of it. She tied it tightly around Avaline’s upper body so the shirt would stay in place. “Stay still okay. Noe and Benjy are coming sweety, they’ll be here soon to take us home.” She couldn’t cry in front of this girl. She had to stay calm so Avaline wouldn’t panic. She held her hand and told her stories about Benjy’s childhood.

The only thing helping Vivina keep going with the stories and not break down was the occasional smile Avaline would give her. “I love your son very much” Avaline said softly. “He loves you too. He spends hours getting ready for the dates you have been on. He refuses to leave the bathroom until he looks perfect for you. Are you two dating?”

“Yeah, he asked me today. It was right before those wolves attacked.” Vivian continued telling Avaline stories in hopes she wouldn’t pass out. Vivian knew Avalines chances of living would go down dramatically if she went to sleep again with the wound she had. Benjy and Noe ran through the night. The strong scent of Avalines blood hit their noses at the same time. It terrified Benjy while only fueling Noes rage. He was ready to rip every wolf in the pack to pieces. They both ran at break neck speed until wolves met them with snarls. Vivian could smell Noe making a few tears of relief fall. “They’re coming Avaline. Just stay awake a little longer. I know the blood loss is making you really tired but you have to stay awake for Benjy.”

“sleeps for babies, I have this Vivian.” Avaline said softly. Vivian could feel the anger coming from Luka as he past the brawl outside and came quickly towards their cage. “we need you two now. Well just you I guess Vivian. I don’t think the human girl is going to live very much longer. That’s what the little bitch gets for killing so many of my pack members.”

“You aren’t taking me away from her.”

“Women don’t make the orders around here!” Luka snarled making Vivian roar. Benjy and Noe heard it as they killed the last few that were coming at them. They ran towards the call of Vivian and into the cave where the heavy scent of Avalines blood drenched the air around them. Luka turned from the cage and laughed “more of my pack will be here any moment Noe. I see you brought that little pup Benjy for us. Thank you. He’s just in time to say bye to little Avaline.”

“You will give me back my wife and Avaline now.” He growled.

“I don’t give things to traitors.” He reached into the cage and pulled the nude Vivian out by her hair. He pulled her back against him, one hand around her throat, the other rubbing her stomach. “What would you do if I ripped out your unborn abomination?” Noe gave him a dark, deadly look, a promise of retribution. Other pack members came up behind Noe and Benjy, cutting off the only exit. “What if I had my men hold you and your boy down and forced both of you to watch as I fucked her? How would that make you feel?” He licked Vivian’s face and Noe lunged at him. The wolves were on him and Benjy in an instant, pinning them to the ground. “Now, now calm down before you hurt yourself.”

“You fucking piece of shit, I am going to kill you.” Noe struggled against the people holding him down.

“I don’t think so Noe.” He groped and licked Vivian, making Noe’s rage boil over.

“Lupus legem, I call lupus legem.” Noe screamed and Luka’s head snapped up. “You must accept my challenge or admit defeat.” Luka growled angrily.

“Take him down to the blood ring, throw the boy in the cage with his lover.” Luka ordered and the wolves did as they were told. “You are coming with me Vivian, you get front row seats to this bloodbath.” He gripped the back of her neck and forced her to walk. He took her to his room where he snapped a metal collar around her neck. There was a chain attached to it and he pulled her into him. “If you try to shift bitch, the collar will cut off your air so just stay the way you are and maybe I’ll keep you around as my plaything.” She spat in his face and he slapped her. “Do that again and I’ll cut out one of these pretty violet eyes.” He dragged her down a tunnel that started to decline. The air became colder, sounds above them became muffled. He pulled her into a room where a circled of stones had been set up. There were dark stains on the stones and she knew it had to be blood. He pulled her onto the ring and chained her to a metal post sticking out of the ground. There were so many wolves sitting around, eager for the fight. “Tonight I fight another loud mouth upstart who has dared to marry this feline whore. The winner will decide her fate and become the leader of this pack. I have to say this is a fight I am looking forward to. Bring out the challenger.” Noe was forced out into the ring and he stared angrily at Luka.

“I hope you are ready to die Luka. I will show you no mercy for attacking those dear to me.”

