Zeus & Lucy

Chapter One

A letter arrived addressed to Lucy Aponte Delmar. Lucy was still having her breakfast so the maid just held onto it until Lucy came out of the dining hall with her husband Zeus. “excuse me Lucy but you have a letter.” She looked at it surprised. Nobody ever wrote to her and the rare times she did receive mail it only had the last name she had taken when marrying Zeus. She couldn’t think of who would add her maiden name too. Zeus lifted her up “lets go read it in the room” Lucy giggled, knowing why he wanted to be in their room.

Lately he had been unsatiable when it came to making love. Once they were in the room Zeus sat with Lucy in his lap on the bed and Lucy opened the letter. Her eyes grew wide when at the top of the letter it said “dear mother” She continued reading

“Dear Mother

We heard a rumor that you, dad, Ruth, and Noah were all living again and doing well. We decided to write first out of fear that we would get there only to have our hopes crushed, only to find our grandfather still to be a hopeless drunk. We also don’t wish to see our father. Not only did he make us feel unwanted and unloved growing up but he killed you by his own hands. Neither of us see how you could love such a monster but its your life mom and we wont judge it. As such though we do not want to see him. We hope you will come and bring whatever family will join you on the journey. We would love to see Uncle Noah or Grandma Ruth along with you. We love you very much, please respect our wishes and don’t bring our father. We are currently living in the Kuriyo Desert. From Grandpas castle it should take you two days to get to us. Don’t worry about finding our home, once you are in the desert we will find you easily.”

Lucy could feel Zeus’s tears hitting her as he had been reading over her shoulder. Lucy set the letter down and hugged him ” Oh Zeus, once I explain to them you had no control over yourself they wont think of you as a monster” Zeus cried harder and held his wife tightly. “But I am, theres nothing to explain away how I treated them.”

“Yes there is, you were not raised with love. You were even taught to not love your children. You’ve changed and we can make them see that. They will forgive you”

“I dont deserve it” was all Zeus said before crying too hard to speak. Lucy was ecited but sad at the same time to see her husband this way. She hoped she could get her girls to give their father a chance. Lucy decided to ask her mother to come, if anybody could get the girls to forgive Zeus it was Ruth.

She kissed his cheek and pulled herself out of his arms. He just lay there staring at the ceiling, making her heart break even more. She went to the library where he mother and father spent most of their time. Chthon was sitting on the floor with Ruth between his legs and she was reading him a book of poetry. Lucy tapped on the door frame and they both looked up. “Is something wrong?” Chthon asked and Lucy handed him the letter. Both he and Ruth read it and let out a sigh. “They have no idea what Zeus has been going through.” Chthon said as he handed it back.

“I know and I was wondering if maybe you and an mom could go on ahead and explain to them what happened. I want them to know that he has changed, that he isn’t the same man as before. They don’t understand the way he was raised and what his father made him do to me and Noah.”

“We’ll go, we just need to pack and tell everyone else. Why don’t you go back up to Zeus sweetie, I’m sure he needs you.” Ruth said, giving her daughter a warm, understanding smile. Lucy smiled back as best as she could and left the library.

Zeus hated himself more than anything. He deserved his daughter’s hate. He had been nothing more than a shadow in their lives. He felt his heart breaking and started crying again. He buried his face in Lucy’s pillow and tried to draw comfort from her scent. He felt a hand on his shoulder and then lips touch his cheek. He lifted his head and Lucy wiped his tears away. He pulled her onto the bed and held tightly to her. “It’s okay Zeus, it’s okay. Mom and dad are going to go on ahead of us.”

“It won’t make a difference.”

“It will sweetheart. Chthon will explain to him. He knew who your father was, how he raised you and how he treated his wife. He will explain everything and tell them you had absolutely no control over yourself that night. My mother is good at making people understand things so between the two our girls will give you a second chance”

“what makes you think I deserve it?”

“Because you are sorry, I can understand their anger because you did treat them like they were annoyances and you would only do anything with them if you were forced but you aren’t that man now. All you can do is be ¬†a better father in the present time. You deserve forgiveness because you are truly sorry for the father you were back then” Zeus nearly curshed Lucy into him as he cried. She just rubbed his back and reassured him that everything was going to be fine. When Chthon and Ruth told Abraxas and Adette where they were going and why they both wanted to go very badly. Abraxas had always wanted to meet Lucys children. “You two may come.” Chthon said with a smile and Abraxas hugged him while Adette hugged Ruth. Ruth and Chthon waited for them to pack their things then they took off. Abraxas and Chthon carried their wives since neither were as fast as them.

They knew if they went as fast as possible they could make their two day trip into one so they would have plenty of time with the girls before Zeus and Lucy left. ¬†Zeus cried himself into sleep as Lucy held him close. She would also let the girls know how hard he had been on himself for how he acted so they could really see how sorry Zeus was. She knew if they gave him a chance he would be the father they deserved when they were children. A few hours later Zeus woke and pulled Lucy in for a kiss. She smiled then whispered softly “are you ready to get going baby? The girls are waiting. My dads got enough of a head start.”

“They don’t want me Lucy”

“They will honey, please come.”

“Ok, they are worth fighting for so I’ll go with you to show them I reall want to be there”

Zeus packed slowly, finding himself slipping into that deep melancholy that found him when he would think about his past. Lucy gave him a kiss on his cheek and nibbled on his chin, making him smile. Without her he would have succumbed to depression and stayed there. She lit up his world when it was at its darkest. He decided they would be taking horses and a tent. Two days should give him enough time to prepare for his daughters’ harsh words and anger. He carried their packs down to the stable and strapped them to one horse. He lifted Lucy onto the back of another and climbed on behind her.

“Are you ready?” She asked and he shook his head.

“I still think you should go without me. I will only darken the day.”

“Hush now, that’s not true. I want you with me, I don’t want you here alone being sad. If you’re going to be sad then I want to be there to hold you.” He grabbed the reigns of the second horse and took a deep breath before kicking their horse into motion. They rode out of the stables and away from the castle.

Lucy could feel how tense Zeus was in the way he held her. His arm was locked tightly around her waist and he sat stiffly behind her. She rubbed his leg, trying to soothe him. She wished she could go back and stop his father from poisoning him and let Zeus know what would come of his neglect. She hated that he was like this, that he was sad. She hated that their daughters didn’t want him in their lives and she hoped her mother and father could convince them that he was a good man, that he had been made the way he was by a hateful and abusive father. She could only imagine the horros Zeus had witnessed growing up. It made her shudder and want to weep just thinking about it.

Chthon and Abraxas ran non stop. If they were tired they didn’t show it for a second. The odds were they weren’t since they were such old demons. Unlike humans, demons grew stronger as they aged. Not a demon was fool enough to stop them along the way so they were in the Kuriyo desert by eight pm that night. Chthon and Abraxas put their wives down and began walking slowly. They walked about a half hour with no destination until Ruth felt somebody suddenly wrap their arms around her waist. “Grandma!” Ava said with glee in her voice. Ruth turned and hugged her and soon Olivia came running and hugged Ruth. “wow, you two are so big…and beautiful. Look at you” They both smiled ‘thank you, we’ve missed you so much! Where’s our mother and who are these two new people?” Chthon cleared his throat “could I have a hug?” They both gave him a small smile and hugged him “you don’t smell of alcohol any longer”

“I don’t drink anymore and I’m sorry for failing you. It was just too great a loss for me to bare when I lost Ruth.”

