Zorion & Renato 3

Chapter One

“You said if I talked to you, then you would stop with the protests.” Renato said as he sat across from his parents in their living room.

“Renato, won’t you see reason.” His mother said. “Everything can be forgiven, we’ll pray together, we’ll heal together.”

“I’m not leaving Zorion and coming back to this place. I’m not going to go back to lying to make you happy. I’m gay and I’m proud of that fact.”

His father glared at him. “It was that…that abomination who corrupted you.”

Renato stood. “I won’t have you talking about Zorion that way. He’s been nothing but kind and supportive of me and he’s never raised a hand to me.” He let out a sigh. “Just leave us alone.” He left their house, hating that he still felt hurt by their rejection. He had only come because they promised to call off their friends and they still talked down to him and denied his true self. All he wanted was to get home to Zorion and relax.

As he drove home he was grateful all over again Zorion had never given up on him. He had pushed him away so hard, so many times because of those terrible people. He would have missed out on truly being loved and still been miserable with his parents. He hadn’t even realized how miserable he was until he had been with Zorion awhile and saw what a truly happy, unjudged life was like. The main thing he wanted to do for his love and his pack was get rid of these persistent protesters but he still couldn’t figure out how to do it. For now, he just wanted to think of something else he could do to make Zorion happy.

He brainstormed in the car but couldn’t settle on anything, mostly because he didn’t want to do anything cliche for him. He wanted to do something for Zorion that would be uniquely them but what? Was his imagination even good enough to think of something original to let his love know how grateful he was to have him. Renato was pulling his keys out of the ignition when hesaw his mate. As he stepped out he said “I told you I’d be fine”

“I couldn’t help but worry”

“It went exactly as expected.”

Zorion pulled Renato into him. “So bad?”


“Don’t be sad.”

Renato sighed. “I know I shouldn’t be, but…”

“You still love them, I get it, but they don’t deserve it.” He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Renato’s lips, smiling when he felt him warm. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Don’t let them get to you anymore, you’re amazing and it’s their loss.”

“Maybe they’ll actually call their friends off.”

“Even if they don’t, it’ll be fine.”

Renato smiled. Zorion always knew how to make him feel better. “So, what did you do while I was gone?”

“Cam and I started building a tree house for the pups to play in when they get bigger. Want to see?”

“I’d love to.”

For the amount of time he had been gone they had made good progress “I can already see it finished. What a good idea. I wish I had one of these growing up”

“Will you help us my love? You built so much with your church I’m sure you can think of some ways to make it awesome we wouldn’t have thought about”

“Yeah, have you two drawn anything out or were you just working form your heads?”

“No, we just kind of went at it” Cam admitted and Renato smiled “I’ll draw something up and you two can tell me what you think. That way we can have a firm idea so we can do as little actual work as possible. Not having a set plan can make jobs take a lot longer”

“It just means I get to spend more time with you.” He rubbed their cheeks together and Renato’s skin warmed, even as he let out a laugh.

“Stop, you dork.”

“But you smell like your parents house, so let me.”

“Maybe we should take a break.” Cam said with a chuckle.

“Good idea, I knew there was a reason you were one of my betas.” Zorion teased.

“I should probably make sure Neith is doing okay with the twins. Besides, you need time to actually draw up plans right?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s true.”

“Then go on, we’ll pick back up later.”

“Thank you, Cam.” Zorion said.

“You don’t have to thank me, spending time with your mate is important, the tree house can wait.” He headed back toward the house and Zorion gave Renato his full attention.

Zorion gently ran his hands up Renatos arms then cupped his cheek “I love you so much”

“I love you too” Zorion pulled Renato into him, soon feeling all over his chest and back as they passionately kissed. When Zorion parted their lips he just held him while Renato just got more embarrassed at how hard he could feet Zorion was. Zorion nibbled his ear then whispered “can I have you right here?”

