Zeus & Lucy 2

Chapter One

Zeus gripped the blanket beneath him as the memories of Lucy’s death filled his head. He was covered in sweat, his dark hair sticking to his forehead. “No, no, please I’m sorry.” He said over and over again, but she just stared up at him lifelessly like a broken doll. He wailed in agony, tears sliding into his hair. A soft hand touched his brow and a fmailiar voice whispered softly in his ear. He jerked awake, finding himself looking up into Lucy’s beautiful face. She pulled her down into a kiss, his fingers tangling in her hair as he explored the inside of her mouth with his tongue. He pushed her into the matress and settled his hips between her legs. He made love to her hard and fast, muffling her loud cries with his mouth.

“I love you so much.” He whispered when they were finished. He moved to lay next to her, resting his head on her chest.

“I love you too.” They fell asleep with him wrapped in her arms, her love and warmth soothing his mind.

Lispin sat in the study of the new king, his father’s uncle. He had come to him, wishing to get revenge on Zeus and Lucy. His mind had been poisoned against his father by his mother who had been furious when Zeus had chosen Lucy. The new king had agreed to lend him some of his soldiers on the condition that he brought Reyna back as well. Lispin of course had agreed even knowing how dangerous storming Chthon’s castle would be. He had no idea what Lucy or Reyna looked like so he would just take all the women at the castle and bring them back. He still felt a little hurt that his father had so easily cast him aside and then had two daughters.

Lispin and the king got an army together then Lispin walked off with his large following to get to the portal and crossover into Barense. Lispin couldn’t wait to exact revenge on his heartless father. It was absolutely sickening that he would choose daughters over him. Zeus had never once bothered to come meet him and yet lived with his two daughters and that disgusting half breed woman. He marched on at a determined pace. He decided they shoudln’t run so they could have their full strength when they envaded Chthons castle. To not go in at their best was foolish when dealing with someone as powerful as Chthon.

In the morning Zeus kissed Lucy awake and she smiled against his lips “how do you feel?”

“Terrible, I will always be plagued with the fact I killed you. I should have fought harder…I’m so sorry Lucy. I know Chthon says even he coudln’t fight that forever but…it’s just hard to live with how badly I hurt the woman I love” Lucy hugged him tightly “I love you baby, I do hope one day you can fully let go of what happened. You fought so long not to hurt me and now it will never happen again. Chthon has taught you how to detect that and many other things in your dirnk or food.”

“I know, I’ll be forever grateful to your father.”

“lets go down to breakfast. Our daughters came all this way to see us and I miss them when they are gone. Your niece Diana is even here visitng again. I think you had already gone to bed when she arrived.”

“Does she really think a monster like me her Uncle?”

“stop that Zeus. Lets shower then go see our family” Zeus kissed Lucy again then they both got up to ready themselves. They showered quickly and went down to breakfast. Lucy giggled when she realized they were last again. Without fail, the last people to come down in the morning were them or Ruth and Chthon. They were greeted with hugs and then they all started eating.

“So are you and Zeus still trying for more children?” Ruth asked Lucy.

“You and babies mom.” Lucy gave a soft laugh. “Yes we’re still trying.”

“No luck yet?”

“No, but I’m sure we’ll get there.” Lucy grabbed Zeus’s hand as if she knew where his thoughts would take him. He was going to blame himself for her not getting pregnant. He didn’t remember it taking this long to get her pregnant with their daughters and was sure he was causing the issue now. “You’ve been stressed love, it’s okay.” She said softly. “We have forever to have another baby so stop worrying.”

After breakfast Pagos and Ilios insisted the men come out back and watch them show off their powers. They had learned how to work in tandem to create steam. Fotia of course stayed close by, knowing that sometimes they got a little out of hand and might need a good slap to the back of the head. The other women stayed inside and cleaned up.

“Is Zeus still having nightmares?” Adette asked as she stacked plates.

“Yeah, what he did still eats him up inside. I don’t know what to do about it. I guess he just needs more time and we have plenty of it so I’m sure he’ll be able to let go someday.” Lucy replied as she dried and handed plates to Adette. “Me not getting pregnant is only adding to his guilt. He acts like he should be able to control these things.”

“Sometimes you get pregnant right away and sometimes you don’t. Have you had your daughter take a look?”

“Last month and still nothing. I’m not letting Zeus know I’ve been asking her to check. It only depresses him. Hopefully he’ll start to relax after I get pregnant before he makes himself sick.”

“I can check again mom.” Olivia said as she came up and hugged her mother from behind.

“Later sweetie.”

“alright, you know it’s no trouble though. It’s very easy for me to do”

“what about you and Bishin?” Ruth asked and both girls started laughing “Mom, you have enough baby fever for the world” Lucy said and Olivia added through her laughter “yeah, we’re just enjoying being together a bit before we start trying”

“I’m sorry, you girls just know how I love children”

“we know” they said at once and kept to their work of cleaning. It was a quick job with so many women. Outiside the men watched as the young boys showed off. They all complimented them and encouraged them as they tried different things. It stopped when the girls came out. All the girls went to their husbands aside from Rika and Kandara who were single. They just went near Bishin since they knew him best. They all began to talk and mess around outside. Just enjoying the whole family be together since it was rare. Alot of people hadn’t met Gulliver and Stacy until now so most the conversation was directed at them.

The young twins thought Gulliver was amazing when he shifted into his monster form and asked to be flown in the air with him. He was more than happy to take them up. As Stacy stood there with everybody Felicia asked ‘so you used to be human?”

“Yep, I met Gulliver in Tresnia when he was friends with Sophie. I still can’t believe Sophies gone but i guess she coudln’t live forever” Felicia frowned “I never got to know Sophie but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about her. I’m glad you decided to become a demon. The world would have had a great loss to lose a wonderful girl like yourself. You and Gulliver seem so happy” Stacy smiled “we are, he’s been amazing. Living in the mountains has been really great too. It’s so peaceful and beautiful”

“Could my family and I visit sometime?”

“sure, whenever you want”

“what do you think Heath?” Felicia asked her husband and he smiled “you know I’m always happy going where you want”

“then it’s settled. We shoudl figure out a time closer to when you and Gulliver leave”

“sounds good”

“Gulliver, I don’t feel good.” Pagos said and Gulliver started to circle slowly back to earth.

“What’s wrong buddy?” Chthon asked as Gulliver landed and Pagos hopped off his back.

“I feel sick and dizzy dad and drained.”

All the women started saying they felt the same, as well as most of the men. “Dad, I can’t use my powers.” Lucy said in a panic. The back door of the castle exploded outward. Zeus’s eyes widened when he saw his son walk through, holding a maid by her throat.

“Sorry to intrude.” He threw the maid as a large number of soldiers came pouring out behind him. “Take the women.” The soldiers rushed them, the men who had had their powers locked away were quickly overwhelmed. The demons grabbed the women who screamed and kicked, doing as much damage as they could.