“we forgive you grandpa” Olivia said then Ava added ‘we never quit loving you though we were upset..” Chthon hugged them both again “The man is my son Abraxas. I had him with a woman after Ruths death. It was a one night stand but enough to make him. The woman at his side is his wife Adette. She was once human but is a demon now. Could you tell that Ruth is now a demon?”

“Yes, it was particularly exciting” Ava said. Olivia and Ava both hugged Abraxas and Adette then Olivia spoke “Let us lead you to our home and you can explain why our mother didn’t come” They walked a little further until the came upon a house by an oasis. It was very nice, made out of oak and fine fabrics. Their furniture all was very well crafted. “How did you come upon this beautiful house?” Chthon asked, amazed that these two girls living alone had done this. “That would be thanks to Bishin. Our house wasn’t nearly as impressive before him. We met him five years ago and he actually rebuilt our house and bought us all our furniture. He’s a very sweet guy” Ava nudged her sister “especially to you Olivia” Olivia crossed her arms “stop that” Ava giggled “he’s got a crush on you” Olivia sighed “you’ll meet him tomorrow. He comes over just about every day”

“to see Olivia” Ava added and recieved a death glare from Olivia. “we need to talk” Ruth said softly. They all walked into the living room and got comfortable “why isn’t our mother here?” Ava asked “they are on their way. We just wanted to talk to you first” Chthon answered “about what? Olivia asked. Ruth took a deep breath “promise me you’ll hear us out before responding?”

“we promise”

“good, want me to go through it or you? You have more knowledge of how Jeremiah did what he did to Zeus.”

Chthon cleared his throat. “I am sure you girls remember what happened to your mother and father, how he killed her and Noah and himself. At the time you were just children, unable to understand what had truly happened that day. Zeus’ father, your grandfather, poisoned him with Dismornifa powder. Even a little bit can make the strongest of us go mad. Even I am not immune to its effects and Zeus held on a very long time before he lost it. What I’m trying to say is that he did not do it because he wanted to. When he came out of that red haze he killed Jeremiah and then himself.”

Ava felt herself tearing up, but Olivia was still angry that their father was coming. “That doesn’t excuse his neglect.” Olivia said angrily. “He ignored us no matter how hard we tried. He never wanted us and only got mom pregnant because she wanted babies.”

“Olivia, please understand. Jeremiah was a cruel and evil man, the things he did to Reyna and Zeus were sick. He wasn’t allowed to be loved, he saw things a child should never see.”

“He didn’t even care when you and grandpa took us away. I hate him.” She got up and stomped off, slamming her bedroom door and flopping down on her bed to cry.

“I’m sorry, she shouldn’t have yelled at you.” Ava said softly.

“It’s okay, it’s to be expected. Your father had so much sadness and regret. He has cried so much over the past and we are trying very hard to get him to let go. If it wasn’t for Lucy he would never get out of bed when he’s having one of his bad days.” Chthon replied.

“Has he started drinking?”

“Not a drop and he is trying really hard to be a better person. He’s a lot softer than he was before.”

Ava nodded, seeming to contemplate his words. “I just want mom to be happy and if you say he deserves a second chance then I will give him one. I will try to help Olivia do the same.”

“Thank you sweetie.” Ruth said and hugged her granddaughter again.

“Have you guys eaten?” Ava asked. “I’ll cook, why don’t you talk to your sister?”

“Olivia needs to calm down first. When she’s first upset is never the time to talk to her. I will try after dinner when she’s had time to cry and think about your words.” Ruth smiled “well you know her best so wait if you think she needs to cry for awhile” Ava, Adette and Ruth cooked while Abraxas and Chthon looked around their house more. “Bishin really went all out. How much do you want to bet me he likes one of my sisters?” Abraxas said with a smile. Chthon laughed “It’s obvious he put love and great time into making this for them. I know without a doubt he likes, may even love one them.”

“This is definitly the handy work of love. Lets bet on who.” Chthon laughed “your mother hates when we bet on things”

“But its fun”

“boys!” Ruth yelled from the kitchen making both men laugh and yell sorry. “Stop getting your dad in trouble Abraxas!” Adette yelled and he apologized to his wife. “we’ll spot tomorrow who it is, Lets just pay close attention.” Ava whispered to the women with a smile “it’s Olivia, he loves her very much. You should see the way he looks at her. He would do anything in the world for her.”

“why doesn’t he say anything?” Ruth asked and Ava shrugged saying “I’ve never asked him but it’s obvious how he feels. Olivia is blind to his feelings though. I don’t know how she misses it. He acts like Olivia invented the air we breath.” Ruth and Adette giggled. “I’m serious, just watch that little puppy around her” When dinner was ready Abraxas went to see if Olivia was hungry but she said she was fine. He left it at that and joined everybody for dinner. Ava ate quickly so she could talk to Olivia before she fell asleep. “I’m going up now. Enjoy the food”

“good luck” Ruth said and everybody else nodded. Ava walked up the stairs and pushed her sisters door open. “Hey Livi, can we talk please?” Olivia wiped her eyes “yeah?”

“Look, I understand how you feel. I’ve been angry at dad too but they swear he’s changed. Chthon says he cries over how he treated us. I know you remember how icy grandpa was…dad grew up with that and was the best he could be. Now he’s really different and we can finally have a dad. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have our family back? To have our mother and to get to know our father for who he is now? What he did in the past will never be right but doesn’t everyone deserve foegivness if they are truly sorry?” More tears dripped off Olivias chin “I just…” Ava hugged her “I know sweetie, please. Give him a shot. Even if it’s just for me” Olivia cried a few more moments then pulled back “I guess I will give him a chance. It would be nice to really have a family again”

“want me to invite Bishin over to comfort you? Maybe he’ll spend the night.”


“He’s spent the night before.”

“He’s coming at breakfast in the morning. He is making Apple Muffins for us. That’s soon enough. I’m sure he’s sleeping” Ava kissed her sisters cheek “I love you Olivia, want to go say goodnight to our family?” Olivia nodded and stood as she wiped her face.

Zeus and Lucy settled in for their first night after dinner. Zeus tossed and turned, sweat covering his skin and making his hair stick to his forehead. He jerked awake with a loud gutteral scream that startled Lucy awake. She pulled him into her arms and stroked his hair as he cried. “What was it about?” She asked softly.

“I was killing you again while Jerimiah stood there and laughed. I tried to stop myself, but I couldn’t.”

“It’s okay, I’m alive and right here.”

“I just want to forget, but I know I never will.”

“You have to forgive yourself Zeus.” He lifted his head and she smiled at him. “Forgive yourself, it wasn’t your fault. I don’t blame you.” He cupped her cheek and kissed her.

“I need you really bad right now.” He whispered.

