Vivian & Noe

Chapter One

Vivian looked through the scope of her sniper rifle. She wore an eye patch on her left eye to help block out any distraction. The Amazon was incredibly humid, beads of sweat ran down her face, causing fly away red strands of her hair to stick to her skin. She lay at the edge of a small drop off, looking down into a clearing. When the cars pulled up her heart raced. It gave her a rush. These men were drug dealers, soulless monsters who helped suck the life out of young men and women. The cars rolled to a stop, six men exiting each vehicle. Her target was Emmanuel Serna a ruthless, cold blooded beast of a man. She studied all the men, her crosshairs finally resting on the man she had been paid to kill. Noe approached the kingpin with a cold confidence. He stared passively at the disgusting pig before him. Being DEA meant becoming someone else. To this man he was a dealer looking for good product. His dark curls clung to his forehead. The heat was overwhelming, the smell of Emmanuel Serna reached his wolf nose and it took everything he had not to vomit. He held out a hand and the kingpin shook it, showing his disgusting yellow teeth. A strange scent reach his nose, feline. He looked around, his eyes settling on a certain area. Vivian stared at the man through her scope as he stared at her. He was handsome, muscular, and looking right at her with amber eyes. There was no way he could see her. His nose flared, he was sniffing. She inhaled the air, her eyes widening when she recognized the familiar scent of wolf. She had to make this quick before this wolf pinpointed her exact spot. She swiveled the gun to Serna, her finger squeezing the trigger. The gun boomed, kicked, and the damn wolf saved Serna’s life. She slung the gun across her back and closed her eyes, allowing the change to roll over her. White fur with black stripes covered her skin. Bones contorted, large paws taking the place of hands and feet. The eyepatch fell from her face, violet eyes staring from the tigers face as she ran

She was so hot and needed a drink. She ran to the nearest puddle she remembered seeing to dip her tongue in. It didn’t take very long for her to get to it again. She was so relieved to finally get some water. She wished it was cold but cold water was hard to come by. She started thinking about what she should do next. She was so angry the wolf had thwarted her.

Noe followed the scent left by the sniper. It was very feline, but not jaguar. He had to find the person who had very nearly ruined his chances at shutting down an entire drug ring. He stopped, pulling his clothes off, folding them and tucking them under some brush. He closed his eyes, embracing the change. Dark fur sprouted on his skin, bones popped loudly as his large frame was squeezed into that of the wolf. He raced through the jungle, nose to the ground.

Vivian froze, cocking her head to the side to listen. She could hear him, smell him. He was coming in fast. She climbed quickly up a tree with thick leaves. She knew her white pelt offered her no camouflage. She crouched low on a thick branch, the only movement the twitching of her tail. She watched as he burst through the underbrush, a large black wolf with yellow eyes.

The tiger’s large prints vanished. He searched around the area, nothing. The loud roar was his only warning. His eyes met those of the enraged tiger right before it slammed into him. They rolled growling and biting. The tiger’s flexible spine was its biggest advantage. It was able to easily twist away from him and kick out with its clawed back feet. The smell of lavender perfume hit his nose. The tiger was female. He clamped down on her shoulder, shaking his head. She dug her claws into his chest. Blood stained their fur. He shifted to his human form, planted his feet squarely in her abdomen and launched her into the air. She shifted in midair, landing on her feet. Both of them stood there nude, glaring at each other.

He then yelled at her “You almost messed up everything! I’m trying to close down a drug ring!” She retorted “I’m trying to earn my living!” They continued to glare. Eachothers rage only growing. He finally asked “What do you mean trying to earn your living?” she said “I’m a sniper who gets payed to kill people you idiot”

He said “Try and act like a lady” She suddenly laughed. It was so out of the blue he wondered if she was insaine! “What the hell….” She said in the midst of laughter “We’re fighting like cats and dogs. Get it cats and dogs?” He shook his head and said “You’re the idiot not me”

“Watch your tongue wolf or I’ll rip it out. Tell me what you’re doing here?” She snapped.

“I’m DEA and I’m trying to infiltrate Emmanuel Serna’s drug ring. You almost blew it for me.” He growled, arms tossed over his chest.

Vivian rolled her eyes’ her hands placed defiantly on her hips. “If anything I helped you, you pompous hound. You saved his life. Now you get to deal out your so called justice.”

“So called?”

“You must be joking. Taking a man like that and putting him in a cushy cell while he finds someone else to do his dirty work, yeah that is so sticking it to him. If you wanted real justice you should have let me blow his brains out. This type of thing is mercenary work, not DEA WORK.”

Noe couldn’t believe the arrogance of this woman. She was bold and beautiful with a venomous tongue. It was a wicked and deadly combination. She was lithe in build, but strong almost like a ballet dancer. The tiger made her graceful and quick. Violet eyes stared unflinching at him, long red curls fell down her back messy from her transformation. He looked her over and let her know he was looking. She actually crossed her arms over her chest, a very feminine gesture to hide her breasts. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of victory. She might be a shapeshifter, but she still had a bit of modesty.

“You want him dead to get a pay check and I need him alive so he can give us the information I need. Lets make a deal. Work with me and I will get you double your asking price.”

She thought about it. She was a very independent creature, not used to working with anyone. The tiger love the solitary life. Surprisingly she seemed to have no issue with this man. He was gorgeous, lean of build, but muscular. He was cunning and could keep up with her temper. She loved his dark hair and wolf eyes. He was her perfect match and it sent a thrill through her. She sighed, “Fine, I’ll play nice. Who should I go undercover as?”

