Zinlya & Torgan 2

Chapter One

Zinlya was by herself in a pond bathing when a woman came flying out of nowhere, obviously ready to kill Zinlya. Zinlya ran to her sword, getting it just in time to block the womans blow. The metal meeting caught Torgan and Uailean’s ears so they rushed to help her, abandoning the meat Torgan had been preparing and the fire Uailean had been working up. “Please stop” Zinlya urged “stop? What’re you doing here! What evil deeds are you carrying out for your wicked mother!”

“I’m not doing anything for her, please listen” Their swords continued to clash, Zinlya expertly blocking the womans every advance. Her frustration grew so much she cast her sword away, ready for a magic battle with the princess. “get out of our territory” Zinlya cast a defensive spell so when a harmful one hit the angry fairy she was shocked, who would defend the daughter of the cruel Queen Isranthae. Zinlya rushed for her clothes, embarrassed that both Torgan and Uailean were here.

Torgan rushed the fairy as she was recovering and she tried launching herself into the air to avoid him, but he grabbed her ankle and slammed her into the ground. One hand went around her throat, pinning her down while the other conjured fire close to her face. “If you move, I will burn you.” He warned.

“Torgan, calm down.” Uailean said, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“She tried to kill Zinlya.”

“But she didn’t, let her up so I can talk to her and take care of Zinlya.”

Torgan glared at the woman. “You try anything stupid and you are ash.” He pushed off of her, extinguishing his flame and turning to Zinlya who had her clothes clutched against her, her skin flushed red in embarrassment. He pulled his shirt off and walked over to her, looking away as he handed it to her. “You can put this on and find somewhere to get dressed.”

“Thank you.” Zinlya said as she took his shirt, noticing he was blushing too.

She tugged it on and ran off to hide behind something and put her clothes on. Uailean spoke to the woman “Zinlya is here because I asked her to come with me. She’s as interested in clearing our kingdoms name as we are. How old are you? Are you really so young you don’t know of how good the previous king and his daughter were. Her mother is the only one who has lost her mind. I’m vouching for her, though, I don’t know if you know of who I am”

“Of course I know who you are and no I’m not some child but how can you trust her? What if she agreed to help to spy”

“My word she is on our side is good enough for our king and prince. Are you saying they are not of sound minds?” she gave an annoyed sigh “I suppose she only tried to defend herself when I attacked…her mother with how she is now would have tried to kill me”

“exactly, in my travels with her so far she does everything in her power not to kill others, even when they are trying to kill her”

“How was I to know”

“well you know now. Keep this a secret.Her mother doesn’t know anything about her being with us and I don’t want her having any clues to our whereabouts” They were still talking when Zinlya returned to them and the fairy sheepishly said “I am sorry”

“I understand…I know what my mom has put this kingdom through but I really am trying to right this”

“can I help?”

“You can’t be serious” Torgan said and Uailean interjected “you felt her power Torgan, she could be of use if something happens along the way. How do you feel accepting that offer Zinlya?”

“she definitely has spirit. I’m fine with her coming” Uailean’s tone became more serious again “You are welcome to tag along but if there is a second you do something that makes me question your loyalty to this mission…lets just say I wont stop Torgan next time.” She nodded then moved closer to Zinlya to shake her hand “You’ve already gained a lot of respect with me by letting me come along”

“Hopefully this will all be over before long. Uailean has very good leads on who may have killed my father or had him killed” Uailean spoke again “feel free to talk to her princess but it would be in our best interest if we don’t give her any more details than she needs for now” Zinlya nodded then asked “can I help with dinner now?”

“maybe our new member should earn her forgiveness by finishing up dinner” Uailean suggested.

“Okay, no problem.” She replied.

Torgan made sure he was between Zinlya and their new companion, who called herself Amaryllis. He wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she had attacked Zinlya. When they made it back to camp, Amaryllis started on dinner, Zinlya once again offering her help, but was quickly waved off. “Why don’t you come relax.” Torgan said.

“Alright, if you insist.” She said with a smile as she dropped down next to him.

“I do princess.”

“Thank you for helping me earlier.” Her cheeks flushed.

“I could tell you were uncomfortable, sorry I saw.”

“It’s alright.”

Uailean couldn’t help but chuckle at how embarrassed they both were. “How cute, you act like you’ve never seen a naked woman.” He had to tease, just a little. They both turned bright red and Torgan glared at him.

“I will kill you.” He threatened.

“Sorry, but you were both acting so awkward.”