“Then take me.” He felt a knot forming in his throat at her selflessness. She gave herself to him so easily after what he did, it humbled him. He moved so he was between her legs, his hands moving over her so she was covered with goosebumps. He bent his head to suck and bite at her breast as he pushed slowly into her. She cried out and he moaned loudly. He allowed himself to get lost in her tight heat, keeping a gentle pace and taking his time. He only allowed himself to finish when she lay completely limp beneath him, unable to move. He kissed her softly and moved to lay beside her and pulled her into his arms.

“I love you Lucy, so much.”

“I love you too, try to rest.”

Zeus was stuck awake for a few hours as he held his sleeping wife close to him. He felt so lucky to have her. Without Lucy he would have turned into his father, he would have been the very same beast. He had been on the road to becoming Jeramiah when Lucy came into his life. He was determined to do anything he could to make everything up to Olivia and Ava. He wondered what they looked like as grown women. They both were now hundreds of years old, he was too even though he barely felt it since he had died and stayed dead most of those years. His grip on Lucy loosened as exhaustion finally pulled him into sleep. When Lucy woke in the morning she was in slight pain from how tightly she had been held through the night. His grip may have loosened but it was still very tight. Lucy kissed Zeus awake. “we need to continue our journey to see Ava and Olivia.”

“I just hope they aren’t angry at you for bringing me since they asked you not to”

“I’m sure Ruth and Chthon will have them calm and ready baby. Quit worrying please” Zeus kissed Lucy again “thank you for loving me and for making me a better man. Thank you for not letting me be my father”

‘I knew you had a good heart Zeus” They gathered their things and made sure the horses were fed and watered before they headed out again. By tonight they should be there and Zeus was even more nervous than yesterday. The closer they got to the desert, the more anxious and afraid Zeus became.Abraxas and Adette were woken in the morning by an excited sounding knock on the door and Olivia running down the stairs. She opened it and was instantly hugged by Bishin “good morning”

“morning” Bishin stepped in and Abraxas along with Adette waved as they sat up “You must be Bishin”

“Yes, who are you?” He said with protectivness in his eyes and voice “I am Olivia and Avas uncle and this beautiful woman is my wife Adette” ¬†Bishins expression softened again “nice to meet you. Is your mother here then Olivia?”

“No, just them along with my grandpa and grandma. My fathers coming with my mom. Ava and I decided to give him a chance” Olivias voice became unsure as her sentenced ended. Bishin slightly frowned and hugged her again as Chthon, Ruth and Ava came down. Chthon offered his hand and Bishin shook. Bishin went to shake Ruths hand but she pulled him into a wamr hug “It’s wonderful to meet you”

“Nice to meet you two. Olivia and Ava were so excited when they heard you were alive. Why didn’t Nero and Noah come?”

“They don’t live in the castle and we wanted to hurry along.”

“I hope they come soon. They’ve missed their family” Bishin turned “want to cook with me Olivia?”

“of course” she said with a bright smile that made his heart stammer. They walked into the kitchen followed by Ruth and Chthon. Ava sat in the living room with Abraxas and Adette. Olivia and Bishin got busy preparing the muffins and Chthon said “So I hear you made this house for my granddaughters.”

“What they were living in before wasn’t good enough for them. I take care of my friends”

“It was really nice of you to do this. You seemed to take great care and time into building this house. You really go out of your way to take care of your friends”

Bishin blushed. “Yes of course. I would do anything for them. What man wouldn’t?” He glanced at Olivia then away again.

Chthon chuckled and Ruth elbowed him in the ribs. He cleared his throat, but didn’t take the smile off of his face. “Thank you for doing all this for them. This house and everything in it is very beautiful and lovingly crafted. You have a real gift.”

“Thank you sir and I could do nothing else.”

Neither Ruth nor Chthon could believe that Olivia couldn’t see how much Bishin loved her. If she had been one of their male relatives, Chthon would have slapped her in the back of the head. “We’ll be in the living room if you two need anything.” Ruth said.

“Okay grandma, thank you.”

Zeus tried not to hold to tightly to Lucy. He had seen the bruises on her from last night and felt guilty. He had needed her to always be close to him since coming back from the dead. He knew it was his fear of this being a nightmare and that he would wake up one day and she wouldn’t be there. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, making her smile.

“Will you sing for me?” He asked.

“Sure, anything to make you happy.” Her beautiful voice filled the silence, bringing him a sense of peace. She sang until her throat got dry and she had to take a drink of water. He was glad she had invited him to come even if their daughters didn’t want him there. He had not wanted to be alone and had been worried what he might do in his sadness. He didn’t want to destroy anything or get drunk to dull his pain. Those things would only temporaily relieve it. Lucy was the only thing that brought him real peace. They stopped to have lunch and water the horses then started again. He was both excited and scared to see his daughters. Lucy’s face glowed with her joy. They would be there in a few hours and he hoped he could get Olivia and Ava to see he had changed.

Lucy could hear Zeus’s heart thumping loudly when they were less than an hour from the desert. “Zeus honey, calm down. Even if they aren’t ok this time we can coax them into a relationship with you. I’m sure Ruth and Chthon have them ready but if not this time we have the rest of our lives to get our babies to give you a chance. They were always such big hearted girls, I know they have it in them to forgive you.”

“I’m sorry, I’m trying not to let myself be so worried….I just…I have so much to make up for and I want you to have them again. You loved them so much, you were heartbroken that day they left the castle….I can’t believe I actually suggested just giving you more babies…like they were so meaningless another child could instantly replace them” HIs voice began cracking badly “what kind of a unfeeling monster was I” Lucy stopped the horse and turned to hug Zeus as he sobbed into her neck “you were neevr a monster Zeus. You weren’t loved as a child and it made it hard for you to love your own children. You have never once been a monster and dont you say you were when you killed me. You were a puppet on a string, you couldn’t stop yourself. There hasn’t been a moment in your life where you were a monster”

When Zeus could stop sobbing Lucy turned back around to face forward. She briefly rubbed the side of her neck that was now soaked. Her starnds of hair there was stuck together from all the tears. “Sorry you’re so wet.”

“It’s getting hot, it will dry my love” Olivia and Ava were getting nervous too. “calm down sweethearts” Ruth said softly and Bishin grabbed Olivias hand “it will be alright, you’ve talked about your mother so much. It’s going to be amazing to see her” Olivia smiled at him “I know, I just worry about meeting daddy. I hope he really is different”

“Me too” Ava chimed in. Abraxas then spoke “He is, I’ve seen it myself. He has become a very good man.” Adette smiled and kissed her husbands cheek for trying to help. Chthon started telling another story to distract the nervous girls. They had spent the day telling stories so that they could all catch up on eachothers lives. Chthon and Abraxas were impressed during a few of Avas stories wherer Bishin had fought to protect them. He sounded like a very strong demon even though he looked so harmless.

Chapter Two

When the finally arrived at Olivia and Ava’s, Zeus hopped down off the horse and helped Lucy down. He glanced nervously at their front door. Lucy took his hand and as the started up the small stone walkway the door flew open and their daughters came running out. He let Lucy go and she met them halfway, wrapping them in her arms as they cried. He stood back, not knowing what to do or say. Ava broke away from them and ran to him, wrapping her arms around his waist and sobbing into his chest.