A wicked grin spread across his face, “You get to be my wife. Now lets go, I need to get my clothes and apparently you need new ones.”

She grunted almost like a teenager angry at her parents”That’s fine as long as you don’t get all handsy on me!” Noe said “we will have to be convincing though sweetheart” She wasn’t really sure about this but it made her more money and she was interested in getting to know him. They walked along while Vivian kept her distance. Noe said “A wife wouldn’t walk that far away.”¬†She said in a mocking tone “Well most husbands and wives hate eachother. I think this way I’d play the part well”

Chapter Two

“You can’t hate someone you don’t know.” He grinned.

“Sure I can.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

He stopped, bending over to get his clothes. She tried very hard to look elsewhere. He was too damn sexy to be walking around naked. He quickly pulled his clothes on and raked his fingers through his hair. He turned to her his eyes moving over her nude form and she actually felt a blush creeping up her neck. “Enjoying the show?” She glared at him.

“More than you know.” He winked and her mouth dropped open.

He could tell she wanted to smile, but she was trying to hold onto her hot headed image. He didn’t know what was making him feel so playful. He barely knew this woman and she had very nearly ruined the biggest bust of his life. He pulled off his suit jacket and held it out to her. She was clearly embarrassed. She snatched it out of his hand, quickly slipping it on.

“Thanks.” She said, giving him a smalle smile.

“You’re welcome.” He replied.

They stood there in awkward silence for a moment, both unsure what to do. He cleared his throat then said, “My name’s Noe by the way. What do I call you?”

“Vivian or just Viv. My jeep isn’t far from here. I keep a change of clothes and my gun case in it.” She replied.

“You lead and I’ll follow.”

She wanted to hate him very badly but he was so debonair it was hard for her. In a few minuets they were at her jeep. She quickly changed clothes and then Noe said “aw, now I won’t get to see that sexy body any more” He winked at her again flashing her a charming smile. She responded “You’re going to enjoy me pretending to be your wife too much. If I didn’t need money I wouldn’t do this with you” She lied.¬†For whatever reason she was enjoying his company to spite her normally wanting to be alone

“What’s the point in pretending if you can’t enjoy it?” He rested his forearms across the hood of her jeep.

“You know what, you’re right.” She walked past him and slapped him on the butt before climbing behind the wheel of her jeep. “Well come on then husband, we best get to wherever you plan on meeting your drug lord next.”

Noe stared at her in stunned silence for a moment before climbing in next to her. She turned the key and the jeep roared to life. “Oh, I forgot to tell you something.” He said and reached into his pant pocket, pulling out her eyepatch. “I found this and figured you’d want it back.”

“Thank you.” She grabbed it and sat it next to her gun case then started down the bumpy road. “Where are we headed?” She asked.

“Manaus, Emmanuel told me to wait for him at my hotel.”

She was a very fast driver, she loved the thrill! Noe was holding on to the jeep as it was bouncing around. “We aren’t in a rush you know” She laughed and said “don’t be a baby! I wouldn’t have married one!” She almost hit a tree while saying that but quickly swerved.

“You really want to start this marriage off by killing us both huh?”

She responded “Oh yeah, how long are we supposed to have been married?” Noe thought then said “I would say 5 years, good solid relationship” She smirked and said “Fine, I hope we can pull this off.” She slowed the jeep down then continued “We should probably learn a little about eachother before we get there incase they don’t buy us being married right off I mean why would a girl as hot and amazing as myself be married to you? It’s crazy”

“They’ll probably be more worried about such an intelligent man being with such an ignorant young woman.” He shot back.

“Screw you.”

“Not until you apologize.”

She laughed, the sound musical and light. “Nice one. I’m twenty-four, love hot food, took ballet for ten years. My father was military and taught me Krav Maga. My mother was as D.A.”

“I’m thirty, the last name we’ll be using is Stanley. It’s my middle name. As far as Serna knows I have been dealing drugs for ten years and made a name for myself. If he asks all you know is I have a business that I run well. As soon as we get to town I’ll buy us both rings. We got married in San Francisco, small private ceremony. Both of my parents are dead, not actually true, but a dealer sounds colder when both of his parents were murdered.” He finished and noticed she was smiling. “What’s so funny?”

“Stanley? Really?” She almost pulled over so she could get out and laugh.

“I didn’t ask for it. It’s my Grandpa’s name.”

They hit a big bump, their bottoms coming off the seats. Noe rolled his eyes at her and they drove the rest of the way in silence. It was almost dark by the time they got to Manaus. He directed her to a jewelry store and he ran in really quick after asking her ring size. He came back out with two small boxes. He opened one, pulling out a large gold band and slipping it on his ring finger. He opened the other one, grabbed her hand and slipped it on.

Vivian’s eyes widened at the ring. It was a beautiful gold with a emerald set in it. Engraved on either side was a roaring tiger. She felt a lump for in throat. A complete stranger had taken the time to find her something so her. She swallowed, smiling at him. “Thank you, it’s beautiful.”

“The nice thing about it is that you get to keep it after all this. Consider it a bonus.” He smiled back.

She thought maybe she should try to be nicer. He was afterall being nice to her. Nobody had ever been so thoughtful. He had no idea how good him caring enough to find somthing personal to her made her feel. She felt a bit embaressed by her behaviour. They soon got to the hotel he gave her his room key and told her to go on up.

