Vivian & Noe 6

Chapter One

Vivian and Noe’s youngest son Alvin had come into the world healthy and screaming, looking just like his mother with bright violet eyes and blazing red hair. Seventeen years later he had caught the attention of sex traffickers who had witnessed his change and started stalking him. When they found out about his family, they planned on taking all of them, even Avaline. Vivian and Noe had been busy setting up the ritual to change Avaline into one of them. Both their pack and Vivian’s parents would be taking part, something that tigers and wolves had never done together.

“So it’s completely safe then?” Avaline asked as she sipped coffee.

“Of course it is. It’s supposed to hurt a little though.” Vivian explained.

“And you have to be completely nude.” Noe added and Avaline blushed. “Please don’t worry, it’s not a sexual thing. There are symbols that have to be drawn on you and clothes would smear them. Since we do not have an elder here, Vivian’s father has agreed to supplies us with the blood we will need to use. He’s the oldest of us.”

“Then you get to be with me forever.” Benjy said and kissed Avaline’s cheek.

Alvin came through the front door with a warm smile and tossed his backpack in the corner. “Benjy, Avaline, what’s up?” He hugged his brother and sister in law.

“We’re talking about the ritual to change Avaline into one of us.” Vivian answered.

“I’m so glad you two decided to go through with it.”

“How was school?” Noe asked.

“Same as always, I had to take the roofs to get home. Traffic was so backed up that it took forever for the bus to get anywhere.”

“As long as you were careful.”


Avaline sighed “thank you for going through all this troubel to change me”

“You are our family Avaline. We couldn’t let our son lose his mate and we couldn’t bare to lose you either. We’ve grown to love you very much” Avaline smiled at Vivians words. Benjy was excited about this beyond words. It had been heart wrneching for him when Avaline didn’t agree right away but he gave her time and hoped. His hopes and not hounding her about it paid off and she came around to the idea. She was scared but she wouldn’t let fear keep her from forever with Benjy and his family.

“Now that Alvins home what do we all want to do about dinner tonight?”

“why don’t we go out” Noe suggested. “I like that idea” benjy agreed. “what say you Avaline?”

“I’m fine with anything, you know me” Vivian yelled over to Alvin ‘What about you Alvin?”

“Anything but pizza”

“Hm, how about¬†Pierre Gagnaires?”

“Yum” Avaline said and Benjy smiled “then yes for me too’ Everyone agreed then Vivain said “got homework Alvin?”

“Yeah but i can do it later” Alvin answered then Noe interjected before Vivian could say anything “do it now and then we’ll go eat”

“alright” He responded and went up to his room.

“Noe, it’s a special time in Benjy’s life, Alvin’s homework could have waited.” He sighed, the look in her big violet eyes tugging at his heart.

“Why are you so good a puppy dog eyes?”

“I learned from the best my love.”

He sighed again. “Alvin come on, your homework can wait.” They all heard him give a loud yes before he came running back downstairs. Everyone got up, Noe making sure he had his wallet and phone before they headed out to the car. Alvin sat in the back, talking excitedly to Benjy and Avaline about the change and wanting to know when he would be an uncle because he really wanted nieces or nephews. They just laughed, enjoying his happiness. Vivian laced her fingers through Noe’s and smiled at having both of their children and Avaline with them.

They got to Pierre Gagnaires and Alvin nearly jumped out of the car he was so hungry. Noe reprimanded him and he waited for the car to stop. “Never do that Alvin, it’s dangerous even for creatures like us.”

“Yes sir.” They headed inside, both Vivian and Noe getting the feeling they were being watched. They looked around and scented the air, but found nothing. They both knew that to ignore such feelings could mean certain death so they kept their senses open, not wanting to be snuck up on.

They each skimmed over their menus until they found what they wanted. This place always has fast service so they didn’t have to wait long once they had set their menus closed and down on the table. The waitor got their orders and promised to bring their drinks out soon. Benjy took Avalines hand, able to sense her nervousness. “It’s going to go perfectly tonight baby and I’ll be right there” Avaline smiled ‘I know, I’m trying not to be nervous. I know I can trust you all. I’m excited too” Benjy lifted her hand and kissed it making his parents hearts warm again.