“Pagos, Ilios, get your sister and run.” Chthon ordered. The boys used what little power they had left to create a smoke screen and grabbed Fotia, running away from their screaming family. Chthon, Zeus, Abraxas, and Aurel used their magic to drive the demons back. Lispin faced his father with an evil grin, attacking him with the ferocity of a rabid dog. He called his soldiers to swarm them, uncaring how many were killed as long as they got the women. Chthon, Zeus, Abraxas, and Aurel wanted to use their full power, but feared what the women would think once they saw them. They were soon overwhelmed, weakened by the injuries inflicted upon them.

Lispin grabbed his father by his hair and turned him to face the terrified women. “Remember father that this is your fault. Their terror, their pain are all thanks to you.” He dropped him on the ground and ordered his men out of the castle with the women.

Zeus lay there, upset and enraged. He struggled to his feet and took off after his son and the other demons. He ran through the castle to the front door, coming out and running into a sword wielded by his son. “Lispin, don’t do this.” He said as his son kicked him to the ground.

“When I find your Lucy, I will make her suffer the most.”

Lispin ran off with his sadistic grin. Chthon got up and forced his son up “we need to get potions to heal ourselves and then we must go after them!” He said angrily and Aurel got up too. The rest of the men couldn’t get up no matter how they tried since they had taken a much more severe beating due to the fact they couldn’t fight back atall. “why the fuck can’t we do anything!” Bishin growled. Zeus said “they locked away your powers. Only those of us that are resistant weren’t affected. I didn’t know that couldn’t be done to you Aurel but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Once Abraxas and Chthon come back and heal us Chthon and I will bring your powers back and we will go after our mates.

Aurel couldn’t speak due to how badly he was seething and lost in rage. Dianas screams for him still sounding in his head. Chthon and Abraxas came back and distributed their potions to everybody so they could all move. They brought all they had ready. They gave most of it to the four who could resist being locked since they were most valuable for the fight and then distributed the rest as evenly as possible among the other men. “Noah” Chthon said in a commanding voice “yes father?”

“You are staying here and waiting for your siblings you are aren’t going to give me any lip about it. Make ready more potions to refill our stock. You are almost human and I know it’s somthing that stings you when brought up but its the truth. You would be a liability in the world rather than help. You will be better left here.”

“I understand dad”

“Bishin, Gulliver, Nero, Neme and Heath. You will be coming with Abraxas, Aurel, Zeus and I. I’m sorry Walice but we also can’t use you. You would be as much of a liability as Noah.” Walice knew better than to argue with Chthon so just nodded. Chthon spoke again “You dont have a natural resistance but you have to fight it. Use your willpower to keep Lispin from stealing your powers. Bishin, you can create walls, you can block massive sections. Can you keep sound from your ears?”

“Yes sir”

“Your hearing is whats betraying you. If you can’t hear his chant before Lispin speaks it he can’t take your powers away. Block your ears off. Myself, Abraxas, Aurle and I are your leaders. You who can be stripped do what you’re told or you’ll only make things harder. If you don’t think you can follow orders when we go after them stay here with Walice and Noah”

None of them budged, ready to follow him into the very depths of hell. Chthon allowed his demonic rage to take over his pupils turned into black slits and long horns grew from his head as six large dragon wings sprouted from his back. His hair grew in length an turned a pale white, his nails lengthened into sharp claws, his teeth into sharp points, and his legs contorted into those of a dragon with a long black tail. All but Aurel were in shock. They had never seen this side of their great patriarch. A darkness rolled off of him that gave them goosebumps. Aurel was just as impressive, looking more beautiful than terrifying. The others followed their example taking on their full demon forms.

Zeus’s hair flowed down to his waist and his skin turned a shade of purple. Dragon wings pushed out of his back and green markings ran up his arms. Large horns curved over his head and his ears elongated. His eyes shimmered a bright blue. The only one who could not fly was Neme and Chthon ordered him onto his back. They would count on him to launch an assault from a nearby lake. Chthon took to the air and the others followed. Lucy stayed silent as she was carried away. Reyna seemed to have shut down and Rika was crying. She wanted to comfort them, but was dangling upside down and dared not speak right now. She was outraged by their predicament and scared for her family. If Lispin asked for her she would willingly give herself.

Adette, Ava, Olivia, Felicia, Lisanna, Nisari, Kika, Ruth and Chloe seemed just as pissed off and serious as Lucy while Kandara, Diana, and Alice seemed to be rattling. Lucy was just glad they weren’t crying like Rika or seemed to go into zombie mode like Reyna. That was a look she had wished to never see on her mother in law again. She already looked almost as bad as the frist day Lucy set foot in the castle but Lucy knew if any of them knew what true horror and pain was, it was Reyna. Reyna was probably already torturing herself with memories of the past and anticipation of what was to become them in the hands of another truly evil king.

Only a heartless demon could ever gain control of a world like the one she and Zeus came from. Going through the portal was especially frightening for Stacy because she had never passed through one before so didn’t know what to expect. The demons also didn’t care about how comforted she was so didn’t bother to tell her they were just moving into another world.

They landed and Stacy felt sick. Going through portals didn’t set right with her stomach and she puked. The demon cursed and threw her to the ground, landing a hard kick to her face “you disgusting little bitch!” He pulled his leg back and Chloe yelled “stop it!” which only got her punished aswell. Kika and Diana started bawling and Lispin shouted angrily “we’ll do what we please at the castle! Stop this fooling around right this moment! I’ve made a deal with your king and I’ll give him my part as quickly as possible”

Stacy was picked back up and they continued on their way. They made it to the castle by the time the sun started to fall and carried the women inside. Everyone but Reyna was taken down to the dungeons and Lucy started fighting to get to her. She was thrown on the ground and back handed across the face. “Give her back.” She yelled.

“Shut your mouth.”

“Screw you, I’m not afraid of you.” The demon took a step closer and Lispin grabbed his shoulder.

“This one has fire.” He moved past the demon and punched her in the stomach so she fell onto her knees. He gripped her hair and pulled her to her feet. “You’re quite beautiful, especially your eyes. Perhaps I should cut them out.”

“Do your worst.” She spit in his face. She wanted to keep Lispin’s attention on her.

“I just want Lucy, she’s my prize.” He dropped her. “Now which one of you is Lucy?” No one said a word. “No takers? Well I guess I’ll start with this shivering bitch over here.” He moved toward Rika who was clinging to her daughter.

“Stop,” Lucy said as she pushed herself to her feet, “please stop. I am Lucy, wife of Zeus.”

“Lucy don’t.” Ruth said, terrified for her child.

“It’s okay. Just take me Lispin, punish me and leave them alone.”

