Zorion & Renato 2

Chapter One

“You want to take a week away?” Renato asked.

“Yeah, just you and me. Cam and Neith said they would watch the pack and that little group of protesters.”

“I’m sorry about them.”

“Hey, none of that.” He took Renato’s hand and drew him closer, grinning at the way his heart stuttered. “Besides, a couple of the wolves have been taking them cookies, it’s pretty amusing.”

“You shouldn’t stir the pot.”

“They started it and you asked me to not get violent if I can help it, so a couple of the wolves decided maybe baking for them would help. At least I didn’t sic Neith on them, she’d scare the daylights out of them. She practically treats you like you’re her pup.” He gently stroked Renato’s cheek. “So, how about a trip?”

“To where?”

“I was thinking another world. You could meet another god, it’d be fun.” He leaned in closer. “Plus, we’d get some alone time.” Renato blushed as Zorion rubbed their noses together. They still hadn’t taken that step in their relationship, Renato was still too shy and nervous and even a little scared. Zorion didn’t blame him, but he hoped that maybe he could get him to come further out of his shell if they went away for a few days.

Renato’s heart was going crazy at the word alone, he knew how badly his mate wanted him. it was obvious despite the fact Zorion never pressured him. He decided just to say yes. He wanted away from the protesters anyway and Renato knew he had to push himself if they were ever going to get farther in their relationship. He couldn’t stay afraid to be more intimate, Zorion, his sweet, patient wolf deserved more than that. “Let’s go.” He was surprised he could answer so clearly.

Zorion gave Renato a gentle kiss. “Lets start getting ready now then. You’re going to have an amazing time, I promise Renato.” Renato smiled, his heart warming at Zorion’s euphoric face. He was such a good man and he felt relief again that his wolf was impossible to push away.

Zorion was in high spirits as they packed everything they would need in their hiking bags. He kept stealing glances at Renato who seemed deep in thought and he couldn’t help but lean in and brush a kiss to his cheek, smiling when he received a blush in return. “You know, your face is going to get stuck that way if you don’t stop thinking so hard.” He teased and chuckled when Renato’s heart stuttered.

“I didn’t even realize I was making a face.”

“A cute one. What’s on your mind?”

“N…nothing, I mean nothing important.” Zorion knew when he was lying, Renato was just that easy to read, but he decided not to call him on it, knowing he was still getting used to things, to freedom and the ability to be open.

“Are you happy to be going somewhere?”

“Yeah and nervous. I mean what if my parents come by looking for me again? You don’t think anyone would hurt them do you? What if they find out I’m not here?”

Zorion stopped what he was doing and pulled Renato into a hug. “Hey, breathe baby, it’s okay.” He gently stroked his mate’s hair then moved to press a kiss to his lips. “Better?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“No apologizing, not to me, ever. I’ll talk to Cam and Neith before we leave and make sure they know that they are only allowed to defend themselves and the pack if violence breaks out and they are to subdue not kill.”

“Thank you.”

“Of course, I know they will always be your parents and those people were once your friends.”

“I know you think I’m worth it Zorion, but I’m sorry it’s been so much trouble…I really am.”

“You are absolutely worth dealing with this protest and if you are talking about yourself you’re not difficult, you’ve never been. You were confused thanks to your parents and some people just take longer to be ready for sex than others. I have you and that’s all I need to be happy. You’re not being difficult.” Renato initiated another hug and Zorion held him happily a few moments before going to talk to his betas about how to handle things while he was away. When Zorion returned to their room he comforted Renato. “They understand and promise they will do their best to not harm your parents at all if they come here. All the wolves know as well and will be reminded that they aren’t to use any more force than necessary.”

“Before we leave this world do you want to go to our favorite ice cream place?”

“Of course I do.”

Renato was nervous as they left and Zorion insisted on driving them through what protesters there were. He smiled at them as they pulled up to them and when they didn’t move, his eyes glared death at them and they moved involuntarily so he could pull through. “I wish I could do that.” Renato said once they were on the road.


