Wren & Odin

Chapter One

Wren walked through the home of Gregory Welter, talking to him about her ideas for it based on his likes. She was facing away from him, talking about the window when he suddenly was up against her and starting to feel her up. She sharply turned, elbowing him right in the ear. The blow landed so hard she knocked him off his feet “I WILL NOT be disrespected like that you creep. We’re done, I don’t work for assholes” she started to leave and with a move of his hand the door slammed “fucking bitch” she heard him say. he was suddenly on top of her, trying to rip her clothes off. “You don’t know who the hell you’re messing with you piece of garbage!” she screamed as she let her wolf take over.

Brigid responded to the call “Police department” The growl was still in Wrens voice “I’m glad it’s you Brigid. I’d like to report an attempted rape. I’ve got the little weasel cowering in a corner like a baby”

“you went wolfy on him huh?”

“He’s in okay condition. That pretty face is messed up for life because it doesnt seem to be healing. I can’t believe this demon thought he could rape me”

“I doubt he knew you were anything more than an elf. Your people don’t smell of wolf even though you technically are. You come off as pure elf”

“well I’m glad, I’d hate to think what might have happened if he would have actually tried to do this to a woman who couldn’t protect herself”

“I’m coming Wren, I’ll call my husband and see what all we can get him charged with”

“Thank you Brigid”

“I’m so glad you’re okay Wren” Brigid got the address and hungup. Officer Tyne wore a worried look on his face as he stood in front of Brigids desk. He had heard it was Wren on the phone and came over. Wren and Brigid were close friends and sometimes Wren would come into the station and hangout. It had only taken about a month of her coming around for him to start developing feelings for her. He hadn’t said anything though, Brigid was his superior officer and he didn’t want to piss her off by flirting with her friend. “Odin, I need you to come with me. Some jerk off tried to rape Wren and she’s keeping him there until we arrive”

“Of course..” He was glad he sounded calm at least because he felt rage boiling inside him. He followed Brigid out to her patrol car and sat in the passenger seat with clenched fists as she drove and talked to Lupin at the same time.

“Lupin’s going to come in, he’ll be waiting for us back at the precinct. He’s going to ask Jasper to supervise evidence retrieval so nothing gets lost.” She said as she hung up.

“Good because if he got away with it, I’d…it wouldn’t end pretty.”

“Don’t say stupid stuff like that. Wren would be pissed if you lost your job for murdering some asshole.”

He stayed quiet until they got there and jumped out of the car before Brigid could fully stop. He was sure he’d get an earful for it later, but he needed to see that Wren was okay. He opened up his senses as he approached the front door, hearing two heartbeats, both of them moving fast. Wren’s probably beat more out of anger than fear. He pushed the door open, following them, Brigid close behind with her gun out and ready.

When they arrived at the bedroom where the attempted rape happened Gregory Welter was cowering, shaking even just as Wren had said. The growl was gone but the anger in her eyes wasn’t. She stood and walked over to bleeding attempted rapist who seemed to try to curl up more into a ball “You listen here you waste of air. I don’t care what happens, if you go to jail atall or just get a light sentence. You will never try to force yourself on another woman again. If I hear of even the suggestion that you MIGHT have tried to hurt another woman like you tried to hurt me today I will castrate you. You make me so freaking sick. It’s monsters like you that make women afraid to walk at night or get tense if they are the only female in a room packed with men. Weaker women, women who couldn’t have protected themselves shouldn’t have to live in fear of insects like you. Look at you shake, you’re not a man at all but I knew that from the moment you tried to rape me. Go with the police and pray I don’t change my mind and castrate you regardless of you trying this again” Wren was now shaking but it was in anger and her trying to control herself. Brigid ran over and gently pulled her away from him and into a hug.

“Are you alright?” Brigid asked as Odin put cuffs on Welter and pulled him to his feet.

“Physically I’m fine, emotionally I’m pissed.”

“Let’s get you to the hospital so they can take some samples from you. You have his blood all over your face.”


“Are you okay with waiting here with him?” Brigid asked Odin. “Jasper is heading here to supervise the other officers.”

“Yeah, just make sure she’s okay.”

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

“I won’t.”

