Zaharah & Wade

Chapter One

It was Zaharahs turn to dig again. She didn’t want to, was tired of working for her owners. She didn’t know much about the people around her aside from they lived on an island where they took shifts digging twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Just like all the other men and women who slept chained to walls to thwart any attempts at escape nobody knew how they got there, had no memory of any childhood. All they knew was one day they were diggers on this island in the middle of the sea. She had been trying to work out a way to escape but she didn’t know how. They were guarded at all times, there were camera in their cells. There wasn’t a moment of her life Zahara wasn’t watched and even if she did find a way to run. She didn’t know where to go if what they said was true. They could be lieing and not be on an island atall but that was what she had been told when she began to ask questions.

They would never answer why all she knew was digging. She’d plead to know why she had no memories before fifteen and the start of her digging career but they’d supply nothing but angry yells. They would tell her she didn’t have the right to demand any knowledge. Here she was, four years later and all she could think about was how she came to be here and getting of this damned island.
She dug until lunch time and the guards grabbed her and the other workers and forced them into a mess hall. They lined up, grabbing trays and being served food, food she didn’t even like, but knew if she did anything wrong she might be forced to go without. She found herself a seat and kept her head down as she ate what she had been given. “I know you.” She looked up from her tray as a young man a little older than her sat down across from her.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re Zaharah, I’m Wade. We worked next to each other a couple of times, not that you would remember. I’ve been in solitary for two months.”

She glanced around. “Why were you in solitary?”

“For breaking out of my cell…twice.”

“How did you do that?”

He opened his mouth to answer when one of the guards walked by. Zaharah ducked her head and Wade smiled at the gun toting man, waving at him as he passed by. “Anyway, the first time I stole the key card off of one of the guards and the second time I broke through one of the wall panels in the cameras blind spot and ripped out the wires. Now they pat me down before sending me to bed.”

“You should just do as they say.”

He chuckled. “Aren’t there things you wish to know, where we came from, why we’re digging, why we have no memories? I’m not afraid of them, not even a little. If they wanted to kill me for not listening then they would have already.”
“I’ve asked, tried to demand knowing but they only get angry at me”

“I’ve realized they aren’t telling. I don’t know anything about things besides this place but slaving us like this cant be right. Why do we serve them? Why do we have to? Why do I know the definition of slaving but have no memories to process how I learned it? I liked you because you are like me. All the others, they are mindless but you and I are thinking and they dont want us to. Them not wanting us to think means we should be thinking. Maybe we coudl figure out an escape together”

“sh, they could hear you” Zaharah said so softly it was barely speech. “Please, let me help you get out of here” a guard came up “what’re you two talking about?”

“I’m asking Zaharah whats all gone on in my absence, I can’t talk to her?”

“Nobody talks”

“Well they dont but we like to. Why can’t we speak to eachother?” The man gave a growling like sound then walked away “see? They dont even want conversations. You have a mind like me. Don’t waste it withering here” Zaharah nodded and he grinned. “I’ll tell you when I’ve figured somthing out. You get thinking too ok?”

“ok” Zaharah couldn’t believe herself right now. That she was actually planning on trying to run when they had nowhere to run to. They were on an island as far as they were told. They would drown trying to swim across the sea or be eaten by sea monsters.
They were taken back to their cells so the could shower and get to bed. Zaharah hated showering since she knew whoever watch the cameras could see her. No one was allowed to have shower curtains, only a clean towel delivered every two days. She shakily removed her clothes and switched on the water, feeling exposed and disgusted. She scrubbed the dirt and sweat from her skin and hair then pulled on clean clothes and climbed into bed, pulling the blanket over her head. Her heart beat quickly in her chest as she thought about what Wade had said. Finding a way out was going to be not only impossible, but terrifying. She hoped Wade was okay and not trying to break out again. She would hate for him to die and never get to talk to him again.