“You know, scare people like that.”

Zorion chuckled. “I prefer you continue to act the way you do.” He took Renato’s hand and brought it to his lips, kissing his fingers so he blushed and his heart danced. “Let me be the aggressive one, it’s what I’m good at.” He winked and Renato’s face flamed a deeper red.


Zorion loved the way Renato reacted to him, to his touch and kisses, to the way he constantly flirted because he couldn’t help himself. He loved the sound of his heart and how shy he could be, especially when he smelled of desire. He laughed when they pulled up to the little ice cream shop and Renato had trouble getting out of his seat belt. “Easy, slow down baby.”

“It’s your fault.”

Zorion gave another little chuckle as he clicked the button on the seat belt for him then pulled him close to kiss him. “Is that better?”

“Ye…yeah.” He stuttered, his cheeks growing redder. Feeling nervous as desire swam in Zorion’s eyes, Renato quickly got out the car and they walked inside, ordering what they normally did then sat down. There was only two other people here, but that was normal. This place was either packed or almost empty, it didn’t seem to have an in-between. The rushes would come due to groups meeting here. Sometimes it was packed because of a book club while other days it may be packed because of a school’s¬†spirit night.¬†It was sometimes fun to see the other families and it seemed that nobody outside Renato’s old church condemned them for being together. Zorion was always affectionate, holding his hand or caressing him so people knew that came here and nobody had said an ugly word to them.

“So where are we going?” Renato asked. “You said there would be another god.”

“There’s actually more than one, all of them control different things. They have elemental gods there as well as luck gods and those of the sun and moon.”

“That’s a lot.”

“Don’t be so nervous my love, I’ll only take you to meet one so you won’t be overwhelmed. Besides,” he said as he stroked his fingers over Renato’s hand, “most of our time will be spent alone.”

Renato blushed. “Okay.”

Zorion chuckled. “You’re so cute when you’re nervous.”

How else was he supposed to act? Renato thought. Everything Zorion did was pure seduction. His smile, the way his eyes moved over him, every brush of his fingers. It was hard to act normal when he was so affectionate. “What’s it like there?”

Zorion huffed out a laugh. “It’s beautiful. It should be fall there now, you’ll love it.”

“When do you want to get going?”

“I told our betas that we might leave right after ice cream so we can, but if you want to wait for tomorrow I’m okay with that.”

“We already made it past those protesters, we should probably go.”

“It means a lot you’re willing to do this with me.”

“It should be fun, I know it will be because you’ll be there.” Zorion’s grin grew larger and Renato blushed more intensely. When they were done they got back into Zorions car and began to drive.

“I’m sure we can’t drive there so how are we going to get there?”

“We sort of can, just wait and see. I want to see you surprised.” That made Renato a little nervous but still, he trusted Zorion. Anybody willing to go through as much to be with his as this wolf had deserved complete trust.

Renato asked, “Will we be in the car long enough for me to plug up my ipod?”

“Yeah, play whatever you want.”

Renato hummed along to his music as Zorion drove, but stopped when he pulled off onto a dirt road. “It’s out here?”

“The portal is.”


“You’ll see.” Renato found himself getting lost in the woods around him and was a little surprised when Zorion stopped at a gate. He quickly got out, pulled it open, pulled through and then got back out and closed it. “We’re almost there.” Zorion said with a big smile. Another surprise came in the form of an old barn that Zorion got out to open and pulled the car into. “Come on.” He said as he switched the engine off and Renato followed him out. Zorion pulled out their backpacks and handed Renato his then he closed the big barn door and took Renato’s hand. “Ready?”


“Please allow us into your realm and grant us safe passage as we walk through it.” He then said something in a language Renato didn’t understand. An odd sensation passed through him and he gripped Zorion’s hand. His stomach felt strange like it was being shaken around and his head swam a little bit. Zorion pulled him closer, his arms wrapping around him. “Breathe my love, it’ll pass.” When the feeling subsided and Renato was sure he wasn’t going to throw up, Zorion gave him a kiss and smiled lovingly at him. “Now let me show you something amazing.” He let Renato go and pulled the barn door open, smiling when he heard Renato’s gasp.