“Daddy.” Was all she could manage and he wrapped her in a tight hug. He felt himself tearing up and pulled back to look at her.

“Ava, my beautiful princess.” He brushed the tears off of her face. “How you’ve grown.” His voice trembled and he hugged her to him again. Olivia didn’t know how she should feel, so many emotions were running through her. She was angry and happy and shocked all at once. She finally succumbed to a violent torrent of tears and hugged her father. He held her tightly and cried. “I’m so sorry Olivia, I know you hate me, but I am so happy to see you and Ava. I love you both so much.” That made the girls cry harder and Lucy wrapped her arms around all of them.

“I’m sorry we told you to stay away. It wasn’t fair, we should have been more understanding.” Olivia said through her tears.

“Never apologize to me baby girl. I deserve your anger. I was a horrible father. Please forgive me.”

“We love you daddy, of course we forgive you.” Ava replied and they all finally pulled back to look at each other. “We should go inside, before our legs fall asleep.”

They laughed and went inside to talk. They were happy to hear that Noah and. Nero were doing well as well as Nigel. They really missed them and couldn’t wait to see them again. They talked about their resurrection and what they had been doing since then. They were glad their father was learning how to taste hidden chemicals in his food and drink. Seeing him crying and actually working toward being a better person made it easier to let go of their anger and with it the past.

They stayed up late into the night just talking and laughing. Lucy, just as Ava, Ruth, Chthon, Abraxas and Adette noticed how Bishin talked to and looked at Olivia. She would have assumed they were dating if Olivia hadn’t introduced him as a close friend. When they all decided to go to bed Lucy asked “are you staying the night Bishin? I don’t doubt you can take care of yourself but it’s very late to be traveling home.” Bishin looked at Olivia “Could I stay?” With a smile Olivia said “sure, you can sleep with me.” Bishin almost unnoticably blushed but it was caught by Chthon who had to stifle a laugh. They said their goodnights and went to their rooms. Adette and Abraxas took the couch again. It was nearly as comfortable as a bed anyway.

In the room Ava had shown them Lucy asked her husband “did you see how that boy looked and talked to our daughter”

“I did, I wonder if his feelings are returned.”

“You aren’t feeling protective”

“Love is the best thing that can happen to anyone. I want Olivia to have someone who loves her and will make her happy. I don’t know what my life would be if I ahdn’t found love. He seems like a very nice man anyway.”

“He does, he seems very sweet and caring. I think there was mention of him building this house for our daughters”

“Yeah, Chthon made a comment about how nicely he did the decortaive carvings.”

“we should talk to our daughter tomorrow somtime if we can get her away from Bishin.”

“You should…I’ve only just gotten their forgiveness…I dont know if it’s my place to talk about boys”

“Of course it’s your place. You are their father and they’ve fully forgiven you.” Zeus hugged his wife tightly “I was blessed with such an amazing wife and daughters. I will always cherish you three”

“and we will always cherish you” Zeus lightly cried again as he just laid there holding Lucy tight. He was glad they stayed up so late, he wanted every second possible to get to know the women his daughters had become. Olivia took off her sandals and got into bed still wearing her dress. Bishin followed suit and only took his shoes off to get in bed with her. Her bed was a queen size so had plenty of room on it. Bishin deeply coveted holding Olivia but was grateful the few nights when he could stay. This was only the second night he had been invited into her room though. The last time she had been having a horrible nightmare night after night. They spent one night together and she quit having the dream. It warmed his heart when she told him that one night with him sleeping beside her had chased off the nightmare.

The next morning Lucy helped her daughters cook breakfast. Zeus enjoyed the sound of their laughter as he talked with Bishin. He wanted to get to know the young man as much as possible. He talked about Bishin’s carpentry and asked if he would be willing to make a statue of a jellyfish for Lucy. Bishin grew excited, a jellyfish was something he had never made before. Ruth called them for breakfast and they all headed into the dining room. The breakfast burritos and fresh squeezed orange juice were delicious. Ava and Olivia glowed with happiness. When they were done eating Bishin offered to help Olivia and Ava wash dishes. Zeus grabbed Lucy’s hand and stood, pulling her with him into the kitchen. He placed a hand gently on Bishin’s shoulder.

“May we borrow Olivia?”

“Sure, Ava can help me. Right?” He flicked water at Ava who smashed bubbles in his face.

Lucy grabbed Olivia’s hand and they pulled her outside. “Is everything okay?” She asked.

“We just want to talk to you about Bishin. He’s such a sweet young man.”

“Yes, he’s such a good man. He’s done a lot for us.” She smiled fondly.

“How do you feel about him?” Zeus asked and she blushed.

“He makes me feel safe and happy. I love him. I mean he’s always there when I need him and he does things without asking for anything in return. He doesn’t even touch me without my permission.”

“You do realize he does those things because he loves you right?” Lucy said and Olivia seemed to think about it.

“Does he really? He’s never said anything to me.”

“He’s probably worried about being rejected or maybe he’s shy. Talk to him sweetie.” Olivia smiled and hugged her parents. She knew they were right and when she got a moment to be alone with him she would tell him how she felt. “Thank you mom and dad. I love you.”

“We love you too baby girl.” Zeus replied and kissed the top of her head.

Olivia got an even brighter smile “I’m really glad you two are back in our lives. Thanks again for this talk”

“anytime” Lucy said with a smile as her daughter walked back inside. “what was that about?” Ava asked as Lucy entered the kitchen to help them finish up. “Nothing” Ava didn’t question further and they finished tidying the kitchen. When they were done Olivia grabbed Bishins hand “could you come with me to my room so we can talk?” Everybody else in the house smiled, knowing what this conversation would be about. ¬†“of course” Bishin said with his smitten half smile. They walked up the beautifully crafted stairs and entered Olivias room, shutting the thick door behind them. She pulled him a little further in then turned, suddenly feeling very nervous. He just looked at her, a mix of worry and curiosity on his face. “My mom and dad wanted to talk to me outside because they wanted to know how I felt about you” Bishin swallowed and his pulse went up “why does that make you want to talk to me alone?” he asked, the nervousness he felt being portrayed in his voice. “I told them that I love you..I love you very much Bishin and I’d like to be more than your friend if you feel the same way I do. They seem to think you love me and..I hope you do”

The nervousness vanished from his face and was replaced by immense happiness. He pulled her into tight embrace “I love you too. I have for so long but I didn’t know if you wanted anything serious. You are my dream Olivia. It would make me beatific if you were mine.” Olivia had never seen him so excited. He was so happy she could feel it pouring out of him as she hugged him back. Olivia pushed back from the hug then pressed her lips into his making Bishin stumble slightly. She giggled at him and he smiled before going back to kissing her. HIs whole body tingled and he could swear his very soul was celebrating.

They broke the kiss slowly then just stared into eachothers eyes for a moment. “I’ve never been happier than I am right now” Bishin said softly. His words floating into her ears like sweet butterfly kisses. “I’ve never been happier either.” Olivia said then hugged him again “we need to go downstairs now. I want to see my parents more. I don’t know how long they are staying” Bishin gently rubbed her cheek “Ok” he gave her one more kiss then they broke apart. Just as she went for the door he grabbed her hand again making Olivia light up even brighter with a smile.