Lispin grinned. “Take her into a seperate cell and make sure she is restrained.”

The men moved at break neck speed through the air, finally coming to a stop when the sun began to fall. Zeus tried not to imagine what could be happening to the women, especially Lucy and his mother. Chthon opened a gateway between the worlds and they stepped inside, not even feeling the strange shift in air pressure. “This is my fault, I brought his rage down on us. My neglect and stupidity caused this.” Zeus said angrily.

“He chose to do this, you didn’t choose for him. He will pay for what he has done. They will see what a real monster can do.” Chthon growled.

Noah bottled potions angrily “you’re spilling”¬†Wallice¬†said and Noah glared making¬†Wallice¬†sigh “calm down, they will get them back”

“It’s just so annoying. My wife and daughter are in trouble and here I am bottling stupid potions because I’m too weak to help. I’m so weak I’d be a burden if they took me. I just wish my mother would have become a demon before having me so I could make dad proud. Hell, even If I could be Nero that would be amazing but I’m just weak little Noah whose biggest attribute is I can run fast,¬†whoopty¬†freaking do”

“aren’t you a little old for that Noah? Besides, don’t you think I want to help my mother and sister? Do you think I want to be home any more than you do. Like I’m having a blast here? It’s just how it is. You and I just aren’t very powerful and I’ve accepted that. Our family loves us and nor your wife or daughter will look down on you for not being able to help. You also need to suck it up about your dad. He wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings. They just need to hurry and save our women. It’s an¬†absolute¬†fact that we would only hinder them in their attempts. It’s not a pleasant fact but as men we need to suck it up and do what we can. This job is important too. It would have taken them much longer to leave if¬†Chthon¬†didn’t keep so many potions on hand. We are refilling the supply;¬†incase¬†of another event, we will have them.”

Noah sighed “I know they love us and the girls will understand but this just rubs in what a weakling demon I am. All of my parents children are powerful aside from me. Illois, Pagos and Fotia are already more powerful than I am and the boys are barely adults. Abraxas, not even Lucy comes near Abraxas. She was the best before he came along and boy does he take the show. He coudl rival Chthon if he really wanted to, not that he would with how gentle natured he is but still. I just don’t know how dad can think anything of me when Lucy and Abraxas turned out so powerful. I can’t even compare to Nero. Not that he’s weak atall but I’m just so far below all of them.”

“we are all family Noah. We are one big unit, not separate entities. Chthon doesn’t sit there and weigh you all against eachother. He loves all of us and is proud of all of us. You are being a child. I know you’re angry but just accept who you are. Be proud of how amazing Lucy and Abraxas are, how much potential your newest siblings have. Be happy for Nero that he didn’t turn out as weak as you”

“I guess, sorry”

“don’t be sorry. We all need a good talking to every now and then.”

Reyna almost screamed when the new king entered his room. She could not remember his name no matter how hard she tried. She kep her face devoid of emotion and stared blankly ahead, her hand in the pocket of her apron around the small knife she had dropped there after helping with breakfast. “Reyna, the rogue queen has returned.” He said, but she didn’t look at him. “This was Jeremiah’s room, I’m sure you have many fond memories of this place.” She felt sick, but still refused to acknowledge his presence. She had finally come out of her shock and was able to think, but refused to let him know this. “So that elemental could kill a few of my soldiers, but he was no match for Lispin, how embarrassing and you would choose such a weakling over your own husband.”

Her eyes jumped to his face. “You’re all going to die.” She whispered, her voice cold and uncaring. She went back to staring straight ahead.

He crossed the room and grabbed her chin. “I don’t think so and watch how you speak to me or I will make breaking you again a lot worse than it has to be.”

Lucy lay strapped to a wooden table, her arms and legs stretched painfully above and below her. She knew she could get out of here if she tried, all she needed was a plan. The room door opened and Lispin walked in, that creepy polite smile on his face. “Little Lucy, the one my father chose over my mother. She never told me how beautiful you were. You and those little bitch half sisters of mine stole my father away. You made him abandon me and my mother.”

“Lispin, you have to understand…” He hit her in the face, busting her lip. She spit the blood out of her mouth.

“You will speak when I ask you to.” It was shocking to her how angry and dark he really was. She wondered what had been said or done to him to make him like this, like Jeremiah. It was like looking back in the past and seeing the old king.

“What are you going to do with me?” She asked and he hit her again.

“Maybe cut out your tongue since you can’t listen.”

The other girls were all in the dungeon and at the mercy of their guards. Rika and Kandara were wrapped tightly around eachother and shaking. Chloe went over to Diana who looked equally afraid. Stacy tried to go hold Diana too so she could be wrapped with security on both sides but a male demon grabbed her and jerked her into him “you’ll stay right by me beautiful. I love blondies” he sniffed her and she shoved him, making him laugh almost maniacally “you smell just as delicious as you look but you also smell of monster. Is your mate that disgusting looking creature we fought?”

“Gulliver is far from disgusting” He suddenly punched her while letting her go so she would hit the floor. He kicked her stomach which was still sensitive from the passing into this world. “You will say no other mans name but mine. I’m Swane. Say my name” He commanded and she braced for another kick, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. He began to repeatedly kick her until Alice lunged her shoe at Swanes head. “Mort! Teach that other blonde bitch a lesson then strip her down! In fact, we should strip all these beauties to see just how pretty they are.”

Diana gasped bringing more laughter into the room. Chloe held tight to her “you will not touch Diana!” Chloe moved so Diana was pressed into the wall and she wrapped tight, hoping they would just beat her instead of ripping her away. Rika decided to do the same for her daughter, not wanting Kandara to ever know the pain she knew.

The guards pulled them apart, beating Rika into submission so the could get to Kandara. They tore the women’s clothes off, laughing as they cried. The only one not intimmidated was Ruth. She lived with a real monster every day, a demon that made these pigs look like ants. “Not going to cry little bitch?” Swane asked.

“Not for you or any of these assholes.” Swane slapped her so her head was snapped to the side. She looked back up at him, unflinching. “Calm down girls, everything is going to be okay.”

“You shouldn’t lie to them.” He grabbd Stacy to take her away and Ruth attacked him like a wild animal. Even though she didn’t have her magic she was still very strong. The other guards had to pull her off of him. They pinned her against the wall and shackled her then beat her, not happy when she wouldn’t scream or cry. Swane grabbed Stacy by her hair and pulled her out of the cell. The others screamed for him to bring her back, to let her go. Swane just laughed, enjoying their agony.

Zeus knew they were getting close and called for Chthon to land. If they just went crashing in, the deomns might kill the women. “We need a plan. I know the layout of the castle best so please let me take the lead.” He said.

“Very well.”

