Wynne & Jantje

Chapter one

“I’m so excited mom”

“I know honey, especially since you’ve told me so many times over this past week”

“I’m sorry, I just really REALLY hope Jantje will ask me to be with him at my party or atleast right after. I’m finally not a child to him.”

“I’m sure he will baby. I’m not supposed to tell you but Anthony has been telling me what a nervous wreck he is to ask but he’s excited he finally can” Wynne smiled, heart fluttering “I love him so much mom”

“and I’ve seen all these years how much he loves you”

“How does it feel to be changed into a fairy?” Talitha giggled “it wasn’t so bad. You think he’s going to ask you to marry him soon?’ Wynne blushed “No, I was just wondering…I mean, I hope he eventually wants to marry me” Suddenly the sky above them changed from blue to a deep red. Talitha reflexively dropped the berries she was holding and pulled Wynne into her arms. “whats happening mom?” Wynne asked. “I don’t know” The ground began to rumble so Talitha took to the sky holding Wynne. Once in the air she finally saw what was going on. There were demons and vampires fighting and she didn’t doubt it was their magic causing the skys color to shift and the ground to rumble.

Just as Talitha turned to fly home a male vampire appeared right in front of them, causing Gwin to scream. He punched Talitha with seemingly all his strength because it sent her soaring and drove her across the ground. Talitha barely had time to think before the very same male jerked Wynne out of her vice grip that may aswell been a toddlers grip to this man. Wynne began to kick and punch him which only made him laughed. A demon suddenly shot flames at them, engulfing all three. Wynne and Talitha screamed in their agony and the second Talitha could see beyond flames again her daughter was nowhere in sight. “Wynne!” she wailed and tried to fly up but two demon males grabbed her legs.

Hightened strength mothers get when their offspring are in trouble had kicked in for Talitha and she kicked the demon males off before soaring into the sky “Wynne! Where have you gone!” The scuffle was all around Talitha now so even if Wynne was close she couldn’t hear her screams. Talitha could guess it was the vampires that were the aggressors because it was only the vampire men that seemed intent on beating the hell out of her. She couldn’t chase her daughter or find her stone because she was too busy just trying to get away from all these bastards.

The vampire managed to get away from the group. Wynnes fruitless struggle was still ongoing as he landed then sank his fangs into her neck. Wynne screamed louder which aroused the male as he kept sucking her blood. A demon suddenly slammed his fists into the vampires head until he released. The two men began fighting and Wynne took the chance to run. She stuck her hand in her pocket to pull her rock out to contact Jantje but she had only just grabbed it when that very same male had her again. “No!” she screamed. “you taste far too delicious my sweet. I need blood” The vampire noticed the stone for what it was and snatched it from the far weaker Wynne “uh uh uh little morsel” with one squeeze of his hands the stone was destroyed. To Wynnes relief along with horror more demons flocked over and they all began struggling again. One of the male demons now took Wynne and she began screaming again.
“Stop.” The demon ordered as he flinched away from her scream. “You’re hurting my ears.”

“Let me go you bastard or I’ll claw your eyes out.”

“Please calm down, I’m not going to hurt you I swear.”

Wynne started crying. “Jantje, I want Jantje, just let me go. I want my mom.” She hated she was blubbering like a baby, but she was terrified and she hurt from being pulled around and forcibly drank from.

“It’s okay, let me get you somewhere safe.”

Jantje heard a small popping sound almost like bone breaking and reached into his pocket, pulling out two halves of the stone he had used to speak to Wynne when they were apart. He was shocked, his heart slamming against his chest as he stared at it. “Jantje, is everything okay?” He looked at the face of his friend who was still working on the ring he asked to be made for Wynne.

“No, I have to go. When you’re done with that please bring it Wynne’s village.” He was out the door of Doran’s shop before his friend could say more. He knew something was wrong, he could feel it to the very core of his being.
Jantje went as quickly as possible to Wynnes home and found only Anthony inside “where are they?” He asked and Anthony stood hearing his friends concern “I don’t know. Why?” Jantje pulled out his stone “sombody broke hers. You know how strong these are. It had to be a demon or a vampire or somthing and I’m scared for them. Were they together?”