“I…I’m still too shy to risk someone seeing us…I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, come on” Zorion began tugging Renato to a more secluded area outside. He had a special spot other wolves didn’t invade. He loved having sex outside and was glad to have a space Renato could feel comfortable doing that with him. By the time they were done and laying on the ground with one another there wasn’t a spot on Renato Zorion hadn’t licked or bitten. He knew he had said it just before but Zorion had to say it again “I love you so much”

“I love you too.” Renato pressed a kiss to Zorion’s chest. “Hey, if you could have anything in the world, what would it be?”


“But you already have me.”

“More of you?”


Zorion moved onto his side and propped his head up. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just curious, I promise.”

Zorion let his fingers run lightly over Renato’s skin as he thought. “There is one thing.”



Renato’s heart stuttered, his eyes slightly widening in surprise. “But, I can’t…you know, carry them.”

“I know,” he reached up and gently stroked Renato’s cheek, “but sometimes I dream about what they would look like if we could. I know it’s impossible, but every time I see the twins I think I wonder what ours would look like.”

“We could adopt.” Renato suggested it before he could stop himself. He didn’t think he’d make a good father, but he would try for Zorion.

Zorion smiled and leaned in to kiss him. Renato found himself melting into the heat of his body, unable to help his own wolf’s need to be closer to its mate. He let out a little whine and Zorion chuckled as he pulled back. “So easy.” He sighed. “Would you want children Renato?”

“yeah, I’m nervous about it but I do”

“Because of your parents?”


“don’t worry about that. You learned what not to be from them”

“I’d just never want to hurt anybody or hold anybody back like they did me”

“You wont, even if you were a single dad without me you wouldn’t” Zorion kissed Renatos forehead “Lets start looking into adopting”

“shouldn’t we get rid of the protesters first though? I dont know if an adoption agency would let us have a kid if they came and saw the groups that come bother us. Some persistent protesters get violent”

“Yeah, I’d hate to start the process and get denied because of them. I could finally call the cops on them. This is private property…I just didn’t want to since they’re friends of your family”

“You can, I wont be mad. I’ve tried to do this civilly and they just wont be reasoned with.”

“I just hoped for your sake one day they’d turn around.”

“I want a family with you…they’ve had their chance.”

Camulus was playing with the twins when they walked through the front door. They were laying on one of their baby blankets and he was hovering over them and making growling sounds to get them to laugh. Neith was sitting on the couch, a warm smile on her face as she watched them. “I swear they’ve gotten bigger.” Zorion said.

“They probably have.” Neith stood then bent down and lifted one of the twins. Cam lifted the other and pressed a kiss to the little boy’s head. “Do you want to hold him?” She asked Renato.

“I…okay.” He gently took the baby, his heart beating fearfully in his chest. “Is this right?”

“Yeah, it’s perfect.”

“And good practice.” Zorion teased and Cam raised his head.

“Is there something you’ve been keeping from us? Is he pregnant?” Cam’s teasing had Renato blushing. “I mean I wouldn’t be surprised with the way you two…”

“Cam, the babies.” Neith reprimanded with a laugh.


“We were talking and decided that we should adopt.” Zorion said as he smiled at the baby in Renato’s arms. The baby grinned up at him. “You know you’re cute don’t you, Harper?”

“They both do and that’s wonderful news.” Neith said. “I can’t wait, the whole pack is going to be ecstatic.”

“first, I’m going to make a call to the police department about the protesters. I don’t see any agency allowing us to adopt while we’re dealing with this since it can go bad in so many ways.”

“I dont think my parents will ever call them off. When I saw them today they were the exact people I left”

“I’m so sorry Renato” Neith said sadly and he responded “This pack is all the family I need. You’re all amazing” Zorion called and explained to the police department what had been going on and for how long. They promised a few officers would be sent out to talk to the group and make them move on if they wouldn’t leave willingly. Once he hungup Zorion asked Renato “do you want to start looking into adoption agency’s?”