When they were served their food They began eating, Vivian and Noe still had some of their attention on their surroundings trying to figure out why they felt eyes they couldn’t locate. Tonight was not a night to have enemies about. Benjy noticed his parents were distracted but thought nothing of it. He was excited and knew a lot must be on their mind getting all this put together.

After dinner they headed outside, the sense of being watched a lot stronger out in the open. Vivian grabbed Noe’s hand and he gave it a squeeze. He didn’t like someone was watching his family. He checked his watch, deciding to head over to Vivian’s parents house and get Avaline ready. They all piled into the car and pulled away from the restaurant, Vivian and Noe staying alert the whole drive. Both Alvin and Benjy smiled happily when Noe pulled into their grandparent’s driveway. They jumped out, Benjy holding onto Avaline’s hand as they approached the front door.

Leif answered, hugging them all before letting them in. Jaine, his wife was waiting for them in the living room and stood when they came in. Sitting on the couch where she had been was someone Vivian had not seen in forever. Her brother Jake got to his feet and she actually jumped into his arms. “Oh my god Jake, when did you get back?” She asked.

“Yesterday, I figured I could surprise you when you cam over. How have you been?”

“I’ve been great. Come say hi to your nephews.”

It amazed Noe how much Jake looked like Alvin. They had the same red hair and violet eyes that seemed to run in Vivian’s family. They could be twins. They talked excitedly to each other until they heard knocking on the back door. Noe went to see who it was, smelling his pack members before he even opened the door. He smiled at them and invited them inside, their eyes widening at the amazing interior of the house. Even though Noe and Vivian had got Leif to buy the pack a large house to live in, they still marveled at the man’s wealth. “Everyone’s here.” Noe said as he lead his wolves into the living room.

They all greeted¬†eachother¬†then Leif said “So¬†Avaline, you understand what’s going to happen tonight? Are you ready for us to begin?”

“Yeah. I understand and I’m ready”

“Do you want privacy while I paint you?”

“Everyone will see me anyway. I’ll be¬†ok¬†wherever you want to paint me”

“alright you aren’t used to nudity so nobody would blame you if you had trouble stripping right here”

“I’ve already mentally prepared myself. Don’t worry about me” Leif went into his kitchen to fetch a bowl and a knife. He cut himself and let the blood pour until he was certain there was enough. He bandaged his wound then returned to his grandsons mate. “I’m ready when you are” She semi shakily removed her clothes, blushing when they were off.¬†Benjy¬†grabbed¬†Avalines¬†hand to comfort her. Leif began his work diligently and carefully to be sure all was right. When he was done¬†Benjy¬†pulled his mate up and they all went outside to perform the ceremony.

Trying to make¬†Avaline¬†more comfortable the pack kept their eyes off of her while they went out. When they were out under the glow of the moon the tigers and wolves surrounded¬†Avaline¬†and Benjy. He was still holding her hand to help her trough this and be near to hold her when¬†Avalines¬†wolf entered her body. Avaline saw everyone join hands and next thing she knew roars mixed with howls filled the air. She might have jumped if her husband wasn’t right there with her.¬†Benjy explained they were asking the spirits to come and Avaline gave him an appreciative smile. She had been told they would howl to call on spirits but it was sweet Benjy was telling her again.

The noise kept going until everyone turned their eyes to Avaine. ¬†The entire circle started chanting and the symbols covering her body grew warm.¬†The circle suddenly fell silent then somthing happened that shocked everyone. They didn’t know what to expect from wolves adn tigers doing this but a mingle, unlike the noise the circle made came of both tiger and wolf. Two spirits were coming for her. She would be both a wold and a tiger as her husband was. When the spsirts grew close they both looked at Avaline as if they had always known her. Unlike normal they both suddenly lunged at her as if they were attacking but instead of claws and teeth Avaline felt intense heat.¬†It became hard to breath so Avaline out of panic squeezed benjys hand. He knew it was ok to smear the symbols now so he pulled her into his lap and held her as she got hotter and hotter.