Zinlya laughed at the exchange, managing to relax about the fact Torgan had just briefly seen her naked. Uailean waited until the meal was ready to begin his interrogation but he wanted to be sure they could trust this woman to tag along. He started asked her a multitude of questions and she answered them promptly, not shying away from one. Eventually she said “It’s getting late, have I answered enough for us all to rest?”


“You should sleep near me Zinlya, just to be sure” Torgan suggested, earning a grin from Uailean. Torgan almost thought he wouldn’t add anything but Uailean said “Maybe you should even hold her. I mean, can we be too careful with the princess’s life? Two royals did and there will truly be no stopping Isranthae. The other kingdoms might actually start to believe her too should Zinlyas life end in this territory.”

Zinlya was blood red as she said “I…I wouldn’t be opposed to sleeping close enough for you to hold me” Torgans urge to punch Uailean subsided with Zinlyas willingness to do it “You…well you could lay your head on my chest if you’d be comfortable” Uailean laid down and so did Amaryllis. She could see now why Torgan had looked so angry about earlier. She didn’t think she was going to be in good graces with him for a long time.

Torgan made himself comfortable then reached for Zinlya who moved into his arms, situating herself and snuggling close, her entire body warming. “Is this okay?” She asked. “You’re not uncomfortable?”

“I’m perfect, how about you?”

“Me too.” She let out a little sigh as she closed her eyes. “You’re heart’s beating really fast.”

“Yeah? Sorry if it bothers you.”

“No, it’s nice, very calming.” In truth hers was beating just as hard. “I like it.”

He held her a little tighter. “Sweet dreams, Zinlya.”

“Sweet dreams.”

In the morning Zinlya woke to Amaryllis and Uailean talking. It was Uailean who apologized “sorry, we didn’t mean to disturb you two” Zinlya sat up which woke Torgan since his arm had been on her “it’s alright, we have important work to do and it’s timed. You know as well as I do my mother has fairies looking for me” He nodded and said “well we’ve already made breakfast so eat up you two and lets get going” Breakfast was a little awkward since they were both embarrassed about cuddling last night but they fell back into their comfortable grove about an hour into traveling.

“so Zin…can I call you Zin?” Amaryllis asked.

“Yeah, a lot of people do”

“Uailean told me this morning that you’re even more impressive than I saw fighting you”

“My father had been training me since I was young. Even before he decided I would be queen we had matches. Its just the training got much more serious when he decided he wanted me to rule”

“Uailean thinks you could beat the queen if it came to it” Zins expression grew sad “Maybe…I hope it doesn’t come to that. If I can present her with the real culprit maybe she will go back to being my mother. She has to be in there somewhere…the woman I grew up with. I’d like to think even if I don’t she wouldn’t be able to truly fight me. Maybe that alone could wake her up but then again…she’s become such a monster…I’m sorry by the way…for whatever specifically she did to make you so angry when you saw me”

“In truth, her actions shouldn’t matter when it comes to you. I should have thought before I attacked, but instead I pushed your mother’s crimes off on you. No one should have to pay for the sins of their parents.”

“Yet I am, even now.”

“Even so, I should have shown understanding rather than rage. We have all lost loved ones and friends in this war and you are not to blame.”

Zinlya reached over and patted her back, giving her a warm smile. “We’ll all have to work hard to fix this land and bring peace to the people in it.”

“And I will.” She smiled back. “Thank you for listening.”

“Of course.”

“Perhaps when we get the time, you could show me how well you fight when you’re not naked and being ambushed.”

Zinlya’s cheeks flushed. “Sure, that sounds fun.”

“we need to turn left once we get to the dense trees. I doubt there will be enough space for the two of you to do any fighting until after we question Peadrus MacGill’Eòin”

“and I still can’t know anything about why we need to talk to him?” She asked and Uailean said “you seem nice enough but this is too important to take risks. When I trust you enough to have more information I’ll let you know” Amaryllis seemed to accept that as the final word on the matter. They turned when they were supposed to and started their journey through the dense trees. It made going forward much more difficult, especially since they stepped on large roots far more than solid ground but they made good time anyway, all determined to get to the bottom of who killed the king before things got worse.

Zinlya knocked but no answer came. She looked back at Uailean since he was the lead on all this and he said “try knocking louder. We cant possibly be unlucky enough that he isn’t home” She took a deep breath in then let it out slowly to calm her nerves before trying again. She knocked forecefully and this time heard a groan from the other side of the door.