“If you two need character references you’ll have a novels worth with all our wolves” Neith called from where she was with the twins and Zorion chuckled happily, hoping it would truly be this simple to be done with Renato’s parents church.

“I feel bad trying to choose one.” Renato said as he sat between Zorion’s legs, going through each agency he had pulled up on their laptop.

“I know, but remember, we want one who will work with us and who understands pack dynamics. We want them to see that any children we adopt will be safe and loved here.”

“Do you think they’d be worried about what happened to me?”

“No, I think they’d be some of the most understanding. They’ve probably had to work with a few children who have been abused. If anything, it would give you a better understanding of what they’re going through so they won’t feel alone.”

Renato’s heart fluttered. “How do you always do that?”

“Do what?”

“Make me feel so at ease?”

“It’s what a mate is supposed to do.” He kissed Renato’s cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

There were a few they struggled to choose between because all four sounded so good. From their research they had worked with wolves before but they soon knocked two of those off the list upon further research. They often rejected gay couples and while that was technically illegal agencies that didn’t want to just made up other reasons but thanks to the internet couples could deduce which ones weren’t going to give them a chance just because they were two men.

They wound up going with Zorions gut on which of the final two to start with then called it a day. An officer hadn’t come to their door yet and it seemed they would have after handling the protesters. The couple went outside to find they had dispersed but a cop was in fact sitting there. They approached him and he said “good afternoon, is everything alright? One didn’t sneek by me right?”

“No, we just thought it odd we hadn’t seen you yet”

“I’m going to stay awhile if that’s okay…I’ve had a bad experience with leaving a scene too soon in a situation like this. I’d hate for some to come back, all the angrier because you called us”

Chapter Two

Renato frowned and Zorion pulled him into a hug. “It’s not your fault.”

“He’s right, people like that think they have the right to push people around and sometimes they don’t take no for an answer.” The officer said. “This is just a precaution, I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

“We’re very grateful.” Zorion said. “If you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask.”

“Thank you very much.”

Zorion pressed a kiss to Renato’s forehead. “Why don’t you get started on the layout for the tree house while I get started with dinner.”

“You’re trying to distract me.”

“Always my love.” He rubbed their noses together. “I don’t like it when you stress, it makes my wolf want to eat someone.”

“I’ll try to let it go then, I just really want to be able to adopt. I know if my parents find out, they’ll freak.”

“Then we’ll make sure they won’t.”

“Okay, I won’t stress then, if I can.”

Zorion turned his attention back to the officer. “You’re welcome to join us for dinner if you haven’t left by then.”

“Thank you, that sounds a lot better than the leftovers I was planning on heating up.” It took awhile of trying to work but eventually Renato lost himself to what he was doing. He could see the tree house and he needed to get it on paper. The tree they were using was strong and definitely wide enough to handle something amazing for the pups of the pack. He wanted one large house under a smaller one. He had seen another tree not far and planned on making another big house on that one that would connect to the smaller one above the original by a little bridge they would build.

He also drew in slides connecting to each house so the pups would have a fun, safe way to get down once they were up there. Of course, being kids, some would still want to jump down instead of taking the ladder or slides they would build but he knew the option of slides would be fun for the kids. He also drew each little house with a wrap around balcony so they could chase each other around.

It got Renato thinking of making an entire playground in that area so the pups would have somewhere nearby to play in general. It would only take a little but of clearing in that area to make a decent park for them and he more than knew how from all of the work he had done over the years with his church. He decided to talk to Zorion about it over dinner once it was ready, for now he was going to finish up the tree house plans.

Renato smiled as he worked, thinking about their own children playing with all the pups. He knew they would be loved here, Zorion and the pack would make sure of that. He didn’t even want to think of what Cam or Neith would do if someone even tried hurting them. He was so lost in his own thoughts and making sure his layout for the tree house was perfect that he didn’t realize it was time to eat until the police officer was sitting down, startling his out of his thoughts. “Sorry about that.” He said. “I thought you heard me come in.”