She fought for air, feeling like her chest was being compressed. Benjy whispered soothing words into her ear and tears slipped down her cheeks when she was finally able to breathe again. The wolves let out yip and howls of joy while the tigers made happy chuffing sounds. She was now part of both worlds and they greeted their new sister with open arms. Benjy stood with her in his arms, smiling down at her. “How do you feel?” He asked.

“Different, but amazing. I can actually fel the life in the moonlight.”

“Now you are mine forever.”

“Can I get dressed now?”

He chuckled. “Grandma, grandpa we’re going to take a shower real quick.”

“Okay.” Leif said.

Vivian turned to Noe. “I have never seen something like that before, it was amazing.”

“I’m glad both spirits accepted her and each other. It wasn’t like our boys who were born with the ability so the animals in them grew with them and each other. I was a little worried at first, but now I’m just happy that Benjy will never lose her.”

Avaline was eager to get to the shower. She quickly picked up the clothes she brought with her then joined her husband in the bathroom. He already had the water running so she stepped right in. Benjy scrubbed his grandfathers blood off of her then started rubbing her muscles. She gave a soft moan “thank you” Benjy kissed her shoulder ‘you’re welcome beautiful” Benjy kept massaging Avaline until she told him to wash himself before the water ran cold. Benjy was quick about it then they got out to dry and dress.

Chapter Two

The pack was all still there when they exited the bathroom. They had happy, welcoming smiles on their faces. Avaline smiled back, truly feeling like one of them. Avaline and Benjy went to the couch to sit. Jake and Alvin took either side of them. “how do you feel?” Jake asked. “Surprisingly good after how I felt during”

“Good to hear. I’m hoping to get to know you well while I’m here this time. Sorry I’ve bene mostly a stranger to you”

“I think it would be fun to travel like you do”

“It’s a lot of fun. I’ll have to drag you and benjy along some time”

“You want to benjy?” Avaline asked as she turned to him in excitement. “of course i do” Benjy answered.

Jaine brought a big sheet cake out and sat it on the table while everyone was busy talking. She called all of them into the dining room and Avaline smiled when she saw the cake decorated with a full moon and stars. “It’s tradition in our house for new members to get one of my cakes.” Jaine said with a big smile. Leif got plates and silverware and a knife then brought them out. Jaine cut pieces, putting them on plates and having Leif hand them out. When everyone had a piece they all found a place to sit and ate and chatted. For a few minutes Vivian and Noe were able to forget about being watched as the warmth and joy washed over them.

As it got late and wolves and tigers alike started yawning they all said goodbye and parted ways. Avaline was exhausted, yawning constantly as they drove away. “You two are staying with us tonight.” Noe said. He didn’t want them going home so late, his sense of being watched back.

“Okay dad, sounds good.” Benjy replied with a yawn of his own.

He pulled up in front of their house, a sudden sense of forboding hitting all of them. Vivian and Noe both heard the sound of a trigger being pulled and before they could yell a warning Benjy was struck in the chest by a tranquilizer dart. He looked down in shock then collapsed. Avaline screamed as she dropped down next to Benjy and pulled out the dart. Vivian and Noe shifted, one roaring and the other howling as they were pegged by darts. Their anger gave them the strength to attack the men who came running at them. Alvin ran around to his brother and sister in law, his heart beating overly fast.

“Alvin, get her out of here.” Benjy said.

“No, no I’m not leaving you.” Avaline said.

“It’s okay, just go. I love you.” She kissed him.

“I love you too.” Alvin picked her up and took off, wanting to help his family, but not wanting Avaline in danger.

Benjy passed out as he watched his brother carry his wife off. Benjy hoped until he passed out she wouldn’t be captured. Vivian and Noe fought with all they had but as more darts shot into their skin not even their adrenaline could keep them up and fighting. The sex¬†traffickers were pissed two got away but were glad they atleast obtained two males and a female. They would get them locked up to be broken then start hunting for the two that got away. Passed out Vivian and Noe turned back into human, nude from their transformation. They handcuffed all three then tied them for good measure.

The men sitting in the back of their fan to shoot them again if one of them woke were getting horny as they stared at Vivian. Their eyes traveling were traveling her and forming disgusting thoughts about what they wanted to do and how they would do it. They would definitely make sure they got a turn in raping this one. One of the men began thinking of the girl that was carried away, wondering how she looked nude and having perverse thoughts himself.