Wade sat against his cell wall, staring off into space. A guard had been posted outside his cell door so he couldn’t get out again. He had made a garrote out of his sheets and would use it to choke the guard out if he got the chance. After both escape attempts he had learned the halls on this side of the compound pretty well. He knew there was a lab with a locked door and a room with a metal door with a sign next to it that said containment. He wanted to know what was behind both of those doors, but had to get out of this room first and when he did it he had to take Zaharah with him because this time there would be no going back. They would have to keep moving and not get cornered. Tomorrow he would have to find out her cell number.
When it came their turn to work in the morning Wade and Zaharah did as they were told. They worked harder than they had any other day to make sure the guards thought they were nothing but focused workers. At lunch Wade searched the room until he found Zaharah. He sat with her again “I forgot to ask your cell number”


“oh good, I’m 1112. We aren’t that far apart. I’ve already got a plan Zaharah.” In as quite of a tone as he could manage he told her what he would be doing that night. Zaharah had expected more time before the break out but it was happening already. “what if we’re really on an island?” She asked “I think they’re liars. I don’t believe for one second we are on an island. Maybe far out form civilization but this is no island.”

“regardless, how do you get out of your chains at night?”

“easy, I’ll sneak somthing”

“but they check you”

“No pain, no gain. Thats all you need to know. All you have to do is wait for me. I’m coming tonight”

“ok” After lunch they were put back to work. While Zaharah was working a guard spoke to her “Wade has been showing too much interest in you. What does he say?”

“Nothing, tells me of solitary confinement and brags about his near escapes.”

“is he planning another?”


“You’ll be punished if you’re lieing”

“I’m not lieing, I wouldnt lie”
He glared at her and she looked away. She heard one of the other guards yelling and looked over to see Wade getting beat up by another boy. The guards pulled him off and one of them dragged the boy off to solitary while another escorted Wade to the infirmary. Her heart slammed against her chest as she watched him being taken away and she hoped he was alright. Wade was left in the infirmary and the door was locked from the outside. The doctor there wiped the blood off of his face and huffed when he couldn’t find the bandages. “Stay here.”

“Yes sir.”

The doctor left the room to go to the utility closet and Wade pulled the curtain around the bed closed then started going through the drawers of the medicine cart until he found the needles. He pulled one of the bigger ones out and broke the plastic piece off with his teeth then pulled his cheek open and pushed the needle under the skin. He winced in pain, but kept himself from making any noise. When he had it almost all the way in he sat back down on the bed. The doctor pulled the curtain back and he smiled.

“Sorry, the lights were making my headache worse.” The doctor just glared at him and bandaged the cuts on his face then went and banged on the infirmary door to let the guard know he could get him now. Wade was glad he had managed to rile up that kid and get him to attack him. He felt a little bad since the kid would be staying in solitary, but he had to get himself and Zaharah out, had to find out who they were and hopefully get help to release the others.
Wade was sent to his cell early which sucked since there was no way to tell time. He just kept watching the light that filtered into his window and waited for it to be dark. He’d start counting in his head since he knew for a fact Zaharah would be in her cell atleast three hours after dark. At dinner Zaharah was sad not to see Wade and hoped he got a meal in his cell. After dinner she dealt with the awkwardness of bathing that didn’t seem to bother the other girls one bit. She truly didn’t notice how mindless the other people were until Wade pointed it out. They could have small conversations here and there but overall not very much seemed to go on in their minds aside from work.

After bathing her stomach felt sick with worry and nervousness. This was the chance she was dieing for though. Tonight if all went according to wades plans she might finally learn why she doesn’t remember anything before here and why they dig. If she was going to escape with anybody she was glad it was Wade. He seemed so nice and she found him attractive. She blushed wondering if she was attractive to him aswell.

Wade sat counting, in only thirty more minuets he could escape and go to Zaharah. He had to keep his thoughts from her. Since the first day he saw Zaharah she was always distracting him. He loved the way her hair flowed, those beautiful brown eyes and the song bird voice she had. She was a diamond among all the dirt and filth around him. He felt exultant she wanted to escape with him.
When he was sure enough time had passed he grabbed the garrote he had made and crept up behind the guard standing in front of his cell door. He slipped it quickly around his neck, pulling him back against the bars and choking him. He didn’t want to kill him though the man deserved it, but he held him there until his body went limp. He then reached into his mouth and pulled the needle out and found the key hole they used when their cards didn’t work. It wasn’t hard to jimmy and he was out in only a couple of minutes. He took the handgun from the guard’s hip and ran down the hall to Zaharah’s cell.