“Neme, the lake leads straight into the castles plumbing, it’s where they get all of their water. Use it to get inside. The women will be in the dungeon, heavily guarded. Chthon, you and I can head down there with Nero and Gulliver. Aurel, you take Bishin, Abraxas and Heath and start at the top of the castle in the bell tower. If you are quick and quiet you can get up there without anyone seeing you. The guards will be making their rounds so will not be looking toward the East side of the castle.”

“they all nodded and went off on their routes. Stacy was being drug through the castle by her hair as she continued to twist and fight him. Swane just laughed “you will be fun. I love doing the breaking myself. I am going to keep you. I’ve been needing a new pet.” The pulling on her hair wasn’t even hurting with how enraged she was at what just happened. Stacy hoped Chthon was really as powerful as they say and that he could save them all. When he tried to force Stacy into a bedroom she grabbed onto the door frame with all the strength she had. He called a servant and commanded they beat her hands until she released. The servant began to slam his fists into her hands. She clutched harder and harder until her hands refused to do it any longer. Swane¬†jerked her inside and threw her down.

Chapter Two

Stacy was ready to jump out the window before he touched her so she made a mad dash for it. Since she only had her human speed she wasn’t able to outrun him before he grabbed her and was over her on the bed “Good lord, you are definitly not a woman from this world. Such fight in you” Swane chose this room because there were cuffs attached to the bed. He struggled with her to get her arms in but eventually her wrists and ankles were shackled to the bed. Swane looked down at her with hungry eyes. “How I love blondies” he said almost to himself.

Assaku went with Aurel,¬†Bishin, Abraxas and Heath since Zeus hadn’t given him any directions. HIs heart thundered for his Ava. He had been in this world countless times. It was his fathers and great gradnfathers favorite world to be in since it was one of the most barbaric. He felt like panicking but he knew panic would do nothing to save her from these demons.

Lispin called in a couple of guards and ordered them to strip Lucy. They did as they were told, fondling her as they tore her clothes off. “Get a bucket of water and a rag.” He said and one of the guards ran. “Have you ever been water boarded Lucy? It’s supposed to be terrifying.” They guard came back with the bucket and a rag. He told one of them to hold the rag over her mouth and the other to pin her down. He poured the water slowly over her face. She started choking, the water filling her lungs. She fought against the guards, but didn’t have any strength. Lispin told the guard to remove the rag and she coughed up the water in her lungs. “Again.” He said.

Zeus rushed the guards at the front door with Chthon, Nero, and Gulliver, killing them before they could even make a sound. Neme dove into the lake and turned into water, flowing into the pipes and bringing water with him. He found himself in the kitchen where demons were preparing food and chatting like a bunch of innocent women were not about to be raped. He filled the kitchen with water, quickly drowning everyone inside before emptying it again and shifting into his human form. Up above Aurel, Assaku, Bishin, Abraxas, and Heath entered the bell tower and slipped through the trap door.

Zeus pushed the front door open and lead those with him inside. They surprised a maid and Zeus jumped on her, clamping his hand over her mouth. “You scream, you die.” She started shaking and then passed out. He put her out of sight in a closet. He could hear guards moving throughout the castle and directed the others to follow him. They were spotted as they made it to the wooden door that opened to the dungeon stairs. The guard called for back up and Chthon attacked him, ripping out his throat and hurring down the steps with the others.

They burst into the dungeon, taking the door off in their rage and hurry to get their women back. All attention turned to them but Chthons attention was focused on his bloody and bruised wife. Ruth was almost too weak to look at him from the severe beating she had been receiving but she gave him a small smile, relived he was there. Gulliver nor Zeus could see their mates and their hearts pounded in fear but they all quickly killed every demon in the room. Every inch of the dungeon was covered in blood by the time they stopped. Chthon went to help Ruth down, Nero ran to Lissana, Diana and Felicia, while Zeus and Gulliver asked the trembling Alice what happened to Lucy, Reyna and Stacy “they took them away. Lispin wanted Lucy, the king wanted Reyna and a demon named Swane took Stacy. He said he liked blondes” She then began to sob violently “Chthon wanted to stay with his Ruth but knew they might need his help for Lispin and the king “Nero, only Lispin can strip powers in this castle. We are going after him. I need you to guard the women in here. There’s only one entrance so nobody can surprise you.” Chthon quickly gave all the girls their powers back so they could help if a fight came about. “alright, stay in here until we come back for you.” Chthon hugged his wife “I’m sorry”

“don’t be sorry” she said as he ran off with Gulliver and Zeus. All the girls aside from Lissana, Diana and Felicia joined in a hug while Nero held tight to his family. “I’m sorry” Was all Nero could say as he tried not to cry. He didn’t want his vision blurred if any demon were still living in the castle and tried to come down to hurt them. Diana was glad to ahve her father but who she really wanted was Aurel. Felciai was having similar thoughts, hoping Heath was coming.

They picked up Stacys trail first and began to follow it. Every servant that got in their way they mercilessly killed. They knew it wasn’t truly their choice but they weren’t in a compassionate mood at the moment. Lucys scent hit Zeus and Chthons nose and Chthon said “go to your wife. I’m sure Gulliver and I can handle whatever minion has Stacy” That was all Zeus needed to run off.

Stacy screamed and bit Swane when he tried to force her legs open. He pulled back and hit her so hard her vision spun. “You stupid little bitch.” He hit her again and again until she was limp, but conscious. She felt tears slip into her hair as she filled he head with thoughts of Gulliver. The sound of splintering wood filled the room, drawing both of their attention. Stacy heard and roar that sent chills up her spine and Swane was knocked off of her. She managed to turn her head, seeing Gulliver standing between her and Swane.

“No one touches Stacy.” He growled and pounced on Swane. Stacy closed her eyes, hearing Swane screaming as her husband tore into him like a wild animal. She felt her shackles break and opened her eyes to see Chthon. He looked terrifying, the darkness inside him finally physically manifested. He grabbed a blanket and pulled it over her as he lifted her off the bed.

“I want Gulliver.” She said through her tears.”

“I’m covered in blood.” Gulliver said as he made his way to her.

“I don’t care.” She held out her arms and he took her from Chthon. They heard footsteps and both turned ready to fight. It was only Neme, his eyes worried.

“Have you found Reyna?” He asked.

“She is with the new king. Gulliver take Stacy down to the other women and wait there with Nero. Neme and I will search for Reyna.”

“Yes sir.”

Stacy clung to Gulliver and cried. He held her tightly, nothing would take her from him again. He wanted to shift into his human form so she could hold someone less scary but he wanted to be ready for a fight and knew Stacy loved him in either form. When he got to the dungeon all the men were there aside from Chthon, Zeus and Neme. Aurel had practically ripped Diana from Nero when he came into the dungeon. He now had himself wrapped around her in the corner. Nero sat with his wife still, Assaku held Ava, Bishin held Olivia, Kandara, Rika, Chloe, and Alice stayed huddled together, Abraxas held Adette, and Heath had Felicia. Gulliver just sat down and continued to hold Lucy. Hoping Chthon and Neme could save Reyna soon so they could get out of this awful place.