Avaline cried as Alvin carried her away, wanting to go back to Benjy. “It’s okay, we’ll get them back.” Alvin said, trying to comfort her.


“My grandpa and uncle and the whole pack. They’ll help us.” Alvin ducked into an alley and sat Avaline on her feet. “Listen, I know you just went through a change, but I need you to shift shape for me. We can run a lot faster on all fours.”

“But I don’t know how.” She sobbed.

He grabbed her shoulders. “You have to calm down Avaline. I’ll help you.”

She wiped at her face. “Okay.”

“Close your eyes.” She did as he said. “Now, let the tiger take over, don’t fight it. Just open up and give it all you are. I want the tiger because it can climb easier.” Avaline took a deep breath and embraced the wildness of the tiger. She could feel her body shifting, her muscles and bones contorting. It was uncomfortable, but she guessed it would get easier the more she did it. When she opened her eyes she found herself staring at a tiger and knew by the scent that it was Alvin. She stretched her legs then watched as Alvin headed up a fire escape. She followed, letting the tiger completely take over and guide her.

Vivian woke feeling sick to her stomach. The tranquilizer scattered her senses so she was having trouble pinpointing anything. She sat up and blinked, her vision finally clearing up so she saw she was in a cage. She looked around, finding Noe in a separate cage to her left and Bengy in one to her right. She crawled over to Noe and reached through the bars to shake him.

“Noe, wa…wake up.” She commanded.

He didn’t stir so she shook with all the strength she had in her. Finally Noe roused but he seemed even more dazed than she was “baby, get up! I’ll wake Benjy.” Noe struggled to sit up but he forced himself to. Vivian did the same with Benjy that she had done with Noe. She jerked him and spoke loudly until he too got up. Benjy seemed to look around fearfully for Avaline “I don’t think they got her son” Vivian assured. “Thank goodness. Hopefully Alvin and Avaline can get the pack rounded up again quickly to come get us.”

“I’m sure they will” Vivain said. Noe attacked his bars, expecting to be able to break them or budge them even a little but these traffickers were experienced enough to have him in a cage strong enough to keep it’s hold. Noe growled angrily and let out a warning howl. “calm down baby. letting yourself boil wont help us” Vivian said to try and calm him so he wouldn’t be stupid in his anger.

Noe knew she was right but was having a near impossible time trying to relax. They could easily have Avaline and Alvin in another room hurting them. He wouldn’t say that out loud so not to panic benjy but it weighed on his mind. He took a deep whiff of the air but couldn’t scent them. He did however get a nosefull over a plethora of smells he wished he hadn’t.

By the time they arrived back at Leif and Jaine’s Avaline was ready to collapse and shifted to her human form before they even got to the front door. Alvin banged on their door, his heart still racing in fear. Leif jerked the door open, his eyes filling with worry when he saw them standing there. “What happened Alvin?” He asked as he ushered them inside and into the living room where Jaine and Jake were watching TV. “Jake get them some clothes.” Leif ordered as they flopped down on the couch.

“What happened?” Jaine asked.

“Some men took mom, dad, and Benjy. I wanted to help, but Benjy made me run.” Alvin answered.

“Men, what kind of men?” Leif asked as Jake came back and handed them clothes.

“I don’t know, I didn’t get a good look at their faces, but they had tranquilizers. I remember their smell, it was horrible, sickening.” Alvin felt himself tear up and before he knew it he was crying. “It’s all my fault, I should have helped.”

Leif sat down and hugged him. “You did help, you save Avaline. Now listen you have to calm down because you’re the only one who can track them. You have to rally the pack and lead us to your parents.”

“They were in a van.” Avaline said sadly.

“I remember that smell too.” Benjy replied. “It was very distinct.”

“I’ll stay here with Avaline, you three go get the pack.” Jaine said softly as she sat down next to Benjy’s mate.

“But I want to help.” Avaline protested.