“Awe look at you two, so cute.” Ava said. making Olivia glare at her. “Did you get all smoochie. I love you Bishin.” She said in a high pitched voice. “I love you two Olivia.” She said in a deeper voice. Olivia picked up one of the pillows off the couch and threw it at her. Avan caught it and laughed. “Don’t be mad, I love you Olivia.”

“Would everyone like to go swimming today? There’s a river not far from here.” Olivia said.

“Sure, it’s nice out so why not.” Chthon said with a smile. They had brought swim clothes just in case. Everyone went and changed then met back in the living room. Olivia and Ava made some sandwiches for everyone and put them in a basket. They walked over the warm sand to a river about twenty minutes away and Lucy gasped when she saw the crystal clear water.

“Wow this is truly beautiful.”

“We love the water here because you can see all the way to the bottom so nothing dangerous can hide beneath the surface.” Ava pulled her mother to the edge of the river and showed her that she could see all the way down.

Olivia left the basket on the bank and they all walked into the warm water. The hot sun kept it at just the right temperature. They played and splashed around, Chthon using his power to lift water out of the river and then drop it onto everyones heads. They laughed, enjoying their time together. Around noon they stopped to relax and eat, letting the sun dry their skin. When Zeus was done eating he rested his head in Lucy’s lap and looked up at her. She smiled down at him and brushed some hair off of his forehead.

“Are you and mom planning on having more babies?” Ava asked.

“Would you and Olivia like siblings?” Lucy asked. They both looked excited and nodded. “Then we’ll talk about it.” Zeus was nervous about the prospect of more children. He had messed up with Olivia and Ava and had not even given his and Cynthia’s child a chance. He had sent her money to raise Lispin, but had not even met the boy. He feared messing up again and making more children hate him. Lucy touched his cheek, seeing the worried look in his eyes. She leaned down and kissed him.

“We don’t have to have more if you don’t want to.” She said softly. He felt a stab of guilt. He knew how much she loved being a mother and would give her more children if she wanted them and this time he would be a good father. He would talk to her about it later, about his worst fear.

The day seemed to fly by, nobody could believe it when the sun started to go down and it was time to make dinner. Olivia, Lucy and Ava decided to cook tonight. They wanted to recreate a meal they would often cook together when the girls still lived in Halvincora. It was a trip down memory lane that Zeus wished he would have been apart of back then. One of the many things Lucy had done with their daughters that he never joined in on. Lucy saw how sad Zeus looked as she went to the kitchen with the girls and stopped “Hey Olivia and Ava, why don’t we teach your father how we make this?”

“That sounds fun!” Olivia said excitedly. Ava ran over to her father “come help us dad. We can teach you” Zeus hugged his daughter “thank you” The four went into the kitchen making everyone else smile. “How did you become so skilled with wood and fabric Bishin?” Chthon asked. “My Uncle, he was a big part of my life until I was forty. He was pretty much my dad. He loved building things and started teaching me when I was ten. It was thirty amazing years of building and fun. I really miss him.”

“what happened to him?”

“He slept with another demons wife and it cost him his life. My uncle was strong but not stronger than that womans husband. He was a nice man, a foolish man, but he meant a lot to me. I can’t say I blame the husband but I do mourn my Uncle”

“he left you a very good skill.” Chthon said with a smile and Bishin nodded. “so, Zeus and Lucy live with you guys don’t they?”

“Yes they do” It was Ruth who answered now. “Do you think…that maybe if I build them a house too that they’ll stay here. I know you guys don’t live very far but Olivia has missed her mother so much and now she wants to get to know her dad. I guess they wouldn’t have to live here permanently if they didn’t want to but I’ll build them a house if they’ll stay. Maybe they coudl just spend a year here, that’s plenty of time to catch up. It would make Olivia so happy” Ruth smiled “it’s sweet how much you love her. You’d build another house just so she could see her parents more. Ask them at dinner, I’m sure they’ll want to live near their daughters” Bishin smiled “I’d do anything if it meant Olivias happiness.”

When dinner was ready they called everyone else and they sat down and ate together. Everyone complimented the food, making Zeus smile. He had never been one for cooking, but he decided he would get better at it. He was sure the cook at the castle could teach him anything. “Excuse me Zeus.” Bishin said and Zeus looked up at him. “I was wondering if maybe you and Lucy would like to live here in the desert fo awhile. I could build you a house if you like.”

Both Lucy and Zeus’s lips twitched into smiles at Bishin’s nervousness. “I would love to if Zeus is up for it.” Lucy replied.

“I’ll follow you anywhere Lucy, if you want to be here then so do I. I just want you and the girls happy.” Olivia and Ava squealed with delight and ran around the table to hug their parents.

“Please live here. You’re not that far from grandma and grandpa. You could still see them whenever you wanted.” Ava said with a big smile.

“Besides we have to get to know the new you dad, please stay.” Olivia chimed in.

“Alright, we’ll move here, but there are still things that we need to get from the castle like all our clothes.” Zeus replied with a laugh.

“Abraxas and I can help you build Bishin.” Chthon said.

“Thank you sir, it would be most appreciated.”

“Please don’t call me sir. It’s so old fashioned, Chthon will be fine.”

“Chthon it is then” Bishin said with a smile. They finished their dinner then everyone pitched in to get the kitchen cleaned up. It was a bit chaotic but the job got done quickly and they moved into the living room. Just as the night before the stories went on and on late into the evening. When the room started filling with more yawns than words it was decided that they all needed rest. ¬†“sleep is fine by me, I’m not feeling that good again” Adette said then Abraxas kissed her cheek “I’m sorry”

“what do you mean you don’t feel good Adette?” Olivia asked. “I just get ridiculously nauseous more and more often. I feel like throwing up but I don’t” Olivias yellow eyes turned red surprising everyone aside from Bishin and Ava. Olivia smiled and her eyes turned back to normal “I’m sure that baby isn’t helping your stomach.”

“You’re kidding?! What did you just do?” Ava laughed at Adettes overwhelming exciting. “I can see through things. I looked into your stomach. There’s a sweet little baby forming in there.”

“That’s so cool” Adette hugged her niece happily “thank you for telling me! Now I dont care how nauseous I feel!” Abraxas hugged her too happily “Thank you Olivia, I was hoping thats why she hasnt felt good” The announcement of a baby livened up the room again a short while but then they decided that they coudln’t stay up any longer. Especially since they had a soon to be mommy in the room. Abraxas seemed absolutely enraptured by the news. Olivia was happy for her gift since it had brought such joy to the end of their night. Bishin nervously looked at Olivia “since I’m your boyfriend now…I was hoping I could spend the night again..”

Olivia kissed his cheek “I was hoping you’d stay. You should stay over here often now that we’re together”

“That would make me really happy” Bishin said softly then followed Olivia to her room. Zeus smiled and watched them go up the stairs. “you two girls need to come back to the castle and meet some people who would love to see you.”