“Time to go.” He said and shot the scanner. Her door unlocked and he pulled it open. She ran into his arms and he held her there for a moment. “Come on we have to hurry.” He grabbed her hand and they started back down the hall to where the lab and containment room were. He broke the window and opened the door from the inside. “Grab as many files as you can, we have to keep moving.” Zaharah found a satchel someone had left with a lap top in it and started stuffing files in with it. She was sure the computer was important. The whole time Wade kept a look out and when she had enough they went a little further down the hall to the containment room. He shot the scanner there too and the door unlocked. He pulled it open and they stepped inside. It was pitch black so he ran his hand along the wall until he found a light switch and flipped it up.

Zaharah gasped and Wade turned to look, shocked at what he saw. There were large cylinders filled with blue liquid and in these cylinders were people in various stages of growth. “What is this?” Zaharah asked.

Wade heard footsteps and voices and grabbed her hand. “We’ll find out later, we have to run.”

Chapter Two

They ran out of the room and jumped through a nearby window. Both of their hearts raced as they ran, knowing they would soon be followed but hoped they had enough of a head start. Zahara was looking where she was running but the image of those people was ingrained in her head. It looked as if they were growing people but that was nearly impossible for her to wrap her mind around. The good thing about working all the time was how much more fit they were than the guards. All they had was guns while Zaharah and Wade had strength and speed due to their muscle from working all the time.

There wasn’t any telling how long the two ran but eventually even their adrenaline ran out and they had to rest. They each fell to the ground gasping for air. When they could breath normally Wade said ‘lets look at the laptop tomorrow. I dont want some bright light attracting them to us if they get this far in their search tonight”

“good idea, are we going to sleep?”

“we have to rest. Lets cover ourselves in what ever is around to help camouflage ourselves. I wish we had a flashlight to find a better place but i cant see worth shit”

“Me neither”

“Um, let me hold you so that i dont have to worry about anybody snatching you up and me not noticing”

“Hold me?”

“yeah, I know you’ve never experienced it like I havent but we know what that is. Come on” Zaharah swallowed and moved closer to Wade. He laid down with her and wrapped his arms around her body. Wade didn’t know if all cuddling felt like this or what but he felt fantastic with Zaharah in his arms.
He kept the gun right next to him, willing to shoot anyone who tried to hurt them. He refused to lose Zaharah to those mad men. He allowed himself to drift of, but not completely, wanting to make sure he woke instantly if their pursuers caught up with them. They both woke at first light and got off the ground, their muscles cramped from staying in one position. They didn’t have time to worry about it and got moving again. Around lunch time Zaharah’s stomach started to growl and Wade felt bad that they didn’t have any food and didn’t know what was toxic and what wasn’t. They stopped to rest and check out all they had collected. Wade took the laptop while Zaharah went through the files.

“This file says something about cloning, isn’t that when you grow another human?” Zaharah said.

“Yeah, what else does is say?” Wade asked as he went through each file on the laptop.

“It says, subjects are harvested at the age of fifteen and put work. We have uploaded enough intelligence for them to function. Made sure to neutralize free thought. Wait, does that mean you and I are clones? Clones of who? And you and I have free thought.”

“Clones, that makes sense with the people growing in the cylinders. Look at this, it’s notes about the quarry. They’re mining for taaffeite, it’s a rare stone and worth a lot. So we’re basically slaves making money for these people, this company called Blax & Burbank.”
“wow, how do you guess you and I have more brain function that the rest of them?”

“No idea, maybe it was a mistake. Perhaps occasionally they give the clones too much knowledge. Who knows how they give us knowledge anyway.”