‘Yes, let me try to talk to Talitha” Anthony ran in the back room to find the stone he had that was connected to his wifes. “Talitha” he said desperately hoping she’d answer. Talitha had been pulled away from the fight aswell and was being tended to by a demon when she heard Anthonys voice. From the blood loss and beatings she suffered until she had escaped her mind was fuzzy so she honestly hadn’t thought about the stone that laid in her pocket. She went to move her arms and the female said “don’t move”

“My husbands trying to talk to me. I need the stone from my pocket” Talitha said weakly with her hoarse voice. her neck was badly bruised and it was hard for her to speak. The female pulled the stone out and sat it in her hand. “Anthony” His heart sank when he heard her speak ‘what’s going on? Wynnes stone is broken” All the fear she had already been feeling was nothing to hearing they couldn’t even talk to Wynnes. Talitha began to cry. The demon grabbed her stone “hey, I’m Winterbay. There’s no other girl here and she can barely speak. She’s been talking about Wynne but it’s only to ask us where her daughter is. We have no idea. Somthing is going on with a large number of vampires. They are draining everything they can of all their blood and Wynne has been lost in the scuffle. I only found this woman. I’m sorry if Wynne is your daughter or somthing but I don’t know where she could be. I can only pray they haven’t taken her life” Talitha cried harder but the demoness knew she should only speak the truth.

“she is my daughter, not by birth but she is all the same. Thank you for helping my wife. Where are you?’ Anthony could barely keep his voice steady and clear but Jantje was paler than normal and Talitha seemed to be having a break down so he had to be calm. He didn’t even want to let his mind go to a place where Talitha didn’t have her daughter.
“Where are we?” Wynne asked as the male demon tended to the puncture marks on her neck.

“I’m not sure, things sort of got out of hand and we got all turned around. We saw the vampires carrying you so my brothers and I followed.”

“The other demons that were with you?”

“Yes, they’re probably disposing of the bodies.” He gently wrapped a piece of cloth around her neck. “We have incredible senses of smell but there is so much blood that it might take some time to get you home.”

“Why were you there when the vampires attacked?”

“We’ve been tracking them for days, they’ve left so much pain and devastation in their wake. I am truly glad we caught up to them before they could kill you.”

Wynne teared up again. “What about my mom?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know if she made it, but I promise you will see her again.”

Wynne wiped at her face. “They broke my stone so I can’t even talk to them.” She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. “Oh I forgot to introduce myself and ask your name. I’m Wynne.”

“I’m Isaiah, it’s nice to meet you.”
“Even though I screamed like a mad woman when you first saved me?’

‘You were scared and rightfully so. Does your neck hurt?”

“Yeah but I don’t care. I need to find my mom”

“It might be dangerous for me to take you out just yet. My comrades may not have the vampires under control yet. They are absolutely rabid and its crazy that so many are. We really don’t know whats going on. Sadly the only way to even stop them is to take their lives. In trying other methods they have slain so many.”

“But I need my mother. We’ve got to go find her. We can’t hide in here forever. If she’s dead I don’t know what I’ll do” Her lip trembled and he sighed “Ok, I’ll fight off any vampires that try to come near you. Your mother should have your scent all over her so I’ll find her that way.”

“Thank you Isaiah” Isaiah lifted Wynne. “You smell of fairies. You are with them often?”

“My mom is a fairy now because she married one and my best friend is also a fairy”

“Do you have any powers?”

“No, I’m about as ordinary as a girl comes. My mom had to try to fight all by herself because there’s just nothing special about me”

“Don’t say that like it’s such a bad thing. Ordinary is fine”

“I could have helped her”

‘Even as a fairy you couldn’t have done much. Vampires can out fight a fairy in almost any case I’ve seen. No offense taken i hope. I’m sure your mother fought valiantly to protect you”
Jantje and Anthony soared through the air to Talitha’s location, bot of them terrified for the ones the they loved. Jantje hoped Wynne had been saved and didn’t even want to think about her being hurt. It killed him he had not been there for her. The sun was beginning to go down when they finally made it to their destination. Anthony ran to Talitha and had her in his arms in and instant. She started crying, her tears soaking his shirt as she clung to him. “I fought so hard and they took Wynne, I really tried to protect her.” She wailed.

“Shh, it’s okay baby we know.” Anthony soothed.

“I failed her, I’m her mother and I failed her.”

“Talitha, it’s not your fault.” Jantje said. “Fairies, especially ones not yet adept at using magic, are easily beaten by vampires. Neither of us blames you and we’ll find her, I promise.”

“I just want her back, I want her safe.”

“We know and we’ll find her.” Anthony said softly and kissed her head.
“can’t we go now? Please”

“No, it’s dark and unlike vampires we cant see perfectly at night. We’ll be at a disadvantage. It will be wiser to look for Wynne when morning comes.”

“He’s right, I can see but I can’t see for you all. Please stay and let me make you all dinner” The female demon insisted. “what if they’re hurting my baby” Talitha said through her tears and Anthony honestly didn’t know what to say. Jantje was only angrier at himself for not being with them. He had left their home because he wanted to make a ring for Wynne so he could propose but what good would that ring do if he didn’t have Wynne any longer. Isaiah stopped and set Wynne down “I’m sorry young one but I need to rest. I’ve been chasing and fighting so much.”