“we will, You’ll have to bring Bishin though. I’m sure Olivia wont leave without him” Lucy laughed “they are so sweet. I’m glad we coudl help them get together”

“Me too, lets head to bed like everyone else though. I love you mom and dad”

“Love you Ava” They both said and went to their room. As Abraxas and Adette laid together Adette whispered “I’m glad you’re so happy about our baby. I’m so excited”

“Me too, I just hope it’s not a girl. With you as her mother she would be too cute. I coudln’t tell…her no..” Abraxas trailed off and then it hit him like a train. He suddenly remembered watching Adette play with Charles and Sophie when they were little and wiping her memory of him. He just smiled as Adette asked “you ok? You kind of trailed off there”

“I just remembered that I met you before i previosuly thought I met you”

“Huh?” Adette said sitting up and Abraxas did the same. “I hope you wont be angry and understand but I can erase memories. When you were little you were kidnapped by children eating demons and I saved you but I couldnt allow you to remember me so I erased your memory of the whole event. Chthon I’m sure would remember if it was brought up…I’m sorry I erased your memory back then but I had to. I just now remembered this because when I was watching you play with Charles and Sophie I would think how cute you were and wonder how parents could ever punish such an adorable little girl”

“I knew there was something about you the moment I saw you, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.” She gave a soft laugh. “I’m not mad Abraxas, how could I be when you were only trying to protect me. I love you so much.”

Abraxas breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed her face in his hands, kissing her lovingly. He felt such happiness, he was overflowing with it. “I love you so much Adette, so, so much. Thank you for giving me a child.”

Zeus rested his head on Lucy’s chest, listening to her heart beat. He wrapped his arms around her, not to tightly so he wouldn’t hurt her. She stroked his hair, making him relax completely into the bed. “Can we talk about having babies now?” She asked and he felt his heart slam hard against his chest. “If you don’t want anymore it’s okay Zeus, don’t force yourself.”

He sat up and gave her a soft kiss then pulled back to look at her. “I’m scared of having more children. I failed our girls and even my son. I was such a bad father. To not care about my own flesh and blood was horrible, but even though I am terrified I still want to give you more children. I want to watch you grow a new life and see them come into this world and be the first to hold them.”

“You were there for Oliva and Ava’s births.”

“But only because you wanted me there. I didn’t even want to hold them afterwards. I was so cold, I was just like Jeremiah.” She pressed her fingers against his lips to silence him.

“You were nothing like that monster and I understood why you were that way and the girls now understand why you were that way. None of us hold it against you. I want us to have more children when we are both ready.” He kissed her fingers and grabbed her hand in his.

“I am ready Lucy, I really am. I just want you to know that I may not know what to do or say at times, that I might get scared. I just don’t want to disappoint you. I want to be the best father I can be to our girls and any other children we have. If you want to fill a house with babies then we will fill a house. We have all eternity.”

Lucy smiled then kissed him again “lets rest and then start working on more babies when we aren’t in our daughters house.” Zeus smiled “I’m going to try really hard to be a good dad. Please tell me if I do anything wrong.”

“I will, I’m sure you’ll be amazing though.”

“You always have more faith in me than I deserve”

“You are just too hard on yourself.” It took them only a few weeks to make a nice home for Zeus and Lucy right beside Avas and Olivias. It had six bedrooms which Bishin thought was a good idea so they could have plenty of room for children and visitors. Everyone felt proud of how beautiful this house turned out. Bishin was just glad to work on this project with Olivas family. He had really got to know them over the weeks and even felt like one of them. They were all so freindly and treated him as if he was alreayd married to Olivia. On the side he had been working on Zeus’s request for Lucy “I need to grab somthing from my house. I’ll be right back?” Olivia kissed his cheek “will you be back in time for lunch?”

“Yes, it wont take me long sweetheart” He grabbed her face to kiss her lips then ran off to get the jellyfish carving he made. It was large but not too big that they couldn’t keep it somwhere in their new home. It had one large jellyfish with an arrangement of small ones swimming around it. He hoped Zeus and Lucy would be pleased. Last thing he wanted was to dissapoint the parents of his love. He picked it up and noticed everyone had went in when he arrived back. He was glad and set it in their living room as a surprise. He walked right into Olivia and Avas house as he had started doing since begining to date Olivia. They were preparing lunch so he decided to wait until everyone was done eating.

“you havent come back with anything.” Ava pointed out as she slurped up a noddle. Bishin smiled “I have somthing to show everyone when you are done eating” That made everyone eat faster. They cleared their plates and didn’t bother to clean up the kitchen just yet. “what is it Bishin?” Olivia asked excitedly. “we need to go over to Zeus and Lucys. I ahve a surprise for your mother. Zeus asked me to do somthing for her.” Lucy smiled and kissed her husbands cheek. He smiled back, growing excited since he knew what it was. They walked over and Lucy gasped when she saw what Bishin had created. She excitedly hugged him “thank you! When did you have time for this?”

“The few nights I’ve gone home. This is why I went home atall. I couldnt make it here”

“It’s perfect” Lucy said then hugged her husband “you’ve always been so good to me”

“I’ve always been madly in love with you” Zeus said softly and Lucy couldn’t help but give him a long kiss.

Chapter Three

“I hope you both enjoy living here.” Bishin said and they pulled him into a hug.

“You did amazing, thank you.” Zeus replied, making him smile. “You can feel the love in this place. I want it to always be like this.”

They admired his handiwork, loving his beautifully crafted furniture. Lucy couldn’t get enough of the jellyfish. She had never seen another piece of art as beautiful as this one. “There is something else I want to show you two.” He took them to the master bedroom and pointed up. The ceiling over their room was made completely of glass. “Olivia told me that you like looking at the stars so I had the idea to make your ceiling out of glass. It is very durable and can withstand any force. I infused it with magic to make sure it never cracks.”

“This is all so wonderful Bishin, thank you so much.” Lucy had to swallow the lump in her throat.

“I’ll do anything for you, Olivia’s family is my family.” He laced his fingers through Olivia’s, making her smile. “If you ever need anything just ask.”

Zeus and Lucy were looking forward to having Bishin as their son in law. He was so generous and loving. They couldn’t see Olivia with anyone else. They knew he would always put her happiness first. They went back to Olivia and Ava’s house and cleaned up the mess they had left. Lucy was excited about sleeping in her new bed and getting to see the night sky through her ceiling. It reminded her of when Zeus had the ceiling in their room made to look like the night sky. It had been one of his sweeter moments and had made her very happy.

As they sat in the living room Chthon asked “so where is your home Bishin? How far away?”

“Not very, I’m a pretty fast runner so for me it’s about 15minuets one way.”

“How’d you find Olivia and Ava?”

“To put it as easily to a grandfather as possible a male demon was attracted to Olivia and didn’t like that she refused him. Since Olivia doesn’t have much power aside from her speed and being able to see through things she just ran when she managed to get away from him. This demon was fast aswell, not quite as fast as Olivia but fast enough to stay just out of arms reach of her. She ran clear past my house as I was shortening my horns. These things have never quit growing so I have to keep up with them. I too am not fast enough to keep up with Olivia but you don’t need speed when you can throw up invisible walls. I pretty much put the male demon in a box. My walls probably aren’t strong enough to hold someone like you Chthon but he wasn’t strong enough to break through.”