Chapter Two

“That doesn’t sound good.” Zinlya said and Uailean moved up and banged on the door. There was no more noise so he drew his sword and gestured for Zinlya to step back.

He kicked the door in and headed slowly inside, followed by Torgan and then Zinlya and Amaryllis. Peadrus was laying in the middle of the floor, a glass next to his left hand, and vomit on the floor next to his head. He was pale, his veins prominent against his skin. “Amaryllis search the house, see if anyone else was here, look for any clues.”

“I’ll help her.” Zinlya said and Torgan started to open his mouth, but stopped and just nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll be alright.”

“I know, just shout.”

She and Amaryllis drew their weapons and moved off into the back of the house. Uailean rolled Peadrus onto his side. “Peadrus, can you hear me?” He let out another small groan, but other than that, remained near lifeless.

“What in the hell happened?” Torgan asked.

“From the looks of it?” He glanced around, seeing an open bottle on a table. “Poison.”


“And recent, that or he’s stubborn.”

“Is he going to die?”

“Without help, more than likely.”

The girls carefully walked through the small home, each ready to fight the second anybody jumped out at them. Nothing obviously said someone else had been here but then again, the only fairy here that knew this man was Uailean so they could be missing something. At the very least the two concluded nobody else was still there so they returned to Torgan and Uailean “we didn’t see anything that seemed odd”

“were you able to find the entrance to his basement”

“No, where on earth is that?”

“Torgan, watch over him. I need to know what this poison is to help him and I can get that answer downstairs. Our friend here is a bit of a chemist. He’ll have what I need to solve that mystery” Uailean grabbed the bottle then asked the girls to follow him. He pushed what looked like solid floor and there laid an entrance “wow” Amaryllis said softly as they descended. Zinlya could tell Uailean was stressed so she stayed quiet, waiting on his next command.

She and Amaryllis looked around while Uailean worked. Neither of them had ever seen anything like this. Zinlya knew her mother employed a chemist, but she never spent time in his lab, just knew of its existence. “This is going to take a few minutes to process.” Uailean suddenly said and they both turned to him.

“Do you think he poisoned himself?” Amaryllis asked.

“No, he would have just drank it straight away, not put it in wine and he would have made something that actually killed him. Whoever did this was a bad chemist or bought a dud.” He sighed as he rubbed his temples. “Someone was trying to stop us, I can feel it, someone doesn’t want us to know.”

“But how would they know we were coming here?” Zinlya asked.

Uailean sighed. “A spy perhaps back at camp. They could have slipped in as one of ours and found us out. You know how insane things are right now, it would have been easy.”

“So you think whoever did this, also orchestrated my father’s murder.”

“Yes, but we’re going to stop them, we’re going to end this war.” He let out another sigh. He turned back to the test he was running. “We have to end this.”

“We will, you know Torgan, me, and even Amaryllis will fight for it no matter what.”

Uailean nodded. “I know, thank you. Could you go and check on them for me? I’m afraid if Torgan started yelling we might not hear him down here.”

“Of course.” She gave his shoulder and squeeze before leaving and he gave her a smile in return.

“Togan’s a lucky man.” He said once she was gone.

“He should tell her.” Amaryllis replied.

Uailean chuckled. “In time.”

“they were childhood friends weren’t they?”

“yes but Zinlya’s responsibilities eventually took her away from play. Her father had high hopes for her rule. They only just returned to eachother company when we started this endeavor. If I’m confident in anything though, Torgan wont let her slip through his fingers again. Weather on this journey or at its end he will tell her” When she stepped into the room Torgans hand caught fire but quickly went out “sorry to startle you” Zinlya apologized and Torgan said “No, I’m glad you came back”

“Uailean wanted me to make sure you were okay”

“I am, whats going on down there?”

“Hes running a test, he says it will be awhile” Torgan looked down at Peadrus “You hear that, Uailean is running a test, just hang on for us. You’re so important to us figuring this out. We’re here on a mission to figure out who truly killed King Thane.” Torgan kept talking to him, trying to keep him as alert as possible. Zinlya decided to stay with Torgan, knowing if Uailean needed her he’d send Amaryllis up.

Uailean was shocked at the test’s result and he and Amaryllis rushed back up and to Zinlya and Torgan. “We need to get him to a healer now.”

“What is it?” Zinlya asked.

“Water hemlock. Torgan help me with him.” He and Torgan pulled him up and between them.

“How bad is that?”

“Really bad.” Torgan answered. “Like surprised he’s not dead bad.”