She said “You aren’t going to introduce me?” Noe responded “It took us a bit longer than I expected so he’ll probably be upset. I’ll introduce you in the morning. Glad to see you’re excited about being my wife” He winked and smiled. She couldn’t resist smiling back. She thought to herself ‘Why does he have to be so good looking”

She went up to the room and noticed there was only one bed. She liked being able to sprawl out while sleeping so that was going to be no good but to be convincing they’d have to sleep together anyway so she’d have to deal with it. It was worth the money after all. She layed down and took off the ring gazing at it thinking about how much she loved it. She decided she’d wear it on a necklace after all this was over.

Noe came to a stop in front of the estate. He walked up the front steps and was immediately stopped by two armed men. They patted him down and once they found nothing they let him in. An elderly woman met him at the front door and led him upstairs to a study. Emmanuel Serna sat at an oak desk, talking angrily on a phone. When he saw Noe he hung up and stood, coming around the desk with a smile.

“You are late Mr. Stanley.” He said, his voice thick with a Brazilian accent.

“The sniper will not be bothering you anymore. I threw him in the river. Then I had to pick up my wife from the airport.” He replied, sounding apologetic.

“Your wife is here in Brazil?”

“Yes sir.”

The man smiled. “Then you will have to bring her by tomorrow evening for dinner while we talk about our deal.”

“Of course sir.”

“May I leave? My wifes very grumpy and you know how women are. I forgot my ring at home and she had to bring it.”¬†Emmanuel said “ok go on” so Noe left and went to the room. Viv sat up and said “That was quick”

“Yeah I used you as an excuse to get away. We’re having dinner with him tomorrow so he can meet you and we can talk. Would you like to consummate our marriage tonight?” He shot her a smile while taking off his shirt and pants. She said “No and why are you taking everything off? You’ve only just got dressed!” He laughed well we are going to sleep aren’t we? I don’t have a habbit of sleeping in anything more than my underware. You should get down to your underware too missy. If somone comes in here and sees you fully clothed they’ll think somthing’s off”

She saw his reasoning and got undressed. ¬†She slid back in bed with him and put her arm on her head. He snuggled up to her and said “married people sleep close so we better” He put an arm over her.

Vivian lay there as stiff as a board at first. She hadn’t slept next to anyone in years. After awhile his breathing became even and shallow. He was asleep. She relaxed into him, snuggling close. He hadn’t tried anything, as polite as could be. She closed her eyes, slipping slowly into sleep’s sweet embrace. When she woke the next morning he wasn’t there. She found a not on his pillow explaining he had gone to buy her something feminine and would be back shortly. She made a very unladylike like snort. She bathed and shaved and even wore perfume. Wasn’t she female enough. She decided to jump in the shower.

The first thing he heard when he returned was the shower. He swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. He found his not crumpled up and in the trash can. He inwardly winced. Maybe the feminine thing had been a little harsh. He sat the bag in his hand on the bed and knocked on the bathroom door. “Come in.” Her voice yelled over the sound of the shower. He swallowed again, but pushed the bathroom door open.

She opened the glass door to the walk in shower and stuck her head out. “I’ll be just a second, I just have to rinse out my hair.” He leaned against the counter, waiting patiently. She decided she was going to make him as uncomfortable as possible for acting like she wasn’t a real woman because she dressed in pants and a t-shirt. She was a mercenary, not some rich blonde. She switched off the shower and stepped out. His eyes widened and his nose flared. He coughed, choked and tried to leave. She headed him off, standing between him and the only exit.

“Now, before we get started with this little farce. I want you to get a good look at how much of a woman I am. Notice the breasts, the dancers figure lean but muscular.” She turned sideways. “Nice round bottom, not overly huge, long sexy legs. I don’t know about you, but I think I’m sexiest when wet.” She winked at him and he inhaled sharply. His eyes grew angry, going from bright gold to very deep amber.

Noe’s hands were balled in fists at his side. How dare she tempt him just to punish him. He had come to apologize and now she was just flaunting herself. He tangled his finger in her hair and covered her mouth with his, kissing her roughly and without an ounce of remorse. She pushed against his chest and he pinned her against the door, a growl rumbling in his throat.

Vivian’s hands were pinned between them. She knew she couldn’t overpower him, not when he was angry. Wolves were incredibly strong, especially this one. The tiger chuffed with joy and she herself had to admit she liked his dominating kiss. She gripped his shirt, kissing him back. She bit his lip and he pulled back, his fingers touching the spot. He was bleeding. He gave her a very wolfish grin and rubbed his nose against hers.

“Sorry.” She whispered breathless.

“You better be.” His voice was husky with wanting her. “I’m also sorry for saying you weren’t feminine because obviously you are.”

“It’s okay…can I dry myself and get dressed?”

“Of course.” He let her go, his polite self once again. She smiled at him as he left the bathroom, a blush quickly creeping up her neck when he turned his back. She couldn’t believe what she had just done and hoped she had accomplished something other than making him mad.

He had bought her a very beautiful fitted dress. She thought it was ok for somthing girly anyway. When she was dressed he looked a bit angry still. Most of it seeming to be sexual frustration which in a way made her happy since she herself was so attracted to him. That was mostly why the feminine thing bothered her.

He said “well we have until dinner, what would you like to do?” she thought but nothing came to mind. It was always just one job after the other. She hadn’t just had fun in years. She then said to him “I don’t know, I haven’t just had fun in a long time.” He coyly said “You didn’t have fun just a second ago when I kissed you? At the end I felt you kissing back” She turned light red “well I wont be tempting you again that’s for sure. I’m sorry I made you mad but you hurt my feelings first”

She immediatly was repulsed with herself and she repeated in her head “My feelings were hurt, jesus christ what’s wrong with me!” Noe said “I shouldn’t have said that I’m sorry, I was actaully coming to appoligize when you did that to me! I am a man you know and I’ve already made clear how attractive you are to me. It took a lot of self control to only kiss you ya know!” He sounded a bit angry again at the end.