Wrens emotionally charged dark brown eyes looked into his just a moment before leaving with Brigid. Odin’s anger rose again, he wasn’t accustomed to seeing Wren so upset. She was passionate and seemed to feel everything with her entire being but anger wasn’t something that ever seemed to fill her until this moment. “I’m bleeding, why doesn’t anybody care? I’ll get my lawyer to sue your asses if I don’t get a doctor soon”

“we don’t care. Jasper Bookchild would be on our side and I doubt your lawyer holds a candle to any of the Bookchilds”

“we’ll just see Odin Tyne. I’ll make sure we attack you personally”

“If you have a shred of brains in that skull you’ll shut up”

“You can’t talk to a citizen like that!” This man was really testing his patience but he kept it together. Wren silently looked out the passenger side window as Brigid drove “Wren, it’s weird having you so quiet.” She softly sighed, looking down for a few seconds then over at Brigid. “It just really shook me up. I’ve dealt with jerks but to have a man try to rape me…he actually tried to rape me”

“but he didn’t because you’re an incredible, strong woman”

“My wolf is strong”

“Your wolf is you”

“I’m just really glad it was me…I think what really shakes me up is I almost referred this job over to my friend Maolise…she’s just a human. If I hadn’t taken this last second..” she couldn’t say it so she just looked away again, knowing she didn’t have to finish the sentence anyway for Brigid to understand. Brigid took her hand “well good thing your intuition had you take the job and not her”

“That bastard, I nearly killed him.”

She reached over and took Wren’s hand. “It would have been self defense.”

“I know, I just thought letting you, Jasper, and Lupin have him would be better.”

“They’ll make sure he’s punished honey.” They passed Jasper, two police cars, and an evidence van on the way and she flashed her lights to let them know it was her.

Odin was relieved when Jasper and the others showed up to relieve him of the demon. He passed him off quickly to the other officers, not wanting to spend another second in his company.

At the hospital Brigid asked “should I call Rian and let him know?”

“Yeah, he’ll be upset with me if nobody tells him.” Brigid walked out of the room as the doctor continued to look over Wren. When she came back she took Wrens hand for support “Rian wanted to come but I told him you shouldn’t be here long. He wants you to call him when he can come see you.”

“Thanks Brigid” Brigid stayed by Wrens side until she was free to leave then asked “I can have Odin bring your car to your house if you want me to just take you home”

“I’d hate to inconvenience him. I’ll be okay going back”

“You couldn’t inconvenience him. He has a little crush on you you know”

“I’d be blind to have missed that”


“you know me, I like men who are forthright. Starting with being able to share their feelings. If I have to ask him out I’m not interested.”

“He is pretty forthright though., I’m not sure why he doesn’t say anything. I’m sure he wont right now, so soon after your attempted rape but I think he will. If he doesn’t it won’t make any sense to me”

Wren gave a little smile. “I hope he has a good reason.”

“I’m sure he’d does. He was pretty pissed when he heard it was you that asshole had attacked.” She pulled out her phone, calling Odin.

“Is Wren okay?” Was the first question he asked when he answered.

“As okay as she can be. How is everything going?”

“Just wrapping up with photographing the scene. Jasper made sure the boys got a lot of pictures, signs of a struggle, the blood from that…that, from Mr. Welter.” He took a breath. “There’s a lot of evidence here, there’s no way he’s getting away with it.”

“Did you search for any evidence of prior victims?”

“We’re looking, every corner is being searched.”

“Check under the mattress and behind any books.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Oh and I need you to take Wren’s car to her place when you’re done, if it’s not a problem.”

“Not at all, she shouldn’t have to worry about driving home.”

“Thanks Odin, do you remember where she lives?”

“Yeah, I know I’ve only been once but you of all people know how good my memory is”

“Just had to double check. Make sure you go up to her door when you drop the car off. I want you to check on her”

“of course”

“Alright, bye Odin”

“Bye Brigid” Wren was shaking her head when Brigid hung up “Having him check on me”

“something positive should happen. Now that I know with you the only obstacle is him asking you out I feel like I need to wing man this situation.” Wren smiled, feeling happiness which surprised her after feeling so much anger up until this point. When they got there Brigid walked her to the door and asked “want me to stay?”

“No, I’ll be okay. Just like earlier if any man so much as thinks of man handling me in any form I’ll kick his ass. I just want a nice shower before Odin comes over.”

“I’m just a call away. I’ll come sit with you if you change your mind”

“I know, go work” Brigid walked out to her police car, waiting a few moments before driving off. Wren went straight to her bathroom and got the water running. She turned up the heat as high as her body could take it, needing all traces of that demon off of her. She scrubbed herself clean then just stood under the heat until she heard a knock at the door. Wren wondered, Had she really been in there that long? She grabbed a towel and started to dry “sorry, I’m coming!” she called as she ran to her room to throw something on.