Benjy rubbed Avalines face and cried “I’m so sorry baby”

“You didnt do this. Don’t be sorry. I’m going to be fine anyway. You’ll have to take me on a really nice date after this wolf boy” He almost managed a smile “you still want to be with me”

“Of course, I’m not going to leave you. Tis but a flesh wound” She lightly laughed then coughed. She noticed he didn’t get it. “I have a movie to show you after this. Want to watch a movie with me?” He nodded “I want to do anything with you that you want.”

“we need to have a movie marathon. We can each pick three of our favorite movies then take turns between our favorites.”

“and I can buy you some of your favorite candies.”

“always have somthing sweet up your sleeve. I love that bear you gave me”

“I’m glad, it took me a long time to choose one”

“apparently when you do anything for me it takes a long time”

“what do you mean?”

“Your mother told me how long you take to get ready for our dates” Benjy kissed her head. “A man has to look good to win over such an amazing woman. ”

“I’m not that amazing.”

“Don’t say that, you’re perfect.” Tears started streaming and he grabbed her hand. “I really love you Avaline.”

“I love you too but don’t say it like anythings going to happen to me. I’m far too stubborn to die. You wont be getting away from me tonight my handsome american boy”

“Hey, I’ve grown up here”

“You sound american though. You are my adorable little american wolf boy. You look pretty as a tiger. I know men don’t like to be called pretty but thats the only way to describe your tiger form.”

“after this I can show it to you again somtime.”

“I’ll see somthing pretty and then incredibly sexy. Count me in” She finally managed to make Benjy smile “there it is. I need that smile Benjy. Don’t look at me so sadly. I’m as tough as regular humans come.”

Noe and Luka ran at each other, shifting as they slammed into each other and rolled across the ground. They snapped and and kicked at each other, spilling blood in the dirt that cover the cave floor. Luka clamped down on Noe’s throat and threw him across the ring. He let out a howl as Noe got back to his feet! teeth pulled back to show his sharp blood covered canines. He ran at Luka, his rage pushing him through the pain. Blood gushed from the wound on his neck, but he didn’t notice. They collided again, their loud growls filling the cave. Vivian felt her stomach turn as they slammed against the stones, toppling some of them. She covered her ears and started crying. She had seen so much blood and death that it didn’t even faze her, but seeing Noe being torn apart by Luka was to much.

Luka knocked Noe off of him, sending him tumbling across the ground. He came to a stop at Vivian’s feet, huffing as he struggled back up. He wasn’t letting Luka have his wife. “Noe stop, please.” Vivian begged and he turned his head to look at her. His eyes softened, all his love shining there for her to see. She cried harder and he turned back to face Luka. He went at him again with renewed strength. He hit him hard, sending him rolling. Before Luka could get back up, Noe knocked him down again. He grabbed Luka by the throat, biting down hard so his canines sank into his soft throat. Luka struggled against him and Noe clamped down harder. Luka made a gurgling sound, blood leaking from his mouth as he drowned on his own blood. Noe dropped him and howled loudly, scaring the rest of the pack. He shifted back, staring them all down and daring them to challenge him. They averted their gazes and he went over to Vivian. He gripped the collar around her neck and wrenched it open then dropped it onto the ground. She flew into his arms, crying into his shoulder.

“Come on baby, we have to get the kids. Avaline needs to go to the hospital.” He said softly and lifted her into his arms. “Whoever has the key to the cage will open it for me and help me take my family to the hospital. You will also provide us with clothing.” He headed back to the room where his son and Avaline were being held. A young man followed a few feet back, his eyes on the ground and a key in his hand. A woman about Vivian’s age walked next to him with a bundle of clothes in her arms. To them he was their new pack leader. It was not a job he wanted, but he knew he could not leave them to themselves or the pack would fall into chaos. He mainly didn’t want any of these women getting any ideas. Vivian was his one and only mate.

They went as quickly as they could to Avaline and Benjy. When they arrived the young male opened the cage and Benjy got out with Avaline. The woman let Vivian, Noe and Benjy grab clothes out of the bundle she brought. They pulled everything on as quickly as possible since they knew Avaline didn’t have a lot of time to get to a hospital. Benjy picked Avaline up then Noe commanded they be escorted by the pack members until they get back to town. Noe and Benjy began to run as fast as they could while the pack stayed at their sides to make sure nothing else happened to them tonight. It felt like even longer to get to town than it did to find the girls since the whole family were overwhelmed with worry at the amount of blood Avaline had lost.