“And I’m a woman with a hot temper. I get it from my mother and believe me when I say she drove my father crazy sometimes. I’m also a tiger, we have attitude like you wolves have dominance.” She explained. “I’m also very attracted to you. You drive my tiger wild.”

“Glad I’m not the only one.” He said with a smile. “Where’s your ring?”

She had forgotten taking it off. She crawled across the bed and grabbed it. She heard his sharp intake of breath and turned to smile at him. “Take a good look baby, see what you’re going to be looking at all night.” He laughed as she pushed herself back to her feet and slid her ring on.

“One more thing.” He picked up a box and opened it.

She shook her head. “No freaking way, no.” There were a pair of red high heels in the box. The heel was at least three inches. She shook her head. She had not worn heels since she graduated high school. He pouted, giving her his most hurt look. She rolled her eyes. “Oh god you and my brother would get along so well. Ugh fine,” she said and sat on the bed, “give me.”

“Oh no, allow me then we’ll go to the Palacete Provincial before dinner. It’s a museum.”

He slipped them on and out the door they went. She turned to him and asked how far it was and if they could walk or needed to take her Jeep. He said “Lets walk” He threw one of his arms around her waist and pulled her close so they were touching as they walked. “I don’t want you falling since you aren’t used to them” She said “Yeah right you just want to be close to me” “well that too” a grin across his face.

She suddenly felt warm and happy. She was shocked with herself. She had only just met this man. She needed to distance herself so she could easily move on when all this is over. She still didn’t like the thought of always being around somone else. She was sure anyway he just wanted a fuck. That’s really all he could want just meeting her only yesterday.

“So you have a brother” He asked. “Yes and he’s always wanting me to be girly. I rarely see him though.” Noe asked “Why not? I want to meet him somtime where is he?” She giggled and thought “why does he care about meeting him.” They arrived at this big beautiful building and Noe said “here it is.”

The paintings were gorgeous and there were a lot of hisorical statutes and books. She stopped to examine gold coins. They were old, but beautiful. She loved old treasure and had dreamed of going treasure hunting. She never had the time. It made her sad to think about it so she moved one, stopping at a painting of a woman crying into her hands, a dead wolf at her knees. She felt a lump form in her throat and said a silent prayer that this was not a sign of things to come.

Noe watched her as she moved through the museum. She was so beautiful and alive. He wanted desperately to comfort her when he saw her sorrow, but restrained himself. What did he have to offer. He was a DEA agent, always gone, always doing something dangerous. He was also very dominating. It was part of his nature. He was an alpha and she was a solitary animal. He wanted to win her over, but she would never be comfortable living in his world. He felt a tugging in his heart, a need to be close to her. He stood next to her. As she examined a painting, he studied her. He yearned to stroke her cheek, to bury his fingers in her wealth of red hair and kiss her. Not all of his thoughts were so appropriate and he actually felt his cheeks reddening.

“So are you going to tell me about your brother or not?” He asked, breaking the silence.

“He’s a year younger than me, an artist. He has a cocky, sarcastic attitude like you. He lives in Paris. If you really want to meet him after this I could take you, I haven’t been to France in a couple of years.” She answered with a sad smile.

“I would like that very much.”

They spent a long time in the museum, Vivian sometimes going to back to look at things more than once. Noe checked his watch and announced to her disappointment that it was time to go. He asked for her keys, explaining that a man like Serna would expect a man to be driving. He would see it as a sign on weakness if she drove him. She rolled her eyes and huffed in exasperation before handing him her keys.

Chapter Three

Sexist things really grated her nerves but she didn’t want to give him away as being a fraud so she decided she’d play it cool and deal with what she had to. It was only a dinner. She was pretty sure she wouldn’t have to be seen much after this. As he drove she thought of how happy she was he had an interest in her but then got angry at herself all over feeling weak.

They arrived and he said “wait a second” He jumped out and opened the door for her. She thought how odd it was he was always such a gentleman. She had never known a male wolf to act this way. She jumped out and gave him a kiss on the cheek. His heart went 5 times faster than it had before the kiss. She had him in knots. He didn’t know if he had the self control to be good tonight after what she had just done to him this morning

Being in such close proximity to her target was very disconcerting. He grabbed her hand in his and kissed the back of it. It took everything she had not to tear his throat out. She smiled sweetly, playing the loving and submissive wife.

“You failed to tell me how beautiful your wife was.” Serna said and Vivian gave a shy smile.

“Why thank you sir.” She said, giving a small and very girlish giggle.

“She is quite the catch.” Noe said, feeling a stab of jealousy. He forced himself to smile.

“Come my dear,” Serna said as he tucked her hand in the bend of his elbow, “lets eat.”

Noe sat across from Vivian in the dining room. It was the way Serna had wanted it. He felt the wolf bare its fangs, hair standing on end. He reprimanded the beast, telling him that now was not the time. Serna talked animatedly with Vivian, asking her about her life and about their marriage. He was proud of her for playing the part so well. Serna openly flirted with her and Noe tried not to notice. When dinner was brought to the table, he ate slowly as a way to distract himself.

“Now,” Serna said as he cleared his throat, “your husband and I need to go to my study and talk. Feel free to look around.”

“Oh yes, boys will be boys. Please go do business.” She smiled. Once Noe and Serna had left the room and she was sure they were upstairs she burst into action. She searched the house, pretending to examine the architecture. She found her way into the library. There had to be something that would help both her and Noe get this bastard and his entire ring.