“wow, thank you for not letting him have her”

“Now that i know her I’m especially glad I intervened. I fell in love with Olivia very fast. I thought she was stunning from the moment I saw her but I fell deeply in love once I got to know her. She is such an amazing woman Chthon”

“has he ever come back?” Bishin held out his hand “I know who you are Chthon. I didn’t know what you looked like but I have heard of you. You can see memories. Everyone else may be outside but I don’t wish for any risk of Olivia hearing of the darker side of me. I wouldn’t lie to her, if she ever did ask what happened of him I would say but I’d rather her not know. I’m sure a demon such as yourself has things he would rather not tell his wife” Chthon nodded and grabbed Bishins hand, scanning back to five years ago. ¬†He saw the story Bishin had told and saw him take Olivia back to his home and comfort her. He then saw Bishin leave that night when Olivia was sleeping and go back to the box the male demon was still in. It jupmed up growling and demanding to be set lose.

“what made you think you ahd the right to force yourself on her?”

“Women are just toys, they are here for our pleasure you foolish boy. Don’t let her manipulate you. Women love when we take them. They say no just for the fun of fighitng”

“Monsters like you make me fucking sick. They do not like it! My sister Rika was raped by a demon like you. She had night terrors for years. It’s been twenty three years and she still has bad nights from time to time. For moments of pleasure you hurt a woman for the rest of her life.” The demon laughed angering Bishin more. He took down the walls and his fingers turned into sharp claws as his back slightly arched and his canines grew so they were actually out of his mouth and he had to keep it slightly open. His yellow eyes turned blood red while the cornea dissapered. He mauled the demon until he just lay in pieces across the desert sands.

Bishin stood there a few moments and he went back to normal. He spit on the ground where the demons flesh laid in tatters “you piece of trash” Bishin said as he walked away. Chthon pulled out of his head “I can be an ugly beast” Bishin said when Chthon got out of his head. Bishin continued ” My sister Rika lives closer to where you live Chthon. She lived by herself in a house when a demon came in and raped her, he didn’t just do it once, he had her for days. She has a daughter now who is her sun and moon. She loves her but still struggles from time to time. I hate demons like him…I hate them. My sister Rika has a good heart. She’s a very kind woman. She in no way deserved what he did.”

Chthon hugged him “You did a good thing. Demons like that don’t change and I’m glad you killed the one that wanted to hurt Olivia.”

“I was raised to respect women. My father was like you, not your typical demon male. I would do anything to keep others from going through the pain that Rika did. Even if it means becoming a monster.”

“You should see the things I can do and what I can become. Ruth has never seen the darker side of me. Only my friend Nigel knows that face. I understand becoming the monster to catch the monster, so don’t worry about it your secret is safe with me.”

“Thank you.”

Everyone else came into the living room and Bishin reached for Olivia, pulling her onto his lap. He could only imagine what would have happened to her if the demon had caught her. He kissed her shoulder, thankful she had ran past his home and not further into the desert. They all relaxed and talked after having such a long week. Between the new house and reconnecting with each other, they were all exhausted. As they talked about baby names and Chthon and Ruth getting more grandchildren, Zeus couldn’t help but think about his mother. He missed her and wondered what had happened to her. He wanted her to see that he and Lucy were okay and that her granddaughters and grown into very beautiful young women, but it had been centuries. He hoped she was still living and safe. Somehow they would find their way to each other if she was.

“as much as we have loved getting to know you all I think it’s about time Ruth, Abraxas, Adette and I went home. I’m sure Zeus and Lucy would appreciate time with just the five of you.” Olivia and Ava hugged Chthon “are you leaving now?”

“Yeah, I prefer to run during the night. Some of my trip will be under the cool of darkness if I leave now” Everybody exchanged hugs. When Chthon hugged Bishin he whispered “You keep taking good care of Olivia and Ava. I look forward to when I hear of your engagement to my grandaughter” Bishin blushed and smiled “I will” Everyone heard Chthon despite his whisper so Olivia was blushing too. When they were gone Lucy asked “when would you girls like to go back to the castle to reunite with everyone else?”

“we want a few more months just with you two before that happens.” Zeus and Lucy smiled “then a few more months it is. We’re glad to have you to ourselves now.” The following days were filled with happiness. It meant so much to Zeus that he was being given this second chance. He was determined not to let his daughters down. He refused to let himself be a dissapointment to them a second time. Even though Bishin was a much younger male he would also look to him for guidance on how to be a good man. It was effortless with Lucy because he was so lost in his deep love for her but with others he struggled at times to know how to act.

It would be easier with his girls this time too because his heart was open and already loving the tremendously. He would die for those girls and any future children Lucy had. He could see a lot of their mother in both of them. One night while Lucy and Zeus laid in bed Lucy asked “when is Bishin going to ask Olivia to marry him? He loves her and he obviously wants to be with her forever.”

“I know his scent, I can follow it to his home since he decided to go home tonight and ask.”

“would you?” Zeus smiled “Promise me you’ll stay safely in here until I return.” Lucy lightly giggled and kissed him “I will baby” Zeus got out of bed and tucked in his wife before getting clothes on “I’ll be back”

“Be safe Zeus”

“always, I have to return to you. HIs house isn’t far from what I understand” Zeus went out into the night and found Bishins scent then followed it straight to his home. Zeus walked up to the door and knocked. Bishin answered, even though it was late at night he didn’t seem like he had been sleeping “what’re you doing here at this time?”

“My wife and I were talking about somthing and I have a question Olivia would slap me for if she heard” Bishin smiled ‘then by all means, come in” They sat down “why are you up for starters? You don’t even look like you were in bed.”

“I…um…well…you know how much I love Olivia right?”

“A blind man could see it”

“I’m making her a ring. I’ve made the band but I’ve been working on the stone. Lucy loves the green emeralds in a cave near here. I took some and have been trying to cut a nice stone out to put on the band but I can never seem to cut it right. I’ve been determined to get it done. I want to ask her to marry me and I can’t until I get this ring perfect.” Zeus smiled ‘well you answered my other question. Lucy is getting anxious” Bishin gave a small smile. “I’m happy you and your wife approve of me marrying Olivia. I love her to my very core”

“That’s why we approve. We know you will be a good husband and a good father to the children you have. Do you have the stones you haven’t approved of?”


‘Let me see them. You may be judging them too harshly” Bishin guided Zeus to the room he worked in he handed Zeus the band then walked him over to a table covered in emralds then opened a box filled with small pieces of the emralds “None of them are good enough” Zeus examined a few until he got to one he liked “this one is perfect”

“I cut it too small”

“Olivia will love it Bishin. Put this one on the band”

“Are you sure, I don’t mind trying until it’s just right”

“Lucy will implode if you don’t propose soon” Bishin laughed ‘alright then, return to Lucy. It will take me awhile to do this”

“Goodnight Bishin”

“Goodnight Zeus”

Zeus decided to take his time walking home. He wanted to enjoy the night air. He stretched his arms above his head and took a deep breath of the fresh air. He was still plauged by nightmares and guilt, but he knew that moving out to the desert with his daughters was a good start to forgiving himself. He knew Lucy was right and that he had to let go and move on. He was sometimes afraid that if he did, he would revert back to his old ways. He had to trust in Lucy to keep him on the right path. When he finally made it home he hurried inside to Lucy. She woke the minute he walked through the bedroom door and held her arms out to him. He crawled in bed and pulled her close, finding her lips with his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

“Does someone want her husband?”