When they arrived Noe said “go back to your home. I will come to guide you when my family is stable.” They nodded and ran away. It didn’t take them much longer to get home to jump in their car. Benjy carefully situated Avaline in the back seat while Noe set Vivian in the passenger side of the front seat. Noe drove as fast as they could and was more thankful than he had ever been before that the hospital was so near their home. Benjy quickly got Avaline out of the car and ran in before his parents were even out of the car. “sir what happened to her?” A doctor asked frantically. “she’s been shot” They immediately took her back and a nurse said “sir you need to wait here for her sake. You will only be in the way while they are taking the bullet out and closing her up. You want them to do it right and quickly dont you?” He nodded and didn’t follow.

He had forgotten he had any wounds until a doctor was making him go to a room aswell. “When she’s done they are going to bring her to whatever room I’m in right?”

“Yes, Your wounds don’t look that bad though. We’ll have them clean and stitched up in no time.” Vivian watched sadly as they cleaned her husbands wounds and stitched him up. “I’m ok Vivian” He said as gently and reassuringly as he could. They eventually started asking Vivian questions about what happened to the family. Noe was amazed at how easil she fed them a bogus story. He knew it was just because at this point she was used to having to create fake stories since she couldn’t tell what really happened.

Upon arriving home Avaline’s parents had been immediately shocked to find a mess of bodies and blood and their daughter gone. They had called the police and Renard had quickly located Vivian, Noe, Benjy and Avaline. He did not make them explain what had transpired and didn’t care how many of the bastards had been killed. “What about St. James?” He asked when he was getting Reqdy to leave and explain to Carine and Christophe that the men that had been laying around their house had been the same men after Noe and his family.

“You don’t have worry about him sir, he won’t be bothering anyone any more.” Noe answered.

“Good boy, go back to your den and rest.” He winked and left the room.

“I really don’t like he figured us out.”

“Don’t worry so much, he’s not some psychopath.” Vivian reassured him.

“I still don’t like it.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “I was really scared Vivian, reall, really scared. You should have told me you were pregnant. If you had lost that baby…” He buried his face in his hands and she moved to stand between his legs, wrapping her arms around him.

“I know baby, but everything is fine.” She pulled his hands away from his face and hugged him as tears slid from his eyes. “It’s okay.” She wiped his tears away and smiled at him. “Come on, let’s go see Benjy and Avaline. I’m sure our son is beside himself with worry.” Noe hopped down from the table and she helped him get back into his shirt. She hated seeing him all bandaged up and in pain because of her. He lace his fingers through hers and brushed her hand with his thumb. They went straight to Avaline’s room where Benjy was standing on one side of the bed while her parents stood on the other. Avaline was asleep and laying next to her was her teddy bear.

“How is she doing?” Noe asked softly as they stepped into the room.

“Better, she lost a lot of blood.” Christophe answered.

“Thank you for saving her.” Carine said and gave Noe a hug. He winced in pain and she let him go. “Oh sorry, you were hurt too.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine. Benjy how are you son?”

“Scared, I just want her to wake up. Can I stay here?” He looked between his parents and hers, his violet eyes pleading.

“It’s okay with us if it’s okay with you two.” Vivian said.

“Of course, she would want you to be here.” Carine said and Christophe agreed.

They all stood there with Avaline awhile longer then her parents went to the hotel next door to get a room since their home was still a crime scene. Vivian and Noe also decided to get a room so that Benjy could walk over if he needed. As soon as they knew the room number Noe texted it to Benjy telling him they would have a change of clothes for him and Avaline when they needed it and for him just to come get them when she was ready. Benjy replied saying thanks and he loved them before just going back to holding Avalines hand. Benjy didn’t want to be crying when she woke up so only the occasional tear would drip down his face. Even though he knew she was stable and doctors were nearby if anything changed, he was still scared out of his mind for Avaline.

Benjy eventually laid his head on her hand. Every now and then he would turn to kiss it. Benjy decided to take a nap so that when she did wake up he would be ready for her. When he woke and lifted his head Avaline spoke “you’re so adorable when you sleep” He almost jumped on the bed when he lunged to hug her. He kissed her cheek then she smiled “well dang, I thought for sure I would get a real kiss for this bullet wound but I guess if my lips are” she didn’t get to continue because he had pressed his lips against hers. She felt wetness on her face as he cried. When he pulled back she rubbed his face “everything’s fine now. Don’t cry”

“I was so worried”

“I told you that I’m too stubborn to die. Nothing can kill me. Did you bring my bear?”