“I know sweetied, but you’re too weak right now. You need to stay with me and wait for Benjy. Leif, Alvin, and Jake will bring him back.” Jaine said softly. “Don’y worry about us Leif, I have my gun and I’ll tear into anyone who comes through that door uninvited.

Leif kissed his wife then ran out with his son and grandson. Avaline yawned and Jaine did all but force her to go upstairs and try to rest. Resting was the last thing she wanted to do but saying no to her was about as easy as saying no to Vivian. Avaline laid down as was requested while jaine made her some Sleepy Time Tea to help her fall asleep. Jaine doubted she would fall asleep without some relaxing tea despite how taxed her body was from changing only an hour or so earlier. When the tea was boiled and ready for Avaline¬†Jaine took it up. As she thought Avaline was laying awake with a worried look “Honey, drink this and sleep. You’ll do no good for Benjy stressing yourself”

“I’m trying”

“This tea will help. I’ll be right downstairs guarding the door and listening for anybody coming. Yell if you need anything or want some sleeping pills. I was tempted to slip them in your drink but decided against it. They are in my bathroom if you have want for them”

“Thank you but I want to be able to get up easily when Benjys safe”

“I understand, remember, I’m only a yell away” Avaline nodded then sipped her hot tea. Jaine shut the door then made sure her gun was loaded before going downstairs to sit on the couch. She hoped her husband, children and grandchildren ripped the heads off of the people who dared attack them like this. It especially pissed her off this would happen on such a sacred night.

“How are we going to get out of here?” Benjy asked as he shook the cage door. “I need to get back to Avaline.”

“Those men will be back for us, they’ll most likely want you first Vivian. This place smells of sick deeds and abuse. Many women have been raped here.” Noe growled, wishing he could rip the bars open and tear every single one of their kidnappers to pieces.

“Alvin will come for us. I am sure he went to my father’s house. We trained him well.” Vivian replied.

“What about you Vivian, they’ll hurt you and use you if they get the chance.”

“I’m not afraid of them my love, not even a little. They’ll have to give me a pretty high dose of tranquilizer before I let them do anything to me and I doubt they will. I think they like women who fight.” She reached through her cage bars and found the padlock that kept the door closed. “I wish I had a bobby pin damn it.” She hissed.

“I blame myself for you not being as prepared as you used to be.” Noe said.


“Because I pretty much forced you to quit your mercenary work. Before you always had a way out, a tool to use, but now you don’t.”

Vivian laughed. “I quit because I wanted to, not because you made me. You should know by now that you can’t make me do anything.” She laughed again. “I wasn’t prepared because I didn’t feel I had any reason to be, not because I’m rusty you silly wolf. I love you and the kids to much to go trekking through the jungle and hunt down dangerous people. Plus I would miss you if I had to be gone for days at a time.”

“I would miss you too. I’m glad you quit but wish we could get out of here. I love you and know you’re a strong woman but I worry for you still”

“That’s because you’re an amazing man Noe. I love you too and we’ll get through this.” They were alone for about an hour before two men came in, one of which smelled like he had slept in a tub of vodka last night. “she is sexy, what a treat you men have brought home” The man that smelled of vodka said. Noe and benjy both growled protectively as Noe jerked at his bars again like a crazed animal. The men laughed boisterously “she’s ours now puppy and soon we’ll make you an obedient little puppy”

“You fucking touch her and you’ll both lose your god damn throats when i’m out of here” His voice a steady, deep growl that even shook Vivian a little. This was the angriest she had ever seen her mate. This anger was not even comparable to any other time in his life. The sober man unlocked Vivians door. She instantly lunged at him while transforming.¬†It surprised Benjy, Noe and Vivian when he shifted aswell to fight her.

The man rolled with Vivian acoss the ground as they bit and scratched at each other, yowls of pain filling the silence. Noe wrenched at the padlock and shook his cell door as he screamed and growled in a rage. Benjy yelled for his mother not to give up, but the larger male tiger finally wrested his way on top of her, his teeth gripping her throat as he squeezed her windpipe. She struggled, trying her best to kick him off, but her vision began to grow hazy.

“Once she’s out take her upstairs.” The drunk man said then turned his attention to Noe. “How about we make you watch hound.” He said then fired a couple of dart into Noe’s chest.