Neme was rejuvinated as he bounded through the castle with Chthon. The water had given him more energy to fight with. Chthon knew precisely where the kings quarters were since he had come so much when Lucy lived in this castle. It was enough to make him shutter his daughter had ever lived in a world like this. They came to the kings room and burst in the door just as they did all the others. It didn’t much matter anyway. Once the other men started running with the women Chthon planned to destroy this castle. He wouldn’t leave a scrap of it intact. Then Chthon planned to get his friend Hern to come and place his seals on entrances to this world so no more demons could come out of it. Chthon was a powerful demon with powerful seals but nobodies seals could beat Herns.

Zeus finally found the room where he could tell Lucy was in and rushed through the doors to see his son and underling demons still waterboarding Lucy. “Father? What a surpise? I’ve just been having fun with your littlewife” Lispin said with an evil grin

“You let her go now. She has nothing to do with this.”

“She had everything to do with this.” He screamed and threw the bucket. “You chose her over me and my mother. You abandoned me.”

“I know, I was a bastard and I’m sorry.”

“Liar.” He pulled out his sword and attacked his father, slashing angrily and growling. Zeus dodged the sword and spun, hitting his son with his wings so he was knocked back. Lispin screamed, shooting fire at his father as he stabbed at him.

The new king was shocked to see Chthon and Neme standing there. He grabbed Reyna and pulled her up so she was in front of him. “Try anything and I will break her pretty little neck.” Reyna screamed and pulled the knife out, stabbing him in the thigh so he dropped her. Chthon was suddenly in front of him and had him by the throat. The new king stabbed him with the knife which only enraged him further.

“Get her out of here Neme, the king and I need some alone time.”

Neme broke the shackle around Reyna’s ankle and picked her up off the floor. He ran out of the room and Reyna cried the whole way back down to the dungeon. Lispin slashed at his father, catching him across the chest. Zeus backhanded him across the face. “Stop this now Lispin.” He ordered. “Don’t make me kill you.”

“No one can kill me, I am stronger than all of you.” He started chanting, trying to bind his father’s powers.

“It didn’t work the first time and it won’t work now.” He held out his hands, pulling two green swords out of the air.

They fought angrily, the other demons tried to help but Zeus quickly killed them. Lucy laid there gasping. She was grateful just to be able to breath. She looked at Zeus and was amazed by what she saw. It no longer looked like him but just as Ruth knew her Chthon, Lucy knew her Zeus. “You should have married my mother! If it werent for this bitch my mother would have been queen and I would have had a better life! I should have had you as a father instead of just your money! How dare you choose this halfbreed over my full blood mother! Over me!”

“Lucy isn’t why I had nothing to do with you! I just didnt love your mom and I used to hate children! I was never a good father to Olivia and Ava! They hated me when they were children!”


“shut up about things you know nothing of! What has your mother told you!” They just kept fighting and Lucy wished they’d stopped. It was obvious Lispin was only hurt from being spurned by Zeus. He was just a hurt little boy inside who wanted a dad. “stop it and just talk!” Lucy screamed. “shut up you bitch” Lispin went to cut her with his blade but Zeus stopped the blade with his and pushed Lispin back.

“you stay away from her’ Zeus growled. “Talk to me, what did your mother tell you?” Zeus continued “the truth, that she would ahve been your wife and I would have grown up in this castle if it weren’t for Lucy. Lucy manipulated you so she could gain the power of being queen. Even when you had daughters you didn’t come for me. You would send your money but I wasn’t good enough for you. You raised two worthless women and you refused to raise me”

“The only reason I had anything to do with your sisters when they were little is because Lucy forced me to. I didn’t want them, not until I came back.”

Lispin growled and went at him again. Zeus spun, slicing his son’s chest and then abdomen. “Please stop it.” Lucy yelled as she struggled against her bonds. “Daddy.” She yelled as loud as she could. “Daddy help me.”

Chthon heard his daughter’s cries and turned away from what was left of the new king. He ran from the room, using his preternatural speed to race through the castle. The hallway where Zeus and Lispin were fighting was singed and covered in blood and sword slashes. He could see Lucy inside the room behind them, struggling to pull her wrists free. “Daddy stop them please.” She screamed.

Zeus chanted, drawing symbols in the air and casting them at the two warring demons. Both Zeus and Lispin felt themselves grow weak, the former forced back to his human form. “What’s happening to me?” Lispin asked, confused.

“I’ve taken your powers from you and your father, you are no stronger than the average human man and there is no way you can get your powers back without me giving them back.” Chthon said as both Lispin and Zeus fell to the floor and just sat there. Chthon kicked Lispin’s sword away as he went to get Lucy. He tore her restraints off and helped her down from the table. She ran to Zeus and dropped down next to him, wrapping him in a hug.

“Are you okay?” Zeus asked.

“Yes, but now you and Lispin need to talk and Lispin if you can’t listen then I will have my father take your voice as well.”

“You are far too powerful to be so obedient to a woman.” Lispin said to Chthon with a glare and Chthon glared right back “Don’t be a moron. Talk to your father while I’m letting you live atall. It is this woman who is sparing your life, a woman who gave you life in the first place. You’d be a wiser man to respect them instead of treating them like garbage.”

“Calm down dad” Lucy intterupted then spoke to Lispin “it’s true what Zeus was saying. He didn’t want Ava and Olivia. You could ask them yourself. He treated them like inconveniences that stole my time from him. It’s only been since his ressurection that he has grown to love his daughters and cherish them. We could love you too if you would let us. Even after all this you are still Zeus’s son, my son if you’d let us be.” Chthon may have smiled if he wasn’t still so packed with rage. Lucy was reminding him so much of her mother. This man had been torturing her but she was still willing to give him a hand into the light if he would take it.

“what makes you think I want anything to do with you guys” Lucy sighed “if you didn’t want to be in Zeus’s life you wouldn’t have done this”

“I did this to avenege the wrongs he did to me and my mom! Nothing else” He yelled and moved like he might go over and slap Lucy. Zeus stopped him with a glare and shoved him back. “I’m sorry Lispin, I’m sorry and I wish I could change not having anything to do with you. Your mother has been filling you with hate because she’s mad she didn’t get to be queen. I could have treated her better but I can’t change what I did in the past. I love you and as pissed as I am at you right now you are my son and you are welcome to come back with us if you can figure out how to be decent and get over your hate.”

Chapter Three

Lispin’s lip quivered and he looked angrily away from his father. Lucy pulled herself away from Zeus and moved closer to him. She cupped his cheek and pulled his face around so he was looking at her. “You don’t have to be alone anymore, your father loves you very much and so do I.”