She started running her hands against all the shelves to check for fake books. There were so many she had to hurry but at the same time act like she was just doing it for fun incase somebody was watching her. Luckily they were talking for a long time. She was loseing hope when suddenly the floor sounded hollow. She wouldn’t have noticed if she weren’t wearing those loud heels.

She was suddenly grateful he got those for her. She decided it would be too risky to check it now. She planned to tell Noe about it in the room that night. She couldn’t wait to leave. She was so repulsed by Serna and all his flirting. It was a struggle to keep up the role she was playing. She nochlantly walked back into the dinning room to pretend to be super interested in a painting in there until the two of them could leave.

“So you give me fifty thousand and I supply you with what you need.” Serna said with finality.

“How do I know it’s worth fifty thousand?” Noe sat across from the man, gold eyes unwavering.

“Come on now Mr. Stanley, of course you will be allowed to test the product yourself. I would not sell you something you did not first approve of.”

Noe seemed to mull it over, stroking his chin. “Very well, when will it be ready?”

“In a few days. I have to get the men to gather everything.”

They stood and shook, bot heading back downstairs. Vivian was waiting for them in the dining room, staring at a painting on the wall. He could tell she was on edge, he could smell her irritation. She smiled as they entered the room, moving to Noe’s side so he could slip an arm around her waist.

“I will see you in a few days, please bring your wife.” He placed a hand on Vivian’s shoulders, his fingers brushing her skin in a sexual manner.

“Of course, good night sir.”

Noe drove them quickly back to the hotel and followed Vivian upstairs. The minute they were in their room she stripped her dress and panties off, tugged her heels off and moved quickly into the bathroom. He followed her, all at once concerned. She switched on the shower and he grabbed her, spinning her around so she faced him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, worried.

“I have to get his scent off me. I don’t know how you do it, I don’t know how his smell doesn’t drive you crazy.” She answered, her voice uncharacteristically shaky. “Can you get in with me please, I’m shaking so bad I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay on my feet. Please, Noe.”

“Alright, alright just give me a second.” He stripped down, tossing his clothes aside and followed her into the shower.

Vivian grabbed the bar of soap, but she was so shaky it slipped out of her hand. Noe picked it up, but wouldn’t give it back when she reached for it. “Just let me okay, you can’t hold it.”

She layed her back against him as he gently rubbed her down with the soap. She started relaxing and he was happy to be able to. He was happy to have her away from him too. He couldn’t stand the way he was all over his Vivian. She turned to face him so he could actually rub her back but she ended up wrapping her arms around him and kissing him passionately. He shook with trying to hold himself back. He wasn’t sure if she wanted more or not and since she was already upset didn’t want to make it worse.

His dominating side was taking over and with all the self control he had left he pushed her away. “You can’t…you can’t just kiss me….I need you..I need to have you” He honestly ment in more than just a sexual way but of course right now he wanted to ravish her. She smiled and said “Don’t worry I really want you too”. He started kissing her like she had never been kissed before. He pinned her against the wall of the shower and licked her neck all the way up to her ear and he bit it.

The shower was slippery and he didn’t want to slip so he picked her up still kissing her and walked her to the bed where he slammed her down. He then climbed on top of her and felt her all over. He pinned her arms down and then they had the most amazing, loud and passionate sex she had ever experienced in her life.

Viv could barely breath. Noe  fell to the side of her panting. She had never had all her energy drained from sex before. She could barely keep her eyes open and next thing she knew she was fast asleep. Noe looked over at her pleased with himself because he had pleased her so much.

He pulled her into his arms, his heart still racing. She snuggled in close, her hand tracing the spot over his heart. She was there, right in the very core of him where is life and soul were. She had wrapped herself around him, blinding him with her stubbornness and passion. He was so glad to have met her, that she had been on the other end of that rifle.

“Thank you.” It was all he could say.

“For what?” She rested her chin on his sternum, her violet eyes looking up at him lovingly.

“For everything. For putting up with me, for this night, for walking into the lions den and helping me convince a dangerous man that I’m a drug dealer.”

She had very nearly forgotten. After their passionate love making her brain was on the fritz. “I think Serna has a secret room under his library. I found a hollow spot in the floor.”

“I love how sneaky you are. We will have to get in there.”

“I’ll do it, I can get in easier than you.”

Noe looked at her like she was insane, but she was dead serious. Even though the very scent of Serna drove her to madness she was willing to go in there again. She was a trained mercenary, not some flower wilting in the sun, but he couldn’t help but fear for her. “How exactly?”

“In a couple of days I will go to his place, crying. I will tell him that you hit me and I had to leave and for him to please let me stay. I will give him a reason to leave and bam, I’ll sneak into the secret room.”

Vivian knew he was fighting and internal battle. He had grown very protective of her. She had seen his anger and jealousy at Serna’s flirting and making her uncomfortable. She wanted to do this, needed to do it. This is who she was. She caught monsters, usually killing them. She knew in her heart that it was the only way.

“Alright.” He finally said and she released a breath she had not known she was holding.

“One more thing and you’re not going to like it.” He arched an eyebrow at her. “You’re going to have to hit me in the face, maybe bust my lip.”

He sighed, but couldn’t tell her no. He just nodded and held her close, worried as they drifted off to sleep.

He woke up before she did. He just admired her. He couldn’t belive what an amazing lover she was. He thought it maybe added to it that she was the first girl he slept with that he had real feelings for. He rubbed her face gently hoping not to wake her so he could just look at her a little longer. His heart was heavy not knowing if she’d really be gone after all of this. What would he do without her?