“I understand, thank you again”

“walk with me while I find us somthing to eat i dont have to fight”

“ok’ Wynne followed Isaiah until he found a collection of plants he plucked from the ground “these will do. They wont be amazing but it’s stuff we can eat. I just don’t feel like fighting anything else right now”

“Plants are fine with me. I’ll start off my birthday eating green and healthy”

‘Your birthday?’

“Yep, it’s nearly midnight. My party was going to be tomorrow at lunch”

“I’m sorry you’re spending it like this”

“It doesn’t matter as long as i find my mother alive. I need her to be” Wynne said with wet eyes. Isaiah cupped Wynnes cheek “Don’t think on that Wynne”

“How can I not? She’s the best mother. She raised me by myself and did an amazing job. There isn’t enough time in this night to describe to you how great my mother is and why I would be devastated if I didn’t have her any longer. I just wanted some fruit desserts on my birthday and this happened.”

“Just eat with me and catch some sleep if you can”

“Will you sleep?”

“The vampires are much to fast for that. I will rest my body but my mind needs to be alert.”

“why do you think they are all gone?”

“Who knows but lets not knock it. I doubt they are all dead though i wish they were. Too many have died”
“Don’t let them take me again, I don’t want to die without seeing everyone again.”

“I’m not letting anyone take you, I promise. You can sleep holding my hand.”

“Okay, thank you.” He sat down so he was leaning against a tree and she laid down next to him and grabbed his hand between hers, gripping it tightly. He closed his eyes, but didn’t allow himself to fall completely asleep. He would keep Wynne safe no matter what.

The moment the sun was above the horizon on the following day, Jantje was on his feet. He shook Anthony who jerked awake and held a little tighter to Talitha. “We should get going.” Jantje said.

“Let me make you something first.” Winterbay said as she sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“How long will that take?”

“Not long, after breakfast I’ll send Daedalus and Hallow with you.”

“I want to come too?” Talitha said.

“I want you to stay here baby where it’s safe.” Anthony replied softly and brushed his fingers through her hair.

“I want to help find Wynne.”

“I know, but you still look pale so just stay here with the demons while we look, please.”

“Okay, I just really want her home.”
“we’ll bring her. You know that.” Talitha nodded and clung to Anthony until breakfast was ready. He ate with Jantje and the other men that were going with them then gave Talitha a long kiss. “I promise I’ll bring her back to you Talitha”

“Thank you” When they left Daedalus said “that’s a big promise”

“I intend to keep it, Even if” there was a small pause since Jantje was listening to and it made Anthony feel worse saying it out loud “even if I have to just bring her back a body I’m bringing my step daughter back to my wife”

“don’t talk like that Anthony” Jantje snapped. ‘sorry” he responded. Daedalus didn’t say any more. He realized that Wynne was a sensitive subject for these two men and was determined to help them get her back. The only warning Wynne got vampires were coming was once again the sky turning red around them. Isaiah flew down as fast as he could and dropped Wynne so she only had a light fall before he fought with them. Wynne wondered why the sky kept changing like that but was mostly just scared until she saw how easily Isaiah took the vampires down that seemed unbeatable to herself and her mother.

When he landed he was catching his breath “you made that look so easy” Isaiah smiled “those were really young ones. Oldest was probably seventeen. Did I drop you too far off the ground?”

“I was fine”

“good, I just needed you out of my arms”

“I know”
“Are you hungry?”


Isaiah picked her up and took to the sky. “Lets find you some water then.”

The sky above Jantje, Anthony and the two demons turned a deep crimson. “The vampires are coming.” Daedalus said and before they knew it they were being attacked from above and below. Two dropped from the sky and two came from the ground as swarms of bats. “This is not normal.” Jantje yelled as they used their magic to drive the bats back. “They’re crazed.”

“We don’t know what’s going on, but they’ve been like this for awhile. We have no choice but to kill them.” Hallow yelled back.

Jantje didn’t like the idea of killing these creatures if they had no control over what they were doing. They needed answers. Drops of blood fell from the sky as the bats bit them and they used fire to push them away. Jantje called on his powers and used a binding spell on the bats. They screeched angrily as they were forced back into their human forms and started to drop from the sky. The two demons grabbed the four vampires and they all landed. “They’ve been tainted by something dark.” Anthony said. “Can you sense it Jantje?”

“Yes, there’s something off, there’s a sickness in them.” He squatted down and placed a hand on the forehead of one of the angry vampires who tried to bite him. “This is magic.”
Jantje used his healing magic against the dark magic used against these creatures. Anthony had seen Jantje do amazing things before so just watched, expecting it to work to calm the vampire down. The demons were skeptical and wanted to just kill the vampires but let Jantje try. The demons were surprised when the vampire began gasping for air. Jantje did the same to the other three and they all began gasping. “what happened to you?’ Anthony asked the now sain vampires. “this vampire named Gossamer Descoteaux came here from another world enraged over somthing his brother Edmond did or said to him. he was ranting so it was hard to really make out his point but he came here to make a world of only vampires. He says we are the superior race and we should own a world. Believe us, none of us wanted to help him. When we refused to wipe out every other race of this world he did somthing to us all. Whatever it does to us also makes the sky turn red wherever we go so we can fight with all our power. It eliminates the suns power to weaken us.”