“Does anything in the computer talk about where we are. None of these files do”

“Not that I’ve seen yet. We should stop searching and get further for now though. They dont want us loose, thats for sure” They closed up everything and began to run again. It was disheartening that they had run so much and still seemed to be nowhere. They hadn’t come to an ocean as they were told they would and yet they hadn’t come to any civilization either. All they had to do was find people and tell them their story in hopes they might help.
“I’m thirsty.” Zaharah said two hours later and Wade frowned, wishing he knew where to find water. A part of him wished it would rain. He remembered being forced to work in the rain and even though it had been cold at times, he had never been thirsty. He actually enjoyed the rain and the clean smell it brought with it.

“I’m sure there’s bound to be water somewhere, I mean look how green everything is. Let’s just keep going.” He grabbed her hand and held tightly to it. He looked at their surroundings, at all the plants and listened to the strange sounds that he knew must be coming from unseen animals and wished he knew more about the place. It was hot, sweat drenched their skin and there were a lot of small flying insects that the guards had called mosquitoes. They were annoying and bit you when they got the chance. He finally stopped when he found some large leaves that had collected rainwater. It looked clean enough. “Here, drink this.”

Zaharah moved closer to one of the leaves and Wade tipped it so the cool, life giving water filled her mouth and ran down her throat. They both drank until they no long felt thirsty then continued over the strange, uneven terrain. “If we weren’t running for our lives, I would think this place was beautiful.” Zaharah said and he gave her a small smile.

“Yeah, it has a strange beauty, mysterious.”

“How do we know what beauty is?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well we have nothing to compare this place too so maybe this isn’t beautiful at all.”

He chuckled. “I have something to compare it too.”

“Really, what?”

“You of course, you’re more beautiful than this place.”
Zaharah blushed “really?”

“yes, absolutely gorgeous. You are how I really learned what the word beauty meant”

“I’m…I’m attracted to you too” She responded, wondering what she was feeling right now. This was a new feeling that she wished she understood. Wade gave her hand a squeeze “I’m glad, I would have felt stupid if you didn’t like looking at me too” Zaharah smiled. “You are far from stupid. You got us out.”

“I needed to be free. I couldn’t do that forever. I need to learn about the world.”

“I’ve always dreamed of whats out there. I’ve always wanted to know about myself and the world”
“Do you think we’ll ever find people?”

“I’m sure we will, we just have to keep going and never give up. I promise to get you out of this.”

They continued walking, ignoring the growing hunger in their bellies. Zaharah started to get exhausted carrying the bag so Wade took it and slung it across his chest. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Yes I did, you’re tired. So just let me…” A whistling sound filled the air and Wade felt a sharp pain blossom in his side. He clutched it, falling to the ground. “They found us, we have to run.” He stumbled to his feet and grabbed her hand, pulling her through the jungle. They heard voices sound off behind them, but they didn’t dare look back. They slid down a hill, Wade falling down.

“Come on, we have to keep going.” Zaharah said and helped him up. He got back up and they pushed their way through the thick underbrush. They could hear bullets hitting tree trunks, but no more got close to them. The sound of running water caught their attention and they came to a river.

“We have to cross.” Wade said. “It’s shallow enough here that the bag won’t get wet.” Zaharah helped him across the river and they kept running. Even when their muscles ached and protested they continued on, never letting go of each other. They only stopped when Wade fell to his knees.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah…I just uh need a minute.” He sat the gun down and lifted his shirt.

“It’s still bleeding.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t look like the bullet went in.” He pulled his shirt back down and got to his feet. “Being shot hurts more than I thought it would. Lets keep moving.”

Chapter Three

“are you sure you can?”

“I cant afford to be sure. I dont want another bullet wound or for them to shoot you too. I don’t want you hurt” Zaharah blushed again and they ran until there was absolutely no forcing their bodies any longer. “god, where the hell are we”

“I wish i knew too. I’m getting a little nervous about us finding civilization. They really have us hidden out here”

“what if you loose too much blood?”

“it’s slowed down Zaharah. Since the bullet didn’t go in I’m sure I’ll be fine”

“You havent even eaten though”

“we dont know what we can and cant eat Zaharah” Zaharah hugged him, needing him in her arms. He hugged back, finding comfort in her embrace ‘sh, calm down Zaharah. I’ll be ok.”