“It’s fine, I was in my own head.”

“That looks pretty amazing though.”

Renato looked down at the drawing. “Oh, thank you, it’s just an idea.” He slid the sketch over.

“It’s an amazing idea. I’m a bit jealous honestly. Ever thought of going into business designing things like this?” He gave the sketch back.

“Not really, officer…um…”

“Just call me Rock.”


“I know, it’s weird.”

Renato blushed. “No, not at all, sorry, it’s interesting.”

“It’s okay love.” Zorion said as he and Cam came in carrying plates while Neith held the twins. Renato still couldn’t get over how easy she made juggling twins look. “I doubt he took offense.”

“He’s right, I know it’s strange, but I like how unique it is.”

Zorion pressed a kiss to Renato’s cheek as he sat his plate in front of him. “You did a good job my love, the pups will love that. I’ll get the whole pack to help.” He then looked at Rock. “Would you like anything to drink, officer?”

“Tea if you have it, water if you don’t.”

Soon they were all eating and passing around the sketch book. Once the conversation of the tree house died down they spoke to the officer more about what they had been dealing with and explained the reasons they hadn’t call the police station sooner “that’s a hard predicament…I’m sorry to hear that Renato. I’m glad you ended up happy though. It would have been a shame if your parents had been able to make you keep denying yourself. Everyone should get to be happy with whoever they want to be with. I can give you guys my personal number in case they come back.”

“we’d love to have your number, you can just come back to hangout anytime you wish. It’s been fun getting to know you. Are you married or anything or is it just you?” The wolves couldn’t smell a strong scent of another on him so chances were he was single but they were asking anyway. “Just me, I tend to go above and beyond in this job and while it makes people love me as an officer…it doesn’t make my relationships go so well. Next time I’m given the chance with someone I’m going to try not to get so wrapped up in being an officer. I don’t mean to be neglectful I’m just one of those kids that grew up to be exactly what he wanted. This has always been my dream but I also want a family and after the last break up I’ve come to realize that I need to make some changes next go around.”

“Stick around this pack and you’re bound to meet someone.” Zorion said and chuckled when Rock looked embarrassed.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Thank you for dinner and remember to call if anything comes up, no matter the time.”

“We will, thank you very much.” Renato replied and Rock left. “That wasn’t very nice.” He told Zorion. “You put him on the spot.”

“I was just trying to help. You know how wolves are my love.”

“Persistent and embarrassing?”

“I prefer devoted and affectionate, and honest, we’re very open and honest.” He rubbed noses with Renato, grinning at his blush.

“And…and devious.”

“Only in the best way.”

It took longer than they hoped to actually get to start to meet children but thankfully his parents church had stayed away after being kicked off the property by Rock. With no distractions and it being a lot easier to come and go the pack managed to bring Renatos vision to life. The pups loved it, it had become harder and harder to get them to come inside in the evening as they completed the playground under the treehouses. Not that it had been the intention but it seemed to make their pack look even better to the social worker that was helping them through all the paperwork and other hurdles to adopting children.

Today two boys and a girl they wanted were coming for a sleepover with them, the apparent big test to see if they could have them. From that morning to the evening when the kids were dropped off by a social worker it felt like half a week had passed it had been so hard to wait. The girl was the youngest, they liked the idea of their little girl having older brothers and this one had them wrapped around her finger instantly.

Her name was Aelrie, she was 4 with soft blue eyes and bronze hair. She was always carrying around a stuffed animal, rotating through the only three she owned at the orphanage she was currently being raised in. The story they had about her was she was left at a fire station as a newborn. The boys were already brothers. They were originally interested in Nym but when they found out Arron was his brother they insisted they wanted him too.