“Once I have Wynne I can get my parents to help break what’s been cast on you all. Then you must help us find this Gossamer so we can put a stop to him. No doubt he can just redo what I’ve broken”

“we’ll help you. We dont know her obviously but we can help you subdue our kind if they attack you”

“Thank you” They took off again. The demons were genuinely impressed by these fairies. Demons generally didn’t think much more of fairies than they did of human strength and power. When Wynne was done drinking Isaiah picked her up again so he could resume looking for Wynnes mother.
“I guess I didn’t realize how far out I followed those bloodsuckers, I couldn’t even find our scents.” Isaiah said, sounding a little irritated.

“It’s okay, it’s not like you predicted we would be out here.”

“I know, it’s just the longer we are out here the more likely we are to get attacked and even my strength will wane sooner or later.”

“Then we’ll hide if we have too.”

Isaiah smiled warmly at her. “I guess we will.”

A little while later they heard the sound of singing. Isaiah put Wynne on her feet and kept her behind him as they moved slowly and silently through the woods. They were both surprised when they came upon an older woman sitting on a tree stump. She got to her feet when she saw them and smiled. “Right on time.” She said.

“On time?” Isaiah asked confused.

“Both of you come here, get close.” They walked slowly over to her and wrapped her arms around them. The sky turned red and she gripped Isaiah tighter when he moved to fight the oncoming vampires. They stood completely still as the vampires came running through the woods, skidding to a stop when they caught their scent. “Don’t move.” The woman whispered and they stood completely still. The vampires sniffed around then headed off into the woods, following Wynne and Isaiah’s scent back the way they had come. “Alright, it’s safe.”

“Who are you?” Wynne asked.

“Humble little one and I just saved your lives. Now, you two should get out of here. Head north east until nightfall then wait where you rest.”
“But why?’

“Just trust me. I saved you didn’t I? If you want to see your mother again do as I say”

“Thank you Humble.”

“Happy birthday” she said with a smile. Wynne gave her a confused look and Isaiah lifted Wynne back into his arms “theres no time for pauses Wynne. Thank you Humble for your help. I will obey your words precisely” She gave him a genuine smile as he took off with Wynne. Humble got up and began to walk home feeling pleased with herself that she stopped yet another horrible thing from occurring. “That was crazy” Wynne said to Isaiah and he answered “She’s a very old demon. It’s always wise to listen to your elders. She obviously meant us well so I will obey her”

Isaiah flew until he was too tired to carry on. Wynne didn’t complain since he was carrying her and the woman had told them just to stop and wait there. “I hope this is the right place to stop. I’m so tired” Isaiah said as he laid against a tree. “I wish I could fly so you wouldn’t have to carry me”

“It’s ok, I don’t mind. You aren’t heavy so you take very little from my energy” Wynne smiled “Thats what Jantje says. He takes me up all the time”

“Is Jantje your boyfriend? You talk about him like he is”

“I want him to be but he isn’t yet. He’s older than I am and I’ve only just become an adult today”

“Well, you seem to be very sweet and are a beautiful young woman. If he doesn’t have feelings for you in return he is a fool and you can do better”

“Thanks, my mom says he is definitely planning on asking me out. He was going to do it at the birthday party that was planned for today”

“are you hungry?”

“I’m too worried about my mom and Jantje. Just sleep unless you need food”

“Id prefer sleep over eating so if you’re really fine come lay by me and hold my hand as you did the other night” Wynne walked over to Isaiah and got comfortable on the ground before holding his hand between hers snugly. “goodnight Wynne”

“Goodnight Isaiah. You should come to my party when we plan a new one”

“I’d love to” he said softly. Wynne quickly fell asleep. She had a heart full of hope she would see Jantje or her mother in the morning. She needed one of Jantjes hugs. There wasn’t anything in the world his hugs couldn’t fix and she would be in need of them if her mother hadn’t survived as she had. The following morning Isaiah didn’t wake Wynne since they were supposed to stay put. He also couldn’t deny enjoying a friendly touch. All contact before this was violent or sexual but the way Wynne touched him was truly caring and sweet. He enjoyed it more than he would say to a woman whose heart was obviously taken. Isaiah did know at the least now that he wanted to find a real mate when this was over.

She woke not too long after him and sat up “come with me and I’ll find us somthing good to eat”

“Humble said stay”

“I cant leave you alone”

“Leave me. I have to be here if Jantje or my mother comes” Isaiah sighed “ok I guess. Scream if you’re in trouble. I know I’ll hear you with how powerful your lungs are”

“sorry again” Isaiah laughed “its no problem” He ran off quickly to find meat for them. Wynne looked at the sky “hurry” she whispered as if they might be able to hear her.