She made a noise he thought was unbearably cute and she rolled to her side right up against him. He wrapped his arms around her and couldn’t keep himself from kissing her again. It woke her up and she kissed him back. A huge smile on her face when he pulled away. She sleepily said “Good morning” he told her good morning aswell

Chapter Four

“What time is it?” She asked and rubbed her face against his chest, marking him like all cats did.

“Noon, it seems we slept in.” He grabbed her chin, tilting her head up to kiss her again, his tongue sliding over her teeth.

“I could just stay here forever.” And she meant it. She felt so overjoyed, so loved. She never wanted to leave him. Their relationship was bitter sweet. What would happen after all of this? Would he leave her or would he want to be with her? She knew what she wanted. She could live without her paycheck as long as she had him. She clung to him, trying to stay positive.

“What would you like to do today since tomorrow is going to be rather dark? We can go fishing, to the beach, back to the museum.”

Her eyes lit up and it warmed his heart. He wanted to give her everything, a life, love, marriage, and even children. He knew they had just met, but it felt like he had known her all his life. He had never been so enamored with anyone.

“Fishing, I love fishing.” She said, practically jumping with joy.

“Alright fishing it is then.” They got up and got ready to go out fishing. When Vivian came out of the bathroom from brushing her teeth Noe was waiting outside the bathroom door. He wrapped her in a tight hug with one hand on her back and one on her head. She hugged him back and said “are you ready?” he responded sounding a little sad “Yeah, just let me hold you a little longer”

She blushed, she really thought he just wanted to fuck her yesterday but he really seemed to care. She was glad and they just stood there holdin eachother. He finally let go after about 6 or 8 minutes and said “Ok lets go”. she giggled because he sounded so happy now. They both went down to her Jeep and Noe decided he needed to drive again incase Serna saw them out.

The ride to the Amazon River was bumpy, Vivian finally picked on him enough that he accelerated to dangerous speeds. He watched her throw her arms up in the air, eyes closed as the wind whipped her hair behind her. He loved her free spirit. They skidded to a halt at a fish shop on the dock. He rented two fishing poles and a boat. The owner of the store offered them life jackets which they both quickly turned down. He then promptly warned them to stay in the boat and if they fell out to get back in as quickly as possible.

Vivian sat at the front of the boat, enjoying the spray of water as Noe sped over the river’s surface. She leaned over the edge, allowing her fingers to skim the surface. Something pale swimming beneath the surface caught her attention. It was a dolphin. It broke the surface, the top of its head brushing against her fingers. After half an hour Noe allowed the boat to come to a stop. They baited their hooks and cast out their lines. They were there for piranha.

“I’m surprised nothing’s biting.” Noe said.

“At least one dolphin followed us out here. It could be chasing the fish away.” She replied with a smile.

“Well damn, so much for a very exciting fishing trip.”

“I didn’t come out here for just fish. I came out here to spend time with you.”

He smiled, reeling in his line and casting it out again. He reached over, grasping her hand. He would not let her go. Even if she decided later she would prefer a solo life he would throw away his pride and beg her on his knees to stay.

“I guess we could always go back to the museum. They had a painting there for sale I really wanted.” They reeled in their lines and sat the poles in the boat.

“The wolf painting?” He started the boat in one pull and turned it around.

“Yeah, I really loved it and I have enough money saved that I can afford it. Then we can go have dinner, I’m thinking steak and potatoes.”

As they went back she was still skimming the water with most of her upper half over the boat. As excited as a child in Disney World. She saw somthing coming up but she couldn’t tell what it was. She leened closer to the water and somthing wrapped a huge tentacle around her and dragged her in, in just moments she was gone. He stopped and yelled for her then dove in the water. He wasn’t moving and just listening.

Vivian turned into the tiger even though it hated the water she felt it was her best defense against it. She clawed and bit at it and it let her go. She started swimming up until she saw Noe. She told him without words that she would swim back. They were almost there afterall. She didn’t want to change back until she was at the Jeep so she wouldn’t be naked for everybody to see. They arrived at shore and she walked onto land from the water. Freezing cold the great tiger shivered.

The people around looked terrified screaming. They hurried to the jeep and she changed back to human. Grabbing clothes she got dressed and Noe hugged her. “What was that?” She replied “I don’t know I just attacked it until it let me go” He said “Maybe that’s why he told us to be careful” She said “eh some dumb monster doesn’t stand a chance against me” She winked and it made him laugh. “You’re really somthing you know that?”

“I think I’ll put a call in to a friend of mine. She’s way into water monsters.” Vivian looked around them, seeing no one. “I think we should leave. I’m sure the locals have gone to call the police after seeing a tiger here.”

They climbed quickly into the jeep, passing a slew of police officers on the way out. She covered her face with her hands, embarrassed. She had never scared anyone who didn’t deserve it. “This is so horrible.” She mumbled.

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up.” Noe said, his fingers moving over the nape of her neck in a soothing rhythm. “Remember there is always someone with a more embarrassing story than you.”

She looked up at him. “What do you mean?”

“When I was fifteen and learning to control the change I got hit by a car. There I was, fifteen years old, naked in front of some lady and her children. I got out of there fairly fast. Thankfully the police never found me and we shapeshifters heal incredibly fast.”

She tried her best not to laugh, but her best wasn’t good enough. She laughed so hard that tears sprang to her eyes. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, thankful he was there. They arrived back to Manaus just as night fell and found a steak house. Her stomach growled and her mouth salivated when they brought out her plate. She hadn’t eaten a thing all day. She cut off a huge piece and stuffed it in her mouth.