“Your parents did.”

“Where are they?”

“In the hotel next door. I could call them for you”

“No, I just was curious. I’m glad to see you’re ok. You were bleeding pretty badly yourself”

“I didn’t even notice until the doctors pointed it out”

“Still playing the tough guy huh?” Benjy smiled “I really didn’t feel it”

“well like I said, you owe me a really romantic date”

“We’ll go anywhere you want”

“I like when you plan the dates. You are so romantic. You think of things I never would.”

“I’ll surprise you then”

“Good, I was serious about those movies too”

Chapter Three

“I need a bath.” Noe said. “These clothes smell like those animals.” He wrinkled his nose in disgust and ripped them off. Even wounded he looked amazing. She had to keep herself from jumping him. After all the adrenaline and panic, she was excited. “Vivian your mouth is hanging open.” He said with a laugh and pulled her to her feet. He tore her clothes off too and tossed all the scraps in the garbage.

“It’s all your fault and tearing my clothes off like that isn’t helping. Lets get the smell of blood and Luka off of us.” He smiled and pulled her into the bathroom where he ran a nice hot bath. He removed his bandages and studied the stitches on his neck. They itched and it took everything he had not to scratch them. “Leave them alone Noe or I’ll get you a cone.”

“What’s with the dog jokes today? First Renard and now you. I keep looking to make sure I’m not in wolf form.”

“You’re my adorable, vicious wolf and I love teasing you.” He tugged her onto his arms and tangled his fingers in her hair. He tugged gently, making her tip her head back so he could kiss her. She moaned into his mouth, her heart racing. She pushed gently against his chest and he pulled back. “You’re wounded.”

“I don’t care, I need my mate. I need my fearless tigress.”

“After we’re clean. I don’t want to smell them. I only want your scent on me.”

They relaxed in the tub, her sitting between his legs with her head on his chest. He kissed her temple and she smiled. “You are so damn beautiful.” He said.

“Am I? That’s good. I hope you’re ready for me to get fat again.” She replied and he cupped her cheek and turned her head.

“You are absolutely gorgeous, even pregnant. I love hearing and feeling the new life growing inside of you. It makes me very happy.”

Benjy only left Avaline to take a quick shower. He borrowed a pair of sweats from the hospital so he wouldn’t have to leave. Avaline’s eyes moved over his shirtless torso and he blushed. He didn’t know why he was so shy after she had got a full frontal view of him. “So I decided on something fun for us to do. My grandpa homeschooled me for most of my life and made sure I could play any instrument I took an interest in. I wanted to know if you would like to hear me play the cello.”

“That sounds amazing. Maybe the hospital will let you bring it here. I might not be leaving for a couple of days and I am sure the other patients would love to hear some music.”

“I don’t really have to ask. My grandpa is sort of a big deal around France, among other places. I’m sure they wouldn’t tell him no and besides my cello’s at his house anyway.”

“Then please” Benjy kissed her head. He grabbed his phone and called his grandfather. He didn’t answer so Benjy left a voicemail. “He will get to me the second he has the time. My grandpa keeps himself busy.” Avaline smiled and he sighed. She loved the way he looked at her. HIs eyes were so sweet and warm. “why don’t you lay with me?” She asked as she moved over a little. Benjy walked over then laid on his side. He looked down at her like she was the most magnificent work of art in a gallery. They both got lost as their eyes swam in eachothers. The onyl thing that brought them to reality was Benjys phone ringing. He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips then grabbed his cell.

When Benjy hung up he said “Grandpa will be on his way soon. I’m so happy he will get to meet you.”

“I wish he was meeting me when i looked better”

“You are always gorgeous. It’s why I have to try so hard before our dates”

“You look sexy all the time. You really don’t need to try. You didn’t take that long in the shower and you look handsome” Benjy couldn’t resist kissing her again. She smiled against his lips threatening to make his heart explode. “I love you” Benjy said in almsot a whisper. “I love you too.”

“are there any instruments you like?”

“None specifically, I love all music.”

“are you sure? Because I’m willing to learn to play anything for you” Avaline smiled and kissed Benjy again. “The cello will do perfectly. That was such a sweet thought but a sweet thought coming from you isn’t shocking atall. You’re far to sweet to me.”