‘I cant do this alone”

“You wont have to. Give me a few moments and we’ll walk’

“you need to sleep”

“we need civilization”
He pushed himself to his feet, gripping tightly to his side as they pushed through the jungle. “Let me help you.”

“No, I don’t want to tire you out in case you have to run.”

“Well, at least let me carry the bag?” He shook his head and she frowned. The sun fell on their second day out as did a sheet of cold rain. The ground became slick and muddy, making Wade slip and fall. It tore the wound on his side open again and he groaned in agony. Zaharah tried lifting him to his feet, but she was too fatigued and broke down into tears.

“It’s okay Zaharah, please don’t cry.” He said as he rolled over. “It’ll be okay.”

“No it won’t, we’re lost and you’re injured. I don’t want to lose you.” The rain ran down her face in rivulets, mingling with her tears.

“Shh, it’s okay, just give me a minute.” He sounded tired, his voice turning into a whisper. She cried harder and he lifted his hand, cupping her cheek and brushing away her tears. “It’s okay.” She held his hand to her face, the rain soaking into their clothes. His eyes drifted closed and his hand fell limp and her heart slammed against her chest. She pressed her ear against his chest, glad that he was still breathing and his heart was still beating. She stayed like that for she didn’t know how long and the sound of vices and footsteps caught her attention. She grabbed the gun out of Wade’s hand and pointed it in the direction of the sound. Light bloomed in front of her, blinding her for a brief moment as it drew closer. The light dropped a little and she saw four dark faces and no uniforms.

“Help us, please help us.” She said shakily, lowering the gun. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes, we do.” The youngest of the group answered and she breathed a sigh of relief. “Miguel, Roberto get that man out of the mud.” He ordered as he moved closer and pulled her to her feet. “My name is Benedito, what are you doing out here?”

“It’s a long story, just please help Wade and I’ll tell you everything.”

“Our village is only thirty minutes from here, lets hurry.”
Zaharah ran with them despite how weak she felt. The only thing that helped her push herself was the fact they had someone to help Wade so she wouldn’t lose him. Losing him was the most terrifying thing she had ever faced. She feared it more than she did being caught or how she used to fear punishments and the guards. Once in the village they went to a small home where they just walked in “come woman” Benedito urged to make sure she knew to come in aswell. Miguel and Roberto laid Wade on a table while the man whose name Zaharah hadn’t learned yet went into a bedroom and came out with two elderly women.

Without any form of introduction they took off his shirt and began to examine Wade. “so, what is your name?” Benedito asked “Zaharah, who’s the man that went to get these women?”


“Thank you all”

“Let us be alone with this man. Take her to a place she can sleep” One of the women said and she obeyed though she didn’t want to. It was her natural reaction to obey all commands and Zaharah didn’t want to offend the people helping. “They’ll let me see him soon right?” Zaharah asked and Miguel nodded. They took her to another home “are you hungry or thirsty?” Roberto asked. “I’ll feel terrible eating since Wade hasn’t gotten to yet. I want to wait”

“Are you ceretain?”


“will you tell us what is going on or does our guest need rest?”

“I promised to tell you four so I shall.” Zaharah explained everything, where they worked, how they were treated, their escape. She had the four mens full attention and hearts by the time she stopped. “they will not be getting you two back. Our village wont allow it or for them to carry on with their devils work”
“We should keep moving as soon as Wade is better. We don’t want to bring you any trouble.”

“You bring us no trouble, but if that is your wish then once your friend is fit for travel we will guide you out of the jungle. Peru can be a dangerous place if you don’t know what you are doing.”


“It’s a wild and untamed land, but we will get you to the nearest city safely. I would recommend a medivac, but I doubt you have ever been in a helicopter.”

She shook her head. “No, I’ve never been in one. Would it be okay if I take a shower or something and borrow some clothes?”

