Wolfric & Merle 2

Chapter One

Their plane finally landed and Wolfric couldn’t wait to get off. They were in Rutherford, California to tour their wedding location. They both agreed they wanted this place but they wanted to tour before Merle put any money down on it. The pictures they had seen online were nothing short of stunning so Wolfric could only imagine how it would look in person. Merle smiled, his heart warm with happiness and love as he looked at his mate. Wolfric blushed “what?”

“I just enjoy seeing you so happy. I hope Beaulieu Garden is everything you’re hoping it will be. It did look gorgeous in pictures and in the videos we saw of it”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight with our appointment so early in the morning”

“theres much more enjoyable things than sleeping we can do in our suite tonight if you do not wish to sleep” Merle’s tone was suggestive and much too loud for Wolfric. Merle never seemed to care who heard them, even when talking about stuff like that. His red face made Merle chuckle. He leaned over to kiss Wolfrics forehead then said “I love you so much”

“I…I love you too.”

They sat in their seats, both of them even more excited when they were told to disembark. Wolfric was impatient as they made their way through the airport to where their car was waiting. Merle had made sure they wouldn’t have to take a taxi anywhere so they could move freely. He could easily afford them, but he wanted them to be able to take their time. As soon as they were loaded into the car, he punched the address for the Harvest Inn into the GPS and pulled out of the parking space.

“How long will it take to get there?” Wolfric asked.

“Not long baby, patience. We’ll be checked in before you know it then we can get something to eat and relax.”

“are we getting room service or going out?”

“room service, I want to eat then instantly be able to cuddle you. Then of course if you truly can’t sleep I have other plans” his eyes as he quickly glanced over to Wolfric said everything Merle wanted to do and it had Wolfrics heart pounding. Merle smiled triumphantly, happy he could still get his mates heart racing without even touching him. He hoped Wolfric didn’t change his mind about the location because he was immensely eager to marry him. They were mates but Wolfric wasn’t a wolf like him and he wanted it to be clear to everyone in their life that Wolfric was his.

Merle continued to flirt, even as they checked in, staying true to the fact nothing embarrassed Merle. Once they had their room keys he swept Wolfric off his feet and kissed him right there in the lobby before taking him to their suite. “Merle” He chuckled at his adorable mate “what? You know I can’t help it. I love you” Wolfric could only imagine how he was going to be once they were alone together. He was always affectionate but he was more so since they started planning their wedding.

They unpacked their belongings then looked over the menu in their room “Hm, I can’t decide what I want. Would you like to just order a few things with me and we’ll share it all?”

“that sounds good” Merle kissed his head, probably the hundredth time he had been kissed by Merle since they got on the plane.

Merle sat with Wolfric on his lap while they waited, kissing and nibbling at his neck, teasing him until their food arrived and Wolfric could only sit there and blush. Wolfric blushed the entire time they ate as Merle flirted with him and it was made all the more embarrassing when when Merle insisted on feeding him dessert and kissing him every other bite. “Merle, come on.” He said, his face bright red.

“But it tastes so much better from your lips. It makes me want to eat you up even more.” He dipped his finger into the semifreddo and pushed it passed Wolfric’s lips, chuckling when he heard his mate’s heart stutter.

He couldn’t resist him a second longer and wound up slipping his hands under Wolfrics shirt, feeling his sides then letting his hands explore his chest. When he could feel his once soft nipples become hard Merle began to gently tug at them, playing with his mates chest until Wolfric stuttered out “Mm Merle…do don’t you want to finish eating?”

“I need you” He pushed Wolfrics shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor, his mouth now finding his chest so his tongue could explore it. Wolfric whined, his breath shuddering every now and then, especially as Merle began to nibble at his sides, holding tightly to his hips as he did so. Wolfric slid his hands into Merles hair, locing the feel of it and knowing at this point Merle liked it. Next thing Wolfric knew Merle was eagerly undoing his pants “we just had a long plane ride..I…I shouldn’t shower first”

“You taste amazing” his hot breath and how lustful he sounded had more goosebumps forming on Wolfric. Soon Merle was licking and biting the most tender places on his legs as Wolfric laid back, already letting out little moans. When Merle moved, most likely to get lubricant Wolfric took his chance to push Merle down on the bed. Merle smiled, seeming more amused by his mate than anything else though the lust was still heavy in his eyes. Wolfric didn’t often push him down like this but it was endearing and fun when he did. His mate was still so nervous when it came to making love but slowly, over time he was getting more and more comfortable.

He of course was dominant by nature and enjoyed pinning his mate down but he hoped that it wouldn’t be long before Wolfric didn’t feel nervous about anything when they made love since he was better than he obviously thought at it. He had Merle moaning deeply even before he took his length in his mouth. Through a particularly deep moan from how amazing Wolfric was at working him with his mouth he said “sixty nine baby, I want you too”Wolfric slid Merles length out of his mouth slowly then moved so they could both take eachother at the same time.