“I take it you’re hungry?” Noe asked and a blush creeped up her neck.

“We’ll maybe if you hadn’t worn me out last night I wouldn’t be.” She swallowed the food and smiled.

“I don’t remember you complaining at the time.” He grinned back and wiggled his eyebrows.

“Perv,” she tried not laugh, “eat your dinner so we can go to bed. Tomorrow is going to suck.”

They had both been trying not to think about tomorrow. He didn’t know if he’d be able to hit her. He didn’t know how much damage he’d do. Everybody he hit before he wanted to kill and could do a lot of damage in just one blow. He was hoping he wouldn’t hurt her too badly. They both finished and went back to the hotel room. Noe looked really depressed.

He layed down on the bed and she crawled on top of him saying “don’t be so sad. Tomorrow will be fine. I’m sure it will”

“Do I really have to hit you?”

She giggled “well you do want it to be believable right? I’m a big girl I can take a punch. Being alone all the time and having nobody but myself to depend on I’ve been beaten up many times. Probably worse than the one blow you’ll give me. So don’t worry” She let her self lay down on him and continued “It’s sweet you’re concerned though. I guess I’m not just a one night stand since we were together here”

Unlike his normal cool confident self he kissed her head and said a bit nervously “That’s not what you are atall” He was too afraid to ask her just yet if she was planning on staying with him and she obviously didn’t know just how serious his feelings were. He wasn’t going to lose her no matter what it took.

She fell asleep and woke to the sound of his heart beat. It was a wonderful sound, steady and strong. She sat up and stretched. She stroked his shadowed jaw and his eyes snapped open. He rolled her beneath him, his lips moving over hers. She tangled her fingers in his hair and wrapped her legs around his waist. They rolled again, toppling right off the bed. She gave a high pitched squeal and he laughed, throwing an arm over his face.

“I didn’t crush you did I?” She asked.

“You don’t weigh that much, so no.” He replied. She pushed herself to her feet and he followed suit.

“We should get ready.”

Vivian dressed quickly, pulling on a tight spaghetti strap shirt and knee length flowing skirt that rested on her hips. She pulled her hair into a messy bun, checked herself in the mirror and went into the bedroom. Noe waited for her, a frown on his perfect face.

“Look at me.” She cupped his cheek and his eyes met hers. “It’s alright.”

Noe had never hit a woman in his life no matter how angry he had been. “I love you.” He said and quickly back handed her across the face. He hit her so hard she spun and would have fallen if he had not grabbed her shoulders. He pulled her against him, his forehead resting on her shoulder as he tried not to cry.

She clutched her face, her head spun. She pulled her hand back and there was blood. He had busted her lip. She leaned her head back against him, breathing through the pain. “Okay now you need to squeeze my arm hard enough to leave bruises.” She said as she turned to face him. He was pale and shaking. “You have to make it convincing.” She held out her arm and he wrapped his fingers around it.

He used his unnatural strength, his fingers biting into her skin so hard that a strangled sound of pain welled up in her throat. He let her go, pulling her into his arms and just holding her for a moment. He kissed the top of her head before pulling back to look at her. There were tears streaming down her face, of pain not anger. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yes, you have one mean slap.” She smiled as best she could. She pulled out of his arms and tore her shirt so it looked like he had grabbed her top to stop her. “Okay, I’m ready.” She took her keys, hugged him one more time and rushed out of the hotel, pretending to cry.

Noe just stood there. The smell of her blood in the room and on his hands. He hadn’t shed a tear in years. He couldn’t remember the last time but a few came falling down his face. It was so hard for him to hurt her and now all he could do was wait. He was so worried she’d get hurt even worse by Serna if he found out what she was up to.

She sped all the way there worried she couldn’t cry long enough if she drove like she should. She ran up to his door and started pounding and yelling “please let me in! He’s going to come after me!” Serna opened the door and she cryed telling him their false story. He told her to come in and then he hugged her. She was disgusted and could barely let him do it. It seemed he bought the story though. She then got even more disgusted as he started to fondle her body

“Please,” she begged, “can we sit in the library.”

“Of course, of course.” Serna replied, grabbing her bottom as he helped her walk.

She almost screamed at him to let her go and it took everything in her not to break his arm. She sat down in one of the winged back chairs and blubbered like a baby. He tucked strands of her hair behind her ear and grabbed her chin to look at her face.

“Tell me what happened again from the top.” He ordered.

“We got in a fight about him being jealous. I told him I was tired of his double standards and that I needed a real man like you. He grabbed my arm and hit me. I tried to run away and he grabbed my shirt. It tore, it’s the only reason I got away.” She buried her face in her hands, really selling it.

“Let me get you a rag and some ice then we’ll have have your husband taken care of.”

“Okay, thank you so much.”

He left the library, practically prancing. He believed he was going to get some. She jumped up, going over to the hollow part of the floor. She crouched down, running her hands over the floor. There was a loose board. She pushed on it hard and one side lifted up. She gripped the edge of the board and pulled back on it. It slid towards her, revealing a staircase. She glanced behind her before decending into the darkness. It smelled sterile rather than musty. She used her tiger eyes, making use of what little light filtered in from above to find the light switch. She flicked it on, her eyes widening at the large meth lab. She ventured farther in, examining the equipment. It was expensive, pristine. She heard a clicking sound behind her and froze.

“Well, well, well what do we have here?” She turned slowly, hands up as she faced Serna. He had a revolver pointed at her face.