“Of course, then you should rest.” Benedito lead her into a bathroom and showed her how to work the shower before leaving. It wasn’t the fanciest thing in the world, but at least it had a curtain. She quickly pulled her clothes off and switched on the water then stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain closed. She washed quickly and got out, only then realizing she didn’t have anything to wear. She wrapped a towel around herself and cracked the door open.

“Benedito?” She yelled and she heard footsteps as he hurried to her.

“Yes, did something happen?”

“Oh, I don’t have any clothes.”

“Wait here.” He left and came back a few minutes later with a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. “Sorry, this is all I have for you.”

“That’s fine, thank you so much.” She closed the door and dressed as quickly as possible then stepped out. Benedito was there waiting for her and smiled.

“You can have my room tonight.”

“Okay, um tomorrow could you please take me back to Wade. Even if he’s not awake, I want to see him and make sure he’s alright.”

“thanks again, I hope you dont tire of hearing it”

“We believe in helping. It’s our villages way. Please, rest in my bedroom. I’ll be right out here if you need anything” Zaharah went laid down in Beneditos bed and fell into a much needed rest. In the morning she was awoken with breakfast “there isn’t any sense in making yourself sick with hunger because of your friend. He will be fed when he is awake.” Zaharah paused only a few moments before gratefully accepting the meal. She hadn’t eaten any of the foods he had given her before but she ate them anyway, finding she liked it all. “want to see your friend now?”

“yes” They walked back over to the the womens home. When they were let in Zaharah worried when she didn’t see Wade laying on the table. The old woman reading her expression said “we had him laid somwhere comfortable. He’s not awake but he will wake today” She showed Zaharah where Wade was laying and left her alone. Zaharah grabbed Wades hand. “I’m so glad you’re ok” Zaharah stayed by his side unmoving until he finally woke.

He saw he wasn’t out so he asked ‘did we make it?”

“Yeah, some men found us and carried you to their village.”

“see, i told you it was all going to be alright”
“I thought I was going to lose you.”

He tried setting up to hug her and winced in pain. He pulled the blanket down, seeing his side was bandaged. “That really stings.” He said.

“Well stop moving before you start bleeding again.”

“I want sit up.”

“So stubborn.” She helped him prop his back against the wall then he pulled her into a tight hug. “You’ll hurt yourself.”

“I don’t care, I was so worried about you while I was unconscious. You’re all I could think about.” She felt herself tear up and clung to him. She would have missed him if he had died, would have felt so alone in this strange new world. Wade felt her tears hit his shoulder and pulled her back to wipe them from her face. “Please don’t cry, I’m really okay.”

“I could have lost you.”

“Hush now, we’re still together and I promise to never leave you.” She cried harder and he felt his heart wrench in his chest, a feeling he was unaccustomed to. Without thinking he kissed her, a bit awkwardly at first since he had never done it before. When she didn’t pull away he grew more confident and held her there awhile longer, enjoying the softness of her lips.

“What was that for?” Zaharah asked when he finally pulled back.

“I didn’t know another way to stop your tears.”

Chapter Four

Zaharah reddened “It felt good to…kiss you. We were kissing weren’t we?”


“You should lay back down”

“but I might want to kiss or hold you again”

“healing is more important”

“would you lay with me?” Zaharah helped Wade lay down then laid beside him. They stayed together like this until Zaharah heard Wades stomach growl “oh food, let me ask them for some”

“don’t leave”

“You need food and theres is really good”

“ok” Wade worried with Zaharah out of his sight since he still wasn’t sure if they were safe or not. When she came back both women were with her “eat and then we’ll change your bandages”

“Thanks for the help”

“all should help those in need if they are able. All of us in this village work together and aid one another. We treat outsiders no different.” Zaharah helped Wade back up into a sitting position so he could eat then the two women took off his bandages, cleaned the wound again then wrapped him back up ” Benedito says you are in a hurry to leave Zaharah. Wade probably shouldn’t travel wounded but if you two really want to head into the city then Benedito and his brothers will escort you there.”

“Thank you”

“Just be careful, he honestly shouldnt travel so soon”
“I’ll be alright.”