Wolfric was the first to release, his body shaking and fingers gripping the covers as he flowed down Merle’s throat. He whimpered then jumped when Merle bit his inner thigh, letting out a growl as he drew closer to his own release. His hip bucked, his fingers tangling in Wolfric’s hair as he came. “Move forward baby.” He ordered gently and Wolfric slid himself up so he was straddling Merle’s hips and Merle could sit up. Merle retrieved the lube and dripped some on his fingers, warming it before gently pressing into Wolfric to loosen him.

“Merle, please, I can’t.” Merle rubbed more on himself then pulled Wolfric down onto him, filling him in one hard thrust. Wolfric’s loud cry excited Merle beyond reason and he held tightly to his hips as he lifted and lowered him.

“I love you Wolfric, my mate, my life, I love you.”

“Me too, I love you.”

When Merle released again he carried his mate to the shower where Merle just held him under the running water. “You truly are my life Wolfric” Merle said softly “I’m so happy we’re getting married” They soon began to wash then went to bed as they were. Merle loved cuddling at night and he preferred to be skin to skin with his mate. In the morning Merle was wearing that amused grin again when Wolfric woke to the alarm “what?”

“Your hair…” he chuckled a little. When Wolfric finally saw it in the mirror he blushed at how crazy it looked from sleeping with it wet. “why do you never have these problems?” he asked as he started trying to fix it. Merle chuckled again, now going to grab the clothes he wanted to wear today. Once they were both ready they walked out to the car and drove over to where they would be married and met with a cheerful woman in a suit. She was only a little shorter than Wolfric and her blue eyes were framed behind small, purple glasses. “Good morning, which one of you is Wolfric and which one of you is Merle?”

“I’m Merle and this is my mate Wolfric”

“It’s nice to meet you both, please, follow me”

The look of wide eyed amazement on Wolfric’s face had Merle chuckling. He was so adorable and he couldn’t help but pull him close and kiss his cheek. “Stop, I can’t help it, this place is so much more amazing in person.” Wolfric said with a blush. “I mean look at that vineyard, it’s gorgeous. I want pictures of us there.”

“Whatever you want baby.” Merle replied.

“You always say that.”

“What can I say, I love spoiling you. I’d throw my entire fortune away if it was for something that made you happy.”

“You two are just to cute.”

“Yes he is.” Merle said with a big smile.

They continued touring the place, Wolfric unable to contain his joy. “I love it so much.”

Having confirmation from his mate that this was the perfect place he arranged payment with the woman who then began talking to them about different options they had and gave them lists of the best photographers and anything else they would need for their wedding. “thank you so much”

“You’re welcome, I’d really go with these lists but of course you can have anybody. Its just these people can be counted on and have always done amazing jobs”

“I’ll look into them with Wolfric. For now I think we’ll just continue enjoying this place. Is there anything else fun I can take my fiance to while we’re here’

“Oh yeah, personally the heart shaped waterfall not too far is very romantic. My own husband took me there on one of our first dates. Then there are a few winery’s if you two would be interested in that. I’m telling you, if you ask google you will find a lot of stuff to do around here if you plan to stay a bit. I know you two had to fly in for this”

“We’ll be sure to look into a few places.” Merle said. “What do you think, Wolfric, maybe visit a few wineries, have a few drinks.”

Wolfric blushed at his change in tone. It was the way his voice was pitched. “Y…yeah, sounds good.”

“Alright, I’ll leave you two to it then, but if you have any questions at all please call me.” She said with a big, warm smile.

“Thank you.” Merle laced his fingers through Wolfric’s and gently pulled him away. “How about we check out the vineyard again then we can go act like a couple of tourists for awhile.”

“Okay, but you have to be good.”

Merle chuckled. “I’m always good.”

“I mean, at least while we’re in front of others.”

“Alright, my love, I can do that.”

Chapter Two

As they walked around Wolfrics mind kept jumping to different things for their wedding. He’d imagine where he wanted certain things and where the tables would go for their reception and where the best places were for different pictures. Merle just watched happily, loving how enthusiastic his mate was about all of this. They stayed a few more hours before heading away to eat somewhere. They picked the Simona Cafe based on reviews and weren’t disappointed in the least. The food was incredible and the staff were friendly. Merle left their waitress a good tip before they decided to rest a bit in their suite as they figured out what precisely they wanted to do next.

“Merle look, hot air balloon rides. Can we go?” Wolfric asked excitedly as he looked up tourist places on his phone.

Merle chuckled. “You don’t have to ask baby, if you want to go then we’ll go.”

Wolfric blushed. “It’s just, I don’t want to make you do something you hate.”

“Wolfric, my mate, my love, light of my life, there is nothing I could ever hate that you would want to do. You want a hot air balloon ride? Then we’ll go on one.” He leaned in and kissed him, grinning at how warm he was. “Too bad we won’t be alone up there.”

“Merle, be good.”

“You said I only had to be if we were in public.”