She checked the peephole once she was dressed and was relieved to see it was in fact Odin. She unlocked the door and opened it, smiling. “You got here fast.” She said and he checked his watch.

“I actually made perfect time.”

“I guess I did take a long shower.”

“Well, you’re car’s parked and locked.” He held out her keys and she took them, letting her fingers brush his. She heard his heart stammer and stopped herself from saying anything.

“Thank you, you really didn’t have to.”

“Sure I did, you were in no condition to drive home after such a shock. They were still documenting things when I left.”

“So I’m not the first then?”

“No, but you’ll be the last, Jasper and Lupin promise and so do I.”

“Thank you, Odin.” She hugged him and he felt his body warm as he wrapped his arms around her. Her scent washed over him and he left himself sink into it for a moment. He felt sad when she stepped back, but he didn’t show it, not wanting her feeling guilty. “Are you going to get home alright?”

“Well, actually, I was hoping I could stay here tonight, on your couch. I’m sure you’re still pretty shaken up so I’d like to stand guard. If not, I can just sleep in your car.”

“I can take care of myself you know.”

“I know, but it wouldn’t be right leaving you alone, not after all that. So, may I?”

Chapter Two

“Okay, but you’re sleeping inside. I won’t have you in the car” He smiled at her, as charming and sweet as ever. She seemed to glide with how graceful she was as she moved out of the way and he stepped in “can I make you something to eat or maybe a stiff drink for your nerves?”

“I don’t know what I have in there as far as drinks go”

“As long as you have alcohol I can manage. I worked at a bar while I was still in school to become an officer”

“yeah, You’ve told me a few stories from when you were a bar tender. I’m actually interested to see what you come up with not knowing what I have” She followed him into the kitchen and she showed him where she kept her liquor. “This is very workable” he looked in her fridge next and she just patiently watched. “How about some Boozy Mint Cookies. A snack and a drink”

“sure, sounds good”

Wren sat on the counter while she watched Odin preparing the dough, really taking him in. He was gorgeous in that masculine sort of way, having the kind of face she was sure attracted him a lot of attention. She knew it probably came in handy working behind a bar and she couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. “What?” He said as he looked up at her.

“Just thinking about you being a bartender. I bet you got a lot of tips.”

He smiled as he looked back down at what he was mixing. “Oh yeah, my boss at the time was amazed. I raked in the dough and all I had to do was smile. I know, how manipulative of me, but it helped, I got to follow my dream.”

“I don’t think it’s manipulative and besides, you’re way more than a pretty face. You’re sweet and generous and smart. Be proud of yourself, face and all.”

“So you think I’m sexy then?”

She laughed louder that time and his smile widened. “Maybe.”

“I’ll take maybe.”

She couldn’t believe how relaxed and actually happy she was feeling around him. He was always fun to hangout with but her mood had been on the complete opposite end of the spectrum when he arrived and in this short amount of time it was like a couple hours ago didn’t even happen. They talked in the kitchen until the Mint Cookies were ready then they went into her living room. “let me actually get myself together. I don’t know what I look like?”

Without thinking he said “you look stunning as always Wren, just sit, be comfortable in those pajama pants. We’re in your home and you had a rough morning”

“stunning?” He swallowed but he had already said it so he just hoped Brigid wouldn’t kill him later “Yes, you’re always beautiful when I see you Wren. I don’t think it’s possible for you to look bad” She smiled softly and sat down with him. he was being a bit more forward about his feelings and she hoped that meant he was going to ask her out.

Her phone going off a fwe minuets later made her realize she had never contacted her brother again. As she thought it was a text from him “sorry, just let me text him back. It’s my brother”

Odin waited patiently, his heart a mess and his thoughts jumbled. He was overjoyed Wren hadn’t taken offense to him running his mouth, but it’s not like he could help it. He glanced her, watching emotions playing across her face as she reassured her brother. He had never seen a sight so gorgeous and it took everything he had not to kiss her. “Everything alright?” He asked when she put her phone down.

“Yeah, he’s just concerned and angry. He asked if I was alone and I told him I had a guardian angel so he didn’t have to worry. He didn’t like that joke so I told him it was you. He seemed relieved, angry I was attacked, but relieved I’m safe.” She sighed. “He’s never been one to express anger, but he’s ready to kill that guy.”