“Why don’t you hate me?”

“Because it is not in me to hate. This was your cry for help and we are ready and willing to be here for you. Don’t be like your grandfather Jeremiah, don’t be a monster like him, condoning rape and murder. You are so much better than that. We can give you a real family.” The sorrowful look on his face reminded her so much of Zeus it was uncanny. She hugged him and he just sat there stiff as a board at first, but slowly and gradually he relaxed and wrapped his arms around her. “It’s okay Lispin, everything is okay now.”

Zeus moved closer and wrapped his arms around both of them. “I am sorry for everything you had to go through. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when I should have been. I was raised by a monster to be a monster and if it had not been for Lucy I would have turned into my father. I should have taken you from your mother and raised you and your sister’s in a loving home.”

“She lied to me, my own mother lied to me.”

“It’s my fault Lispin.”

“I need to speak to her, to call her out on her lies. She ruined my life.”

“Hush now, you can start over and not worry about the past.” Lucy said softly, running her fingers through his dark hair.

“Whatever you decide, do so quickly. I would like to destroy his place.” Chthon said, back to his old self.

“Come with us Lispin.” Zeus said.

“Okay, I’ll go, I’ll try to start over.” Chthon gave them their powers and energy back and they were finally able to stand.

“If you try anything, I will leave you here and unable to move.” Chthon said.

“Daddy, have a little faith.” Lucy chastised.

It stung just like when her mother chastised him “sorry, but remember the others might not be so welcoming. I wonder if maybe you should go back with your daughters into the desert at first to give the others a little time. The wound might need a little time to heal before they can open their hearts.” Chthon said then Lucy answered “You know mom, she will make sure they all give him a chance” Chthon smiled “well lets hurry so we can get this nightmare over with. Lispin, as the others start their run home maybe you should help me destroy this castle as your first act of redemption.”

“That sounds like a good plan” Zeus, Lucy, Chthon and Lispin went down to the dungeon where he instantly got angry looks from the men and some of the women while a few of the women still look afraid when they saw him. Ruth ran to Chthon and he caught her in a hug “what’s going on?”

“Lispin only did this because he’s been lied to his whole life. His mother made him believe things that weren’t true and he was angry. he felt he was getting rightful vegence doing this. He wants to be a part of this family and atone for his crimes. He’s sorry and wants a chance to get to know the family he has been wishing he had growing up. He will be destroying the castle with me as you all get a head start and then he will be living with us.”

Ruth smiled and hugged Lispin “I forgive you if you are sorry.” Lispin was in shock and din’t understand their kindness after what he had tried to do. Nero stood, not looking sure but said “my mother taught me to always forgive when someone is sorry but you only get this once from me. Don’t you dare hurt my family again” Ruth gave him a look but Nero didn’t notice as Lispin nodded.

“Everyone get out of here.” Chthon ordered his family. They hurried toward the exit as Chthon drew lightening from the sky. It struck the bell tower, knocking it off the large building. Lispin opened the earth beneath them and called magma up. They left the dungeon as it covered the floor and continued to rise. Lightening continued to slam into the building as Chthon and Lispin came out and joined their family. The magma inside made it to the next level, catching curtains on fire. Chthon fed the flames oxygen, causing them to rise higher and burn hotter.

Zeus and Lucy had never been so happy to see a building destroyed. Reyna grabbed her son’s hand and the two of them started crying. Lucy and Neme comforted them, wiping away their tears. Only when the building was reduced to nothing but ash and rubble did they leave. Chthon planned on sending Noah to deliver a message to Hern. He could tell that his son had been itching for more responsibility. He would apologize for the harshness with which he had spoken about him hindering their progress. He had been somewhere between rage and panic when he said it and had not meant it that way. Noah’s biggest strength was his intellect. He was an incredibly fast learner and like his father never forgot anything. He also bore one of the most amazing traits from his mother, his capacity for forgiveness. He deserved to know how proud Chthon was of him.

They were all exhausted by the time they returned home. Stacy was still sick and clung so tightly to Gulliver that he didn’t think he would be able to put her down so they could bathe. She, along with Rika and Reyna were the most traumatized of the bunch and everyone knew that it would take some time for them to forget what had happened, especially since Lispin would be a part of their lives.

Chthon wanted to go ahead and talk to Noah but he wanted to give his son a chance to be with his wife and daughter for awhile. Lispin felt bad seeing how afraid some of the people were of him and wondered if maybe it would be betterto give their wounds time to heal, especially Reyna. He knew well what she went through as queen. “Zeus” Lispin said and Zeus responded “I’m your dad, call me dad”

“could we speak alone?”

“sure” Zeus walked out with Lispin and Lispin said “I think we should go to the desert to give the girls who were taken some breathing room. I knwo I’m welcome here but I think it would be better” Zeus smiled and put a hand on his sons shoulder “already thinking better and showing a good heart. I’ll tell Lucy, we have a house right by Bishin and Olivias.”

“can we leave in the morning so I don’t upset Reyna or any of the other women any more than my presense has to?”


“good, I’ll be up in my room then”

“alright, night Lispin.” Zeus found Lucy and whispered in her ear what Lispin wanted and Lucy nodded “if that’s how he wants to do it lets do it that way.” Lucy got up and talked to Ava and Bishin. Bishin was against it but Olivia in not so many words told her she’d talk to Bishin and they would all leave in the morning. Just as Alice, Chloe and Noah were going to head to bed Chthon stopped Noah “can I talk to you son?”

“sure, I’ll meet you in the room Alice. Feel good enough to sleep by yourself Chloe or will you be joining us?”

“I’ll be fine dad, thanks for asking” The girls left and Chthon said “I didn’t mean what I said before the way I said it. You may not be powerful but you are smarter than any of us. Your memory is amazing and you have as big of a capacity to forgive as your mother. You are an amazing demon not in sheer strength but in mind and heart. I think that’s better than strength.” Noah smiled “thanks dad”

“I just wanted to clear that up and to ask you a favor.”

“what is it?”

“I need my friend Hern to put seals on Zeus, Reyna, and Nemes world. I don’t want any more demons able to leave that wretched place. I need you to make sure he gets the message that i need his aid”

“Thank you dad, I’ll get it done” Chthon smiled then hugged his son “goodnight, now go to your wife”

Lispin ran into Rika as she was coming out of her bedroom and grabbed before she fell. He quickly let her go and put his hands up. “Sorry, forgive me for touching you.” He said and backed away. “Just a reflex, sorry.”

Rika was terrified and frozen to the spot. He hurried away before she could even say anything. She watched him turn left at the end of the hall then heard a door open and close. “Thank you.” She whispered to herself and the empty hallway.