“No, we’re staying here until it doesn’t hurt to move. Just sitting up is painful.”

“Zaharah, we can’t stay here for too long.”

“I know, but if you can’t run when it’s needed you might get shot again and I can’t go through that a second time. We have to be able to make it to the city.”

He laced his fingers through hers and her heart beat quickened. “Will you stay with me after we truly have our freedom?”

“Well yeah, you’re all I have and I’m all you have so we have to stick together. I’ll always stay with you, I need you.”

He smiled and pulled her into his arms, needing her warmth. Neither of them understood the emotion that had grabbed a hold of them and tied them together. If was foreign and exciting. Neither of them wanted the feeling to go away. They fell asleep like that, her head resting on his shoulder and his arms wrapped tightly around her so no one or nothing could take her away. They were woke for dinner and Wade let out a his of pain when he moved, his side having become cramped from staying in the same position for so long.

“You’ll be sleeping flat for the rest of the night.” Zaharah said, her fussing making him smile.

“As long as you sleep with me.”

She blushed and said, “Well if it keeps you comfortable then I’m glad too.” They thanked the women for dinner and ate in a contented silence. After a little while Zaharah asked, “So what are we going to do once we reach the city?”

“Find someone to give all of that information to. We’ll get that place shut down and free our friends.”
“good, I just hope the other clones can find lives. Especially since they dont seem to have much free thought like us”

“They probably have it in them. They can be happy, atleast I’m hoping so”

“I hope so too. Atleast we’ll all be able to find jobs. We’ve worked our whole lives doing tough labor during all kinds of weather.”

“Yeah” They finished their food then settled back down. “Maybe I should just lay by your side so I’m not on you” Wade held her a little tired as he said “No, I need you pressed tightly against me Zaharah. I need to know even in my sleep nothing has taken you away. I just cant be without you” Zaharah kissed Wades chest “You’re amazing”

“you are too. I mean it” Guards ready to take Wade and Zaharah back were waiting around the outside of the village. They didn’t want to rush into where they knew the two were because they knew the villagers would protect Wade and Zaharah. They had guns but not enough ammo for every person living there. They also knew to kill one was to take a family member from all so one death would mean a whole village with a vendetta.

In the morning Wade woke first, his side feeling much better today than the previous day. He tilted Zaharahs face up and gave her another kiss. Zaharahs eyes slowly fluttered open as her face heated with his kiss. “morning” he said in deep, sleepy tone.
“Good morning.” She said softly back. “How are you feeling?”

“Better, I don’t hurt nearly as much.”

“That’s good, I guess I should let Benedito know.”

Zaharah got up and stretched, Wade smiling at how adorable she looked in the over sized sweats and shirt. He sat slowly up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, wanting to go with her. The moment her hand touched the front door it was suddenly pushed open by Benedito and he was ushering them back. He quickly closed and locked the door then drew the curtains. “What’s wrong?” Wade asked.

“Your guards have found you, they have surrounded the village. Roberto spotted them when he went to feed the pigs. Apparently they are not very good at hiding. He’s going around telling everyone so we can make sure the children and elderly are out of harm’s reach.”

“What are we going to do?” Zaharah asked, clinging tightly to Wade.

“I am going to sneak you two out of here. You should grab your bag and gun.” Wade hurried into the bedroom, grabbing the still loaded handgun and slinging the bag across his chest. Adrenaline completely dulled the pain at his ribs. Benedito pulled back a rug on the floor and opened a trap door. “Go.” Wade went down first then lowered Zaharah down. Benedito followed and one of the women closed and covered the door. “Just wait.”

Roberto aimed his gun into the jungle and yelled, “Come out and tell us what business you have here.”

The soldiers from the compound moved slowly out of the jungle, their guns raised. The other villagers stood behind Roberto, brandishing rakes, hoes, and axes. Miguel and Arthur stood next to Roberto with their hunting rifles. “We’re looking for two people, a young man and woman. We tracked them to here.”