Chapter Two

Jantje was exhausted, but he refused to give up the search for Wynne. He needed her safe, he needed to tell her how much he loved her. He would die without her beautiful smile and musical laugh. “Jantje we need to break.” Anthony said.

“No, not yet. We have to keep going, every second she is gone the vampires could be hurting her. I have to find her and bring her home, I have to protect her.”

“Don’t be so stubborn boy, your friend is right.” Daedalus said.

“I am no boy sir, I am a fully grown man and capable of making my own decisions and taking care of myself.” He flew faster, his eyes scanning the ground below them. He was going to find her and afterwards he was going to stick to her like glue until she became irritated with him.

When the sky started to turn red Wynne nearly bolted, but she had been told by Humble to stay put and Isaiah had said she could be trusted. Even when the vampires landed in front of her she didn’t run. “Well look what we found, a tasty little morsel. She smells delicious.” One of the men said as she pushed herself to her feet. He reached for her and Isaiah dropped down between them.

“You will keep your hands to yourself bloodsucker.” He growled. He and the vampires went at it, drawing blood from each other. Isaiah fought valiantly, but he was outnumbered and exhausted. The vampires drove him to the ground, two of them dropping on him and sinking their fangs into his flesh. Wynne picked up a rock and threw it at them.

“Leave him alone.” The male who had spoke before grabbed her and slammed her against the tree.

“Too bad, I was hoping to hold onto you for awhile.”

“Jantje.” She whimpered and the vampire was suddenly jerked from her, her calling his name seeming to magically bring Jantje to her. Anthony and two other demons had saved Isaiah and were standing with Jantje to face the vampires.
Wynnes head was a little fuzzy from being slammed so hard into the tree so the fighting was little more than a blur to her. She could see her Jantje though and took comfort in that along with using that to help herself not pass out. Jantje was panting for air as he cleansed the vampires. He was almost too exhausted to do this but he wouldn’t let the demon men with them kill these innocent vampires. “we’re so sorry” one said now that they were in control of themselves. “Can we do anything to thank you?” Another chimed in.

“Guard us while we rest. We’re in considerable need of it”

“You guys beat the heck out of us but we can still do that for you. Thank you” Jantje walked over to Wynne and hugged her to him tightly. She started to feel that familiar sensation of him healing her “stop Jantje, I don’t need it and you’re tired”

‘Wynne” he said softly and finished anyway, needing her to be comfortable and out of pain. Her head cleared so she could think and see clearly just as Jantje sat down with her in his lap, still holding tightly to Wynne. “where are you going?” Anthony asked when Isaiah started to walk off. “I was bringing food for us. I dropped the carcass when I heard Wynne in trouble”

“need help?”

“It isn’t a large kill. Now I wish it was since theres so many of us” The only female vampire of the group said “Let me catch something else then for everyone. I have the least injuries and have plenty of energy to hunt. I feel so refreshed now that I’m not under that curse”

“That would be appreciated, thank you” Anthony answered and she flew off as Isaiah walked back to what he had already killed. Anthony sat to make a fire for cooking, knowing Jantje wasn’t going to unlock his arms from around Wynne until he absolutely had to. Not that Anthony would ask him to let her go. “do you know if my moms ok?” Wynne asked Jantje “she’s alive and being tended to by a kind demoness named Winterbay. She wanted to come but she was injured badly and needed rest so Anthony convinced her to stay and let us handle getting you back”

Wynne hugged Jantje tighter “It’s just good to know she’s alive. I’ve been so worried” Her voice breaking as she fought back relieved tears. “she was just as worried about you” Jantje said hoping she wouldn’t start crying.
“I never thought I’d see you again, I was so scared and the vampires just kept coming. Poor Isaiah took a beating for me.”

“He seems like a tough guy and once I’ve had some sleep I’ll heal any of his injuries that haven’t healed themselves.” He kissed her cheek. “Happy birthday angel.”

Wynn started crying then and she turned in his arms so she could bury her face in his shirt. “I’m sorry, I was just so scared.”

“It’s okay baby, I have you now and nothing will take you from me again.”

She cried herself to sleep and he re-positioned her. Even in her sleep she looked distressed and he vowed to help her forget what had happened no matter how long it took. He kissed the top of her head and ran his hand up and down her arm. Isaiah returned with his kill first and set to cooking it. When the female vampire came back she cut up the boar and added her meat to the fire. Isaiah handed cooked meat to everyone and they ate in silence, everyone too exhausted to make conversation.
Everyone decided to take a morning nap aside from the vampires who had promised to guard them for saving their lives instead of ending them. Wynne woke hungry since she had missed breakfast but it took only her slight movement to jerk Jantje awake. He smiled at her “feel better?”