“I know how he feels.”

She smiled sweetly. “Oh?”

“Well yeah, I wanted to hurt him for what he did to you, but I couldn’t.”

“Good, I’d punch you if you lost your job.”

“That’s what Brigid told me on the way”

“good, I’m glad she did”

“I’m even more impressed with you though. You really handed that low life his ass. Plus all those past victims that didn’t come forward, they’ll get justice too. You got that for them and you saved so many more women from going through it”

“I know I shouldn’t be telling a police officer this but I meant it, if he even tries to hurt another woman like that again I’ll castrate him”

“I think Brigid would agree to look the other way. I mean, I think they weren’t there to begin with. No crime there” Wren smiled, unable to resist the urge to hug him. He held her back happily “you haven’t eaten too many of those have you?” He asked and she laughed.

“Oh yes, I’m absolutely drunk.”

He smiled as he leaned back to look into her eyes. “You’re wonderful you know that?”

“Am I?”

He stroked her cheek, letting his fingers linger on the softness of her skin. “Yeah, perfect even.”

“I like that, tell me more.” She teased and he leaned in, pressing a gentle kiss against her lips so both of their hearts danced.

“Is that good enough?” He asked when he parted their lips.

“I don’t know, you might have to do it again, I don’t think my brain got the message.”

He smiled, leaning down to kiss her again. This one was longer and a bit more passionate. He only stopped out of fear of overwhelming her. She was okay, but it still worried him. Though the kiss stopped he held her close to him and she relaxed into his arms “You always smell so good Odin” He chuckled “thank you” He ran his fingers through her soft black hair and sighed blissfully. “Wren I” he started then silently reprimanded himself, he needed to reel himself in. “what?”

“I’m sorry”

“No, ask me. It’s okay”

“How do you know it’s a question”

“I’m an intelligent woman Odin who wasn’t born yesterday” He blushed and ventured to ask so he wouldn’t insult her “well…I was just going to say that I’m helplessly attracted to you…I’ve been for some time. I stopped myself because I’m supposed to be here guarding you, not hitting on you”

Wren rubbed noses with him then kissed his lips again, giving his lower lip a gentle bite so he moaned. “Maybe I want you to flirt with me.” She whispered.

He let out a little growl and picked her up, sitting her on his lap so she straddled him. “You shouldn’t tempt me, Wren, I want you very much, it drives me crazy sometimes.” He slid his hands under the back of her shirt, let his fingers skim up to her shoulders. She felt so good, like warm silk.

“Why are you holding back? Tell me honestly.”

He sighed. “It feels like I’m somehow betraying Brigid, flirting with her friend. It’s like she’s your big sister and I’m her friend and I shouldn’t be wanting to date my friend’s sister.”

Wren laughed and gave him a hard kiss before pressing their foreheads together. “You’re really too sweet, you know that.”


“But I want you to say what you’re feeling, you don’t have to hide it from me and Brigid isn’t going to kill you. So tell me.”

Odin swallowed as he stared into her eyes. “Wren, I…I really love you and want to be with you. You don’t even have to be my mate, just go out with me, spend time with me and I’ll be the happiest man alive.”

Wren smiled, feeling a rush of happiness flow through her. She pressed her lips into his again, holding it there as she savored the soft warmth. When Wren pulled back she said “I’d love to see where the two of us go.” In the following months Jasper and Lupin got her attempted rapist, Gregory Welter, on her assault and for every victim he actually managed to rape that they found evidence of in his home. Every woman Jasper and Lupin has collectively called upon showed up. Most seemed scared to be in the room with him, even with him cuffed and Wrens heart went out to them. After his conviction she threw a party to celebrate and from that party she started a support group for the survivors. She wanted to help them work through their pain and heal, she wanted them to feel strong and safe again and not spend the rest of their lives afraid somebody else might hurt them in that same way.

These women were her sisters now and Wren planned to always be there for them. Wrens brother Rian on the other hand was now hanging out with Odin from time to time to get to know him. He had been acquainted with him before but now that he was dating his sister he was going into protective mode, making sure he was a good fit for her. Wren nor Odin didn’t mind but she often reminded her brother to be nice. It wasn’t a big concern with his boyfriend around though. Kou made him sweeter than he had ever been which was a pretty impressive feat considering her brother had always had a good heart.

All in all Wren was happy with where she was in life now and she warmly welcomed her future.

~ The End

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