“What? How?” Renato asked as they stepped out into the crisp fall air.

“Magic, my love.”

“Wow.” Renato said in breathless wonder as he looked around.

“Let’s walk around and take everything in before we find the god I intend to introduce you to.”

“So there really are other gods…” Zorion knew Renato didn’t think him a liar, he understood that he came from a household with almost fanatical christian views and those views taught there was but one god. Everything wrong with his parents was still sinking in so he knew that was more of a note to himself than anything Zorion should take personally. “How does it feel so perfect here?”

“Their falls are amazing, it’ll be like this the entire season. It’s my favorite time to come. I would have brought you sooner, but I didn’t think it would go over well before.”

“When you met me I was pretty closed in my beliefs so I get that.”

Chapter Two

“So? Do you like it?” He took Renato’s hand in his, gently pulling him along.

“It’s just so beautiful, really and truly. I never imagined there could be something like this, a whole other world just a drive away.”

“There are many others, some the same, some far different, but all of them worth exploring. Some with gods, some without, and some with beings like gods.”

“I feel so foolish.”

“Don’t. The way you were taught to believe was wrong, it left you so closed off to so many wonderful things, but I hope to show you every single one of them.” He kissed his mate’s cheek, adoring the blush already tinting his skin.

“So, where will we be staying?”

“You’ll see later, you’ll love it, I promise.”

Renato didn’t push the subject, this place was too beautiful to linger on the topic. He wanted to keep taking everything in, he wanted to see what kind of animals lived here and hopefully what the flowers looked like. Even if they ended up the same as his own world he wanted to see everything this place had to offer. They soon stumbled upon little rabbits. “They wont be afraid like at home, you can touch them.” Zorion said and Renato didn’t waste a moment picking one up. He looked adorably happy so Zorion just admired his mate as he played with and stroked the rabbits. Renato was burning with a blush all over again when he noticed Zorion was just watching him.

Once Renato put down the rabbit, Zorion took his hand and they continued on. He let his mate explore when he wanted to, following him around and staying alert so Renato could just enjoy himself. He slowly guided Renato through woods until they came to a little valley. Steam rolled over the ground from a hot spring and tucked into the trees was a little cottage. “Is this where we’re staying?” Renato asked.

“I hope you like it, my love.” He pulled him gently through the soft grass and smiled when Renato admired the bright flowers dotting the ground. Even in fall, they were kept blooming, looking beautiful next to the orange and yellow leaves. “I thought we could drop our things off.”

“Did you build this place?”

“No, but I furnished it. I asked if I could have it and when I got permission, I made it my second home.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“It’s better inside.”

Renato wanted to linger outside, to explore every corner of this place, but he knew this had taken a lot of effort on Zorion’s part so he went with him. Zorion had been right when he said the interior of the cottage was even more beautiful. A lot of love had been put into the construction and even more so to make it warm and inviting. Zorion pulled him further in and into the bedroom. “Wow.” He turned to take in everything from the large bed to the full length mirror setting in the corner. Everything was perfectly set up, making this place even more charming.

“You like it.”

“I love it.” He sat his backpack at the foot of the bed.

“I’m glad.” He wrapped his arms around Renato from behind, nuzzling his neck, satisfied at how hard his mate’s heart was beating, how hot he suddenly was. “You’re blushing.”

“I’m not.”

Zorion chuckled and turned Renato’s head so he was looking in the mirror. “Completely red.”

“W…we should meet that god of yours.” He hated he was practically running, that he was so self conscious. It wasn’t just his embarrassment, but also seeing the way Zorion was looking at him, the reflection of his desire.

“Okay my love.” Zorion said, seeming alright, but Renato still worried, even if just a little. Zorion had seemed alright back when Renato didn’t realize he was gay and it turned out he had been being tortured all that time. Zorion could be miserable and would never say anything. “Stop that, it’s okay Renato.”