It had taken some persistence because they had already been placed and returned from multiple homes. The agency had apparently decided, since the boys acted better at the foster home when they were separated it might work out better for them if they were homed with different families. They had severe behavioral issues at times but they still didn’t talk much to the therapist they had been seeing so the agency wasn’t sure yet just how abused the boys had been when they were taken in but from what they already knew, they couldn’t imagine what they might find out one day.

There had been no record of the boys until there was a domestic disturbance call at their parents home. Their parents were drug addicts who fought constantly. This time when the officer came they assaulted him and it resulted in their arrest. They had been living in a large home the father had inherited and were estranged from their families due to the drug abuse and how volatile they were in general.

When a cousin came to get the house ready for renters he had discovered the basement door had a padlock. He found the key and went down to discover two incredibly malnourished and obviously abused boys. At the time the older was eight and the younger was six. At first they suspected they were kidnapped since she had never been to an OBGYN and there was no record of a hospital birth but DNA concluded the two boys were theirs. They questioned the neighbors who had also never seen children leave that house. All investigation lead them to believe they had lived their entire lives to that point in that basement.

Social services had hoped someone in the family would take them but none were willing so they wound up in the foster system. Now as they stepped into Zorion and Renatos home they were twelve and ten. They were much better behaved than when they were first discovered but still had a long way to go. Wanting these two troubled boys was most of what had taken so long because as the agency stressed, it makes problems like that worse when the kids are returned. They wanted to be sure Zorion and Renato were ready.

“Boys, you have your own rooms, but if you feel at all uncomfortable, we can change that.” Renato said with a warm smile. “We want you to all feel at home.”

“What about Aelrie?” Nym asked.

“Her room is right across from yours and next to Arron’s.”

Nym nodded as he looked around the house. Both Zorion and Renato could tell that even though they were being as respectful as possible, they didn’t see this as their home. They were ready to be thrown away again. They hoped that spending time with the pack would help them see they would be loved and protected. Zorion also hoped spending time with wolves would help with the behavioral issues the boys had. “And if you need anything at all, don’t be afraid to come and get us.” Zorion said. “There are a few pups staying over in the treehouses, so you might see them in the morning Their parents are probably in the woods.”

“Can I?” Aelrie asked.

“When you’re bigger, okay?” Renato said and she nodded. “Are you three hungry?”

“Yes.” Aelrie answered and the boys both agreed, not really wanting to leave her alone with anyone yet.

Final Chapter

Aelrie was the first to sit, setting her stuffed elephant in the chair beside her. The boys took chairs across from her while Zorion and Renato began making their plates. When they were all sitting Zorion noticed Aelries elephant had some stuffing sticking out of its back “what happened to your elephant sweetheart?” he asked. “I don’t know, he was fine when I fell asleep but he was like that when I woke up. I guess one of the other girls I shared a room with took him last night. Probably Amy, she really liked this one.”

“Maybe tomorrow I can ask one of the wolves to fix him. I know a few that could” she looked so adorably happy “thank you, my bunny and fox are in my suitcase” she grew a little uneasy saying that so Zorion asked “is there anything wrong with them?”

“I dont think they like the suitcase. I really want to get them out”

“we can do that real quick if you’d like. I want to show you all what we’ve done with your rooms after we eat so if its okay I can go pull them out and set them on your bed”

“Okay” Zorion got up and soon returned saying “I put you two boys suitcases in your rooms as well but I didn’t open them”

“Thank you” Nym said and Arron nodded. After dinner they were surprised the boys helped clear the table. They really had never seemed like bad boys to them, they were just troubled and needed parents that didn’t expect them to be easy. They had been through something terrible, something so terrible in all the years of foster care they still didn’t talk about it. They were most eager to show Aelrie hers so they did her room first.

What they had been excited about caught her attention immedietly “are those…really for me” she said ina touched tone as she walked over to the dresser. They had bought her a few new stuffed animals, the boys had gifts too. “welcome to your new home. We wanted to give you each something. We bought those four because we couldn’t decide.” She gently touched the wombat and smiled “what is this one?”