“I can’t be anything else. You drive me crazy Avaline. I want to go everywhere and do everything with you”

“you want to do everything?” She teased turning his cheeks bright red again. “You embaress so easily”

“I can’t help it” He said wanting to hide his face. “I don’t want you to stop. It’s sweet, just like everything else about you”

“You’re only making my red face worse. Stop overdriving my heart Avaline”

“I’m just enjoying my happy Benjy. You looked so beaten down when you came to save me. It was heart wrenching”

“I could smell before we got there how much you were bleeding. I..”

“shhh, we’re happy. Wher’es my sweet blushing boy?” He kissed her but instead of the brief kiss it kept going until Benjy heard his grandfather clear his throat. They both were red as turnips now. “what a terribel way for you to meet me” Avaline said covering her face with her hands. He chuckled “You two are teenagers and I’ve seen plenty of pictures of you. Benjy never stops talking about how wonderful you are. He has shown me every picture you two have taken together. I wish I could have met you at a better time but it’s an honor all the same. Please don’t break benjys heart.”

“I wont”

“How is your mother and father?” Leif asked as he hugged his grandson.

“Last time I saw them they were fine. Dad got messed up, but he killed the man who took mom and Avaline. He was so pissed, especially when he found out mom was…” He trailed off and snapped his mouth shut.

“Was what?”

“Nothing, I’ll let her tell you. It’ll be better that way.” He cleared his throat. “Where’s my cello?”

“Ah, yes of course.” Leif snapped his fingers and his driver Antonio stepped in with a smile. “Thank you Antonio, I will be down shortly.”

“You’re welcome sir.” Antonio left and Leif handed the large case to Benjy.

“Thank you sir.”

“Anything for my grandson. Anyway, I need to get going. Tell your mother and father I will come to visit once I get back.”

“Are you taking the plane?” Leif nodded. “Then have a safe flight.” They hugged again, his grandfather kissed Avaline on the forehead and then left them alone. “Ready for some music?” She nodded and he lay the case flat then pulled out his cello. He sat down and pulled it between his knees, bow poised over the strings. The music flowed out of him and into the instrument. His eyes drifted closed and Avaline’s heart gave a little stutter. He looked magnificent, his face a mask of passion as he got lost in his music. She could spend the rest of her life watching him.

Vivian woke with fear gripping her heart. She had not remembered falling asleep or getting in bed. She wondered if she had drifted of in the tub and Noe had carried her there. Her heart beat quickly in her chest and she looked down at Noe’s sleeping face. Her mind had been full of such horrific images. She had been so scared Luka was going to kill Noe and her children and Avaline. She rested her head on his chest and started crying. It woke him and he wrapped his arms tightly around her, softly shushing her.

“Calm down sweetheart. I’ve got you and nothing is taking you away from me”

“Can we go see Beny and Avaline to make sure they are alright?”

“It’s really late now but maybe they’d let us back.”

“No, I don’t want to disturb Avaline if she’s sleeping.”

“you sure?”

“Yeah, I just want you to hold me”

“That I could never get enough of so it’s no problem” Noe kissed Vivian and it helped calm her. Nothing brought her tranquility quite like Noes kiss. It was odd to her how depending on the way he moved his lips could drive her crazy or bring her the deepest calm she could imagine. When he pulled back Vivian spoke breathlessly “You work magic with your lips” He smiled smugly “I know” She almost hit him but decided he was wounded enough. Noe held Vivian close and very tightly. He was having nightmares aswell but there wasn’t a need for him to say anything. She was comforting him without knowing.

He hoped they wouldn’t lose this baby. He was so happy they were finally blessed with a second chance at having a baby girl. He wondered how protective Benjy would be as the big brother. This time he was going to make Vivian rest as much as was possible. He would even hire someone to help her around the house if it became nessisary. Noe was determined that nothing would take this baby from them. Vivian kissed his chest pulling Noe back into the moment. “feeling any better my darling tiger?”

She smiled making him smile. “Yeah, I’m glad you woke up”

“I’m always here for you Vivian. I will always be here to save you from anything or just to comfort you when you’re sad. You are my one and only mate.”

“You better tell those drooling female wolves that when we go back to that pack” Noe laughed “I will, I want nobody but you. I wish they didn’t need my help atall but I can’t just leave them. Who knows what will become of them. I’ll probably just appoint them a new pack leader. If I do that we wont have to be around them more than a few hours.”