“Yeah, I’m just hungry”

“I saved some for you” Jantje handed her some and kept Wynne in his lap as she ate. “thanks Jantje” she said after her last swallow. “you full now?’

“Yeah” Jantje placed his hand gently on Wynnes cheek and stroked it with his thumb. “I’m so happy you’re alive Wynne. You are so important to me” Isaiah, Anthony and the other two demons had woken too but they were laying still to give them privacy. They knew Wynne and Jantje were aware the vampires were awake but still decided just to lay there as if they were still napping. Wynne kissed Jantjes cheek “What’re we going to do now?”

“Take you back to your mother. Then I’ll get my parents to help us with all these rabid vampires and deal with Gossamer. He’s the man that is causing all of this.”

“You say that as if you’re leaving me with my mother”

“Wynne, I need you safe” Wynne latched her arms around him “No, we’ll come with you. I dont want to be afraid i wont see you again. Jantje sighed “but you can’t fight Wynne” Wynne gripped him tighter, pulling at his heart. He ran his hand down her hair “Wynne, look at me please” She pulled back and looked into his eyes. “If you are going to come i cant worry about you. Well, I need you to do somthing for me so I can worry about you less. I want you near so I know you’re safe.”

“what is it?”

“Will you marry me when we go to my parents? If you marry me I can change you. I was having a ring made for you but we dont need it for the ceremony. You can just wear it after. I’ve loved you for so many years and now that you’re an adult I want to be with you. I love you so damn much Wynne”
“I love you too.” She pressed her lips into his and his heart gave a little stutter. He could so easily get lost in the sweetness of her lips. She parted their lips and he smiled at the blush tinting her cheeks.

“So is that a yes?”

“That’s a definite yes.”

He hugged her tightly and pressed his forehead against hers, feeling relieved and happy that she had not denied him the one thing he wanted most. Wynne couldn’t wait to tell her mother she and Jantje were getting married, she knew she would be excited for her. “It’s about time.” Anthony said as he sat up, making them both jump. “It was agonizing watching him waiting.”

“I thought you were sleeping.” Jantje said.

“Well when you asked her I thought for a minute I was dreaming, I’m truly happy I’m not. Talitha is going to be ecstatic.”

The others sat up, all of them stretching. “We should get going, Wynne has been wanting her mother since I saved her.” Isaiah said as he pushed himself to his feet. Jantje stood with Wynne cradled in his arms.

“Isaiah, I can never thank you enough for saving the love of my life. Without her I am nothing and if there is anything I can do to repay you please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

“I don’t need payment, knowing she is with those who care about her is enough.”
Jantje and Wynne smiled before they all took off. With such a large group they easily defeated and released the few vampires that tried to attack them on the way back to Talitha and Winterbay. The group became nervous when they noticed the house they had left Winterbay and Talitha in was destroyed. Anthony dove down in panic and was relieved when suddenly they appeared close by. Anthony hugged Talitha crushingly tight. ‘They attacked again and destroyed the house. I was making us invisible until i noticed you guys” Winterbay explained. “Mom” Wynne said as Jantje landed and let Wynne go. Anthony didn’t want to let his wife go but did anyway so she could embrace her daughter. “Oh baby” Talitha said with fresh tears in her eyes. “I’m so sorry I let them take you from me”

“You tried as hard as you could mom. Don’t feel bad. Isaiah saved me”


“Me mam, nice to meet you” Talitha let go of her daughter and hugged him too “Thank you” she let him go to return to her daughter then said “thank you all” Anthony joined the embrace, needing his wife close again after first seeing where she was destroyed. “Oh, sorry man. Do you need me to heal anything on you? Does anybody” Jantje asked. When everybody insisted they were fine Jantje walked over to Wynne and held her hand “Talitha, I’ve asked Wynne to marry me and she said yes. I didn’t ask the way she deserved to be asked but she’s insisting on not leaving my side so I want her to be able to fly if there’s trouble. I’m going to get my parents to help me with a man named Gossamer. Apparently he is behind all this”

“I am coming too and you wont tell me no again Anthony.”

“after seeing this house I’d rather have you with me too” Anthony answered. “how’re these vampires so tame?” Winterbay asked now finally noticing the vampires with them. She hadnt paid any mind since all the vampires lately had been ravenous. Jantje went into deeper explanation then said ‘we have to hurry before more die. This asshole is going to break whatever he’s done to them. It sickens me what this man is doing and forcing others to do” He took Wynne back in his arms then they all flew to Jantjes parents home. It was late in the night when they arrived but none wanted to waste the time stopping.