“Amaryllis, you and the princess are going to have to be our guards just in cast.” Uailean said.

“Yes sir.”

“Is he going to survive?” Zinlya asked.

“If we get him help.” They started to leave and Zinlya thought to grab the bottle and dump it out in the dirt as they left. She didn’t want someone breaking in and thinking it was alright to drink it. She disposed of the bottle then they were hurrying away from Peadrus’s home.

It was even harder getting though the dense forest carrying Peadrus through but they made it out in half the time it had taken them to reach his home. The group didn’t dare stop for anything, even when they began to ache. Finally they arrived where Uailean was taking them. A house came into view with a woman standing outside. There was a toddler on her hip that she quickly set down “what’s the matter?”

“Water hemlock”

“Bring him inside, lay him anywhere” they ran in, startling a man who Zinlya assumed must be her husband. He just walked away, scooping up the toddler who had been following their mother. It was impressive watching her work. Zinlya found herself wanting to get to know this healer. If they didn’t have such pressing matters she’d want to know about her life and how her skills were honed but she knew if they managed to save Paedrus they had to get back to business.

She sighed “I’ve done all I can do now. I know this old sod has the will to pull through though so don’t worry”

“Thank you Azalea”

“You all look worn, you’re welcome to take a proper bath and rest. My husband and I can cook you something when you’re all refreshed”

“He wont be getting up for awhile then?”

“No, I need one of you to help me move him to a couch so he can rest more comfortably” As Uailean and Torgan moved Paedrus Azalea said “why don’t you go first princess, take a nice shower then you can take mine and my husbands bed. You’ll have to share with your friend here when shes clean though”

“thank you” This woman was surprisingly not hostile with her in the slightest so she guessed like Torgan, the kind and Uailean she knew she wasn’t like her mother. Zinlya was quick in the shower, only taking as long as she had to to get clean then let Amaryllis jump in. When they entered her room Azalea said “I’m sorry if my daughter disturbs you. I’m going to try to keep her out”

“Don’t worry too much, this is your home after all. She wont annoy me”

“You have important work ahead of you. Uailean has done nothing but think how to end this war so if he’s with you I know you’re doing something important. Thank you…I can’t imagine how hard it must be to go against your mother…I dont know if my heart could take being at odds with my mother”

“I’m ready, that woman in the castle isn’t my mom anymore…not to me. The woman she was died with my father” Azalea gave her a sympathetic look before leaving the room. Zinlya slipped under the covers and didn’t even wake when Amaryllis joined her.
Torgan and Uailean stayed with Paedrus, both of then wanting to be there should he wake. They talked softly, trying to deduce why he had been poisoned. Had he helped with the murder of Zinlya’s father or had he been told about it? Perhaps he had been a consultant to the person without knowing. It was hard to tell and only Paedrus could tell them for sure. His breathing was shallow and pained, but at least he was alive and hopefully he would pull through. They were both woke early the next morning by whispered mumbling. Both of their eyes flew open and it took them a moment to realize it was Paedrus and he sounded distressed.

“Paedrus?” Torgan said as he shook him. “Can you hear me?” The man’s eyes flew open and he gripped onto Torgan’s arm and he stared fearfully up at him for a moment before falling back into unconsciousness, his body going limp, his breathing evening out.

“Looks like he was having a nightmare.” Uailean said as he swept his hair back.

“He looked right at me, he was terrified.”

“He was looking through you at someone else, I don’t even think he knew you were there.”

Chapter Three

“Thank heavens we made it to him when we did . Any more delays and he may have perished”

“I’m still worried about loseing him yet. I have a plan b if he doesnt pull through but he’s vital.Things will be a lot harder if we don’t get the opportunity to talk to him” In the morning Azalea tended to Peadrus a little more but he still looked rough. Zinlya came down just as she was finishing “how is he?”

“better, he’s doing well considering” Azalea turned and continued speaking “do you feel like helping me cook for everyone? My husband is busy with our little one”

“I’d be glad to help”

“Is there anything you would like us to do?” Uailean asked.

“Just keep an eye on him and let me know if anything changes.”

“Could we borrow some clothes, to change him?” Torgan asked.

“Of course.” Azalea went and retrieved some of her husband’s clothes and handed them off, knowing he wouldn’t mind.

They got to work changing Paedrus, then made sure he was comfortable. They could feel that he was feverish and Torgan went and found a rag, quickly wetting it in cold water then taking it back place on his forehead. He groaned in his sleep, shivering, and mumbling to himself at whatever nightmare haunted him. “At least he made it through the night.” He said as he sat down.