“whatever you think is best”

“I hope you keep saying that during this pregnancy”

“I will Noe, I will be good I swear. What you say goes. I didn’t listen last time and” Noe interupted “dont do that again Vivian. It was not your fault and I will be very upset if you start on that again. You were not to blame”

“Ok Noe, I’m sorry” Noe kissed her. “I didn’t mean to raise my tone. I just dont want you depressing yourself over what happened”

She didn’t know if she would ever let go of the fact that she had broken his heart doing the things she loved doing. Every day she had cried he had comforted her, never blaming her. A part of her had wished he would yell and scream at her, that he would show even a small flash of anger, but he had only held her and mourned with her. She rested her hand on her abdomen and vowed she would keep this baby safe, especially from her adventurous spirit. “I love you so much Noe.” She felt new tears spring forth and run down her cheeks.

“This is what I was trying to avoid love. I hate your tears.” He brushed them away and rained soft kisses on her face and down her neck. He bit her gently, making her jump and gasp. “No more tears baby.” He whispered as he moved lower, biting and sucking at her breasts, leaving a hickey on her soft skin right above her heart. She gripped his hair as he moved lower and finally settled between her legs, his tongue dancing over and then in her. More tears slipped into her hair as her loud moans filled the room. Her body seemed to convulse and then stiffen as she orgasmed, her back coming off the bed. Noe kissed his way slowly back up her and found her mouth in a gentle kiss, one hand in her hair and the other tangled with hers as he slid himself slowly into her. She rocked her hips, matching his gentle pace. They finished together and he moved onto his back so she lay on top of him.

“Thank you Noe for always loving me.”

“I could do nothing else. You are my everything.” He kissed the top of her head then pulled the blankets over them. He wanted her to stay where she was in case another nightmare woke her or her guilt at a horrible accident came creeping back into her mind. He wanted her to move on and let it go, but he knew he could not force her. He rubbed her back until her breathing shallowed and her body went completely limp before drifting off himself.

The next morning they both still felt exhausted, but were happier. Vivian smiled warmly up at him as he discussed baby names. This was the woman he wanted to see. He didn’t want her spirit to be broken. They decided to visit the pack first. The men and women averted their gazes the minute they entered the cave. Noe couldn’t smell a strong enough man in the whole group who could lead the pack. He ran his fingers frustratedly through his hair. “Not one potential alpha. Damn it!”

“Calm down love. We can take care of them.”

“I shouldn’t have to and neither should you. Especially with you being pregnant. What if one of the females challenges you?”

“I doubt they will. Look how scared they are.”

Noe turned to them. “I’m your alpha but only come to me if you need advice or help. I also want to make it very clear I want no other mate than the one I have. She is my one and only. Do not dare challenge her. Am I understood?” They all nodded. “You can come to me anytime you need me.” Noe said then picked up Vivian. He walked with her back to their home “Let me give you a nice massage before we check on Benjy and Avaline. Benjy would probably prefer if it was just them anyways.”

“Yeah, thank you baby” Noe sat her on the bed to start at her feet. He gently and slowly rubbed her making her lay down on the bed with a contented sigh. Noe smiled as he worked her entire body loose. “can I make you something to eat for lunch sweetheart?’

“Tilapia?” Noe kissed her then lifted her up. He set her down on the couch and turned on the television. “don’t move beautiful” Vivian just smiled at him as he walked away and into the kitchen. Once he had it prepared and in the oven he came back out to be with Vivian. The intertwined themselves with eachother and laid there until the timer started beeping. He sighed, not wanting to leave her but he got up anyway. He put their food on some plates then sat with her to eat their food. Vivian picked up her cell to text her son. She had to know how Avaline was doing. She had manage to keep her cool the whole time the pack had her captive until they brought Avalne in with her gunshot wound.

She had already grown really attached to Avaline even though she had only seen her twice before all this. She meant the world to Benjy so Vivian knew she had to be a really special girl. Benjy didn’t answer right away but she took it as a good sign. He was probably just cuddling with her or they were playing some sort of game. Nearly twenty minuets later he answered and Vivian smiled. Noe took the phone “Glad she’s doing better. I just can’t believe they went after his mate too.”

“Atleast we can always count on you” Vivian said with an admiring look on her face that warmed Noes heart and made it irresistable to kiss her

Avaline woke with a smile on her face. Benjy had his head resting on the bed, snoring loudly. She brushed her fingers through his hair and he jerked awake. “Something happen?” He asked as he wiped the drool off his mouth.