Wolfric grew even hotter and Merle chuckled happily again “don’t worry my love, I’ll wait until we are in our room again. I just adore seeing that red face when I tease you’ he left a meaningful silence then said “but I would gladly make love to you anywhere you’d let me” His voice had become the low, alluring tone that so easily seduced him when they were home. Merle got the number for the place from Wolfric and called to arrange a balloon ride for them. When he hungup Merle said “sadly we called a bit too late for something to be arranged today but we are scheduled for the morning. It’s pretty early so we might want to turn in before long but if there’s anything else you’d like to do today we’ll do it”

“could we just walk around and then maybe we could have dinner and then just go in our room and look over this list of people our venue trusts”

“riiight, go back to our room and look over lists” Wolfric blushed and Merle laughed again.

Wolfric was amazed at just how many wineries there really were around there, but even so he was fascinated by them. “If I wasn’t a dentist, I think I could definitely run a winery.” He said.

“Why don’t we?”

“Because I have work.”

Merle shrugged. “I don’t. You work and I’ll set everything up. Just tell me when you’re ready to begin and I’ll find the land.”


“Yes my love?”

“You really don’t have to give me something just because I say I want it.”

“Why not? It makes you happy and besides, you know I love learning new things. We could learn how to make wine and create our own brand.”

Wolfric had to admit that sounded amazing and Merle seemed truly happy to start something like this with him “I guess we should start thinking of names for ourselves”

“as long as it doesn’t distract you from planning our wedding. Maybe we should actually hire one of those wedding planners to keep us on course” Wolfric softly smiled “you’re really sweet”

“I’m really happy Wolfric. I had no idea life could be this wonderful. I’m grateful every day that I found you and sometimes I still curse myself for not visiting my old friend sooner” Merle pulled him closer then gently began moving his lips against Wolfrics.

They continued exploring until they knew they needed to eat. Merle let Wolfric pick and they wound up going to a place called Rutherford Grill. Everything on the menu looked delicious and Merle couldn’t help but chuckle at how conflicted Wolfric looked. “Oh stop, I just want everything, but I wouldn’t be able to eat everything.”

“I mean we could always take it back to our room. We’ll probably need something to eat after we work it all off.”

“Merle, shush.” Wolfric glanced around, his face bright red.

“Sorry my love, I just can’t help myself.” He looked at the menu. “How about we both order something different and just share it all. I want the tri-tip and enchilada.”

“Alright, then I guess I’ll get the hickory burger with a big order of fries.”

When their alarm sounded early the next morning Wolfric was exhausted and even Merle was a tiny bit worn out from their passionate love making last night but they got up anyway and washed each other in the shower before getting dressed and heading out to the location they would begin their ride from. It baffled Merle they needed to be out here so insanely early but his mate had informed him balloons could only be flown at specific points in the day due to how they got the balloons in the air. Something about how stable the air was. If they weren’t both such resilient creatures Merle would be tempted to keep his mate safely on the ground but Wolfric seemed thrilled and he wouldn’t ruin this for him by being over protective.

“welcome, the champagne and Thai Fish Cakes are already on board”

“Merle” Wolfric sounded touched as he said his name “of course I was going to have something for our ride.” Merle said then lifted Wolfrics hand to kiss it.

Wolfric stood with his hands on the edge of the basket as takeoff started. It was slow, but he loved how things got smaller and smaller until the people and cars looked like ants and he could see the lines dividing the vineyards and farmland. “So, what do you think?” Merle asked as he wrapped his arms around his mate from behind.

“It’s extraordinary.” He pointed. “It’s like being in a dream.”

“I agree.” He rubbed his nose along the nape of Wolfric’s neck and chuckled when he blushed. It wasn’t like the man piloting could see what he had done, but Wolfric’s reaction was adorable regardless. “How about some champagne my love or maybe fish cakes.”

“I nearly forgot, sorry.”

“Never be sorry, seeing you smile is worth anything.”

The pilot smiled, always enjoying seeing happy couples. The two happily snacked, drank and enjoyed the view. Merle grew more comfortable as Wolfric grew more ebullient about the experience. This had been more than worth the money and people did this all the time, he was sure everything would be fine. Even if they fell he would make sure to somehow prevent Wolfric from getting hurt. He was a massive wolf in his true form after all and to add to that he was larger than most. There wasn’t even many places he could be himself without crushing something or destroying things in other ways, even if he was trying his best not to.

Even when their trip was coming to an end and the pilot was beginning to take them down, Wolfric was still excited. Watch the ground getting closer and closer and things starting to take shape was still amazing. He very nearly leaned too far over the edge, but Merle pulled him close, holding him a little tighter. “Careful love.” He whispered.

“Sorry.” Wolfric blushed in embarrassment and leaned into him. “I just got so distracted.”

“It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

“I know, that’s one of the reasons you’re so perfect.”

They stuck around a few more days and tried a few other things Rutherford, California had to offer before finally heading home. Wolfric needed to get back to his dental practice and Merle wanted to start studying up on how and where he should start their own winery. It was such an exciting prospect, making wines with his mate. With so much happening for them Merle went ahead and hired someone to help them plan the wedding as well now that they had a location and therefore a firm date for their marriage. Everything seemed to be falling into place but to Merle, it had been doing that ever since he laid eyes on Wolfric.

~ The End

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