“I love you Zorion…I”

“You’re mine now, that’s all I need. I get to hold and kiss you all I want, I’m happy, I promise.”

“You’re such a good person.”

Zorion chuckled. “This is supposed to be a fun trip Renato, everything is okay. I’d love to finally have sex with you, but if it doesn’t happen this trip it doesn’t happen. As long as you never leave my side I am immensely happy. I don’t feel like I’m lacking anything.”

“But you would say that. You’re always so kind and considerate and…I’m…”

Zorion gently grabbed his chin, turning his head to kiss him. He felt the flames of desire lick over him and pulled back before his instincts got the best of him. “Now, no more being upset. I fall more and more in love with you every single day, so please be happy for me.”

“Okay, I love you too.”

Zorion ran his nose along Renato’s cheek. “My sweet mate, let’s go.”

They left the house hand in hand, Zorion finding relief in the cool air. He could so easily get lost in Renato, in the heat of his body, the scent of his skin. He fantasized about too many things when it came to his mate, but remained patient. Renato was incredibly inexperienced and he didn’t want to scare him. “So what kind of person is this god?” Renato asked.

“He’s an earth god and part of the reason the seasons look the way they do.”

The walk was gorgeous and incredibly peaceful. He half wondered if anybody or much else besides rabbits lived in this area until he saw a few foxes but where there were rabbits, there was undoubtedly foxes somewhere. They were cute, playing and tumbling around with each other. They looked soft, but Renato didn’t want to stop again, he was eager to meet this god. He wondered what sort of person he was. He knew he was at least decent or Zorion wouldn’t want to introduce them but this was a god. What sort of interests did a god have? What did a god like to wear? Millions of questions flew through his head so he would put off stopping for animals until after he got to meet him.

The large wolf startled Renato when they came upon it and he would have run when the beast opened its eyes if Zorion hadn’t held onto him. “Easy, that’s him.”

“You’re serious?”

“Of course and it seems he’s with his mate.”

“His mate?”

Zorion nodded toward the wolf and Renato watched as a beautiful young woman stood up from the shelter of the wolf’s body. She smiled, her striking crimson eyes lighting up. “Hello Anahita.” He said with a smile of his own.

“Damek, shift back, the man with him looks scared.” She said and the wolf stretched, yawning then shifted back. He stood next to his mate, his fingers lacing through hers. Renato’s eyes were drawn to the wolf ears a top his head.

“Zorion, it’s good to see you again.” He held out his hand and Zorion shook it.

“You as well. May I have a hug Anahita?”

“Of course.” She hugged him then went back to her mate.

“This is your mate.” Damek made it a statement.

“Yes. Renato, the earth god Damek and his mate, luck goddess Anahita.”

“Half luck goddess, you exaggerate.” She turned her eyes to Renato. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too, both of you.” He was nervous. “I…I’ve never met a god or goddess before.”

“Well, when you’d like Damek has siblings we can introduce you to.” She said cheerfully.

“Oh, thank you”

“My father is also the god of the underworld, my mother is merely human but my father made her immortal when he fell for her.” Before his mind would have jumped to thinking his father must be the devil. In Christianity that could be the only answer, but lately, Renato didn’t even read his bible. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to follow the religion anymore, especially coming here. All this just made what he had been taught all his life to be bogus. Zorion had a good point just in the fact why hadn’t his god ever showed himself.

Zorion spoke up, “Just you two for today, he’s new to all this stuff so I don’t want to overwhelm him.”

“Very well, but if you change your mind, Renato, I can call them.”

“Alright, thank you.”

“Why don’t we take him to that cave you created.” Anahita said.

“Would you like that, Renato?” Zorion asked.

“Yeah, it sounds fun.”

Zorion brought Renato’s hand to his lips. “Don’t be nervous, you’re safe with me.”

“I know, sorry.”

“Come on, you’ll love it.” Anahita said. “Damek created it as a gift, it’s like standing in stars.”