Alvin was scared to ask the pack for help, his heart hammering in his chest as he shifted back to his human shape in front of the large plantation house. There were some members curled up on the porch and they instantly shifted shape when they smelled Alvin. “Alvin, we can smell your fear. Has something happened?” One asked.

“My parents and Benjy have been kidnapped. I know I am not your alpha, but I ask you to please help me now.”

“Alvin, you are your father’s son and we as a pack must stick together so if you ask for our help then we will give it.” A man about Noe’s age said. He howled and the rest of the pack piled out of the house. “Our alphas and their oldest have been kidnapped. Alvin has asked for our help in getting them back.” The one speaking bowed, showing his neck to Alvin as a sign of submission. “As Beta of the pack I hereby make you acting Alpha until your father’s return. We will follow where you lead without question.”

“thank you. I know the scent of the men and their van so everyone become your wolf and run by my lead” Everyone obeyed him on the spot. Alvin still felt uncomfortable in his fathers position but was glad they would follow him so willingly. He knew he would need them to save his family. They ran as fast as the slowest wolf could run. It was much slower than Alvin could run but he knew a pack had to go at the slowest wolves pace. He was also too grateful to them all for complaining. They were still going plenty fast and with this many behind him he knew he could resuce his parents and sibling.

Chapter Three

Just as they were running Avaline finally fell asleep but it wasn’t a peaceful rest. She had nightmare after nightmare about her husband and ended up jerking awake. Jaine heard her crying and instantly felt fear that someone was up there with her grandaughter in law that she had somhow missed. Jaine ran up the stairs and flung open the door. When she saw no intruder Jaine sat on the bed “what happened?”

“Terrible dreams, I’m so worried” Jaine hugged her “I assure you they’ll be fine. No descendant of mine could ever be taken down sweetheart”

When Noe woke he was chained to a wall in a bedroom, a metal collar around his throat. His hands were cuffed behind him and he was laying face down on a wood floor. He pushed himself onto his knees, his eyes widening when he saw Vivian chained to a bed. “Vivian, wake up.” He said as he struggled against the cuffs. “Come on baby, wake up.” She groaned and her eyes fluttered open. She immediately started jerking at the chains that held her arms and legs down. “Vivian, are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m fucking pissed and my throat hurts.” She was angry she couldn’t get free, that she was to weak to shift right now. “I can’t believe a fucking shifter would be helping these bastards.”

“I know baby.” He tried standing, but the short chain forced him back to his knees.

Vivian stopped fighting against the chains. “I hope Benjy’s okay. Why did they bring you in here with me?”

“Their leader wanted to make me watch as they tried to break you.”

“Fuckers. I wonder how they found us?” They heard footsteps and the bedroom door opened. It was the man who smelled of booze.

“We followed your little cub. He thought he was being careful, but we have noses and eyes more keen than his.” He crossed over to Vivian. “He looks just like you, absolutely beautiful. It’s a shame we could not find him. I would have loved to break him the way I’m going to break you little tigress.”

“Don’t you fucking touch her.” Noe growled and the man walked over and backhanded him.

“Shut your mouth dog.”

“Unchain me, fight me like a real man.”

“We already took your mate down, I doubt you are any tougher.”

“Your lackey fought her after she had been sedated. If she was at full strength she would have broken his neck. You coward, preying on your own kind.”

“I’m not looking to prove myself as a man. I dominate people for a living so am plenty a man despite what you think. You better get used to other men fucking your wife because now she and you are nothing more than play things. You call yourself an alpha but if you were true alpha you would have never let your family be taken, they would have been better protected. Look at you now. you can’t even save your mate from being raped. you’ll just sit there watching and snarling. I love when we break alphas, show you what puppies you truly are hiding behind a title and a pack that will serve your every whim”

His words pissed Noe off to the breaking point and he began to struggle as if he had rabies. The drunkard actually watched Noe, not believing for a second this wolf would break the chains. No wolf before him had. They were strong enough to keep any shifter secured. Vivian worried her husband would seriously hurt himself jerking as violently as he was. She very nearly screamed for him to stop but knew it would fall on deaf ears with how angry she could feel he was.