“You were snoring.” She answered with a smile.

“Sorry, I guess I’m still exhausted.”

“It was cute. Do you think it would be okay if I sat up?”

“Let me ask.” He kissed her cheek and hurried out of the room and came back with a nurse.

“I want to set up please.” Avaline said.

“It’s time for your bandage change anyway.” The nurse pushed the button and raised the head of the bed. She unbuttoned the right side of Avaline’s gown and Benjy quickly averted his gaze. He waited patiently as the nurse pulled off the old bandage, checked the wound, and then applied a new one. “If you need anything else, just ask.” The nurse said and left.

“Are you hungry mon petit ange?” Benjy asked.

“Your French is perfect. You speak it so beautifully.” He blushed, making her laugh softly. “I would love some food mon garçon loup.”

He grinned and quickly called down to the cafeteria. He ordered her a chicken salad since he didn’t know what she was allowed to eat and what would react badly with her pain medicine. He also got her some apple juice. He hung up and she patted the bed next to her. “Are you sure?” He asked.

“Of course I am silly. I like being close to you. It makes me feel safe.” He moved her over a little then climbed in next to her. He wrapped his arms around and she rested her head against his chest. “Can I stay like this forever?” She asked.

“Yes, please do.” He kissed her temple then laced his fingers with hers. Her food arrived a few minutes later and he fed her, taking a few bites himself. He wasn’t a big salad eater, but he didn’t want to upset her by not putting something in his stomach. “Are your parents coming today?”

“Probably, they were really worried.”

“Your poor parents. Is life always like this for them?”

“No, bad stuff rarely happens, but they’re tough so they will be fine.”

“May I ask what happened to your mother’s baby? You never really talked much about it.”

“She fell off a building. I was with her when it happened. We were jumping from roof top to roof top when some tile gave out beneath her feet. She lost her balance and fell four stories. She almost died.”

“I am so sorry. I hope everything goes well with this baby. I would hate to see your mother cry.”

“I just think that maybe if I had let her jump ahead of me that it would have been me that fell and she wouldn’t have had to go through so much pain. I would have taken all the broken bones and internal bleeding the world had to offer just to keep her from crying.”

“don’t think like that Benjy. Things happen..even horrible things like that.” Benjy kissed her again and sighed. After only two more days she was free to go home. It made her sad that she was going to have a small scar from the wound. Benjy kept assuring her that it wouldn’t take away from her looks atall but she still was sad. When they said she could go Christophe cleared his throat then said ” It’s early in the morning Avaline. You can hangout with your boyfriend if you’d like.”

“Is there anything you want to do Benjy?”

“Why don’t we watch those movies we’ve been planning on watching. We can go to the store and buy some movie snacks then we can go to Red Box and rent a few movies.”

“Sounds fun” Noe kissed his wifes cheek “we’ll then your mother and I will go on a date so you two can have the lviing room to yourselves. If we come home we’ll just go to our room” Benjy smiled as a thanks then everybody hugged everybody and parted. They quickly bought all their movie supplies then stopped at a Red Box. Once they had their movies selected they went back to Benjys house. He was glad to see his parents were already gone. “what’re we watching first beautiful?”

“will you pick please”

“Fine, but then you have to pick the second one” Avaline nodded with a smile. She seemed so excited making Benjy overflow with happiness. Noe took Vivian out to eat at her favorite restaurant. She looked stunning in the dress she picked and how her hair was resting on her. Vivian just smiled when she noticed her husband admiring her. “you’re food is going to get cold.” Noe snapped back into reality seeming lost because he had drowned himself in her. Vivina giggled and Noe rubbed the back of his head “sorry, if you’d stop being so beautiful we wouldnt have this problem”

“It’s not a problem, it’s wonderful that we have been together so long adn you cans till forget where you are while you look at me”

“You will be beautiful no matter how old we get.”

“and you will always be devastatingly handsome” Vivian winked and Noe began eating. “Want to go to the park and walk around after this?” Vivian asked “Of course, then we can go sit by the lake when we tire of walking” They just sat there discussing everything they could do to let Benjy have a romantic date at home with his girlfriend. All was right and perfect in their world again and they couldn’t wait to celebrate the life of their new baby.

~ The End ~

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