“That sounds amazing. Um…would you mind if I asked you two questions about being gods. Since I’ve never actually met any, I’m just a little curious.”

Anahita answered again, “Go right ahead, we don’t mind, right Damek?”

“We may as well be talking as we travel.” Renato swallowed, trying not to be nervous as he walked with actual gods. Anahita already seemed so upbeat, it was odd to have a god so approachable when even back when he was fully devoted he never really imagined his god as approachable. When you truly knew the bible his god could be blood thirsty and didn’t seem to do much else besides spread his message. He hadn’t dated, it wasn’t recorded he did anything a normal person would do, but Anahita had this comforting feel, this lightness that wrapped others in warmth even though he still couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Damek’s demeanor was a little more like he expected from a god but still, the way he looked at Anahita was also filled with such warmth, such humanness. He had a obviously deep love for her and while his god loved his children it didn’t seem the same to him as human love. His god was the kind who could kill all the first born in Egypt out of anger despite the fact those children were yet to do anything, children he would so claim to love.

Final Chapter

“So, what’s it like being a god or goddess?”

“Exciting.” Damek said with a smile.

“You didn’t look very excited when we met.” Anahita pointed out.

“Well, except for then. Anahita came upon after I had escaped captivity.”


“Even Gods are not immune to harm. They wanted my immortality, but they received only death. They tortured and tormented me. Anahita saved my life and I fell in love with her instantly.”

Anahita blushed. “Damek.”

“It’s true my love.” He kissed her cheek. “Anyway, I control the earth; soil, rock and stones, even earthquakes.”

Renato couldn’t help but find their relationship sweet. Anahita was so gentle and cute, complementing Damek’s seeming wildness. “How about you, Anahita?”

“Well, I didn’t even know I was part god at first. I only found out after meeting Damek. I bring good fortune to those around me. My entire village has prospered just from my presence.”


“She’s such a gift.” Damek said, getting another blush from Anahita.

Renato’s questions continued until they arrived at the cave and it was only it’s beauty that silenced him. The deeper they went the more gorgeous their surroundings became and he was once again grateful to his mate for bringing him. Zorion suddenly lifted him. “I just don’t want you tripping on something.” Zorion explained in a whisper.

Renato was bright red and embarrassed, but he leaned into Zorion anyway, enjoying his warmth. He allowed himself to once again get lost in the cave, amazed at how the walls and ceiling shimmered and shined even without a direct source of light. He found himself reaching out and brushing the stones with his fingers, surprised that they were warm. “This is…I’ve never seen something so amazing. Is this your magic, Damek?” He asked.

“Yes, I put light into them so they would glitter no matter how dark it is and they keep the cave a nice temperature.”

“I’ve never seen magic before, this is just so cool.”

“Let me show you.” Damek stopped and squatted down, pressing his fingers into the soft earth beneath them. He wrapped them around something and when he pulled his hand back and opened it, a shiny stone rested in his palm. “I can make anything bound to the earth. I often do so for Anahita.”

“He spoils me too much.”

“There is no such thing.” He reached down and plucked another stone from the ground and handed them to her. “Would you make them into necklaces and put some of your luck into them for our friends?”

“Of course.”

“So, would you two like to go to the village?”

“Since Renato has never been, yes. I want him to experience everything this place has to offer. Would you like that, my love?”

“Of course, anything you want to show me, I want to see.”

“Oh?” He brushed his nose against Renato’s cheek, chuckling at his blush.

“Be good, we’re with people.”

Zorion gave an amused smile “I assure you Damek and Anahita don’t mind. He’s just as flirtatious as me.”

“It’s true.” Anahita said glancing happily over at Damek who lovingly slid his hand into her hair and kissed her cheek. As they walked out of the cave and toward the village Renato found himself feeling so normal here. It was a nice feeling after spending his life, up until now, full of shame and sadness. He felt a small tug at his heart to stay, but he knew they couldn’t. Zorion could never move away from his pack, he was the alpha and they were all so close. He knew that Zorion would take him here as much as he wanted though and that alone made him happy. Truly, it was close enough they didn’t have to live here to come frequently.