The cowardly man turned to her “aw, your puppy is upset i’ve pointed out how weak of a mutt he is. Now you’ll get to sleep with a real man”

“You are nowhere near a man you bastard!” She spat back. He smiled ‘you are going to be so much fun. maybe I’ll keep you as my private toy for awhile. It’s been a long time since I’ve broken a women all on my own.”

Alvin grew worried as he followed the scent still stuck in his nose. He was afraid of letting everyone down, of losing his parents and Benjy and making everyone hate him. Having an entire pack, as well as his grandfather and uncle follow him made his confidence plummet. He tried to keep his mind focused on saving his loved ones, remembering the training his parents had put him through so he would be a able to defend himself in the even of an attack.

Vivian fought as the drunk male tiger crawled over her. His hands and mouth drifted over her and she felt disgusted by his touch. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and pressed his mouth against hers as he fondled her. Noe fought against his restraints, a red haze falling over him. Vivian was his and his alone, he was the only one allowed to touch her. “You taste delicious.” The drunk man said as he unzipped his pants. “I want to hear you moan.” To Noe everything seemed to go quiet at his words. He felt his bones and muscles popping and contorting as he shifted into a half wolf form. He growled as he broke the cuffs then reached up and snapped the collar from around his neck. The male on top of his mate looked at the werewolf in horror, his eyes widening at this beast that looked like the monsters of legend. “What the fuck?” He said, his voice shaking as the werewolf stood up on hind legs.

The scent of the kidnappers became stronger and Alvin came to a stop when a large house came into view. His parents and Bengy were in there, he could smell them. He let out a loud howl, a warning to his enemies as he took off at a sprint. The men patrolling shifted into tigers and Alvin shifted as well, roaring as he slammed into one of the bigger males and rolling across the ground.

The drunk tried to run. He had never seen a werewolf in that form before though he knew that’s when they were the strongest. Noe broke his wifes chains then ran after the bastard who had dared put his hands and mouth over his mate. Who had the nerve to unzip his pants and even think about lodging himself where only Noe belonged. Other shifters and regular men tried to attack Noe and stop him but they all failed, Noe covering their house of horros in their own blood.

Vivian tried to shift again but was failing so she had to walk out of the room naked since they had taken her clothes. She gasped at the sight of ripped up bodies and blood painting the floors and walls. She started running to find her son Benjy. Normally seeing him in a cage wouldn’t please her but right now she was happy to see him still there and safe. Vivian went back out and dug through pockets until she found keys. She tried key after key until finally one worked and set her son free.

“where’s dad?” Benjy asked. “He’s gone mad from a man touching me. We need to help him”

They followed the trail of dead bodies and blood down a hall and into the kitchen. The back door was completely torn off its hinges and laying in the yard. Large wolf prints and boot prints headed off into the woods. They heard the roar of tigers and the howls of wolves and knew their family had come for them. “Benjy, go and meet the others out front, I’ll go after your father.”

“But what if he doesn’t recognize you?”

“Don’t worry he will, just meet the others.” He wanted to argue, but didn’t. He shifted into wolf form and took off to the front yard. Vivian headed into the woods, following Noe’s paw prints and scent. When she fund him he was standing over the man who had tried to rape her. He was laying on the ground with blood soaking into his clothes from Noe’s sharp nails and blubbering like a baby. Vivian would love nothing more than the pig to be killed, but Noe was a wild unforgiving animal instead of the calm controlled alpha and police officer. Killing a man who had obviously given up was wrong. “Noe?” She said as she mved closer.

Noe froze, the scent of his mate hitting his nose. He turned his amber gaze on her and let out a little snarl. “Noe it’s okay now, you have to calm down.” She could see a tranquilizer dart sticking out of his stomach and knew he was far to angry to notice. The drugs hadn’t even fazed him. She moved closer, reaching out a hand. “Come on my love, we’re safe now, there’s no need to kill him. You can just arrest him and have him put away.” His teeth were still bared, but she cupped the side of his face anyway. “Come back to me now Noe, I love you and I need you.” He whined and leaned into her touch, allowing himself to shift back to his human form. He yanked the dart out and pulled her into his arms, tears in his eyes as he held tightly to her.