“a wombat”

“cool” she said then moved on to the horse and narwhal “I really like them” she actually picked up the wolf and giggled “one of you guys. When are we going to see what you two look like as wolves?”

“you want to see now?”


“alright, we’re going to step into our room and come back out. We have to get naked so after we show you we’ll have to go back in to shift”

“okay” their parents left them, Aelrie hugged her wolf and the boys standing at her sides. They came back and her face lit up as she ran to them , hugging both wolves “I love it!” They let her enjoy them in this form a bit before going to their room to shift back so the boys could see their rooms. It meant a lot to them she had left the elephant and was carrying her new wolf. They showed Arron his room next. They had bought him a gaming computer since they had found out he wanted one. At the orphanage all he had to game on was an xbox360. “It should be able to play any games you want. We didn’t buy any so you could actually tell us what you wanted. We can also plug up your xbox in the living room”

“thank you…” he seemed surprised but that had been incredibly expensive to set up so they figured it was a gift he probably never expected to get. Next was Nyms room and he looked excited before they even opened the door. He had a bookshelf, filled with paranormal books, movies a few paranormal themed board games. It looked like he had to stifle tears “thank you guys…I…I dont think we’ve ever gotten stuff we’ve actually wanted before…our parents so far have gotten us stuff they want us to like…”

“We want you all to feel at home, like you belong here. We can’t make you something you aren’t.” Zorion said. “You’re part of our pack now and every wolf in a pack is an individual who works as a unit.”

“But we’re not wolves.” Arron said.

“If you want us to, we will change you all, but it’s a big decision that can’t be undone. No matter what you decide, you’ll still be ours and you’ll still be a part of this pack.”

“Our wolves have already accepted you.” Renato said with a smile. “They see you as our children and nothing will change that.”

“Thank you.” Nym said as he quickly wiped at his face.

“And if there are any books or games or stuffed animals you want to add to your collection, let us know.”

Little Aelrie hugged Renato, causing him to smile and lift her up so he could hug her better. She was still so small it was awkward to hug her if he didn’t bend over or pick her up. “I’m happy with these four. It takes me awhile to name them anyway” They planned to stay up with the kids as late as they could manage but Arron didn’t hangout long after they were shown their rooms but they still felt things were going well. The boys obviously liked them and the thought of living here or they wouldnt be putting forth as much effort as they were.

Aelrie was the second to want to head to bed but they expected that given she was so young. “do you have any books that are for me? I…I’ve never slept in a room by myself before so I think I’ll need a story”

“yeah, we have books for you sweetheart” Zorion took her by the hand and guided her back to her room where he pulled open a drawer “your daddy Renato is making your bookshelf still so we have the few books we grabbed for you in this drawer, pick one sweetheart” she rubbed her tired eyes then looked through, lifting one called Catterfly is born “this one?” they tucked her in bed and Zorion said “go be with Nym, I’ll read to her”

“okay” he leaned over and kissed her head “goodnight Aelrie…we really hope you had fun this evening.”

“goodnight…dad” It warmed Renatos heart to be called dad, it meant more than Aelrie probably realized. Renato almost ran into Nym as he walked out of Aelries room “Hey Nym”


“what were you doing right here? You could have come in” he didn’t seem to know what to say “nobodies going to hurt her” Nym shifted uncomfortably “don’t be mad…I just…some pretty shitty things can happen to us orphans sometimes and…it’s…I’m sorry”

“we want you and Arron to worry about her like she’s your own sister but you never have to worry about Zorion and I and don’t be so uncomfortable. I’m not hurt, offended or mad at all, some beings dont show their true colors until child services leaves you alone, I know that but we’re going to show you and Arron you can trust us. We love the three of you so much and…if you two ever do decide you want to talk about your life before the orphanage we would love to listen. We want to help you two”

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