“Mr. Serna I’m so sorry, I found the way in and I was curious.” She tried to look upset.

“Who are you, you bitch? Did your husband put you up to this?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“We will see.” He hissed and smashed the butt of his revolver into her temple. She collapsed, her vision blurred and she slipped away.

Noe’s cell pone vibrated in his pocket,making him jump. He pulled it out, Serna’s name flashed on the screen. He slid the answer icon and held the phone to his ear. “How much do you love your wife Mr. Stanley because right now she’s tied to a chair in my study. What would you do if I let my men have her?”

Chapter Five

His heart almost stopped, then a rage filled him. “Nothing better happen to her or I’ll rip your throat out!” Serna laughed loudly “Oh please, I’m not afraid of you. Maybe I will let them do as they please to see if your bite is as loud as your bark.” Noe laughded a bit sadisticly. That was somthing people said but Serna didn’t know how much it fitted him.

Rage consumed Noe and he turned into the wolf. He ran faster than he ever had before. The pure rage giving him speed. He had never been this angry and terrified in his life. He was angry at himself too for even letting her do this. He was at the door and he detoryed it running in. He didn’t see anyone but then shots were fired which he evaded easily. He ran to the study and saw Vivian just laying there. A bunch of men and Serna in the room. Within moments everybody lay dead except Serna who had a gun pointed at him.

Vivian suddenly woke up seeing Noe there in his wolf form and terrified when she noticed the gun pointed at him. She started crying. So upset that she had failed. She was so afraid that painting was an omen but she tried to block it out. She realized in that moment how much she loved him. If they made it through she had to stay with him so Noe had to survive so they could be together. She mumbled through the tears “I love you too Noe” remembering he had said I love you earlier.

Her words filled him with more strecgth and anger and he let out a bone chilling growl

Gold eyes stared angrily past her. She gripped the side of the desk, pushing herself to her feet. Serna turned the gun on her, his heys wide and hysterical.

“What the fuck is that thing?” He screamed. “It doesn’t belong here it’s not normal.”

“I would put that gun down if I were you.” She said, her eyes angry.

“Fuck you, you bitch.” She watched his finger tighten on the trigger. Noe leapt through the air, grabbing his arm in his jaws. The gun went off and the bullet tore through her shoulder. She screamed, falling to the floor, clutching the wound.

Noe shattered the Serna’s arm. How dare this pig threaten his mate. He shifted to his human for, a devilish grin crossing his face when this once tough drug lord began crying and begging for his life. He wanted desperately to kill him, to watch him bleed to death. “Noe, help me please. I’ve been shot.” Her voice was like a breath of fresh air. He tossed Serna’s gun away and rushed to Vivian’s side. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“Is that a real fucking question?” She growled.

“Still hot headed, I’ll take that as a yes.”

He tore a long strip off her skirt and tied it tightly around her shoulder. He pulled her into his arms, his heart beating fearfully. He had come so close to losing her. “I need to call in my men, just stay right here.” He went back to the blubbering Serna, taking his cell and dialing a number he knew by heart. He spoke to the man on the other end, explaining what had happened and that Serna was still alive. He he hung up and went back to Vivian. She looked pale and exhausted. “We need to get you to a hospital.” He said concerned.

“Will your buddies be here soon?” She asked.

“Yes, Serna won’t be able to escape.”

“Okay then, carry me my prince.”

She was bleeding a lot and fading in and out of consciousness. He drove her to the hospital and quickly put on some clothes he had put in her Jeep yesterday. So they’d be concerned with her and not the naked man. They took her back and told him he needed to wait there for the moment. He sat there terrfied. He thought his heart might beat out of his chest. It was the most pain and sadness he had ever felt.

They came to get him 30mins later saying she’s stable and they were giving her blood. He went back to see her. She was sleeping and the nurse told him to try not to wake her. When he saw his beautiful Viv with her face messed up, her bruised and cut arms and a hole in her shoulder he cried, cried more than he knew he had in him. It wasn’t like him atall to cry. He sat down beside her and held her hand.

She woke feeling like she’d been put through the ringer. She tried to lift her arm to rub her throbbing face, but it was weighed down. She turned her head slowly and almost cried when she saw Noe there, his head resting on her hand. She ran the fingers of her free hand through his hair and snapped to attention. His eyes went from confused, to worried, to relieved,

“Thank god,” he said, “I thought you’d never wake up.”

“How long have I been here?” She asked.

“Two days.”

“Have you been here that long?”

He got an irritated look on his face then said, “The nurse made me leave to take a shower, apparently me being covered in blood was scaring people. I went back to the hotel. I brought you clean clothes.”

She laughed, uncaring if it hurt. She was so glad to be alive. “Is my shoulder healed?”

“The trauma was bad enough that you have a scar, but yes it’s completely healed.” He smiled then shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Did your butt fall asleep?” She asked with a smile.

“No, I have something to ask you damn it.”

“Then ask damn it.”

Noe had never felt so nervous in his life. He reached into his pocket, pulling out the tiger ring he had bought for her and held it up. “I’m not big on speeches all I can say is I really truly love you with everything that I am and…” She threw herself at him, her arms around his neck as she kissed him. She pulled back to look into his eyes.

“You silly wolf, if you want to marry me the answer’s yes.” She held out her hand and he slipped the ring shakily on her finger. “There’s only one condition.”

“Anything.” He said happily.

“We do it in Paris. We’ll fly your family over and have a wonderful wedding.”

“Sounds good to me.” They kissed, both of them so full of joy and love. Their chance meeting had been the luckiest moment of their lives.

~ The End ~

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