Zeus carried Lucy up to their room, passing a very confused looking Rika on the way up. They almost stopped her, but decided she made some time alone to think. He shut the door quietly behind them and took Lucy straight to the bathroom. He wanted to get her cleaned up. He sat her on the counter and drew a warm bath. He pulled his clothes off and picked her up, sitting with her in the large tub so she was on his lap. He grabbed a wash rag from the edge of the tub and the soap and lovingly washed her. She smiled at his gentleness and ran her fingers through his hair.

“You were really something today.” She said softly.

“I hope I didn’t scare you.”

“It’s still you no matter what and you were pretty sexy.”

He chuckled. “Tied up and being tortured and you still have time to think about that?”

“I thought about it on the way home.” She smiled warmly. “You don’t have to hide that side of you anymore.”

“It’s the reason we lost the first fight. We were all afraid of what you might think of us, of the monsters behind these pretty faces.”

“Men are so silly.” She relaxed against him. “I hope everyone learns to love Lispin, the poor boy.”

“It’s going to take time, but if they can forgive Assaku his past and me for how I was then they can forgive him.”

“yeah, it’s big of him to want to leave to give them space but do you think we really need to?”

“I don’t know, Assaku joined right in but he had only hurt one of us. It’s harder to work through it when he hurt everybody here. Especially in the cases of Rika and Reyna who have been through such terrible torture in their lives that somthing like this is very traumatic. Just their memories were torturing them during what Lispin constructed with the king. He himself only hurt you though so maybe we could talk to Reyna and Rika to see how they feel. Rika was still awake, we can atleast speak with her.”

“well lets get dressed then” They redessed and went to Rikas room. They knocked gently in hopes they wouldn’t scare her. She answered quickly “Yes?”

“Can we talk to you about Lispin?”

“Yeah” Rika came out “Kandara wanted to sleep with me tonight so she’s in there right now. What is it?”

“He feels as if he should live in teh desert for awhile because he thinks he’s upsetting you and Reyna. How do you feel, is he upsetting you?”

“What happened was scary but he isn’t scaring me. Ruth and Chthon say he can be trusted so I’m willing to trust him. He didn’t hurt me himself and seemed alright since he came with us. As far as I’m concerned he doesn’t have to leave. Kandara isn’t afraid of him. She’s afraid one of the other demons might come back and get her again.

“that’s wonderful, let us go talk to Reyna and Neme then.”

“Night” Rika said softly then went into her room. Zeus and Lucy lightly knocked on Reyna and Nemes door. neme was the one to answer “yeah? Anything wrong?”

“No, We just talked to Rika about Lispin. He feels terribel and thinks he shoudl go live in the desert with us for awhile because he feels like he’s upsetting Reyna and Rika. We wanted to ask Reyna if she’d make him feel welcome to stay. He really is changed. He can’t help he’s been lied to” Neme sighed “did you hear that Reyna?”

“He can stay, my son was once a horrible man, I want to give my grandson a chance to be a good man just as Zeus became.”

“That is great! We’ll talk to them now! Goodnight mom!”

“Night babies” Reyna said then Neme said his goodnight and shut the door. “Now we just ned to talk to Lispin”

The knocked on Lispin’s door and he quickly tugged it open. “Father, Lucy.”

“May we speak to you?” Zeus asked.

“I didn’t hurt her, I just bumped into her.”

“What are you talking about sweetie?” Lucy asked, confusion clear on both of their faces.

“The woman down the hall with white hair and ears. I bumped into her as she was coming out of her room and grabbed her so she wouldn’t fall. I let her go and apologized, I swear.”

“You mean Rika? She didn’t say anything about it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I still don’t know what to expect.”

“It’s okay, we just wanted to tell you that it’s okay if you stay here. Reyna loves you and Rika is willing to give you a chance. You can stay here, you don’t have to go to the desert.” Lucy explained.

“What about the others? Maybe they don’t want me here.”

“Son, this is Chthon and Ruth’s house and if they say you are okay then you are okay. No one will question their judgement.”

He seemed unsure. “So that woman, Rika, she’s not mad at me?”

“No sweetie, she’s fine.”

“I’ll think about it..” They told him goodnight and went back to their room. If he decided to stay and ever felt uncomfortable or worried in Chthon’s house then he would always be welcome at their house.

Even though they lived at Chthons, Bishin and Olivia made sure their parents house next door stayed cleaned and kept up with. It had honestly become more of a guest house but it was still Lucy and Zeus’s. The next morning Lucy woke before Zeus and went to find Olivia. She was sitting outside with Bishin, Ava and Assaku “Morning” they all said and Lucy asked “could you check if I’m pregnant Olivia. Your father is sleeping so now is a good time to check.” Olivia smiled and stood. Her eyes changed as they always had when she did this. It was a quick check but still seemed like a long time for Lucy. She desperatly wanted to be pregnant to make Zeus relax more.

Olivia was jubilant as her eyes returned to normal “I hope you’re ready for your biggest challenge yet mom, triplets” Lucy was a little shocked but for only a moment as they all siad there congratulations and hugged excitedly. She ran back in the castle to wake Zeus with the news. Lucy jumped into bed “Zeus!” She startled him since so much had gone on just the day before ‘what’s wrong?” He said with a heart that could out run a race horse. “Guess what your daughter just told me?”

“which one?” Lucy giggled “Olivia” Zeus’s eyes looked hopeful “what?”

“I’m pregnant again and this time, we’re having triplets. You ready to be a daddy to three more?” Zeus went through a whirlwind of emotions, shock, fear, excitement then immense joy. He hugged Lucy tightly “we’re going to have such a big and happy family. I’m going to raise these right. I promise. I’ll be the father I should have always been to Olivia, Ava and Lispin.”

“I know you will. Lets go tell Lispin he’ll be an older brother to three more”

Lispin hovered somewhere between happiness and fear. He worried they wouldn’t like him and that they would be able to tell he was a bad person. He also knew they would grow up with the story of him hurting their mother. “Why don’t you cmed own and eat with everyone.” Lucy said softly, seeing how uncomfortable talking about babies made him.

“Okay.” He closed his bedroom door and followed them downstairs. The room went from happy and jubilant to silent in an instant. He could feel eyes on him and wanted very much to glare angrily at them, but decided not to. He deserved any anger and hate they dished out. He sat down in a chair between Lucy and Zeus, not looking at anyone.

“So how was your first night?” Chthon asked to break the silence.

“It was okay.” Lispin answered as he ate. “I scared one of the women last night on accident, I hope she knows I’m sorry.”

“I’m sure she does.” Rika stopped chewing for a moment and glanced at Lispin who still had his eyes downcast.

“Is it really okay if I stay here? I will leave if it makes anyone to uncomfortable.”

“You are family Lispin and if there was a problem then you would have already been asked to leave. You are free to come and go as you please.” Chthon replied.