“No one has been through here, maybe they went around.” They could hear the soldiers move past the house they were hiding under and as soon as they were closer to the center of the village Benedito moved a board out of the way and gestured for them to quietly follow.
Both Zaharahs and Wades hearts hurt with how fearfully they were beating but thankfully they snuck out undetected by their pursuers. They went at a fast pace through the jungle, not daring to stop for anything. The only thing that stopped both Wade and Zaharah in their tracks was when the city came into view. It was nearly overwhelming to them since they had seen nothing more that their work area, cells and the small village Benedito was from. “come, we must talk to officials” Benedito urged so they began to move again.

Wade and Zaharah handed over the files and computer to the police of the city, after which they were shown to a place they could sit and rest while their evidence was looked over. “I am starving after all that travel. You two must need food aswell. I’ll buy us somthing out of the machines”

“Thanks” Zaharah said and Wade nodded ‘for everything”

“we help, it’s our way” Benedito bought food and drinks then sat with Zaharah and Wade. Once again they were eating things they hadn’t had before and it made them wonder what all foods they had been missing out on all this time.
Two police police officers approached them and they both stood. “Can you come with us please?”

“Sure.” Wade grabbed Zaharah’s hand and they and Benedito followed the cops into an interrogation room. They all took a seat, Zaharah feeling extremely nervous. “Is there something wrong?” Wade asked.

“No, we just wanted to talk to you about the things we found on the computer. Some of the data was encrypted so we had to call in to interpol, but from what we were able to gather a man and woman, Blax and Burbank, started a cloning program to help supply free labor for their mining expedition. They had you in the middle of the jungle so that’s why no one knew of the compounds existence. Interpol and the military will be banding together to take the place down and you will both be supplied with social security numbers, birth certificates, and even a home.”

They both just sat there in silence then Benedito said, “That means you guys are free, really and truly free.”

Zaharah teared up and started crying before she could stop herself. Wade hugged her and Benedito rubbed her back. “See, I told you everything was going to work out Zaharah, we get to have a life now.” Wade said softly.

“We’re going to bring in a doctor and a psychologist to look at you two just to make sure you’re both healthy mentally and physically.” One of the officers said. “We’re sure you don’t have a good impression of people in a medical profession, but we promise they are both very nice.”
“we havent had a good impression of people in general but if your doctors are anywhere near as kind as you guys and the people of Beneditos village then we’ll be glad to meet them” They were separated for their evaluations but they felt safe being apart among so many good people. With a clean bill of health both mentally and physically they were reunited. Some time later they had birth certificates and social security numbers. Next they were taken to get photo IDs. After they had acquired all the proper identification they were given a hotel room until they could get a house sorted out for the two of them. Left alone Zaharah cried again into Wades chest “shhh, no more Zaharah. You’re breaking my heart”

“But I’m so happy”

“I know, me too.”

“what’re we going to do until they call?”

“Just relax. There’s an officer in the lobby until they have every last one of our makers arrested”

“I told the psychiatrist about how I feel when you hold me”

“what did she say?”

“That people describe that as love” Wade smiled and kissed her head “yeah, mine told me the same and explained about what people in love tend to do and how to protect from getting you pregnant.” Zaharah gave him a confused look and he blushed. “I dont know, we dont need to do any of that. He was just explaining to me since I didnt know anything about love or sex”

‘should we have sex since we love eachother?”

“we don’t have to. It’s just a lot of people that love eachother have sex together”

“Maybe you can show me when we have a house” Wade blushed deeper ‘maybe” It was a few hours later when their room phone rang. They answered it as quickly as possible and heard the wonderful news that all he guards, doctors and other workers were arrested. They were also told the other clones were going to be given a new life too. They stayed in the hotel room only two more days before they were given a house and places to work “these people you’ll work for understand what you’ve been through and are prepared to be patient while you two learn so dont stress and or feel bad if you dont understand somthing you think you should.”

With that and a few things explained to them they were given a number to call if they were ever confused or needed help with anything in the new world they were being thrown into. Zaharah and Wade were nervous but excited at the same time. They were free and had a future before them they could shape in any way they wanted. Best of all they had eachother so there was nothing they had to face alone in this new world.

~ The End ~

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