Jantje walked right in and woke his parents. “what’s the matter?” Jantje gave a quick description of what was going on and they jumped right up in their night clothes though he told them there was company. His mother was thrilled over his news about Wynne and went straight for her “you don’t know how happy I am Wynne. Come and we can begin” Arabella guided Wynne and everyone else to a beautiful room in their large house. On a small table Wynne saw a silver goblet, a vial, and a dagger waiting. “you have a room for this?’ Wynne asked and she smiled “I’ve been waiting for my son to ask you. He has loved you for so long I knew this day would come. I’ve been so impatient” Anthony laughed “So has Talitha” Arabella poured the contents of a vial near the goblet into it. “hold out your hand sweetie” Arabella prompted and Wynne obeyed.

Arabella pricked her finger and allowed a few drops of blood to fall into the cup. Arabella did the same to herself. “May this usher you from one life to the next.” she said as she gave Wynne the goblet. Wynne drank it quickly, not enjoying the taste. Wynne started taking sharp breaths which terrified jantje, Isaiah, Anthony and Talitha though Anthony and Talitha had seen this before. “Its ok Jantje” his mother soothed. Wynne was still scared despite Arabella thinking this was normal. It was a few moments later when Wynne felt a warm sensation rush through her body. She could breath again and heard everyone gasp but felt no different. “show her son” Arabella said warmly. “yes show her how pretty her wings are!” Talitha exclaimed happily.
Jantje grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the full length mirror in the room. Her eyes widened and she gasped at the beautiful sapphire blue dragonfly wings veined with yellow that hung behind her. She unfolded them, admiring them and turning in a circle. “They’re gorgeous.” She said with a big smile.

“They suite you my love.”

She hugged Jantje then pulled back and kissed him. “This is such an amazing gift and I’m so happy to have forever with you.”

“Me too.”

“We’ll do the marriage ceremony after we take care of this vampire, Gossamer.” Arjan said. “We want you to be able to soak up the bliss of being married instead of feeling rushed because we have business to attend to.”

Wynne hugged her in laws and kissed their cheeks, feeling truly blessed. “We need to ask the vampires if they remember where they first met Gossamer.” Jantje said as he took Wynne back in his arms.
Wynne didn’t question Jantje holding her again even though she had wings since Wynne remembered Anthony having to teach her mother to fly. Wynne did however wonder why Jantje said we need to ask instead of just asking the vampires since they came in to watch but she noticed they were now gone. They had apparently gone to wait by the door as soon as her change was over to give them all some privacy as a family. “you guys got married that fast?” The female vampire asked. “No, we’re going to do that later”

“I thought I heard you say you had to marry her to change her”

“Faries are more of a private race which is why you don’t see a ton of us. It just isn’t accepted kindly to change someone if you don’t plan on marrying them. For marriage it’s cool but fairy folk tend to get upset if you’re just willy nilly changing people into faeries.”

“even if my daughter said no you would have changed her and said screw it all” Talitha said lightly. Jantje smiled “of course, I couldn’t lose Wynne even if I had to stay her friend”Wynne blushed as Jantje continued “Where is Gossamer? Do you know”

“He’s living in our matrons house…well…our previous matron. He killed her and took her home” They all sad over the lose which only made everyone else more angry at Gossamer. “We are so sorry for how your kind has been made to suffer because of Gossamer. We are going to make it right”

“How? Our whole group of vampires couldn’t do it” Anthony smiled “have faith is Jantje and his father Arjan. I know they are faries but they can bawl with any species, especially Arjan. Jantje and his mother have the most amazing healing powers I’ve ever seen and can tend to wounds quickly. I’m sure Arabella will stay on that. We can do this. Have faith” They nodded “we will guide you to our matrons old home” Wynne wanted to cry for this group of vampires. She had read a book on vampires and knew how important their matron was to them. They all flew quickly behind the vampires until Gossamer shot out in front of them.

He had smelled them coming and could tell these vampires were no longer in his control. Enraged Gossamer asked “what is this? Why aren’t you killing these fairies and demons?!”
“They don’t belong to you anymore.” Jantje said angrily.

“You weak, pathetic fools. This world should be ours.”

“You used dark magic to get your way, you could have lived with us in peace.” Anthony replied. “Instead you kidnapped and murdered.”

“You sound like my brother, the way he fawns over his wife, a woman who was human when he first met her and even now that she is one of us, she makes him weak and pathetic.”

“You sound jealous.”

Gossamer bared his teeth at Jantje. “Watch your mouth fairy born.”

“I’m not afraid of you bloodsucker.” He shot angrily back. Gossamer was on him in the blink of an eye and driving him to the ground. The sky turned red and a swarm of vampires attacked the rest of them in bat form as well as human form. Wynne batted at the bats, trying to see where Jantje and Gossamer had gone. She didn’t want him facing the vampire alone.

“Go away.” She screamed and lightening arched from her body to the bats closest to her so they were knocked back. She was shocked but broke through the vampire’s ranks, finally able to see Jantje and Gossamer going at it.