“Thank you for allowing me to be here.” Lispin knew that Chthon could have easily taken his life and had only spared him because of his father and Lucy. The chatter picked back up and Lucy rubbed Lispin’s back, showing him that everything was okay and she and Zeus were there for him. After everyone was done eating, Pagos and Ilios who were both curious about him, came around and pulled him out of his chair.

“Show us your powers.” Pagos said.

“Yeah come on we want to see.”

He looked a bit uneasy, but when no one followed them he seemed to relax. It showed that Chthon and Ruth trusted him around their boys and Fotia who was nevertheless at behind. Rika got curious and followed them along with Kandara. They stayed in the door way while Lispin showed them what he could do. The boys were astounded and Fotia fussed over them constantly.

Kandara was equally as astounded as the boys were. Rika was glad they came out there. Lispin started to enjoy putting on a show for Illios, Pagos and Fotia, not even noticing he was also putting on a show for Kandara and Rika. When he ran out of things to do he gave them the best smile he had, hoping it was warm since he didn’t really smile before. They hugged him at the same time and thanked him for the show. Illios had noticed Kandara and Rika come out and called “did you girls enjoy it!” Lispins head jerked to see and noticed the girl he knocked over last night along with another pink haired woman. He guessed the younger woman was of close relation to Rika since she too had cat ears.

Rika and Kandara came over “thanks for the show” Kandara said cheerfully. Fotia came up to her and said “want to go see if Gulliver will fly with us?”

“sure” Kandara and the boys said in unison then ran inside. Rika looked up at Lispin a bit nervously and smiled “You don’t have to be sorry about last night. You just made sure I didn’t fall over and hurt myself. My daughter would have also been woken up if I would have yelped from a fall. She slept in my room last night.”

“That pink haired woman is your daughter?”

“Yes, her name is Kandara. Incase you missed it I’m Rika. You shouldn’t get so tense when you come to eat with everyone. Nobody hates you, it’s just an adjustment really. I can atleast say for my daughter and I that we don’t hold anything against you. The ordeal has probably made it so she’ll sleep with me quite a few nights but she gets easily spooked and we’ve always been close. Before Chthon invited us to live here we shared one bed in a very small cottage.”

“All alone?” She nodded. “Where is her father?” She frowned and looked at her feet. “I’m sorry, I’m getting to personal.”

“It’s not that.”

“Then what is it?” He reached out slowly and tipped her head back.

“He was an evil man, Kandara is the product of rape.” He jerked his hand away.

“Now I understand why you were so scared, I’m sorry. I won’t touch you again.”

She gave him a warm, but nervous smile. “It’s okay, really. It happened so long ago and I am better hand I was. You couldn’t get me this close to a man who wasn’t my brother for a long time. Sometimes I still get scared, but not as much as I used to. Anyway, I really liked watching you.”

“I can do other things too, but they’re all to girlie. At least that’s what my mom said.”

“Like what?”

“Here let me show you.” He walked over to the garden and plucked a white rose off of one of the pushes. He concentrated and the flower turned the same shade as her eyes. He handed it to her and she just stared at it. “I know, a power for sissies right?”

“No, it’s amazing, it’s really cool. Can you only do this with flowers?”

“I can do it with hair, clothes, fruits. My mother made me stop doing it because it made me soft.”

“I think it’s a very wonderful skill to have. Thank you for sharing.”

Lispin gave an effortless smile “I’m glad you enjoyed that. Now that that hasn’t made you see me as less of a man I have somthing even more girly to show you.”

“I’m sure it will be amazing” ¬†He held out his hands so that his palms were facing the sky. Butterflys made of nothing but glowing light seemed to start flying out of his hands. They each were a single color but together they were every color in existence. When Rika felt her mouth drop open she covered it with her hands and stared around in amazement. The butterflys filled the air around them making Rika want to touch one even though she could tell they were made of nothing but light. When she attempted to grab a yellow one it burst into a paint like substance. Rika laughed and looked at Lispin with a huge smile “absolutely amazing! You’re mother was an idiot for making you quit doing these things. I love this”

Lispin felt the urge to hug her but decided to ask “may I hug you?” Rika giggled “anytime” He hugged her and all the butterflys turned into paint like substances just as the one Rika tried to touch did. He made it a brief hug even though he wanted to keep her in his arms. Next he showed her a few more things he could do. It was nice to have someone who enjoyed these things instead of telling him they were somthing to be ashamed of.

That evening everyone celebrated the new lives that would be entering the family. It was enough to get everyone moving forward and happy. Everybody chatted and acted as if Lispin had never done a thing to anyone atall. How kind and accepting everyone was of him almost brought Lispin to tears. He had hated these people, wouldnt have cared if they died and yet they were forgiving him and letting them be a part of their lives. It was especially heart warming and tear inducing how attached he felt to Rika, a woman he wouldn’t have cared what his men did to her now meant a great deal to him. It was only worse to find out that she had been raped before. She noticed how sad Lispin looked and pulled him out of the room ‘are you ok?”

“I’m just depressing myself again thinking about what I put you through. I would have let those demons have you, use you, like you were nothing. How sick am I?” She gave him a hug and he wrapped his arms tightly around her.

“I already forgave you, I understand you were in pain and had been manipulated. So stop worrying about what happened because I’m not.” She leaned back and gave him her sweetest smile. His heart did a little flip and he fought the urge to kiss her. They did know each other well enough for that, especially after what had happened to her in the past.

“Thank you Rika.” He let her go and they went back to join their families.

After dinner Zeus carried Lucy upstairs and lay her gently down. She started laughing and he arched and eyebrow in question. “Are you going to treat me like glass the whole time I’m pregnant?” She asked softly.

He cupped her cheek and brushed his thumb over her soft skin. “Sometimes I might, but I will try not to become to overbearing. I just want you and our children safe.”

“I know love.” She pulled him down and kissed him, making every cell in his body sing. He moved so he was above her and pinned her arms down next her head. He nibbled his way down her neck to her shoulder, making her let out soft moans of pleasure.

“Oh Lucy you are so beautiful.” He tore her clothes off and threw the material on the floor. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” He allowed himself to get completely lost in his lust and love for her. He sank into her warmth and she rocked her hips as he thrust into her. She loved him with not only her body, but her very soul, keeping him in the light with her undying love and forgiveness. He let her rest when she lay limp beneath him, gasping for air and trembling. He moved to lay beside her and pulled her gently into his arms.

“Thank you for everything Lucy, for loving me no matter what. You are my angel.”

“I will always be here for you my love, always and forever. I promise you. I love you very much.” She drifted of to sleep and for the first time in a long time he felt completely at peace. His old home had been demolished and his son had forgiven him. His family was safe and his wonderful, beautiful wife was giving him three more equally beautiful children. He closed his eyes and followed her into sleep, finally forgiving himself and letting go of the past to live fully in the present.


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