“I’m hoping he wakes soon, even if it’s for a moment.” Uailean said.

“So how has it been traveling, princess?” Azalea asked.

“It’s been good, Torgan and Uailean have been making sure I’m comfortable, even though they don’t have too and now we have Amaryllis too.”

Azalea smiled. “I would say Torgan thinks he absolutely believes he has to take care of you.”

Zinlya blushed. “He’s very protective.”

Azaleas smile only grew bigger which embarrassed Zinlya more. “well Torgan is a very caring man, especially with people who mean something to him. Did you two click again when you started traveling? As in is it more like you’re friends?”

“yeah, I…I don’t know how I ever forgot about him or how I even let a distance start between us.”

“I’m sure you’ve been told by the two of them it’s understandable.”

“well, even when this is over thats never happening again”

“good, hopefully this will all be over soon. I’m doing my best to make sure you don’t lose Paedrus”

“I’m mostly just worried about him. Uailean seems to be an endless supply of plans. He’s smart and resourceful, it’s the life I’m worried about really.”

“He just wants this to stop. If he’s coming off as insensitive, I apologize.”

Azalea laughed. “Not at all, I get it. He’s not a bad man, he’s just looking at the bigger picture.”

“Do you think Paedrus will make it?”

“He’s still alive, that’s a good sign. Uailean and your Torgan are watching over him so if anything changes at least I’ll know instantly.”

They finished cooking, Azalea taking food to her husband and child while Zinlya and Amaryllis took food to Torgan and Uailean. Zinlya couldn’t help the blush that tinted her cheeks when Torgan smiled and thanked her. “Any changes?” She asked as she sat next to him.

“It’s hard to tell. He’s still breathing, he has a pulse, and he seems to be dreaming, but that’s it. What about you, how are you holding up?”

“Me? I’m fine, worried and a bit tired, but I can’t really complain.”

“Do you miss home?”

Zinlya shook her head. “Not really. It’s so cold there, like it’s dead. I prefer being out here with you.”


Her heart stuttered. “And the others of course.”

Peadrus began to truly wake around two am though he still seemed incredible weak “Uailean” his name woke the commander. “Peadrus” Uailean got up and soon Torgan followed “Peadrus, we came to speak to you and found you collapsed on the floor”

“I think someone knew that…I don’t know how I could be so stupid…what is it that you need to know. I’m not sure I’m going to be okay so we need to hurry and discuss things”

“You’re in Azalea’s living room, I know you’re going to be okay but yes, we need to speak urgently. It’s about the departed king, princess Zinlya’s father”


“Princess Zinlya is here with us. You don’t need to be afraid to speak. She, Torgan and I are putting an end to all this. You have to trust us. I know you’ve only just come close to losing your life but what you may know is vital, please, the princess herself will even beg if necessary”

“Queen Isranthae wont hear of it being anybody but your king. Is Zinlya sure she wants to go down this path?” Zinlya hadn’t been able to sleep so she had been listening. She came out of Azaleas room and down the stairs, having the attention of all three men “I’m sure, I’m ready to do what it takes. My father wanted me to be queen and a true queen wouldn’t cower before their mother”

“alright…but Torgan, while we begin to speak will you get me water”

“Of course’ Torgan said as he got up and left. Zinlya came closer and took Peadrus’s hand “Please speak to me”

“I’ve worked for your family a very long time. I did things here and there for your father but I’ve worked much more for your mother. I don’t really help her honestly but she trusts me because your father could trust me. I’d like to think I’ve saved lives not truly doing the things she’s requested”

“I’m sure you have”

“I’ve always thought your fathers death had something to do with the Éidich family”

“Should I know them?”

“I think there’s a lot your father wouldn’t want you to know about his time with a man named Creighton. Unknowingly your father kept bad company for a long time and I don’t think any father, however unknowingly would want their daughter knowing about some of the things that happened during that time” Torgan came back with a drink that Peadrus gratefully downed “It’s time you sat down for a story. Listen closely incase I don’t have a chance to repeat it”

Uailean found himself glad Amaryllis was sleeping for this. He still wasn’t ready to trust her with information, especially now that someone had been poisoned over their investigation. “Your father and I were friends as teenagers. Thats about a thousand stories in itself though. I was suspicious from the start when I began receiving letters about the man but you know your father. He doesn’t think ill of someone easily, no matter what anybody says. I will never say thats a bad trait…regardless of how your father ended up but…before I knew it your father was leaving that school his parents had sent him to and was following that man wherever he may lead getting real world experience were his words. Creighton promised him he’d see things few knew existed and show him wonderful magic and countless other things that would help his kingdom once he sat on the throne.”