It’s ok now baby” She said softly and he cried harder as he held her close. the pack was taken back by the blood shed and crept through the place looking for their alpha. They found him still standing in the woods and hugging his mate. The man who tried to rape Vivian was paralyzed with fear and still laying on the ground. “Noe?” a male from his pack said. He wiped his face “I lost my mind with rage and went on a rampage. I’m ashamed of all these deaths.”

“Your mate was threatened Noe. Lets just call the cops, explain and we can lock that last living bastard up” Noe nodded and dialed the police station. The entire department came right away. Noes boss knew what he was so the explanation was easy for him to wrap his mind around. The deaths were written off as self defense and they took the last man to the hospital to be mended. Noe truly was ashamed of his actions though he had only killed a bunch of heartless, bastard men who raped and abused for their living. He was also ashamed of letting his mate and son be taken.

He had let his family down on other occasions but none of those hurt him like he hurt right now. The pack went home leaving only Noe, Leif, Benjy and Jake to go back to Vivians parents house. Noe wondered what Vivians father thought of him now after seeing what he had done in that house. They were instantly greeted by Jaine when they got to leifs home. benjy asked “where’s Avaline?”

“I made her sleep. Go on up. She’s worried about you”

“Would it be okay if we stayed the night?” Noe asked, feeling to tired to go home.

“Of course. Let me go grab you two some pajamas then you can get out of those sweats and take a shower.” Jaine said.

“Thanks mom.” Vivian said as she and Noe sat down on the couch. “You okay?”

“No, I’m not. I’m upset.” Noe answered.

“And why is that son?” Leif asked.

“Because I let my family be taken like some weakling and I murdered all of those men in a rage. I have never been so angry in my life and I just tore through them like they were nothing.”

Leif sat down on the coffee table so he was right in front of Noe. “You did what you had to do to take care of your family, you kept my daughter and grandson from becoming victims. Don’t you ever think that ending their lives makes you less of a man because if it had been me their deaths would have been much slower. I am glad that you were there.”

“Daddy’s right my love. No one thinks less of you for doing what you did.”

He just nodded and Leif patted his shoulder then left as Jaine came back with some night clothes. Alvin came in as they were heading upstairs and hugged his parents. “Sorry, I wanted to make sure the wolves made it home okay. We had some wounded.”

“I’m so proud of you Alvin, you did amazing.” Noe said and the boy’s eyes lit up.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” He said as he hugged them again.

“We’re glad you made it away safe. My little warrior.” Vivian said. “Why don’t you go see if uncle Jake will let you borrow some of his clothes.”

“Okay mom, I love you guys.”

“We love you too.”

“Lets go take our shower and then head to bed Noe” Vivian suggested. Noe nodded so they hugged her parents and went to their room. When they were in the shower again Noe pulled Vivian against him and cried. She just held him and let Noe get it out. When he stopped he said softly “I’m sorry baby, I just can’t help but feel sad that my weakness almost had you raped..he was touching you and kissing you and I almost couldn’t stop it.”

“But you did stop it before he got too far. You saved us Noe.” Vivian washed her husband then herself so they could get out, dry then head to bed. It took Noe awhile to get over what happened. The next few months he struggled with being over paranoid and protective of his wife and Alvin. He would have been so with Avaline and Benjy too if they lived with them. He and Vivian had gotten themselves in plenty of trouble before but nothing came close to him failing her so much that she was actually touched by another man. He was determined that would never happen again but he did know he had to loosen up before he made his families lives miserable.

Noe decided to take them all on a cruise since Vivian had been wanting to go on one anyway, It was a good way to finish winding him down. He called Benjy and Avaline to see when was good for them then booked the trip, thrilling Vivian when he told her. “I’m sorry I’ve been so hard to live with since what happened Vivian”

“I haven’t blamed you which is why I’ve gone along with your paranoia and protectiveness”

“You’re a good woman Vivian”

“and you’re an amazing man. Don’t ever forget that” They kissed, Vivian feelings relieved her old Noe was coming back and him looking froward to a nice vacation with the family he treasured above all else.

~ The End ~

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