“Yes very much.”

He smiled and ran his hands over her soft skin. He loved when she slept nude. They had taken to wear in night clothes while living with Chthon and Ruth. She moaned when he pushed her legs open and covered her with his mouth. She gripped the comforter as he ravenously ate her, making her back arch off the bed. “Zeus, please, no more.” He forced himself to kiss his way back up to her mouth, his tongue sliding into her mouth as he thrust into her. “Faster, harder.” She said against his lips and he picked up the pace, slamming into her over and over again. She clung to him, her nails biting into his back as she orgasmed. He pushed himself deeper, shaking as he spilled himself into her. He kissed her softly and moved to lay next to her, resting his head on her chest.

“I love you so much Lucy.” He whispered.

“I love you too and I always will.” She ran her fingers through his hair, filling him with peace.

Lucy fell quickly asleep, but he stayed awake a while longer, propping his head up and admiring her. He kissed her cheek and brushed her hair away from her face. He didn’t know what he would do without her. He lay on his back and pulled her gently into his arms. He stared up at the stars until his eyelids grew to heavy to keep open. He kissed the top of her head before allowing himself to fall asleep. He took her love and warmth with him into his dreams, knowing they would keep his nightmares away.

The following morning Bishin came just after breakfast. Everyone had moved into the living room to relax and wait for him. Olivia answered the door since everybody knew who was knocking. They embraced while Zeus and Bishin exchanged smiled over Olivias shoulder. Bishin grabbed Olivias hand and guided her to the center of the living room. She gave him a confused look until he got down on one knee. Lucy covered her mouth with surprise and excitement. Zeus never told her last night what Bishin said. “I love you Olivia, you have been the air in my lungs for five years. I’ve needed you since the very day we met. I made this ring especially for you since you love the emralds so much. When I took you to that cave it was the first time you gave me a kiss on the cheek. You could bring a man to his knees with your kisses, even when it’s only on the cheek. I want to be with you for all of time Olivia. I don’t want a day to pass where I don’t get to see or embrace you. I want to have children with you and raise a family just as loving as the family you already have. Will you marry me Olivia?”

Olivia wanted to say yes but she knew if she spoke she was going to cry. A few silent tears were already sliding from her eyes when she nodded. Bishin slipped the silverband with the beautiful cut green stone on her finger before pulling her into a gentle kiss. Ava clapped while Lucy jumped to her feet to wrap them in a hug. She knew she should wait until they were done kissing but she was so excited. Zeus chuckled, wishing he had been more of a romantic when he proposed to Lucy. Lucy spoke when she pulled back “we have to go back to Chthons castle now. Everybody must know about this. Would you guys like to head there tomorrow morning?”

“yes” Olivia said now able to speak. “Sounds great!” Ava added and Bishin simply answered “yeah”

“good, come to our house Ava so we can let the love birds have a few moments to enjoy what just happened.” Ava winked and nudged her sister “don’t enjoy eachother too much”

“Ava!” Olivia said making her sister laugh “I love you, we’ll see you guys in the morning. If you pack me some clothes to I wont disturb you in the morning.”

“I will” Ava, Zeus, and Lucy walked out while Bishin pulled Olivia in for another hug. Once they were alone “Bishin whispered happily “you still don’t have to have sex with me Olivia” Olivia answered nervously “well I guess there’s nobody here to hear us” He kissed her cheek “do you want to or are you worried about me?”

“I want to” Olivia said in a small voice. “You don’t sound very sure.”

“Well…Ava says it’s great and she’s never been with a man she loved so I could only imagine how much I’d like it with you” Bishin smiled then picked her up. He walked slowly up the stairs and into Olivias bedroom when he put her down. He took his time removing his clothes to give Olivia more time to change her mind before they really started. She just didn’t seem sure even though she said she was. Olivias jaw actually dropped and she said “wow” the second she said it she wished she hadn’t and blushed profusely making Bishin smile. He kissed her “don’t be embarrassed Olivia.” He whispered in a way that gave Olivia goosebumps. He then asked “do you want me to take your clothes off or do you want to?”

“I think you should do it. They may never come off if I try” Bishin smiled again. It looked both happy and like he was looking at the most adorable creature he had ever seen. He took her clothes of a little faster. He was growing excited for her. Bishin stood there at a loss for words as he admired her. When he could finally say something he said “How is it even possible for a woman to be this beautiful” Olivia went into a full body blush and Bishin pulled her into his arms “are you sure you want me? I’m getting very lustful looking at you and we need to stop if you don’t want me”

“I really do” Bishin carried her over to the bed. He looked near tears. Olivia rubbed his cheek “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just so happy. You’re going to marry me and now I get to make love to you. I’ve just wanted these things for so long, to get them both in one morning is a tad bit overwhelming.”

“I love you so much Bishin. I was so lucky to meet you” Bishin leaned down and kissed her. His tongue slowly moving in her mouth. His hands traveled her smooth, silk like skin. Bishin couldn’t even decide what to do with her. He wanted everything but knew this time had to be tame. It was her first, it shocked him since she had been around so many years but it was the truth. Ava had a couple partners over the years. Men that would just stay for a time and they would have a fling but Olivia had never slept with anyone. Bishin rained kisses all over Olivias body as he rubbed her. Olivias moans threatened to make him lose control but he wouldn’t allow himself to get lost in his lust. She deserved a sweet and slow first time.

When her thighs were soaked with warm liquid Bishin pushed himself in making Olivia partially scream with a closed mouth. Bishin kissed Olivia as he moved in and out of her. He was almost brought to tears again. He really felt like he had become one with her. Like their spirits and hearts mingled in this moment. It was staggering how good this felt with her. When his seed was spent he laid at her side and held her “That was astonishing Bishin. We should have done that sooner” He kissed her head “we did that in plenty of time. Now I have eternity to make love to you. That night Lucy and Zeus just laid awake excited about introducing their daughters to everyone and proudly announcing Bishin and Olivias engagement. They didn’t think they could have picked a better son in law. Rest was a far off thought as they laid awake with their busy heads. The future looked blindingly bright when they thought of more children and a wedding.

Zeus was especially happy that he had been around his girls months now and hadn’t screwed up. He was being a good father and they loved him. He kissed his wifes head “thank you for being there for me through everything Lucy. I don’t even want to know what I would have become if you hadn’t walked into my castle when you did. I now have this truly amazing and fufilling life and I owe it all to you.” Lucy returned the kiss “you deserve all that you’ve gotten Zeus. You always had a good heart. Sombody just needed to dig it out from under the anger your father put there” Those were the last words spoken as they held eachother through the night. Their love and excitement wrapping around the two as they finally drifted to sleep.

~ The End ~

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