Jantje used his magic to call roots out of the ground and shoot at Gossamer. Gossamer tore through them in a rage, screaming as he swatted at Jantje with sharp nails. He caught Jantje across the chest, ripping his shirt open and marking him with four long lines. Blood soaked into his shirt as he back pedaled. Wynne came out of nowhere, slamming into Gossamer so the went tumbling across the ground. Her vision spun and Gossamer slowly stumbled back to his feet, surprised he had been taken down by someone half his size.

“Just stop Gossamer,” Jantje said, “I know you feel angry and jealous and maybe even abandoned. I can see it in your eyes when you talk about your brother, but just because you have family issues doesn’t mean you have the right to hurt others. If you stop now then I can have some of the others take you home to your brother where he can dispense justice, but if you continue then you will be subject to our law, to our prisons. We can easily strip you of your powers and you’ll be just like a human.”
“How could you weaklings possible take MY power” Gossamer hissed. “We can and will you bastard so I suggest you leave our world.” Arabella said with vampires that were only just attacking them backing her up. “fuck this god damn place anyway. Fuck you all. I don’t give a shit. Take me to my son of a bitch brother. Maybe I can mar that pretty wife of his or his children. I don’t want anything to do with his new life. I’m ashamed he’s my brother. He should be running Freya into the ground like he used to. It was all training and sex as it should have been but then the bitch left and he realized he had to become pathetic to keep her. It’s disgusting. He had already treated her the way a man should for a hundred years, he should have just moved on to another bitch to fuck and train”

‘sounds like he turned into a good man because he lost her.” Gossamer growled then vanished. Isaiah and the others didn’t have to fight any longer because whatever he did seem to vanish right along with him. “do you think he’s gone?’ Talitha asked in a concerned voice. ‘lets hope so” Arjan answered. All the vampires looked confused and upset. Once they had a grasp on what all happened they all looked heartbroken. “can we do anything for you all?” Wynne asked “no, now we just need to give our matron a proper burial. We all failed to protect her and then allowed ourselves to be used as pawns”

“he felt strong, it wasn’t your fault” Arabella tried but it didn’t help. Jantje didn’t like this man just simply vanished. He worried Gossamer would return or that he really would go after his brothers family. There wasn’t anything he could do since he hadn’t said where he was from. Jantje even asked the vampires if they knew but none of them had any idea. “Jantje, nobody knows. Lets all go home” Arjan said to his son. “he might come back again”

“Anything might happen. He’s gone for now. there are many dangerous people who might attack at any time from any world. Atleast he obviously didn’t come from here so maybe he wont target here again since we can stop him”

“But by just letting him go he could attack a world that cant stop him.”

“If i knew of somthing we could do I’d do it son” Jantje sighed sadly and Wynne took his hand “we’ll drive him away again if we need to Jantje” Jantje gave her a long hug before lifting her up again “lets have our wedding baby. Maybe after we enjoy eachother for awhile we can figure out how to hunt that man down and see he faces some sort of punishment. i don’t feel right having a man like that loose to do as he pleases. he just gave up so easily like he might have even had another place in mind to attack and that scares me”

“Because you’re a good, unselfish man. That’s part of the reason i love you too Jantje” He kissed her then they all flew back to his parents house. Upon arriving back they decided that they wanted to actually have Wynnes ring first and Talitha knew her uncles would be disappointed if they didn’t get to see their little Wynne get married so they just had a birthday party for now and planned the wedding for the next month to give the letters time to arrive where they needed to go and give their family enough travel time.

Jantje nor Wynne cared about the wait atall. They were both just lost in the happiness of finally being together. It was even enough for Jantje to get his mind off that horrible vampire. Isaiah and the other demons left just after the party with promises to be invited to Wynne and Jantjes wedding. that evening Wynne asked Jantje ‘you sleeping over?” He smiled in a laughing way “we’re engaged now. You don’t want to come to my house?” Wynne blushed “your house”

“I mean we can sleep at your mothers if you want to”

“Um, no, I’d like to sleep at your house” Anthony actually felt a little excitement to have Talitha alone in their home. Jantje could tell and almost laughed at him. Wynne hugged Anthony and Talitha goodbye before allowing Jantje to sweep her off her feet. “Love you sweetie” Talitha said softly “love you too mom.” Wynne said before Jantje turned and walked out the door. “I’m glad we only have to wait until next month for our wedding. I’ll show you your ring tomorrow then I’ll help you learn to fly” Wynne kissed his cheek “sounds like a perfect day”

“You are my universe Wynne. I’m so happy you’re finally mine”

“I think I’ve been waiting longer than you have Jantje” he smiled again before taking to the sky happily with his love. Despite all the fighting and that wretched vampire since the moment Wynne said yes he was the happiest he had ever been.

~ The End ~

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