The talking woke Azalea who was now in the room, offering him something “take it, it will help” he downed it trustingly “thank you” Peadrus said quickly before continuing his story. Zinlya had heard some of this already from Uailean but slowly they learned things about the men even Uailean hadn’t known. She wasn’t sure why he had gone so far back but she was happy to listen. Her attention became even more focused when the name finally came up “and thats when they met Goiridh Éidich, barely older than your father at the time. He was star struck, Kilead could have never happened without young Goirdh’s adoration and willingness to do anything for your father. Using Creightons own words to your devastated father when he finally saw the man for the evil he was “All you need is to deceive a king and the world is at your feet”

The sun was now coming up, beginning to fill the room with light. “He knew your father and his family had an amazing reputation and Creighton knew that in becoming such close friends with your father he could gain trust in others”

“what happened to Goiridh Éidich? Is he who poisoned you?”

“No, Goiridh Éidich has been dead for a long time” Zinlya struggled to keep composure. Another death, another familys loss, more pain caused by Creighton. More weight that had undoubtedly always hung on her fathers shoulders. He often took walks at night and now more than ever Zinlya wondered if he truly couldn’t sleep because of guilt. She knew her father hadn’t been a part of anything bad on purpose but he was too good of a man to truly live a guilt free life after everything she had been hearing.

“Creighton so easily twisted your father’s and Goiridh’s trust, it was who he was, so charming, always smiling and laughing, even going so far as to put himself between your father and another man, a man he had hired and killed to further cement his standing at your father’s side. He manipulated Goiridh, telling him how he could further win your father’s favor, that if he wanted to stay by the king’s side, all he had to do was follow orders and the king would surely love him for it. Who could say no to someone so loyal.”

“What happened to Goiridh?”

“His murder was the catalyst that started this war. Creighton meticulously planned everything, using Goiridh’s death as a way to turn the young man’s family against the late king. Even after Creighton had revealed his true nature, your father thought nothing of an Eidich coming to visit, thought nothing of the man he brought with him. He wasn’t even suspicious and only felt immense amounts of guilt over what had happened to Goiridh. His family didn’t know that it had been Creighton who had killed him, who had looked into his eyes and watched his life slip out of him. He had outlived his usefulness after all.”

“But why were you poisoned?”

“Because of Goirdh’s journal. Your father asked me to take care of it after he died, not wanting it to be burned with him. I didn’t even know it held anything vital until I was laying on the floor dying, that assassin standing over me with a message from Creighton. He asked me about the journal, but I wouldn’t tell him where it was.”

“So Creighton waited until the moment was right.” Uailean said. “He struck like a viper and used Kilead to manipulate a still grieving family. The bastard.”

“What about the journal? Where is it?” Torgan asked.

“In my lab with my own journals.”

We need to get it quickly if we can. God…we didn’t even think to leave one of us behind in case the assassin was still close, waiting for a chance to be alone in the house”

“I’ll be fine here with Azalea and her family, you all go. Assassins are crafty little bastards. The more of you the better if he’s still hanging around” Zinlya spoke after Peadrus “are you sure there’s nothing else we must know. What if we lose you while we’re gone”

“The journal is all you need” He squeezed Zinlyas hand “Good luck princess, if I can join your efforts at some point I hope I’m welcome”

“Of course you are, just find us” Peadrus looked at Uailean “would five be too big of a group for your liking?”

“Five would be just fine, don’t you dare die on us”

“I’m getting better as we speak”

“We will be off then, Azalea, if Amaryllis wakes while we are gone tell her where we went and that we will be back for her” Zinlya almost said something about them leaving her behind but she knew it was urgent they hurried if the journal was even still there. The three rushed out, Zinlya hoping Amaryllis wouldn’t be hurt by the fact they left her behind. She knew in her heart they could trust her and had seen for herself she’d be an asset if they got themselves into a fight.

They flew non stop until they reached the forest and had to run. The group was much better at getting through it this time but smoke stopped them in their tracks. It twisted around them, making their eyes water as they coughed. With horror they discovered a fire had been set, destroying Peadrus’s home. Now they not only had no way of getting his journal but they had no way of knowing if the enemy had it. What else could her father had put in there and what else might it cause.

~ The End

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