Damek and Anahita took them on a tour of the village, the latter waving at people as they walked by. They took them to the bakery, the owner having nothing but smiles for them as he gave them free pastries hot out of the oven. Renato had never had something so delicious and wound up eating it a little too fast. They continued on, stopping at a shop that sold all manner of trinkets and gifts. When Renato took interest in a little crystal wolf, Zorion insisted on getting it for him. “You don’t have too.”

“I do.” Zorion picked it up. “You were making this face, the one that says you really want something, but you’re not going to say anything.”

“But, do we even have the right currency?”

“Many places have learned to accommodate other world money.” Damek said. “I’m sure it won’t be an issue.”

“See, so let me get it for you.”

“But what if it’s too expensive?” Renato asked.

“Then I’ll settle the difference.” Anahita answered. “He’s a lot like Damek, he likes spoiling you. It’s cute. I can never talk Damek out of anything, especially if I really want something. Sometimes it’s better to just let them have their way, they’re so endearingly stubborn.”

Renato smiled as he agreed. Once they had his crystal wolf purchased they continued touring the village, Renato finding everyone to be friendly and not phased in the slightest by him and Zorion obviously being together. Zorion was so affectionate you’d have to be blind to not see they were a couple. That night Damek¬†offered their home but Zorion said, “I’d like to take him to my place.”

“I understand, It’s nice to be alone with your mate. Meet us tomorrow?”

“Yes, how about for lunch, we could picnic somewhere.”

“Where you met us today?”

“That’s good with me.”

“Alright, so we meet tomorrow at lunch for a picnic.” They separated, Renato’s mind on having sex again since they would be alone once more. He was half thinking of just doing it, powering through his nerves and letting Zorion take him. He had always been so patient and loving, Renato truly felt he deserved more from him and he knew he could trust Zorion to stop if he needed him to.

“You’re thinking too hard again.” Zorion said as he lead him back to the valley. The sun was down and the night sky was dotted with millions of stars. It was beautiful, dazzling, like walking through a dream. “Is it about us?”


“You shouldn’t work yourself up about it so much.”

“I can’t help it.” He pulled Zorion to a stop in front of the cottage. “I…I hate that I’m so scared and insecure. I look at myself sometimes and I feel so useless and cowardly just because of what my parents did to me.”

“Renato, that’s enough.” He took his mate’s face in his hands and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. “I can wait for as long as you need me too.”

“But I don’t want you too, I want you to make love to me, I’m just nervous about my inexperience and what if I react badly or something. I want you so maybe we could just try.”

Zorion pressed their foreheads together, letting out a little sigh. “Are you sure?”


“You have to promise me that you will tell me to stop if you need me too. I don’t want you to keep going just because you think I need sex to be satisfied.”

“I promise.”

“Alright.” He pulled Renato inside and back into the bedroom. He pressed their lips together, let his hands slip beneath his mate’s shirt to brush his skin. He felt goosebumps and smiled, loving Renato was so responsive. “Could I undress you?”

“Y…yeah.” He started to pull Renato’s shirt off and Renato stopped him. “What’s wrong?”

“Just…I don’t really think I look that good, I mean compared to you.”

“Renato.” He forced the amusement out of his voice. There was something adorable about his shyness. “Can I show you something?” Renato nodded and Zorion turned him to face the mirror. “Trust me okay?”


He slowly started to remove his shirt again and once he had it off, he let his fingers trace over his skin, his eyes watching Renato’s in the mirror. “How could you think for even a moment that I would find you unattractive? I’ve never desired someone as much as I do you.”

Renato could see that hunger again, burning, undying lust in his boyfriend’s eyes. It made his heart stutter and his skin flush even more. Zorion began kissing his neck as he felt his mate. He couldn’t get enough of his warm skin and the goosebumps forming. Zorion gently bit down and Renato’s whine only excited him more. He wanted to start removing his pants but he waited, giving him more time at this stage in hopes it would help him be more comfortable when he tried for more. Zorion licked Renato’s ear then almost shakily asked due to how much control he was having to use, “Can I take your pants off, please?”


Zorion slowly undid his belt then slowly pushed down his pants and boxers so he could appreciate the feel of every inch of his mates legs. Zorion knelt in front of Renato, now feeling, nibbling at and kissing all over his legs. He was hard as hard as he could possibly be, they both were but Zorion was still hesitant to ask if he could enter his mate so he asked, “Can I take you in my mouth?” Hoping sucking him off first would help Renato be more willing to let him finally fully have him. Even if Renato still refused it was another thing Zorion had been deeply wanting to do.

Renato nodded, too nervous to say anything. His entire body was shivering so Zorion placed a kiss to his abdomen just below his bellybutton then over to his hip where he lightly bit him, receiving another little whine. Renato jumped when Zorion drew him into his mouth and might have stepped back if Zorion hadn’t grabbed his hips and held him in place. Renato let out shaky breaths as Zorion swallowed him, his tongue sliding over his length as he moaned, the light vibrations causing Renato’s hips to rock into him. He burst in Zorion’s mouth with a whimpering moan, his entire body flushed, his legs threatening to give out on him. Zorion swallowed then drew back and gently pulled Renato down to straddle him.

“Good?” Zorion asked as he brushed his lips lightly over Renato’s.

“Yes.” Renato’s voice came out breathy and needy even through his embarrassment.

“Can I make love to you?”

Renato could feel him shaking as he held onto his self control and couldn’t help how loved and cherished he felt. “W…will it hurt?”

“I promise to give you nothing but pleasure my love.”

“O..okay then, I want to.” Zorion kissed him, passionately moving his tongue against his mate’s before he began working him loose, trying to find whatever spot gave Renato the most pleasure. When he felt his mate was ready he carried him over to their bags, fishing out some lube he kept with him just in case Renato ever said yes. The last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt him and since he had never been with a man before he wouldn’t be willing to try without it. Out of relief and pleasure that this was finally happening Zorion almost yelled with pleasure when he pulled Renato down on him. Renato’s moan was mixed with his and even now Zorion asked huskily, “Are you okay?”


With further assurance Zorion thrust his hips as he worked Renato up and down. He held Renato tightly when he finally came, emotion overwhelming his heart. When he could think, Zorion cuddled up under the covers in bed with Renato and began raining kisses all over him. “Be honest, how are you feeling?”

“That was amazing…I liked it.”

“I’m glad.”

Renato teared up and covered his face. “I actually liked it, thank goodness.”

“Oh Renato, it’s okay.” He brushed his fingers through Renato’s hair as he held him, doing his best to comfort his mate. He hated Renato’s parents even more. They had made him so insecure.

“I’m sorry.” Renato finally said as he wiped his face. “How stupid.”

“No it’s not, baby. I understand and I want you to always be honest with how you’re feeling. If you have to cry then cry.”

“I feel like I ruined the moment.”

“Never.” He planted gentle kiss on his lips, his hand drifting up and down his back in a soothing massage. “You have no idea how happy I am right now, Renato, how much I need you every moment of every day. Sometimes I wake up and see you lying there and can’t help but admire you and realize how lucky I am to have you. I love you more than anything. My heart belongs to you and only you, Renato, no one will ever change that.”

Renato snuggled closer, feeling safe and loved when Zorion held him a little tighter than he had been before. “I will always love you Renato.” Zorion said softly, needing to be sure his mate understood. They laid like that even after they were both sound asleep and when morning came it was Renato’s sleepy eyes that opened first. He almost got emotional again as the memories came flooding in. He was happier than he could have ever dreamed was possible and he wasn’t going to let anything hold him back any longer. His parents had been wrong, possibly about everything they ever told him and he wasn’t going to hate himself any longer because a certain religion in one world told him too. Renato was determined to live his life without shame and he knew with Zorion by his side it would be an easy thing to do now that he knew completely his parents had been wrong all along.

~ The End

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